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    At the dawn of creation, there was order. The multiverse existed as an infinitesimal singularity, a perfect mathematical figure made physical, everything exactly as it was meant to be. Creator deities, brimming with power, came about soon after, claiming entire universes for themselves, a grand experiment. Then, under the supervision of the creator deities, there was life. With life came chaos and discord, a disturbing consequence of mortal sin, one which brought about the attention of the bitter foes of reality itself, the unknowable monstrosities between the stars, locked away by deific precursors.

    Realizing the consequences of the actions of the creator deities, the divine precursors created the inevitables, beings of pure law and order designed to enforce the laws of reality in the hopes of delaying or preventing the calling of those outer gods which existed between reality itself. However, the inevitables were not a permanent solution, nor a wholly effective one, for they served more often than not as little more than a way in which to buy time, merely delaying that which could not be stopped, not truly. This unpleasant truth was most evident within Universe 14264-X, wherein the crawling chaos had made its home.

    The inevitables there proved especially ineffective, for this universe closely bordered that curious extradimensional hub known as the Nexus, one whose powerful chaotic energies were frequently vented into its neighboring dimensions. Due to its proximity to the Nexus, this universe became infected by chaos far quicker than others. Since it was created, this dimension was restarted over fourteen million five hundred and ninety-four thousand three hundred and ninety-five times, and during each version of its own existence, the inevitables retained their knowledge of what had occurred with each prior version.

    Eventually, the creator god of this universe grew distant, spending his time exploring the nature of existence in self in search of a cure to the infection that was chaos. In the absence of the guiding hands of their creator, the leader of the inevitables of this universe, a perfect entity crafted of the flawless mathematical figures which reality itself was constructed from, began to perform research into its own universal directives, eventually reaching a controversial conclusion. This ancient and nameless entity, which soon thereafter called itself "Ozymandias", stated that the time had come for change upon Axis.

    Over the next three-hundred thousand years, the inevitables of Universe 14264-X underwent a radical transformation, rewriting the complicated legislation which gave them purpose and reshaping their byzantine bureaucracy based upon this extreme interpretation of their prime directive, one which stated that far more direct measures were required in order to ensure that chaos was suitably regulated, including the use of preemptive measures within the parameters of their own universe, measures which promised to eliminate those who would commit acts of chaos before the act could even take place.

    In addition to these radical measures, for the past one-hundred thousand years, a proposed investigation of the Nexus, whose chaotic energies made their universe weak to chaotic infection, has been passing through the cogs and wheels of the Axian bureaucracy. A minority population of the Parliamentary Congregation remains wary of involving themselves with the Nexus, and as such this proposed investigation has yet to have been approved. However, all eyes rest upon the Nexus, where the next great catastrophe could very well change the mind of those against further actions.


    Spoiler: The City of Axis:
    Representing the pure perfection of order, the pinnacle of lawful behavior, the infinite city-plane of Axis appears as an infinite array of clockwork machinery, stretching into the horizon. In this vast plane-machine, life clings to gears the size of continents and pistons the size of planets, completely in tune with the ticking of the multiversial clock. It is a bastion of immutable law, a pristine city of cities surrounded by a wall of gold which constantly expands, each new sector procedurally generated within the parameters set by the Parliamentary Congregation. Also known as the Eternal City, the Perfect City, or even Utopia, Axis is actually millions of separate cities folded and layered atop, within, and around one another in an elegantly arrayed masterpiece of multi-layered clockwork architecture and city planning. Despite the mind-boggling expansive nature of the ever-expanding city, each and every city-district maintains a high population level due to the fact that the inhabitants of Axis are assigned to specific dwellings when created or immigrated.

    Axis is a city of cities, divided up into thousands upon thousands of discrete urban realms called districts. Conventional travel between these cities is possible, but the distances can be extreme, particularly for shorterlived races like humans. To allow for swifter travel, the city maintains an elegant network of portals at major crossroads. The destinations of the portals can be determined by speaking the correct numerical designation for a desired location.

    Adamantine Crucible: One of the largest structures in Axis is the sprawling Adamantine Crucible, a massive fortress-foundry dedicated to the sole purpose of creating the most powerful inevitables. Responsibility for running the crucible falls on the shoulders of Master Smith Laikorus, a highly skilled Axiomite who has held his title for nearly nine-thousand years. Within the foundry’s halls, great machines separate metal from raw ore, while lake-sized smelting pits further refine the materials that serve as the skin and skeletons of the soldiers that form the inevitable armies of Axis.

    Aktun District: Aktun is one of the largest of Axis’s districts, and it serves as the capital of the city of cities. The streets of Aktun are laid out in a combination of concentric circles crossed by spoke-like avenues radiating out from the enormous courthouse at Aktun’s core. While all the districts of Axis are open to travelers from across the planes (provided they pass through customs), Aktun is perhaps the district that is friendliest to mortal visitors. Axian law ensures that this is a place that mortals can come for inspiration in building their own cities without worrying about the dangers intrinsic to planar travel.

    Citadel of Resplendent Clockwork: This extraordinarily impressive structure is directly accessible from Aktun via a set of clockwork portals. From the exterior, the Citadel of Resplendent Clockwork is a two-thousand foot tall marble-and-metal building that mixes more conventional gothic architecture with a wide array of more unusual styles derived from a handful of other worlds. The Citadel serves as the primary barracks wherein the elite soldiers of the Pure Legion can be found.

    Threefold Pillars of the Axiomite Godmind: The Threefold Pillars of the Axiomite Godmind are collectively one of the tallest structures in Axis. The pillars themselves are three crystalline obelisks that display a constantly changing stream of equations: physical manifestations of the will of the Axian Godmind. Within these hallowed halls, First-Axion Ozymandias, aided by elite Axian intellectuals, continually attempts to calculate and model the intrinsic rules of the multiverse. The gap between the three pillars serves as a space where the Axion Godmind is capable of physically manifesting, usually choosing to appear as a burning star formed from billions of luminous eldritch equations.

    Spoiler: Inhabitants of Axis (By Rank):
    Axions: The first entities which were brought into existence by the mysterious creator deity of Universe 14264-X were not the construct-outsiders known as inevitables, but rather were enigmatic entities known as Axions, powerful incorporeal pseudo-divinities formed out of the mathematical energy which formed the universe at the dawn of creation, made sentient and self-aware. These beings of pure law and order, led by First-Axian "Ozymandias", form the Axian Godmind, the most powerful sub-faction within the ranks of the Parliamentary Congregation.

    Primal Inevitables: While the lesser inevitables which make up the majority of the armies of Axis are as varied and myraid as the tasks with which they are assigned to carry out upon creation, primal inevitables were constructed for one purpose; to wage war upon the forces of chaos. This caste of ancient inevitables, those who were first to be crafted by the Axian Godmind eons ago, appear as hulking titans crafted of golden clockwork. Since their creation, these primals have grown in power, achieving the strength of demigods, but relatively few remain today—roughly only a quarter of their original number still survives.

    Standard Inevitables: The inevitables which act as the spines of the vast armies of Axis as well as extradimensional enforcers of law are a created race, yet they live and think. They share many features with constructs, but each is a specific individual. They are the upholders of the fundamental rules of the multiverse, and track down and punish those who would seek to break them. Originally created by the Axions long ago in response to the growing threat of universal destabilization, the inevitables today serve as Axis’s guardians, patrolling its streets and defending its portals and walls, or acting as agents of law across the planes.

    Modrons, Secundi: These highly intelligent modrons were created by the Axions specifically in order to serve as governors over the countless cities which make up the infinite city-plane of Axis, and as such form the bulk of the Parliamentary Congregate. Unlike most modrons, Secundi are sentient and possess a sense of identity. They appear as incredibly tall and extraordinarily beautiful humanoids crafted of glossy marble, with deep-set eyes of glittering gold. All Secundi wear a flowing white toga as a symbol of their position, as well as a golden cloak which shimmers like liquid in the light.

    Modrons, Tortion: Unlike the Secundi, who control entire cities, answering only to the Axions, the Tortion modrons were created in order to micromanage the districts which form each of countless cities which make up the infinite city-plane of Axis. While each Tortion modron occupies a position within the Parliamentary Congregate, they are far less important. Like the Secundi, Tortion modrons are sentient and possess a sense of identity. They appear as plain humanoids crafted of glossy marble, with deep-set eyes of glittering gold. All Tortion modrons wear a flowing white toga as a symbol of their position, as well as a golden headband.

    Modrons, Quarton: The Quarton modrons serve as judges, legislative masterminds, and interpreters of the primary directive, and are confined to the Threefold Pillars, the imposing obelisk-structures which dot the surface of the infinite city-plane of Axis. There are only nine, and their interpretations of the primary directive are respected throughout Axis, even by the Axions themselves. Like the Secundio and Tortion modrons, the nine Quarton modrons are fully sentient and self-aware. They resemble morbidly obese, bald humans the size of entire rooms, whose seemingly endless girth is reinforced by glittering golden cybernetics.

    Modrons, Quinton: These foppish modrons act as lawyers and officials of the law, the most prominent of which answer to the Quarton modrons themselves. Despite their important rank and position within Axian society, which would suggest a relatively low population, Quinton modrons are quite common, and easily contacted within the many courthouses which can be found across the infinite city-plane of Axis. These modrons appear as spindly legged entities possessing ludicrously angular bodily proportions, whose flesh is dusted with a golden powder similar to the sort used in the wigs worn by their Quarton masters.

    Modrons, Hexton: Dour and lacking any sort of emotional depth, Hexton modrons act as bureau chiefs and assistant record-keepers, answering to the official archivists of the infinite city-plane of Axis, the enigmatic Bararut inevitables. These modrons have the appearance of floating spheres of flesh encased in golden clockwork, with four spindly arms hanging below.

    Modrons, Septon: Unlike inevitables, who act as generals on the field of battle, Septon modrons serve the infinite city-plane of Axis as agents of a sort of tactical think-tank, constantly performing simulations within the lowermost sections of the Threefold Pillars, the imposing obelisk-structures which dot the surface of the infinite city-plane of Axis. Any information gathered by these simulations, as well as by the ruminations of the Septon modrons, is immediately passed along to the inevitables. They resemble six-armed constructs whose abdomen resembles a floating golden pyramid.

    Modrons, Octon: These eight-armed spheres act as governmental inspectors, forty-nine in number, responsible for ensuring that each modron below it is performing its duties satisfactorily. They answer directly to the Hexton modrons, who in turn report to the Bararut inevitables. It is common for an Octon modron to decorate itself with legislative documents.

    Modrons, Decaton/Nonaton: Nigh indistinguishable from one another, these models of modron are charged with overseeing the physical welfare of the base modrons below them. There are one-thousand in existence at any given time, and they resemble metal spheres with up to ten robotic arms which branch off of them. They have access to a variety of curative spells that only affect modrons, and can also levitate at will.

    Modrons, Pentadrone: Pentadrones form the lesser police officers of the infinite city-plane of Axis, being charged with law enforcement as well as reporting to the inevitables. Their primary task is the capture of any who would commit what Axian law qualifies as a chaotic act within the city-plane. As the borderline between Base and Hierarch modrons, these constructs are five-function beings that can communicate, operate, monitor, plan and manage. They resemble enormous one-eyed constructs clad in a crimson toga and cloak which marks them as members of the police force.

    Mercanes: These charming individuals act as the most ubiquitous of the city’s traders, for while extraplaner merchants are tolerated, these construct-outsiders were created to represent the essence of mercantilism itself. They embody the notion of mercantilism and economy with every fiber of their being, and tend to dress themselves in colorful shades, always featuring gold.

    Axiomites: The first civilian inhabitants of Axis were the axiomites— humanoid incarnations of the essence of law, created by the Axions in order to serve as Axis’s architects and caretakers. They are the most populous of the realm’s inhabitants, and like all other inhabitants, are effectively immortal, reforming within the city months or years after destruction.

    Modrons, Quadrone: As the most "intelligent" of the Base modrons, Quadrone modrons are capable of performing multiple complex tasks simultaneously, which also makes them the supervisors of Base modronkind. Appearing as mechanical cubes with a face on one side, two legs, two arms and either a pair of wings or a second pair of arms, they are the first caste to approach human-grade sapience, being "four-function" creatures that can report actions and observations, make plans, react to unexpected occurrences and act to remedy them.

    Modrons, Tridrone: Tridrone modrons are capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously and are also minor supervisors; these are the modrons who command the Duodrone modrons. They resemble walking pyramids, pointy side down, with a single-eyed face on each side of their body, three legs and three arms. They are usually given a single general directive, which they then subdivide into simpler tasks and assign to their duodrone underlings. They are even capable of planning limited objections on their own. They act as effective middle-management.

    Modrons, Duodrone: These modrons are charged with performing complex tasks that a monodrone is too simple-minded to handle, up to and including directing monodrones. Appearing as rectangular shapes with four spindly metal limbs, duodrones are bi-functional, capable of handling two tasks simultaneously. This gives them slightly greater intelligence than monodrones; for example, a duodrone who was ordered to fight would kill all enemies in sight and then go in search of new enemies, rather than simply attack other nearby Modrons.

    Modrons, Monodrone: Monodrone modrons are responsible for general labor. Appearing as small metal spheres with a single eye, a pair of spindly metal legs, and either a pair of arms or a pair of wings, these single-task modrons are virtually mindless, capable of undertaking only a single task at a time. Order them to fight, and they mechanically attack whatever they see, even one another if they are not ordered to stop first. These form the vast bulk of the Modrons numbers. They cannot speak, though they can understand orders.

    Spoiler: Inevitables by Model (and Rank):
    Inevitables are made in great crèche-forges located in several locations throughout the infinite city-plane of Axis. The creation process is extraordinarily complicated and requires the reshaping of primal mathemetical energy into a soul-like shard-entity, which is then bound into a powerful mechanical chassis crafted out reinforced starmetal, each molecule infused with the essence of law and order. While they are technically constructs, inevitables are capable of learning and developing a personality over time, though the process is often very slow.

    Inevitables exist in several different kinds of models, each with their own specialty. After its creation, an inevitable is given a target dependent on model type by a special sub-grouping of Axions who divine the cosmos for any lawbreakers and is sent out to mete out justice. Upon their creation, they know nothing but how to use their abilities and the location of their target. From its interactions with the world, an inevitable begins to foster a personality, though as a being of pure law this makes it at best a little unhinged and detached. These personalities tend to evolve over time, until finally an inevitable develops a sense of self-identity, usually based upon its experiences acquired from hunting down several targets: the more they find the less of an automaton they become. However, the more independent they become, the more they long to return to their crèche-forge. As such, the more of an identity an inevitable possesses, the more unpleasant it finds the imperfect world around it.

    When an inevitable returns, they have their personalities wiped and are given a new target. Should an inevitable become outdated, it is recycled.

    Inevitable, Varakhut: The most potent and rare kind of inevitable, the Varakhut are meant to uphold the divine order. All those who would seek to destroy the gods, or become one themselves through intolerable means, eventually come into conflict with these potent beings. They are the most lethal of their kind, employing powerful magic and physical prowess in order to destroy their enemies. A Varakhut’s construction is unusual for an inevitable, as they resemble a humanoid form in only the vaguest of parameters.

    They usually appear as an enormous, abstract monolith of golden metal, its form vaguely humanoid from the waist up and terminating in a flexible spike instead of legs. They hover off the ground, and unusually circuitboard patterns carved into its metal form tend to glow with a soft white light. The head of a Varakhut is low and flat, a wedge shielding an array of luminous eyes. Despite the fact that Varakhut hover inscrutably over a single taper—this taper can extrude long spider-like legs and keep the creature mobile in areas wherein it cannot function, but they tend to spend a majority of their existence airborne.

    Although the arms of a varakhut are long, featureless trapezoids, they can extend and retract a number of fine fingers; this provides the Varakhut the dexterity of a human hand should it be required.

    Inevitable, Lhaksharut: Lhaksharuts are tasked with maintaining the separation between different planes of reality. They generally do not concern themselves with petty trespasses by visitors from one plane to another, nor even the occasional creation of a pocket plane or hijacking of a chunk of one reality to serve as a base within another. What does trouble a lhaksharut is anything that represents a permanent link between planes, or an effort by the denizens of one plane to invade and conquer another. They often find themselves in conflict with the machinations of powerful outsiders who seek to create beachheads on other planes to serve as launching pads for massive incursions.

    When possible, a Lhaksharut enforces the separation of planes through the simple expedient of smashing any device that creates a dangerous breach, or killing any creature that seems determined to mix or blend realities. The inevitable does not care why such infractions occur, and is often deaf to any excuse suggesting even a temporary linking of planes is a good idea. However, while singled-mined, a Lhaksharut is not mindless or incapable of reason. They are emotionless, but can be negotiated with if a problem cannot be solved by smashing and killing violators. Rarely, a Lhaksharut can even be convinced that maintaining a planar link is important enough to let the gate stand, if only temporarily. In such cases, the Lhaksharut always volunteers to guard the portal until the time comes to shut it down. These arrangements must include a detailed explanation on how a desired course of action will directly lead to meeting the Lhaksharut’s goal. Only when facing the most overwhelmingly powerful foe does a Lhaksharut agree to assist in a task not related to its primary function, and then only to win allies to help it achieve success in an area where the Lhaksharut has already met with failure. Even if convinced to undertake such an alliance, a Lhaksharut is likely to insist its mission be accomplished first. A creature of pure order, a Lhaksharut is incapable of defaulting on a promise made in good faith, but it is aware that not all creatures are so bound. If for some reason the needs of its allies must be put first, a Lhaksharut insists on guarantees that its allies will meet their commitments to it once they have what they want.

    In combat, a Lhaksharut uses its speed and mobility to get close to targets. A Lhaksharut sees groups as imperfect machines, and knows that the best way to overcome them is to disrupt their smooth functioning. While creatures able to directly harm the inevitable are dealt with if necessary, it much prefers to first eliminate supports before tackling more powerful individual. A Lhaksharut cannot be taunted or baited into changing its course of action—it is completely emotionless and only cares about the efficiency of its battle plan. It also fights without care for its own survival, knowing that either its regeneration will restore it to life, or that it will simply be reforged in time.

    When unaware of a threat to the sanctity of the division of the planes, and not threatened, a Lhaksharut can be a surprisingly good conversationalist. They are as likely to be found floating through a void as maintaining any kind of stronghold. Lhaksharuts are aware that the domains they wish to patrol are too vast to be directly viewed with any efficiency. Some Lhaksharuts thus forge networks of informants who can patrol the many planes, and send word to the inevitable to alert it of any apparent breaches. The constructs have no other need for the treasure that they gather from transgressors, and sometimes even pay for tips that might lead to a planar infraction. Anyone who might prove to be a valuable informant is treated with respect, and may even be able to gain insights into the planes from the Lhaksharut’s vast knowledge on the subject, as long as questions never wander into the dangerous territory of combining two planes.

    A typical Lhaksharut is a six-armed construct that appears to be made of a mix of golden metals and white stone. Where a human would have legs, it instead possesses a complex orb of spinning rings similar in shape to an orrery—it is this whirling machine that grants the Lhaksharut the ability to fly. Though a Lhaksharut has huge, metal wings, they serve as little more than stabilizers when it’s in flight. Four of the construct’s arms end in functional hands that it normally uses to carry a mix of weapons. The Lhaksharut’s lower two arms hold large, flaming metal spheres in their hands—it uses these spheres to generate elemental bolts of energy that it can hurl great distances to damage foes.

    Inevitable, Quarut: The Quarut are tasked with delivering justice to those who meddle with time and relative dimensions in space-time, especially with regards to the creation of paradoxes. The foes of the Quarut are potent indeed, and as such they tend to keep their distance until a better understanding of their quarry is gained. They often engage their foes by matter of proxies, interrogating associates and minions and seeking weaknesses in their foes before acting. Unlike most inevitables, the Quarut tends to pursue diplomatic options before all others, and as such, the easiest way to deal with one is to determine what they want.

    Quarut tend to appear as large slender humanoids with glittering gold frames and complex plating, often clad in flowing robes of liquid gold. They usually employ powerful magic in order to gain the upper hand in battle, even spells which are often associated with the very quarry they hunt. They seem to conveniently ignore the fact that the use of these spells is what they're created to combat.

    Inevitable, Marut: Behemoths of onyx and golden armor, maruts shake the ground when they walk, each thunderous step ringing a death knell for those they’ve come to take. Rarely seeming to hurry, a marut’s onslaught is deliberate, purposeful, and relentless. Its quarry may impede it or flee, running for decades or centuries, but from the initial meeting onward, the target must always look over its shoulder with the knowledge that, like death itself, the marut is ever at its heels, slowly but surely approaching, bringing balance through inevitable oblivion.

    Maruts primarily target those lost souls who have artificially extended their lifespans beyond what is feasible for their race, such as liches, cybernetically-enhanced individuals, and other powerful magic users. Extraordinary but natural means of cheating death are sometimes also punished, such as the magistrate who murders an entire starving town to save himself, or those who foresee their own deaths via divination magic and are therefore able to avoid them. Although they are capable of speaking eloquently in any language, and frequently gather vast amounts of information from those who are intimidated by their mere presence, maruts rarely engage in conversation or strategic alliances with mortals.

    Maruts are patient in their hunts, biding their time until they are ready to strike, where they strike targets with lightning-charged fists. Because of the solitary nature of many of their targets, Maruts have little opportunity to practice their social interaction, and as such are the slowest to develop personalities. Even on the battlefield, the juggernauts prefer to remain silent, knowing that their targets are already aware of their own transgressions and that all mortals secretly harbor dreams of immortality, dreams which mark each and every mortal as a potential criminal, whose crimes are to be answered only by total annihilation.

    Inevitable, Zelekhut: Zelekhuts are bounty hunters and executioners, designed to hunt down and eliminate fugitives of cosmic law. They seek out those beings who continually evade justice—either through active flight, or through power and station—and bring law and justice to the multiverse’s most notorious fugitives and criminals.

    Ironically, while Zelekhuts are implacable and unrelenting in their duty, they have little interest in passing judgment of their own, a fact that often confuses other races. Rather, a Zelekhut is content to enforce the laws of any given society, and while it might hunt a condemned serial killer or notorious thief across half a dozen planes, it will not shift to capture a corrupt ruler whose offenses are 10 times worse, so long as the atrocities are within her technical rights as ruler. All Zelekhuts understand that laws can and must differ from place to place, and it is not the Zelekhut’s job to moralize, merely to track down those who seek to flee their punishment.

    When no law exists within a region, a Zelekhut defaults to the laws of Axis itself. A typical Zelekhut appears as enormous four-armed construct crafted of glittering gold and porcelain, whose powerful legs end in hooves. A pair of bright, bladed rotors branch out from the creature's back, and it fights by utilizing four ominous chains.

    Inevitable, Kolyarut: Kolyaruts are enforcers of bargains, traveling to the very edges of the planes in order to punish oath-breakers and see that contracts are kept. They care little for the terms of the agreements in question, only that promises are fulfilled, debts are paid, and balance is maintained. They are designed to uphold oaths both spoken and written, provided, of course, that the oaths themselves are not fraudulently misrepresentative. Kolyaruts appear as humanoid constructs forged of a glossy black metal: they often have a half-finished look with many exposed parts jutting out here and there. These inevitables are generally identifiable by their shimmering golden cloaks and bright eyes.

    Kolyarut track down oathbreakers and use intimidation, magic, or outright force to browbeat someone into upholding their bargain. They only kill if it is part of the bargain in question (or if no other reasonable alternative exists): otherwise they use powerful spells in order to accomplish their task. Kolyarut hold all bargains to be equal in their importance: from the repayment of a monetary debt to the promise of an extradimensional horror to destroy the gods. They are the most talkative kind of inevitable: they often speak with people in places where oaths are normally sworn, such as courts of royalty or law, temples and other such places. As such, they tend to develop personalities far faster than their brethren, and as a consequence they tend to return back to their crèche-forges regularly.

    They do not differentiate between those who have no intent on upholding their oaths, those who unwillingly broke their oaths or those who are not able to uphold their oaths for some reason. If possible, they first inform their targets of them being in breach: if they are willing to uphold their parts of the oath the Kolyarut will make sure they do so. Those less willing are made to uphold their bargain through force or magic. Should a situation arise where the violation of contract results in a situation where the breach cannot be amended, a Kolyarut will not hesitate to enforce punishment. However, if the Kolyarut discovers that both parties do not keep their ends of a bargain, it treats the bargain as void and dismisses it.

    Inevitable, Terakhut (Arbiter): Stealthy, observant, and frequently persuasive, arbiter inevitables are the scouts and diplomats of the inevitable race. Found throughout the multiverse in courts and on battlefields, arbiters keep a close eye on the forces of chaos and do their best to keep the lawful from straying, while simultaneously winning over the hearts and minds of those who might yet be saved. Though their assorted abilities make them extremely useful, arbiters see themselves less as servants than as advisers and counselors, preferring to ride around on their summoners’ shoulders and help guide their “partners” on the path of law. They detest being summoned by chaotic individuals, and when teamed with such a creature, they aren’t above using diplomacy to try to influence the summoner’s friends or refusing to undertake actions that seem contrary to their programming.

    An arbiter who comes across evidence of a significant insurgence of chaos upon a given plane does everything in its power to rally its allies against the dangerous instability, and in situations that are clearly beyond its ability to handle, it may refuse to continue onward until the group agrees to help it reach the nearest greater inevitable and make a full report, or else may travel to the infinite city-plane of Axis itself and present its urgent information in person.

    Arbiters typically bear the shapes of tiny clockwork spheres with shiny metal rotors. They are generally peaceful unless combating true creatures of chaos.
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    Gender: Skeletal, Identifies as Male.

    Race: Dread-Lich, Mythic.

    Age: 450,000 Years. (Including Stasis.)

    Alignment: Black. (Power, Knowledge, Freedom, Individuality.)

    Description: Malkeizathek appears as an imposing humanoid figure, nearly twelve feet tall and several feet wide. Multiple layers of thick, dark cloth decorated with rows upon rows of skulls and green runes cascade down the lich's enormous form, each sinister rune glowing with a violent green light. A dark green cloak drapes over the lich's shoulders, pinned beneath enormous metal pauldrons, all tall spikes and sickly green crystals. A tattered purple tabard hangs over the front of the broad figure's robes, depicting a number of ominous runes and sigils.

    Enormous sleeves hang low, lined with dark green threads, while each of the lich's long, bony fingers are encased in elongated finger-gauntlets crafted of an alarmingly bright, green material, one which sparks and glimmers here and there. An enormous metallic helmet is worn upon the lich's head, one which covers all but the lower half of the long-dead wizard's skull, splitting into six separate spires at the tap, each one decorated by a row of green crystals. Three diamond-shaped crystals face forward, seemingly acting as the lich's eyes. Fierce, green flames erupt forth from the helmet, as well as the figure's pauldrons, shrouding the lich in an aura of violently radioactive flame.

    Personality: Born a slave and victim to a cruel and unforgiving authoritarian empire now long forgotten, the lich now known as Malkeizathek abandoned his faith in the concept of order and structure long ago, after societal decay and corruption resulted in the destruction of the nation he hated. Countless societies followed afterwards, each one eventually succumbing to its own inherent corruption, collapsing under their own weight. Eventually, the man which would become the lich came to the conclusion that civilization itself is simply destined towards inevitable catastrophe, intrinsically possessing a tortured tension that will simply grow from decade to decade: restlessly, violently, headlong, like a river that wants to reach its own end.

    According to Malkeizathek, the eventual collapse of meaning, relevance, and purpose is the most destructive force in history, constituting a total assault on reality and nothing less than the greatest crisis of humanity. To him, existence itself is, by its nature, immoral and without value. As such, in his eyes, the destruction of all things would hardly quantify as the act of a madman, but rather the acceleration of society down a torturous path which cannot be avoided, a virtuous act done in service of those too weak to tear themselves from that which will inevitably consume them.

    Equipment: While Malkeizathek possesses a number of useful items, four in particular stand out as extraordinary. The first is a sentient spear crafted of glossy metal harvested from the heart of a dying star, inscribed with ancient runes of power focused upon crueler magics. The staff itself possesses a will of its own, and is fully capable of communicating as well as moving about of its own volition. The second, a tool more than a companion, appears as a rune-carved metamagic rod in the shape of a spike-covered mace, functioning as an exquisite metamagic rod fully capable of applying the effects of multiple metamagics all at once. As a unique metamagic rod, the mace has no effect when wielded by those of lower magical talent, as it serves to enhance magical power rather than grant it. The third appears as a set of ten sinister finger-gauntlets composed of crystallized unonoctium, a highly radioactive synthesized material made physical via potent transmutative magics. Much like the radioactive flames which surround the lich, the claws inflict terrible pain upon those they come in contact with, enhancing the innate power of the lich's touch. The fourth serves as a defensive item, the lich's ominously-shaped helmet, whose effects vary.

    Abilities: Malkeizathek is a powerful spellcaster, and years spent in undeath (as well as the effects of the nuclear blast which consumed his world) have only enhanced his natural abilities.

    Backstory: The man which would one day become the lich known as Malkeizathek was born over four hundred and fifty thousand years ago, a slave child born to a slave woman, his future sold at the day of his birth. What horrors he endured through the early years of his life in the city’s flesh pits and the methods by which he learned of the sorcerous arts are unknown, for they were later stricken from history at his command. One thing is for certain, though: when he walked from the dark gates of that city twenty seven years later, his path was soaked in blood and his soul was charred and black as coal.

    With the gold teeth plucked from the head of his last master, he was able to buy an apprenticeship with a travelling demonologist called Malrond. For seven years he followed Malrond, serving as both a lure for summoned demons and a slave to the wizard, having sold his body as well as his gold in exchange for power. He died more than once during these years at the overzealous claws and fangs of demons and fouler things, but each time his master—who had grown wealthy through the sale of his demonic services—saw fit to have him raised. His suffering was perhaps as great during this time as it had been in the slave pits, but during these years he rose in magical power, learning the finer points of rulership and exercise of power at the hands of amoral demon tutors.

    Thus, when he heard that Balmorian, one of the most powerful spellcasters of his time, had issued a call for new apprentices, he scuffed a summoning circle during one of Malrond's conjurations and idly looted his master’s belongings as the freed demon devoured the conjurer’s soul and body. With several potent magic items in tow and enough gold to impress Balmorian, he was easily selected to serve as one of Balmorian's new devotees. At the feet of the powerful wizard, he learned much of the art of reality-manipulating magics. He found himself enthralled by the thinning of reality which occurred here and there, as well as by the legends of a mysterious entity known as Xastur, the Unspeakable One. With secret alliances between himself and denizens of Xastur's nameless city, he began to master strange, eldritch powers in secret.

    His pacts promised a twisting of reality, providing his inscrutable tutors greater access to the lands of men. When, in the two hundred and sixth year of his reign, Balmorian finally caught wind of his plotting, the aged wizard was too late to stop him. An unknown spell provided to Malkeizathek from the herald of Xastur himself consumed both Balmorian and his other apprentice, Baeron, stripping their souls from their bodies and hurling them into the void between the planes, to be feasted upon by the court of Xastur for all of eternity.

    Malkeizathek took up the starmetal staff of the master he had killed at the age of seventy-nine and began his reign of terror as ruler of Jeshten, the city which Balmorian once controlled. While Balmorian was a somewhat effective ruler, kind and just, Malkeizathek's reign saw the rise of the city of Jeshten to new heights, as his cunning and manipulative nature wended countless paths to power. Despite his people’s initial dread, Jeshten rose in prominence, becoming one of the age’s most breathtaking cities—though its grandeur existed only to delight the wizard and the nobles and slaves he gathered around him.

    In his four hundred and sixty sixth year as ruler, he surpassed all other spellcasters of his world in power by treating once more with the forces of Xastur, eventually discovering the secrets of mythic magics, spells which had not been possessed by a spellcaster for over a thousand years. In his absence, however, the city of Jeshten began to collapse beneath its own weight, for the legislators put in charge of the city had become corrupt while Malkeizathek studied, and despite the use of potent magic, Malkeizathek could not stop the people of Jeshten from eating themselves alive, so mired in decay was the city.

    Desperate, Malkeizathek called out to Xastur himself. It was then that the Old One iyself appeared to him, clad all in tattered yellow. The Old One spoke directly to Malkeizathek, explaining the inevitability of the destruction of society, stating that the eventual collapse of civilization could not be stopped. Xastur showed to him countless horrors, a long and bitter history of worlds across realities, each once-exquisite city inevitably succumbing to corruption and decay and destroying itself before being reformed decades later, a constant cycle of misery and madness made manifest within Xastur's haunted patchwork-city of Lost Carcosa.

    Malkeizathek, maddened by what he had seen, determined that society itself was responsible for the endless cycle of torment initiated by the formation of civilization. Without people, there could be no suffering, no decay, no collapse. Soon, he came to the conclusion that civilization itself is simply destined towards inevitable catastrophe, intrinsically possessing a tortured tension that will simply grow from decade to decade: restlessly, violently, headlong, like a river that wants to reach its own end. As such, in his eyes, the destruction of all things would hardly quantify as the act of a madman, but rather the purging of society from a torturous path which cannot be avoided, a virtuous act done in service of those too weak to tear themselves from that which will inevitably consume them.

    Now a force of entropy, Malkeizathek began to destroy all that which he had spent decades building, spreading Xastur's taint from city to city, performing what he perceived as his duty towards humanity by obliterating all that which would one day rot away, sparing humanity an extraordinary amount of pain by preventing their pointless attempts at expansion, breaking the cycle of suffering. Enhanced by Xastur and Lost Carcosa, Malkeizathek could not be stopped, until finally, the gods themselves became involved, trapping him in stasis far beneath the ground.

    There he remained for over three hundred thousand years, fully conscious of the world around him yet unable to act. Above, humanity began to flourish in a world without magic, abandoning ritualism and spirituality for machines and futuristic technologies. As Malkeizathek suspected, however, civilization inevitably began to collapse, resulting in a nuclear war the likes of which the world had never seen. One of the more powerful bombs which fell caused the stasis chamber which Malkeizathek was imprisoned within to crack open, releasing him upon the world again.

    Mired in radioactive waste and greatly weakened by the fallout which gripped the region he had been released to, Malkeizathek performed a ritual granted unto him by Xastur himself, one which infused his body with black magics and necromantic energies, enough to save him just prior to death. Now bolstered by the radiation, the lich Malkeizathek began to conquer the cities of the nuclear age, wiping them off the planet until finally, the gods returned once more to be rid of him. Unable to destroy him due to his link with Xastur, the gods imprisoned him once more in stasis, trapping him within a rock and hurling him into space.

    There he remained for another fifty thousand years before a wormhole brought him to a place between places, a reality where all realities converged.

    The Nexus.


    Spoiler: Reference Art

    Spoiler: The Irradiated Wasteland:
    Malkeizathek's irradiated flesh-kingdom stretches on for over one-hundred miles, its plagued borders having rapidly expanded for several hours before slowing to a crawl. It is a vile and forbidden land, and for most, stepping through the thin membrane of the putrescent dome which covers the entirety of the irradiated wasteland would result in a quick and agonizing death due to the unholy combination of severe radiation, supernaturally swift plague, and toxic gasses which fills the region, to say nothing of the horrific, mutated undead which roam the cursed lands beyond.


    The geography of the wasteland is a sickening, flexible thing, where the features of the land are known to shift in front of the viewer's eyes like the flesh of some nauseating, bubbling tumour. This fluidity of form grows worse the closer one gets to the ominous spire which dominates the Southeastern section of the region. There, the vile corruption which flows through the region is strongest, and all manner of plague-warped monstrosities pour forth unabated from the depths of the mysterious crater-tunnels which surround the spire.

    Throughout the wasteland, enormous masses of loathsome cartilage riddled with oozing holes lurch out of the moistened soil like gruesome trees, while tainted grasses mingle with long hairs which appear to grow out of spots where the ground itself has seemingly transformed into diseased flesh. Sickening green specks of enlarged bacteria float hrough the air, supped upon by slithering masses of toxic sludge which heave and prowl the shattered canyons of the region, overseen by revolting swarms of undead ravens, while all the while, plague-globules belch forth toxic gasses.

    Rainfall and snowfall are common in the wasteland, yet even these sources of water appear dangerous to drink, ripe with disease and irradiated dust. The rain which falls appears to be oddly colored (sometimes looking like blood, mucus, or fouler bodily fluids), but even when the rain appears normal it smells wrong. The stink of rotting flesh, rusting metal, and decaying plant matter often suffuses the sickly precipitation, and the water itself, if gathered, can cause sickness as surely as drinking from a tainted river or polluted pool.

    The vile snow which falls in confusing patterns and patches despite the humidity and heat of the region is likewise fouled, with the flakes being gray or pale red or filthy yellow, but even when they’re white, they feels oily to the touch , and when the flakes melt, it only starts to look and feel worse. Other times, unnatural material cascades from the heavens, severed eyes, yellowed teeth, or broken fingers.


    To the North, flowing through a vast expanse of moistened marshlands punctuated by sulfurous hot springs, a nauseating river which has long since succumbed to pollution can be found, flanked by a swampish mire filled with all manner of gruesome undead. At all times, sickening chunks of fleshy, fungal-infested material pass through the stagnant river, guided by a warm wind which carries with it the stench of rot and decay.

    Past the river, the ruins of an abandoned town can be seen, almost entirely claimed by fungal vines and disgusting, brightly-colored buds. Shambling mounds of fungal matter stagger through the grime-splattered roads accompanied by plague giants composed of hundreds of corpses whose flesh bursts and pops from time to time, the only remnants of the civilization that once inhabited the area.

    To the Southeast, a small mountain-range marked by strange, vile deformations looms over the wastelands. Large boulders and rocky outcroppings droop and sag on the sides of the mountains, as if each peak were made of melted putty instead of stone. Much of the mountain soil squishes underfoot, for thousands of reddish, unusually large earthworms wriggle flock to this region.

    Finally, the Easternmost sector of the wastelands is dominated by an enormous, fleshy tower that somewhat resembles four crooked spines bolted together, crafted of four steaming pillars of stained tooth and muculent tumor, welded and joined together via thick strands of undulating sinew. Within the spire, Malkeizathek lurks, rarely leaving his runic sanctum at the very top.

    The entrance remains closed at all times, a massive sphincter-like slab which leaks a nauseating broth upon the many tall, moist steps to the bone-landing.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Sex: Female
    Race: Human(?) Vampire

    Everything else: temp to be edited in later


    Sex: Female
    Race: Lamia

    More temp


    Sex: Female
    Race: 100% human she promises

    The Nurse

    Job: Bring a Nurse
    Race: Kitsune
    Pink: so much
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    (will be editied as I figure more out)

    Alias: No alias
    Gender: female
    Race/Species: Kitsune (two tails)
    Age: 20
    Alignment: neutral good
    Class/Profession: based on the pathfinder oracle
    Power Rating: maybe C?
    human form
    In her human form danya appears younger than she is. She has white hair and pale cloudy eyes. (she is afflicted by the oracle's blindness curse) she is not nessisarily attractive... more cute. (think like a younger sibling you think is cute) she seems a little frail but wears armor (chain mail) and carries a crossbow most of the time. She also has a scar from a lightning bolt she took to the chest before she arrived in nexus.
    fox hybrid form
    in fox form Danya has white fur with the same pale eyes. She has two fox tails while in this form. her fur is blackened over her chest where she was struck by a bolt of lightning.

    Personality: Danya is a free spirit believing heavily in the power of fate to tell her what needs to be done. She is generally kind and out going, and maybe a little too open about herself sometimes.
    Equipment: chainmail, crossbow,
    Abilities: WIP
    Backstory: Danya was born in a small tribe of kitsune. At her birth she was blessed and cursed by the goddess of fate. (phrasma in the pathfinder universe). She gained divine power but her eyes were cursed so she would never see normally and eventually her sight would fade completely. Her tribe saw this as her being chosen by the gods and revered her as a mouthpiece of fate and once she could speak they went to her for all their questions. Danya lived in as much luxery as her tribe could give her, she never wanted for anything. She was very content in her life
    One day she had the feeling that she needed to go. So go she did, without a word to her tribe or her direct family. The thought came to her in the night and no one was awake to see her go. She didn't do this out of anger or even boredom. she got the feeling and followed it as she had basically been told to her whole life.
    She has been wandering ever since going where the wind takes her and helping others along the way.
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    Default Recaiden Character Listing

    Danir Telue

    Speaks in Teal

    Sex: Female
    Gender: Feminine
    Race/Species: Human (with just a trace of fairy)
    Age: 64
    2-Axis Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Color Alignment: Red / White
    Blood Type: AB Rh-negative
    Vampire Sign: Crystal
    Lunar Sway: Derse
    Class/Profession: Gossip
    Power Rating: C or 2
    Psionic Class: H
    Sorceress Mastery: 4 Core Gates / 2 Ambular Locks / 2 Radial Seals
    Marital Status: Widow, 1 former marriage
    Description: A small Japanese woman of wiry build, with graying shoulder-length hair. Dark brown eyes.
    Long painted nails and a formal outfit.
    Personality: Telue is judging you harshly. She is calm and polite, kind and graceful - until it is time to be ruthless and cruel.
    A set of levitating luggage that follows her about.
    Abilities: As an apprentice sorceress, she has various minor powers.
    Gate Stability: Can improve sense of smell, touch, taste, and balance.
    Unmaking: Can disintegrate objects touched with a specially prepared object-specific diagram.
    Weather-sense: Knows what the weather will be like within 1 mile, out to 1 day, barring supernatural intervention.
    Backstory: It was expected that Telue would follow in her mother’s footsteps, but for reasons few others remember, she refused. In time, Telue broke free from Chartreuse's design, The Clan of the Swallowed Sun, and the whole Earthly Court, giving up her magical birthright to live her own life as a human. Where others merely took on false mortal roles, she immersed herself in the culture of the Land of Sunrise. Where others studied the magic of narrative, she became a sorceress (though having waited till later in life to begin, did not progress very quickly). She married a man called Light (now dead thirty years ago) and they had a daughter, Cleosepha. Telue went to great length to see that Cleo would not be subject to the same troubles at the hands of the fae as she had been. And she was largely successful (Cleo not coming into her inheritance until she had entered the Nexus (which at the time was beyond the reach of the Courts)), though Cleo has not quite forgiven her for the things she did.
    She lived a content life of quiet craftsmanship and study, until people started coming back from the Nexus. Chartreuse was killed. A shuttle was attacked.
    With the war between the Earth and Sky Courts once again blazing hot, she's ventured into the Nexus to attempt to reconcile with her family. And avoid becoming collateral damage.
    Explanation: It's not actually impossible to learn multiple categories of magic in her setting. But it basically isn't done.
    Narrative Status: Supporting character
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    [TBD] AKA the Professor

    Alias: The Librarian, The Archivist, The Loremaster, The Researcher, The Headmaster, The Master of Novices, The Weakling, The Grand Advisor, The Hermit, The Annoyance, That Accursed Gnome, GAAAHHH!, The Simpleton, Griggory Flopwoodle, The Undying Mage, The Knower of Secrets, etc.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Forest Gnome (D&D 5e)
    Age: Very, very old. Has lost count of just how old by now. Looks like he is just regular old.
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class/Profession: For character class (D&D 5e): Bard/Cleric/Druid/Fighter/Rogue/Sorcerer/Warlock/Wizard, for occupation, see all of his names (his time as a GAAAHHH! was relatively short, but enjoyable, and he often does a little bit of it par-time between his other jobs) but in the Nexus it is mostly just the first 5.
    Power Rating: Probably a B or B+
    Description: 3' 7", pale skin, a few wrinkles, but not many, blue eyes, usually smiling, bald with a long white beard (he kind of looks like the default gnome wizard forum avatar).
    Personality: Generally fairly good natured, but also often quite sarcastic. Rarely reacts to anything with surprise, awe, fear, or whatever, due to having seen almost everything there is to see. Dislikes combat, but if he feels threatened (which he rarely does) he will not hesitate to defend himself.
    Equipment: Wears a grey Robe of the Archmagi, and holds a staff that is basically a Staff of the Magi and a Staff of Power glued together (both visually and in ability). He also carries a Deck of Many Things. The character concept has access to other magic items, but I will probably avoid using them in any meaningful way so as to avoid having a Deus ex Machina toolbelt-style issue.
    Abilities: He basically knows almost every cantrip in the 5e PHB or Xanathar's Guide to Everything (all but 3, which I have not chosen yet), as well as almost every first level spells and a large number of the second level spells in both books. Additionally, he is okay in physical combat and stealth, and being a high-level D&D 5e gnome, is pretty durable (high HP) and somewhat resistant to magic. While he has no overt weaknesses, he is fairly unoptomised for combat, because while he can throw out a litany of different cantrips indefinitely, he knows know spells of third level or higher (other than those granted by his staff) and only has up to seventh level spell slots.
    In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, the DM (his name was Ethan) spake thusly: OK guys, you can use anything from the PHB or Xanathar's, have your sheets done by Sunday for the first real session.
    And lo, Sunday came, and [TBD]'s creator (his name was Josh) spake thusly: I have my character, but I can't think of a name, I put TBD on the sheet for now, but I'll fill it in by next week.

    -From The Book of RNG: A True Telling of the Creation of Our World by Griggory Flopwoodle

    People, careless people, create worlds and abandon them. One such group of careless people included Ethan and Josh, and when session one ended in a near TPK (only Josh's character, an as yet unnamed forest gnome, survived) they decided to just buy a campaign module and start over with new characters. But their world persisted, and so did TBD. Being a PC freed from his player, TBD had a greater understanding of his world than the would-be NPCs around him. If he focused, he could tell what CR something was, detect the space-time anomalies that occurred in six-second cycles during combat. He could even, when he meditated deeply on himself, understand the nature of his own stats, and with them the nature of spellcasting. What he realized was that the most powerful skill was one which could be done forever, and so was the most powerful spell: the cantrip. He also understood the nature of classes, multiclassing, and feats, and he used them to slowly level up to 20, eventually learning 36 cantrips, the maximum possible with any combination of multiclassing and feats short of a houserule (at least using "anything from the PHB or Xanathar's"), out of a total of 39 in existence (also under the same restraints, Ethan didn't allow SCAG spells, UA, etc.). He even got enough XP to gain the Epic Boon of Immortality (which stopped him from aging) after which he chose to stop leveling up or gaining abilities. In that time and the centuries (or was it millennia? It's hard to keep track) that followed, he traveled the Campaign Setting. He did it all and knew everyone. He worked at, founded, discredited, destroyed, rebuilt, and repurposed countless schools, kingdoms, religions, and even people. Eventually, he couldn't keep going. His long life and the loneliness of being the only person in existence to understand that people are all statblocks eventually took its toll on his resilient gnomish mind, and he began to go mad. And then, a portal appeared. Not a regular portal to one of the outer planes (all of which he had explored extensively, but a different one, one that felt... statless. He grabbed his staff and deck and jumped in. On the other side he found the nexus, and there he learned that he could see no stats (well, he could sometimes intuit the stats of other D&D 5e based Nexus members based on the appearance of their abilities and a subtle tickling feeling he got behind his left eyebrow, but that hardly counted). In the Nexus he built a new library and school for himself, and their he has stayed for a very long time.

    Miscellaneous: He recently spent several centuries in suspended animation after an incident with a magical artifact.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Alias: The Angel Of Undeath, The World-Destroyer
    Gender: Depends on the form, though his true form is male.
    Age: Unknown, even to Skamis. He estimates tens of thousands of years.
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class/Profession: God of undeath and pain
    Power Rating: A or A+
    Description: Skamis can be any form he wants, as long as it comes from his own imagination. However, he usually takes one of three forms:
    Xena: An old wrinkled woman with white wispy hair. Short, and usually wears a black cloak.
    Manzul: A tall, skinny man with black hair and skin the color of bleached bone. Usually wears a three-piece suit.
    Skamis(true form): A strong man who appears to be mid-20s in age. Has four black feathery wings sprouting from his back, grey hair, and piercing grey eyes. Usually wears enchanted armor made of bone.
    Personality: Wants to make everyone in the world, except for his most trusted allies, into the undead, as he believes that if he turns everyone into undead under his control he can eliminate all evil from the world. Sees all people as equal, as death comes for them all. Doesn't believe that necromancy is wrong, instead seeing it as just another school of magic. Is willing to do anything in order to reach his goal. Takes a twisted pleasure in causing pain.
    Equipment: He carries this equipment at all times, but if it states a specific form wields a piece of equipment, that means that while not in that form he absorbs the other equipment into himself.
    Money: A bag which contains a large sum of money. Carried by all forms.
    Xena's Blade: A shortsword carried by Xena. It is enchanted to be able to block lasers, plasma blasts, and artillery.
    The Morningstar of Skamis: A morningstar where the sphere that the spikes come out of is replaced with a skull as strong as steel. It is enchanted to block the same things as Xena's Blade, but also does extra damage to celestial-type creatures and fae/fey-type creatures.
    Abilities: Skamis is great with swords and morningstars. In all forms he has immense strength and nimbleness, as well as being very hard to kill. However, when he first enters the Nexus his strength, dexterity, and constitution are similar to an average human's, and gradually grow to the strength described earlier. Currently, his strength, dexterity, and constitution are comparable to the average human's. His actual speed depends on the form. He is a necromancer of great power, able to raise any body which used to contain a soul which isn't extremely willful. He is also capable of molding dark magic to form creatures, and locking souls in containers. The soul can only be taken from a creature with weak will, or a creature who promised Skamis the soul, whether it be as collateral or just promising it in general. The container must have a lid, and the soul returns to the owner when the lid is opened. While a creature's soul is taken in this way, the creature falls into a coma which they cannot be awoken from, except by another god's powers.
    Backstory: To be written out later, because I'm too lazy and tired right now.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Spoiler: Ambrosia Ithil
    Full Name(?): Ambrosia Ithil
    Other names: Megeshi of the North Wind, Yeo-Jin, Ikue
    Gender: Female
    Species: Dragon
    Age: ???
    Profession: Scholar
    Appearance: Link to description.

    Personality: Ambrosia always seem calm and collected, rarely frowning or jaw dropping. She acts polite, smiling and nodding a lot when she interacts socially with others. Usually these interactions are her questioning people as she has a keen scholarly interest in most things.
    Her favorite topics are philosophical and academic discussions which she is always eager to engage in. But while she’s also open to talk about others personal life she always avoid the topic of her own, changing subjects or dismissing such attempts outright.

    Abilities: Kami Sovereign - Ambrosia can appear as a sovereignty to lesser spirits and communicate with them. Through these spirits she can manipulate the world around her to her will. This ability is only limited by the rules of the spirit world, limiting the degree she can manipulate them and which spirit she can manipulate. These abilities are greatly enhanced when she leaves her human body and assumes her true form as a dragon.

    Practiced Scholar - Ambrosia seldom leave things at a theoretical level. She has trained a great deal in a number of material arts, dances, sports, etc. Thus she is proficient in a great deal of physical activities along with her scholarly knowledge.

    Spoiler: Anika Sunfletcher

    Full Name: Anika Aife Sunfletcher
    Other names: -
    Gender: Female
    Species: Kaldorei (Night Elf)
    Age: ???
    Profession: Druid - Adventurer/Healer of VIGIL
    Appearance: Link to description.

    Personality: Anika considers herself a rebel and outcast and takes great care in honing that image. She cuts her hair short and dyes it, she intentionally act crude and boorish around others, in particularly other kaldorei. Anika finds joy in standing out and sometimes even seeks to provoke others through the way she acts and dresses. However, despite trying to act otherwise she actually shares a lot of the values of her people and is at heart very nationalistic, fighting for the perseverance of the kaldorei in her own way.

    Abilities: Shapeshifting - As a “druid of the wild” Anika has attuned to some common and some less common animal totems. Allowing her to take the forms of a number of different animals. Currently, she has attuned to five different animal totems:
    Bear: The first totem Anika attuned to, allowing her to become a powerful bear-creature able to withstand huge amounts of damage.
    Shark: Far less common, Anika actually attuned to Gral after serving him for a couple of months after coming in contact to him through her uncle, a druid “researcher”. The shark can chew through nearly anything and swim faster and longer than most sharks.
    Hawk: Attuning to the hawk allows Anika to assume the form of a large red hawk which can fly at amazing speeds through the air.
    Saber: This large predatory cat allows Anika to move at great speeds on the ground and also take on a passenger or two.

    Druidic magic - Anika does not know a great deal of offensive magic, only the most basic form of arcane flares and the ability to summon roots from the ground. She does know a fair bit of healing magic however which is what she utilize in her peacetime job as a healer.

    Spoiler: Astrana Tyramer
    Full Name: Astrana Tyramere
    Other names: -
    Species: Tiefling
    Age: 28
    Appearance: Link to Description.
    Profession: Warlock - Member of MERC

    Personality: Astrana strives to adapt to almost any circumstance, being quite flexible morally and behaviorally she has no real principles she wouldn’t be afraid to break at the blink of an eye in order to get her way or survive. But she is also a person of ambition, seeking to get the best in the world for her and those she cares about. Do achieve this she acts the way people prefers her to, professional with a high work ethic. Always doing her best to impress her superiors. However, at her free time Astrana spends most of the time she doesn’t spend with her family indulging in her heightened sexual desires.

    Abilities: Warlock - Astrana is trained in summoning, counteracting, dealing and controlling spiritual entities such as gods, fey and demons. This training also includes the ability to use items which channels the powers of these beings.

    Tiefling - As a tiefling (more commonly known as “dogs” or “red dogs”), Astrana has a small range of superhuman abilities. She endures heat and solar radiation better than most other beings and can be increased even further with a exertion of will. She has a limited telekinetic ability to control flames and can incite lust in the minds of others through her gaze. In addition, her thick horns protects her skull from damage and her tail is fully prehensile, making it capable of many feats.

    Spoiler: Cessie Mithar
    Full Name: Cessie Laurana Mithar
    Other names: -
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 31
    Profession: Mage - Researcher/VIGIL commander
    Appearance: Link to description.

    Personality: Cessie is a person that prefers to have personal space. Any kind of touch, including handshakes, is considered private where she's from. As if to reflect this, Cessie also prefer clothes that are conservative which she considers to be a important part of the respectable image she wish to maintain. But besides herself and her children, she does not try to keep anyone else to uphold these ideals even if she can sometimes frown at people dressing in a opposite way. Her regal way of dressing is also something she considers a reflection to how she should act and tries to be a good person with an positive outlook at the world. Yet despite this she is no stranger to violence and can be extremely forceful when she believes its called for.

    Abilities: Noble upbringing - Cessie was raised as a noble and is thus well-versed with a number of subjects such as philosophy, magecraft, history, mathematics, physics, oratory skill etc. This also means she has more than a fair amount of monetary assets at her disposal which can be seen in how she lives, a well-protected keep that she owns.

    Genesai/Mage - Cessie can channel eldritch from the eldritch plane through her soul at will and manifest it in the material world in the form of magma and materials that are conceptually associated to it. The closer she is, the more control she has of this process. This often comes in the form of elementals, mental constructs made of the materials Cessie can summon which always look like the mage herself unless she specifically wishes them not to.

    Spoiler: Dena Xifhara
    Full Name: Denürga Ragnhild Xifhara
    Alias: Dena
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Gorgon - Alvar
    Age: Older than she looks
    Profession: MERC Senior Officer

    Description: Dena is a drow gorgon who appears to be mid-twenty something but is in fact a lot older. Like other drow, she have long pointed ears and caucasian features. However, Dena is what is known as a 'copper drow', meaning that her skin is a more cinereous copper brown tone and that her eyes were originally green until she got cursed. She's also taller, about 6’2 feet (or 184 centimeters). These features, with the exception of the eyes, haven't changed since she became a gorgon, her hair is technically still white even if it's now made up of snakes which she still accommodates into the same type of hairstyles as far as they're capable to.

    For a more detailed description, look here.

    Personality: Dena is easy-going and relaxed, she always thinks twice before she acts and usually have rather laid-back attitude towards most things. She doesn't get upset or angry very often and enjoys cracking jokes and having a good time. Behind her friendly persona is a person that only look out for herself however, she mostly do things if she think she can profit from them somehow. As a side-note, Dena loves animals and will often cuddle them as long as they're cute and not life-threatening (or found in a dungeon, can't trust anything in a dungeon).

    Equipment: Dena’s most precious piece of gear is the armor she calls “vettirskold” (all the best armors have names) which runes allows it to hold a number of items without any visible pockets or compartments, after she has summoned one item she cannot summon another for a brief time. Said runes also have a number of other functions, foremost they can dampen the first attack made against one location on her body before they have to recharge. In addition, they can turn her completely invisible for a time before they have to recharge.
    The only item visible held by her is the axe she calls, “Hynda” (weapons are best with names too) which drains warmth at a mere touch if the owner wills it, causing bodies depended on heat to fail. It is also unnaturally sharp, cutting through hard surfaces with ease, which makes it great for wood cutting. Unlike other runic enchantments it does not have to recharge as it is said to steal its energy from its victims.
    The last of her runic equipment is the handcannon “Garm” (even guns get names) described here. This hand cannon can launch just about anything, and Dena mostly use it in combination with explosives.
    Other equipment Dena uses, is, among other things, a pair of goggles. These blocks out her gorgon gaze as well as protecting her eyes from various hazards, while still allowing her to see.
    Her most important non-runic piece of equipment however is Violet, a magical scouting drone which is capable of detecting heat, see through walls, creating detailed maps of rooms and corridors through echolocation and detect hidden mechanisms among many other things.

    Abilities: Experienced - Being nearly a hundred years old Dena has been able to pick up quite a few skills during her long life. As a part of the Jurga clan she became trained as a martial fighter and horse rider. As a slave she came to learn dancing, social etiquette, reading, writing and more risque abilities. As an adventurer she came to learn a great deal of magical artifacts and how to handle them, not to mention a great deal about the monsters who protected said treasures. She have also picked up animal handling, horseshoeing, a bit of smiting and wilderness survival, just to mention a few.

    Gorgon - As a gorgon she is also capable of quickly turning anyone who look into her eyes into stone, but jade. As soon as her eyes are unshielded anyone that meets her gaze will have a hard time looking away, finding her eyes mesmerizing. Anyone caught by the gaze will relatively quickly start to turn into jade, beginning at the extremities before moving inwards. While the effect is fast it isn't instant so the victim will have time to look away. While body parts turned to jade aren't easily turned back even by the most powerful types of magic such effects only occurs if the gaze is met for more than a moment. Otherwise it simply leaves the person with blurred vision and stiffness of their extremities. Her fangs and the snake heads that make up her hair are filled with a poison which is capable to leave a person dazed, exhausted and in a suggestible state of mind. The snakes that make up her hair can be controlled to some degree, she can see through their eyes, and even lengthen or shorten them to a certain extent.

    Spoiler: Irena Rizzo
    Full Name: Irena Rizzo
    Other names: -
    Gender: Female
    Species: “Human”
    Age: 34
    Profession: Rich
    Description: Link to Description.

    Personality: Irena is what could be described as a crude individual. She does not care much for social norms and simply does what she feels like. The fact she made a demonic pact for a huge fortune made that a lot easier. Now content with doing nearly nothing all day besides taking care of her son, “the kid” Eliseo, she has adapted a laid back attitude to most things. However, underneath that calm facade and all the jokes, lies a cold blooded killer. Irena’s casual rage at her games can’t compare to the times she gets really upset. Then she doesn’t scream, she kills without even as much as a sneer. Thankfully, that side of her rarely comes up these days.

    Abilities: Shadow Magic - Irena made a deal with a shadow demon of greed and gained the ability to summon and manipulate shadow essence at the cost of her own health. While she can’t turn the essence into more complex tools, such as guns, she can summon essence that is sharper than any normal steel into her hand. In addition, she can while in darkness cloak herself in this essence and jump into any area in sight which lies in darkness. In addition, she can also summon entities to perform tasks for her in exchange for things.

    Violence enthusiast - Irena is a strong believer in personal protection and have murdered a number of people in the past while she acted as a vigilante (not a superhero, she never wore a suite). Thus she is now trained in a large number of weapons such as swords, guns, knives and even some hand-to-hand combat.

    Spoiler: Obriane Bellamy
    Full Name: Obriane Fleur Bellamy
    Other names: “Otheriane”
    Species: Changeling - Human
    Age: 28
    Profession: Ghost hunter
    Description: Link to description.

    Personality: Obriane is not the most confident of persons. She is tall and muscular but has always acted as this gentle giant. Never really daring to take up space or talk to people. She avoids attention and prefers to only interact with those she considers family. This despite the fact that her mother's efforts to raise her to take the initiative and work her way to greatness.

    Abilities: Other Self - As a changeling, Obriane has another personality, another self which under certain circumstances can awaken and become her. This other self has given her a set of antlers that keeps growing out no matter how many times she cuts them off and a set of deer-like ears which while granting her superhuman hearing also look off to her.
    But more than that this other self is in contrast to Obriane herself a powerful ego which attracts spirits which either which so serve or possess her, causing all sort of trouble. However, these powers would be taken to a completely different level if her other self awakened…

    Spirit Hunter - Obriane was taught how to hunt by her father as she helped him hunt down reindeer and other animals up in the frozen wastes of her hometown. However, thanks to her nature as a changeling these skills have been taken to another level. Besides mundane animals she can also track down spirits and also seem to have the ability to put them down, if she would ever attempt to that is. She uses these abilities in her job to hunt down spirits and ghosts.

    Spoiler: Zhareen Teplos
    Full Name: Zhareen Itaja Teplos
    Other names: -
    Species: Merfolk
    Age: 43
    Profession: Warlock - Teacher at the Fourth Tower
    Description: Link to description.

    Personality: Zhareen always try to be positive and nice to everyone she meets. She puts a lot of energy into trying to take care of others, perhaps making up for the fact that she as a merfolk who have gone through the “change” no longer can have children. Marrying Vax, a plant-woman of the species diim, she was never able to be with someone who she could have children with before the change came. Now she seems to treat most people she meets as her own children instead, always offering to do things for them without anything in return. Acting both a bit goofy and selfless, she is always inclined to giving smiles and hugs to all those she meet.

    Abilities: Oracle - As most altered humanoids, such as tieflings and drow, merfolk can be easily influenced by spirits. However, merfolk have taken this weakness to another level and used it as a strength. Using her unusually beautiful singing voice, Zhareen can invite minor spirits to possess her. While these spirits can influence her behavior they are too weak to take full control of her and she can use them as a way to grant herself skill sets and powers that she didn’t have before. These abilities include superhuman strength, perfect aim, enhanced endurance and stamina, etc.

    Warlock - Zhareen has worked for a warlock for many years and is now well-practiced in the art. She knows dozens of ways to summon various entities and is also well-aware of the dangers they can pose. Thus she is also knowledgeable in ways to protect herself against them and their influence, managing to downplay her own weakness towards their influence.
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    Arkhosia's Personal Character Directory

    Spoiler: Caelynn Turath, MD

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Catgirl
    Age: 44
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class/Profession: General Practicioner
    Power Rating: E







    Spoiler: Alexis "Blanche" Turath

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Catgirl (Fey Ancestry)
    Age: 24
    Alignment: True Neutral/Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: Infantrywoman - Field Medic/Designated Marksman
    Power Rating: D+







    Spoiler: Gwynevere "Cantata" Neschastlivy

    Gender: Female/Hermaphrodite
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 27
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class/Profession: Freelance Mercenary - Spy/Saboteur
    Power Rating: D







    Spoiler: Janissaria Lindelt

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class/Profession: Guardian of Anubis
    Power Rating: C/C+







    Spoiler: Fidelia Stahl

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human (Steel Genasi)
    Age: 20
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Squire/Knife-fighter
    Power Rating: D-







    Spoiler: Anastasia Haz'Wehrs

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Kumiho
    Age: 14
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class/Profession: Musician/Thief
    Power Rating: E/E-







    Spoiler: Murasaki

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Tsukumogami - Sword Spirit
    Age: 143
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Sword Spirit
    Power Rating: D






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    Morim Talman

    Alias: Mo, the Toymaker, Grandpa Talman
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human (Born), Machine (Present)
    Age: Declined to share, though his voice and mannerisms imply that he's elderly (equivalent to a human 80-year-old)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral, leaning Good
    Class/Profession: Clockworker
    Power Rating: Variable- Talman himself is quite delicate (E- in a direct head-to-head fight), but he's fully capable of demonstrating powers up to about a C+ if sufficiently provoked (almost all of it by proxy, though).
    Description: Talman earns his name: he stands at almost 7 feet, in a slender wire frame, such that he's about 18 inches across the shoulders and maybe 12 across the hips. His face is clearly mechanical, lacking in any decorative plating, such that anyone talking to him can literally see the gears turning in his head. His clothing is a loose-fitting blue robe and a set of high-laced boots.
    Equipment: Talman doesn't typically carry anything of value on his person- some spending cash, various IDs as needed, and a few pieces of scrap metal. Beyond that, he only has the clothing on his back.
    Abilities: Talman has a way with machines, particularly clockwork- it's not an exaggeration to say he's something of an artist with them. Mechanical devices he's allowed to fiddle with freely take on extraordinary properties, ranging from pocket watches that whistle out merry tunes when checked to intelligent household appliances which will gladly sit and whittle on about the meaning of life while cleaning your laundry. Talman himself is such a device, but aside from what convention might tell you, he is not a particularly durable one; his components include filaments thinner than a hair, gears with very fine teeth, and a number of impossible mechanisms that can start and stop with a good, solid thump. All of this is powered by a small brass-colored box, barely the size of a child's palm, which does not bend, break, melt, or otherwise yield to any outside force; though it doesn't really do much without a proper body, either.
    Backstory: Talman is a maker of curiosities, specializing in children's toys. He has a local reputation for being polite and carrying quality work, but beyond that, there's not much about him that would qualify as common knowledge.
    Miscellaneous: ...Nah, that about covers it.


    Alias: N/a
    Gender: Not technically applicable, due to a lack of reproductive organs, but "his" voice is male.
    Race/Species: Frost Wraith(see below)
    Age: 15 weeks.
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class/Profession: Covert operative
    Power Rating: B-.
    Description: Short-statured and pale, with a rotund body, a little taller than a human child. He wears a popped tophat, a threadbare scarf, and a light cloak, as well as a series of coal lumps where his eyes and mouth would be, making him resemble a child's snowman.
    Equipment: N/A
    Abilities: Nothing that isn't inherent to being a frost wraith (see below)
    Backstory: N/A
    Miscellaneous: N/A

    About Frost Wraiths:
    Frost wraiths are ephemeral beings, created for a singular, typically discrete task, which they live to complete. When their job is finished, the magic which gives them their life abruptly ceases, and they quickly fade from existence. Frost wraiths do not typically have a body; they only give a ghostly chill with their presence, which does not seem to be beholden to the laws of physics or the notion of tangibility. When they do take on a physical form, it's by necessity a conglomeration of ice and snow, shaped however they design; they can abandon this body at any time, and its destruction does not hamper them any longer than it takes to create another.

    Frost wraiths universally possess the powers of cryokinesis and limited aerokinesis; they can conjure ice and snow at will, maintain up to around 100 kilograms of frozen material, and move it around as they see fit, as well as manipulate wind into brief, powerful bursts (but cannot do anything with it that requires finesse). They produce ice and snow at a rate of about 1 cubic meter per hour (meaning it takes roughly six minutes for them to construct the heaviest body they can inhabit), and while they can create more than 100 kg worth of materials, they can't actively maintain or control something that heavy (and building a body out of it is out of the question). Fire can slow, but generally not stop them, since it'll melt their physical implements but can be quelled with enough effort on their part... or, should all else fail, they can simply abandon their current form and pass through the flame unharmed.

    A sufficiently powerful and knowledgeable wizard, warlock, sorcerer, or other spellcaster can create a frost wraith with a special blend of herbs mixed in melted mountain snow, as well as a recited incantation that ends with the frost wraith's designated task. It's also said that frost wraiths can sometimes be created spontaneously on high mountain peaks by non-magic-users, but by their nature, these frost wraiths are less predictable and do not answer to their supposed creator.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    name Zathiru Ebonyhart
    alignment Chaotic good
    race Dark elf
    gender Male
    class Artificier/ bladedancer multiclass
    hairwhite and messy with a low ponytail
    skincharcoal gray
    Scars asterisk shaped "banishment" scar over left eye
    speech thick European accent
    Personality Strong moral compass, quick to anger, slow to trust,
    outfitwhite undershirt with tan beige jacket, black leather straps, and bandoliers over chest, black trousers and dark leather boots, multiple blades holstered on back, elixirs holstered on waist
    weaponssniper rifle, multi-purpose rifle, dual flintlocks, custom gunblade, rapier, wrist bracers
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Gender: Female
    Species: Cat
    Age: 56 moons (around 4 years)
    Class/Profession: ShadowClan warrior

    Description: Mosswillow is an adult female feral cat. She is scrawny but well-groomed, with thick black fur and a torn right ear. Her eyes are bright green with small flecks of yellow.

    Personality: In many ways, Mosswillow is an ordinary cat, with all the foibles and character quirks that distinction implies. However, she is set apart from others of her species by her newfound humanlike intelligence and possession of speech. She is anxious and frequently suspicious, but far from shy, and is extremely curious, which often gets her into trouble. She easily takes offense to those who judge her based on her size and species, and is also somewhat resentful of humans. Though she has been removed from her family and clan, Mosswillow still obeys the warrior code and believes in StarClan, and is proud of both.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory



    NOTE: Currently a pony. She looks like this:

    She doesn't like it.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Aliases/Code Names: The Viper, Deceitful Viper
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Snakegirl
    Age: Mid to late twenties
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class: Legendary Soldier/Blood Mage
    Profession: Mercenary/Assassin
    Power Rating: B (Using Neon Knight’s chart)

    Height: 5’11
    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Black

    Spoiler: Look for looks

    Personality: There are two sides to Atheris, one true and the other false. On this false hand, she is friendly and sweet. A kind, humble woman always willing to guide the weak; she has earned a place in the hearts of many with her almost aristocratic mannerisms. Soft-spoken and with a slight nature, one might think of Atheris as a shy lady. On the contrary though, Atheris can talk up quite a storm when approached.

    As opposed to the façade, the deceitful woman’s true nature is almost the complete opposite and it is kept hidden from most save for the men and women who serve her, or those who have seen first hand of her true nature. She is a rash, cruel and calculative woman who cares little for anyone but herself, preferring to work them into her own bidding. As part of her profession and a general lack of ‘good’ morals, Atheris has no issue with killing, whether coldblooded murder or fighting a hostile force in a battle. She has no quarrels with torture either, with a specialization and love for it. Her goal is a better life for herself and she goes about that with any tool she has available with no remorse or hesitation. Just pure efficiency. To top it all off, she is hedonistic and sadistic~

    Equipment: When typically dressed up for combat or when expecting the unexpected, Atheris typically wears her specialized SD (Squamigera Division) combat armor, made with incredibly durable clothe made to be resistant to cutting, stabbing and small caliber weapons, along with 'heavier' armored plates that adorn the black uniform. In addition to the uniform, she wears a black mask. The weaponry Atheris might carry around can vary, but she always has a blade coated in her venom along with whatever primary weapon she chooses for the occasion and a handgun. Her main primary of choice is her M18k4, a rifle which has it's design originating from the M1 Garand.


    Blood magic: Atheris is, thanks to her lineage, an inherent blood mage… and quite a powerful one at that, having almost two decades of training and practice under her belt. Such spells range from leeching life from another being to causing a storm of blood to rain upon the field of battle, or to cripple a foe by using their own lifeforce against them. She keeps these powers of hers a secret, only unleashing her truest potential in dire circumstances or in special situations.

    Terror on the Battlefield (subject to change): Thanks to her demanding upbringing and subsequent military service, Atheris has bountiful knowledge of combat, ranging from CQC to using various types of weaponry, both heavy and light, and military tactics. Furthermore, thanks to service done in black-ops organizations, she is an absolutely lethal force in any battle, racking up kill after kill with ruthless and almost machine-like efficiency. Ranged weapons are preferred by her along with heavy or explosive equipment.

    Silver-tongued Snake: Atheris is good at getting what she wants, using her charisma and terrifying yet inspiring aura to sway others into doing her bidding.

    Slippery like a Snake: The snake woman incredibly agile; able to move across the terrain quickly and with ease or climb up/over most obstacles.

    Backstory: It's a MYSTERY. (just to spite Bill :>)

    Miscellaneous: Atheris produces a venom that is injectable via two fangs in her mouth. This venom is fast acting and causes mild paralysis, and can make breathing quite difficult... along with some other effects.
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    Post Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Animated Cloak

    Alias: Are
    Gender: A Cloak (They)
    Race/Species: Animated Object
    Age: 3 Weeks [Equivalent Age and Intelligence: Human 15]
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Wanderer
    Power Rating: Civilian
    Description: A lovely dark blue cloak with long sleeves floating about 3 inches above the ground with the hood pulled up (Head) and the cloak fastened at the neck, no creature is beneath the cloak.

    Personality: A good-natured little bud

    Equipment: A violet pebble, A pale red sea shell and a Grey Rock
    Abilities: Levitate (As It has no legs), Grabbing things (With the sleeves of course), Minor Healing
    Can be worn like a cloak (only voluntarily)
    Communicates via Hushed Whispering
    Can wear other items (like Boots)

    Currently wearing: Nothing
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