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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Formspring Links for FFRP Players and Characters

    Andy Emeral - Zefir
    Arthur Leonard Rock - blackouttwo
    Atoya - V'icternus
    Baeleck Characters - Baeleck
    Beans's Characters - Beans
    Blade of Oblivion - Blade of Oblivion
    BR aka John - The Bushranger
    Butler B. Butler - Reinholdt
    Cyban the Great - Darklord Bright
    DA the Player - Dark Apprentice
    DC - Darkcomet
    DeB's Flock - Chaotic Bob
    Eadin's Characters - Eadin
    Earl of Purple's Characters - Earl of Purple
    Elly - Eleventhhour
    Firefox the Player - Firefox
    Foro the Magma Monkey - ApeOfLight
    Grace - Vael
    Grant - Doom itp
    Happy the Player - happyturtle
    Harnel - Harnel
    horngeek the Player - horngeek
    Hyozo's Characters - Hyozo
    KerfuffleMach2's Characters - KerfuffleMach2
    Kris the Player - KidKris
    Lord Pringle the Player - Lord Pringle
    Magtok - Lord Magtok
    Maxios20 - Maxios
    Mortal Coil - Wolfbane
    Morty the Player - Morty
    Psi 23 - Haruki-kun
    Queen of Decency - Shadowcaller
    Raenir K. Artemi's Characters - Rae Artemi
    Raril Xar'Cha - Artemis97
    Raz - Project_Mayhem
    RPGsr4me the Player - RPGsr4me
    TechnoScrabble - Technoscrabble
    Terumitsu - Terumitsu
    Uncle Wolfy - Wolfbane
    Yukimura M. - Neon Knight

    Use the links above to ask questions of your favourite Nexus characters. Status is quasi-canon or canon-optional.

    I'm going to attempt to keep this list up to date and link it from my sig. To request updates to the list, please post in the current Nexus OOC thread and state exactly how you want your listing to read.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Amlin Thane

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 20
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: Necromancer
    Power Rating: C+ or B-
    Description:Amlin is slim built but sturdy, having a surprisingly large deal of endurance for his frame. His brown hair is shaggy and hangs around his head as if he doesn't care what it looks like or how it's styled, and he occassionally brushes loose strands out of his startling red eyes. His skin is deathly pale, but he is still very much alive - breathing, eating, sleeping, alive.

    Usually he wears the robes his master gave to him - which usually look o others like a vest over a longcoat, though his outfit is surprisingly ragged
    He stands about 5'9" and weighs about 150 Lbs.

    Personality: Amlin is a good person at heart, but his use of necromancy has warped his mind slightly - he is not unhinged, far from it, but he has trouble seeing the problem with raising corpses as servants, and though he understands that many feel necromancy is disgusting, he has trouble seeing this. However, he works exclusively with corpses and pure energy - He will NEVER enslave a soul. That's a line he is not willing to cross in any shape or form, though if there is a willing spirit he sees no reason why he shouldn't talk to them and receive their help if they are willing to give it.

    He is a creative individual and likes to draw, but his sketches usually take on a macabre aspect unless he is drawing a living individual. As he is disturbed by this fact, he goes out of his way to draw people unless he is recording the results of an experiment or new spell.
    Abilities: Amlin is a necromancer with all that entails - corpse raising, beams of pure death to shoot at enemies, and the like. however, he tends to avoid corpse raising as he knows it freaks people out, but short lived minions make excellent fodder for battle, which he finds himself in a surprising amount
    Backstory: Spoilered for length
    Amlin is the child of Garreth Thane and his wife Amelia. He was born in a small town called Vaerdel, where he was a leader among his peers at even a quite young age. Everything was looking up for the young family - there was another child on the way, garreth was doing very well in his work as a hunter, and they never had to worry about getting food on the table.

    That ended when a man in town got drunk one night and started beating Amelia when she wouldn't have sex with him, and in his drunken rage, he broke her neck. When garreth got wind of it, he took a knife and stabbed the man to death, right in front of Amlin. His father raised the bloody knife in front of the boys face and screamed at him, "This is what happens to those that threaten us!". Perhaps this is what sparked his talent for necromancy.

    It broke down over the next few years. garreth became a drunk that cried in his sleep, an ambrrasment to the village of Vaerdel. He barely worked enough to keep buying booze, forcing Amlin to find a way to feed them. luckily for him there was a huge battlefield, littered with old bones of fallen warriors from a battle that had ended more than thirteen years before - most of the valuable gear had already been picked up by scavengers long ago, but the winds would often bring nw things to the surface - it was like that all over. Some farmers couldn't put a plow in the ground without turning up an old weapon or two, and Amlin became skilled at learning where such trinkets might be burried.

    Then another war started

    Amlin's village was cauhgt in the middle of it, using the old battlefield as the main point of combat, and many of the warriors used the village as a refuge, building walls and the like to help fortify the position, since the other side wasn't prepared for a siege. all the villagers did their best to flee immediately, but Garreth was slow to leave his alcohol induced stupor, and so Amlin and he fled only once the battle had started, and got caught in the middle of it.

    The group that Amlin encountered didn't even let them get away when they saw the two Thane men from the village. Garreth was killed by the sword immediately. Thane, they tried to, but the fear of death and the loss of his father - the only family he had left - triggered something in him. he wasn't going to let himself get murdered by these giggling idiots, and he reached deep into the earth - and found the bodies of the long dead, covered by the dust and dirt that the wind blew.

    As the sword came down to strike amlin dead, a skeletal hand came up and stopped the man from completing his attack. A small legion of skeletons decked out in chainmail, two of them even riding rotting horses rose from the ground and began slaughtering the soldiers around them. as the dust cleared, a mage who had orignally been brought into the service of one side of the war realized that it was this young untrained boy who had called down this much havoc. he was rescued from the battle before the other soldeirs could slaughter him, and once he was safely away from the battlefield his skeletons fell to pieces.

    Amlin doesn't remember much of what happened next, but he recalls travelling, and he supposes that's how he ended up at the University Of Eight. He was immediately inducted, already having proven his potential as a mage, and sent down to the catacombs to be trained by the necromancy specialists that worked there. A lich named Caladimoi took him as an apprentice, and began teaching him everything he could. Amlin showed that he had an excessive amount of trouble with even the simplest cantrips outside of his specialization, but in necromancy he excelled, surpassing other apprentices with blinding speed.

    Five years passed, and he was given the robes of a Magister, a full four years ahead of other students, which earned him the ire of those who so greedily wanted that title. They worked gainst him, and influenced his assignments as part of the University to get the drudge jobs of the academy - all who graduated were given duties they had to attend to, but Amlins work was often things that no self respecting mage would enjoy, and the others reveled in it.

    His latest job was to investigate a rift in the middle of a bog. the conjurers believed it was potentially a link to another world, but were unwilling to go themselves, as it was located in the middle of the harshest and most expansive swamp known to man. It took him two months to reach the site, but, when amlin arrived, it was like the rift reached out and drew him in...
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Jasper Thorn

    Alias: Are you implying that I need a better name?
    Gender: Male. First person to disagree dies.
    Race/Species: Human.... Mostly.
    Age: 28
    Alignment: CN
    Class/Profession: Gunslinger, paranormal investigator (whatever that means) and drunkard.
    Power Rating: C+ to B+

    Description: Jasper is pretty handsome, in a Spaghetti Western hero kind of way, but his face is marred by a variety of scars, and one of his eyes is made of glass, even if it is a startlingly lifelike replica. He wears a leather jacket over a gray silk shirt, and a very expensive fedora.

    Personality: Jasper is a loudmouth, with a tendency to make up absolutely impossible stories. He doesn't take anything seriously though, and most of his bragging is meant to be amusing rather then taken seriously.

    Equipment: Jasper carries his trusty six shooter and a sawed off shotgun everywhere he goes, but his real gear is the lucky coin he's perpetually flipping and the glass eye he uses, both powerful artifacts. The glass eye sharpens his senses and instincts to a razor's edge, as well as letting him "see" magic, while the coin grants him a supernatural kind of charisma, enough that his words are almost hypnotic suggestions, and he can trick the laws of the universe into not effecting him for a few seconds, although prolonged use is very dangerous.

    Abilities: Jasper, as stated above, is a good marksman, experienced brawler, and has the senses of a hawk. His main power is that his lucky coin lets him get away with all kinds of impossible shenanigan.

    Backstory:..... Not telling.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Mr. C

    Alias: Mr Cameleon
    Gender: Not really sure, but Mr means male.
    Race/Species: Stuff Animal Lizard
    Alignment: non
    Class/Profession: librarian (Seeker of knowledge)
    Power Rating: E (Well he knows how to run and hide.)

    Description: The picture shows it all. He is only 5 inch big.

    Personality: Mr. C is a strange, open minded person with many phobias and other problems. The nexus may be the best thing to help him.

    Abilities: Camonflage (makes him invisible for normal eyes until he moves)
    His tounge (He use it as a wipe like indiana Jones)
    Speaking all known languages (If able to learn so no PC language which is secret)
    The Armor of Swift Flight! The armor will shrink to the lizard's size for him. On command by the user a pair of large angelic wings will grow from the armor, yay! In addition to making the wearer more resistant to weapons that aren't steeped with evil power.

    Because you're stuck inside the Metool's Helm of Invulnerability you silly little toy!
    This strange helm will resize itself to fit on the wearer's head. However! If the rim of the hat is gripped firmly and pulled down the helmet will increase in size to the point that the wearer can completely cover themselves with the helm!
    The helm is made of some strange yellow plastic-like substance that is as impossible to duplicate as it is impossible to damage. A being hiding inside the helmet is totally impervious to physical harm from the outside world. However, pulling the helmet on and off is somewhat time consuming. Attack and manipulating the helmet both on the same turn is impossible.
    In other words someone can't attack then hide inside the helmet in the same post.

    Once in Trog's Mr.C read a book. Later he found out it's a D20 Item. It disapeared and he got the ability to make sidestep teleportation.

    After getting a ring for the owner of CURATOR, Mr.C recived a ring of fire and lightning, allowing him to shoot fireballs and lightingbolts. (He already trained that.)

    Backstory: ---
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Justinian Bakker of The Burning Light

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Perceives himself to be LG.
    Class/Profession: Lightbearer
    Power Rating: C


    Justinian is a man of slightly above average height, about 5'10", and has an athletic build. He's tanned from his travels, and has short red hair. He has blue eyes, and looks serious most of the time. He wears red brigandine armor with a white flame on the front, and carries a heavy mace at his side with a red sash tied to the handle.


    Justinian doesn't joke, and is very pious. He never takes insults lightly even if he is normally fairly forgiving. Even so, he is a very self-sacrificing individual and does all within his power to purify all those who are Unclean and aid those in need.

    Justinian wears Brigandine armor, and wields a heavy flanged mace. The only other item of note, is the red sash tied to the mace, a trophy from fighting Svaela, a firestarter.

    Justinian has good combat prowess, and is a Lightbearer, meaning he has control over the portion of the Light that resides within him. He can use this to burn those he believes to be evil or to heal his allies to some degree.

    Justinian is a Lightbearer, meaning that he has accepted part of The Burning Light, into himself. Being chosen for such means it is his duty to defend his Church, and to spread the Word of the Light to all those willing to listen.

    When Justinian came into Nexus, to say he was naive and innocent was an understatement. His interactions with others have been an eyeopener for him. One in particular stand out. He met Vice. He doesn't know it, but after shaking Vice's hand, he has started to be slowly corrupted. His self-control has begun to slip.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Lawerence Wrang Ch'ien

    Alias: Law, The Prosecutor
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Profession: Lawyer, Duelist
    Power Rating: C-
    Physical Description:
    Lawerence's occupation in the Nexus requires that he maintain an extremely well-conditioned body in order to survive. He works out daily. His exercise routine is very effective, as demonstrated by his rather muscular body. His eyes are of a jade green tint and he always keeps his face clean-shaven. His hair is charcoal black and feels like velvet to the touch. He stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch. He weighs 185 pounds of mainly muscle with a miniscule body fat percentage. His chin is very pronounced and his eyebrows are thick. His cheekbones are high. His lips are full and blood red. His nose is well crafted and contributes to his distinguished appearance. He always wears a pressed black suit in public with a blue dress shirt underneath the jacket and a black tie. His black dress shoes are always polished to the extent that looking at them to see one's reflexion may cause temporary blindness from the amount of light reflected from their surfaces. Additionally, a silver Rolex watch covers a brand that he has on his right wrist resembling the symbol of the freemasons. His hair is slicked back and consistently well groomed.

    Lawerence lives a very regimented life. He is unswervingly loyal to his friends. He is extremely trustworthy and it shows. He speaks quite eloquently and loves to read literature. It could be said that he is enamoured to it. He has dedicated his life to serving the law. Not the law of mortals, but the law of the divine. He will intervene to aid some criminals who he believes are just. Conversely, he will slay anyone who defies the gods or, at least, haul them off to court. Sometimes, even the law is fallible. This is why Lawerence is known as The Prosecutor. Even if the justice system fails, Lawerence ensures that every ounce of retribution will be extracted upon the ones he finds to be guilty. Lawerence is extremely cunning and intellegent. He is no coward, but he will evade those fights that he finds are rather extraneous to his goals. Lawerence will fight in a less than honorable fashion if the situation requires such an action. Of course, being a lawyer, Lawerence is naturally judgemental and condemning. Lawerence also holds aloof, at least when he doesn't have some alcoholic drink in his hand. Yes, Lawerence is somewhat of an alcoholic. If you were in his position you would understand. Image Max Payne as a lawyer. You are imagining Lawerence.

    -A .45 Magnum
    -A keychain with various keys
    -A wallet, ID, and a considerable sum of lucre
    -His clothing as described in the physical appearance section
    -A flask of whiskey
    -A Blackberry
    -A laptop and stack of assorted papers and books normally carried with his pistol in his briefcase
    -A 50 caliber sniper rifle resembling a Barrett 50 Cal (M107) with a suppressor and Leupold 4.5×14 Mark 4 scope(it can be disassembled for painless transport)
    -A brown trenchcoat and elegant, brown trilby(hat) for outside wear

    -Combat Finesse With The Pistol, Sniper Rifle, And In Unarmed Combat
    -Lawyer (And proud of it!)
    -The Drunker He Becomes, The Better He Can Fight In Unarmed Combat
    -The More Sober He Is, The Better Shot He Becomes With A Rifle And Pistol
    -Can Play The Piano
    -Superior Logic
    -Can Hack Computers And Gain Access To Sensitive Information
    -He Has A Fair Sum Of Money (Hey, it is Batman's super power)
    -Escape Artist
    -Can Pilot A Helicopter
    -Knows Many Interrogation Techniques
    -Can Pick Locks
    -Basic Knowledge Of Combat Medicine (Stabilization Until Actual Medical Assistance Is Procured)

    Lawerence attended law school at the age of 18. He has only recently graduated. He attended high school and a university. He had many friends and almost no tragic events occurred in his life, other than the death of his grandfather. It was a rather boring, normal life. The only point in his life that warrants deeper inspection is when he took to drinking at 21. You see, the god of his universe was a binge drinker. In his drunken stupor, he nearly eradicated the planet Lawerence dwelled upon until he observed Lawerence (who was also in a drunken stupor) and decided that maybe the organisms on this world weren't so different from him. He spoke to Lawerence and blessed him with a skill to aid him in his ventures. Lawerence was granted the ability to brawl better when drunk. The god also increased his ability to fight with a pistol when sober. Then, Lawerence became so drunk that he fell into a pool while attempting to embrace his own reflection. He was killed via asphyxiation, yet his god managed to bring him back from the dead and transport him to the Nexus where the god reasoned Lawerence could do more good. In exchange for this resurrection, the god asked Lawerence to bring justice to all creatures through any means necessary. Lawerence accepted this agreement becoming The Prosecutor.

    Symphony Number 25 In G Minor -- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Deep, Booming, Tenor
    Lawerence may, periodically, be narrated from a first-person perspective for comical or dramatic purposes.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Terrance 'Stormheart' Valentine
    "Onward, my fellows!"
    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 29

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class/Profession: Dashing hero

    Power Level: 3

    Description: A mid-height, dashing man who's muscled, but not so much as to appear as if he were violent or a body builder, more like that of a worker or someone who likes BIG weapons. He's got a handsome face with a strong jaw covered in heroic stubble and big brown eyes that just say 'I love life!'. He always carries himself high, and has well kept and swept back mid-length dark brown hair. His skin is slightly tanned, and he doesn't shave his arms, legs, or chest, thinking the hair is heroic looking. He usually wears thick brown adventuring trousers with dark red and gold suspenders and a leather belt with a bronze gear refashioned into a buckle. He wears a loose white button down the front shirt that's usually ruined by the end of an adventure, as well as a good looking leather vest with copper colored trim and a red sash for storing things. He wears high top black boots that have been well shined and thick brown gloves.

    Personality: Eccentric, boisterous, and always ready to get the job done. Not always the smartest man, but definitely not the dumbest. He gets a drunk a little too easily, despite the fact he's been drinking for years, and falls for women with a snap of a finger. He always goes for the more dramatic route, and will do anything in the name of good.

    Equipment: Three triple barreled water sealed flintlock pistols and a packet of iron bullets. A dueling rapier with the Oppenheimer handle. Whatever else Thomas is dumb enough to give him.

    Abilities: Strong and lucky and a hit with the ladies.

    Backstory: Was once a worker on a dock carrying crates onto dirigibles. That's all I've thought of so far.

    Thomas 'Deadeyes' Leauhon
    "They don't call me Deadeyes because of my impeccable aim. They call me Deadeyes because ah the face I made the first time I killed a bloke. And th' time after that. And that. And so an' so forth."
    Alias: The Professor

    Gender: I'm Male, you twit!

    Race: Human

    Age: 47, but looks about 25-30

    Alignment: I don't adhere to such a thing, as it's far too limiting. I do like to think I'm a good person, though. When I can lie to myself well enough.

    Class/Profession: A doctor and an engineer. I fix people up and then give them something to go and hurt other people with.

    Power Rating: 3. Though those idiots all think I'm a 1.

    Description: A tall, skinny, slightly pale man with slept back shiny black hair that covers most of his eyes and ears and a muttonstache. He wears round aviator goggles with red lenses and copper lined lenses and buckles and an attached magnifying glass and an old velvet red officer's cap with a golden L backed by three different sized gears on the front. He wears a brown longcoat with brass threading and buttons and various helpful metal fiddly bits and brown leather gauntlets with several dials and meters attached to him that measure various things around him. He wears loose black trousers tucked into scuffed black boots and an oil stained gray undershirt. He has brown eyes, and usually looks unhappy or discomforted.

    Personality: Cynical, misanthropic, and self-abusive. Can't stand crowds, and doesn't let anyone touch him while anyone else is looking. Acts like he thinks he has something to prove, and seems to have found himself in an existential crisis as of late. Enjoys fixing things, especially people, who tend to be uncomfortable when he's digging around in them for a bullet. Is definite proof that misery loves company. Always looks like he's about to laugh.

    Equipment: A large gun that fires claws on the end of chains that attach themselves to whatever surface they hit, a jade-encrusted rifle with an adjustable scope, a simple hatchet, and several SCIENCE-y things.

    Backstory: Oh, like you'd care to hear it you useless sod.

    Fitzgerald Edgar Coffins
    "Are you hoping for a scrap, sir? Because I am positively ITCHING for one!"
    Alias: Fisteecuffs

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 19

    Alignment: I haven't thought of it, sir, but I do see myself as a good person!

    Class/Profession: Manservant!

    Power rating: 3

    Description: Short, scruffy, and positively beaming. His hands are cased in fancy steel and bronze armor because he broke his fingers several times and Thomas doesn't want it happening again. He wears a scruffy green tweed jacket with leather elbows, a stained white undershirt, messy dark brown corduroy trousers, a battered sheepskin driver's cap, a scratched up silver rimmed monocle, and scuffed up brown loafers.

    Personality: Boisterous, happy, and always looking for a fight to have or a job to do. A little naieve, but thanks to Thomas, knowledgeable as far as book smarts go. Very protective of his friends, and very aware of his surroundings, though bad at reading people's intentions. Likes parties, especially if he gets to serve the food.

    Equipment: Just his hands and a scoped pistol that not even Thomas knows about.

    Abilities: Good in a fistfight and damn near the best cook ever to grace the Nexus.

    Backstory: Has worked for Thomas since he was fifteen.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Alias: Lady Nuara, Princess of Autumn
    Gender: Female
    Race: True Fey, Winter Court
    Age: Around 200 years
    Description: Nuara appears to be a beautiful young woman. Her skin is pale, almost white. She has golden colored eyes and long dark hair with a slight hint of red. A pair of wings grow from her back, the feathers a dark brown, fading to red. She tends to wear fine dresses in the shades of autumn, but she favors reds and golds.
    Personality: Nuara can seem cold, aloof, and even arrogant. As a Fey, she views herself above Mortals, a higher being. Though she understands she is responsible to them and dependant upon them for further existance.
    Abilities: Nuara is a physical incarnation of Autumn and holds sway over many elements associated with the season. Cold, decay, and death, but growth and maturation as well. She is responsible for the ripening of crops for harvest, and making plants go dormant before winter comes.
    Backstory: Nuara is a ruling member of the Winter Court, an order of Fey in her home realm of Silviask. The Winter Court rules for half of the year, and have powers over what some would call the darker aspects of life. Fey of the Winter Court are often seen as malevolent, for they are responsible for mortal death. Nuara had been set to soon become the Winter Queen, but when a long running feud with the Summer Court boiled over into open war, she was forced to flee her homeland. Now she is in the Nexus with little aid, and no idea of the state her homeland is in.


    Gender: Male
    Race: Lesser Fey, Winter Court
    Age: 130 (looks about 30)
    Description: Ansel is tall and broad shouldered. He is well muscled and deeply tanned, likely from years of work outside. His hair is long, thick, and black, and he sports a curled goatee. He wears simple, roughspun clothing. Below the knee, his legs are like a horse's, black furred, the hooves shod in silver. He carries a large sword that seems to be made of some strange silver-white material, it almost looks like bone or horn. He is also a very large black unicorn, built on the proportions of a clidesdale. Ansel is a single soul shared between two bodies. Partly man and beast. Partly mortal and Fey.
    Personality: Ansel is generally good natured, though he can be very guarded and suspicious of other when the safety of his Lady is involved.
    Abilities: Ansel has some minor abilities over plants. He is also very strong, given his great size, and skilled with the blade he carries.
    Backstory: Ansel has been Nuara's servant and guard ever since she lifted him from a mortal life and transformed him into a fey. He helped her to escape their suddenly war-torn homeland and brought here to the Nexus.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Thrid Blacklocks
    ((avatar coming soon))

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Dwarf // Lich

    Age: Above 700

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class/Profession: Warrior // Necromancer // Engineer

    Power Rating: B

    Description: He's four feet tall, black beard tucked into his belt, what little of his face that is visible is ruddy. He's wearing a full suit of shiny steel platemail, short a helmet. One of his arms is replaced by a equally shiny, brass coloured, robotic arm. On his back is a large pack absolutely covered in pockets. Strapped under that appears to be a small keg. On either side of his waist is a battle axe.

    Personality: Thrid has a tendency to be gruff and grumpy. He'll complain about “damned fools” and “kids dese days” until he's blue in the face. He's a good natured guy generally and loyal to a fault.

    -Battle axes that are enchantent grow white hot, hot enough to melt through metal.
    -A many pocketed pack. Each pocket leads to a different pocket dimension.
    -A small keg enchanted to keep its contents cool.
    -His robotic arm which has various gadgets in it useful for building robots and constructs. Its hand can also shoot forward a couple inches to make punches devastating.
    -Miscellaneous other items that he would probably take hours to fish out of his pack.

    Abilities: Thrid is a powerful necromancer. It's not your usual necromancy. Even Trid isn't sure how exactly it works, but he's really asking spirits to help him. They can refuse, but generally they don't. Although Thrid is very capable of basic necromatic spells, he generally uses his power in combination with his robotic skills.

    He is very talented with various forms of crafting, but he has a special affinity for robotics. He can whip up all kinds of machines with the scrap he has on him and a few tools.

    Finally Thrid is a capable, if not talented, warrior. He's been using his battle axes for a long time.

    Backstory: Coming soon.

    Miscellaneous: His name means black craftsman.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Rebecca Fadel

    Alias: Becca

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 14

    Profession: Pokemon Trainer

    Description: Becca is fairly short for her age. All the hours and days she spends outdoors have left her with a tanned complexion. Her hair is a striking shade of crimson that couldn't possibly be natural. She wears it somewhat long, but generally it's pulled back in a rough ponytail. She certainly doesn't put much effort into maintaining it, as it's rather damaged and frizzy. Her eyes are a striking green and her face is just starting to get some adolescent acne. She's of the age that she's getting the feminine figure that will develop with age, but the loose clothing she wears and the big hiking boots on her feet give her a tomboy-ish look more than anything.

    Personality: Becca is enthusiastic and has an adventurous spirit. She has a tendency to be fiery and bossy, and generally thinks her way is best. She also can be rude and disrespectful, mostly because she has the kind of mother that would let her twelve year old daughter travel around the country around hostile animals all on her own. The girl, deep down, is more than a little insecure about her capabilities as a pokemon trainer, but she covers it up under a thick layer of bravado and supposed confidence.

    • A belt that holds up to six pokeballs. Has a button on it that allows her to return all her pokemon at once if she needs to.

    Inventory: Bag
    • Her pokedex that stores information on pokemon she's caught.
    • Her trainer card that marks her as a licensed trainer.
    • Misc. pokemon items like potions, pokefood, extra pokeballs, etc.
    • A couple sets of extra clothing.


    Abilities: She has no real extraordinary abilities of her own. She relies on her pokemon, which have quite spectacular abilities.

    Backstory: Becca lived a normal life in Goldenrod City, Johto. She grew up around pokemon and went to pokemon school, all the basics. Her mother was always very lax in disciplining her or placing restrictions on her. Just resently she received her first pokemon, Shroomy. Before Becca got sucked into the Nexus, she was preparing to face the Goldenrod Pokemon gym, the first gym of eight she had to beat.

    Badge Gym Leader Type
    Patrick Water / Ground

    Nickname Species Gender Ball
    Shroomy Shroomish Male
    Phanish Phanpy Male
    Crustella Crustle Female
    Clawra Corphish Female
    Charja Corphish Male
    Draeke Gyarados Male
    Gumball Goomy Female
    Bugsy Spinarak Male
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Cessie Mithar

    (Image made by Darklord Bright)

    Full name: Cessie Laurana Mithar

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 28

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Class/Profession: Sorcerer/Noble

    Power Rating: B+

    Description: Cessie has shoulder length, raven black hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She's 5 feet and 3 inches (or 160 cm) tall and weighs about 110 lbs (or 50 kg).
    She have an aristocratic appearance with high cheekbones, narrow cheeks, a slender neck, rounded eyebrows of the same color as her hair, and a petite nose. Her skin is usually pale, but free of blemishes, a part of her nymph great, great grandmother’s heritage.
    Having wandered much of her life, including the normal types of physical activities for an adventuring mage, she isn't very strong-looking, but she’s slender and hardly out of shape.
    She always wears a conservative medieval-fashioned dress of some sort, not showing an inch of skin beyond her hands and part of her neck.

    Other interpretations of Cessie's appearance by various talented artists:

    (Made by Mazeburn.)

    (Made by beiibis)

    (Made by Haela)

    (Made by Gulaghar)

    (Sakura and Cessie together made by Doria-Plume)

    Cessie by Gulaghar.

    Personality: Having first been raised as the priestess of her family (one to war, one to rule, one to pray, one to pay...), before she discovered her latent magic ability at the age of 14, Cessie is highly conservative in many ways.
    Her upbringing has made her strongly believe in laws and that people can be changed for the better without violence. She has a positive outlook of life and often believe the best of everyone, but isn't exactly naive either.
    Being a wizard, she is also deeply enthusiastic about all-things magical.
    She curiously tries to understand all the mysteries of the world and learn the limits of her magical ability, which she yet has discovered.
    Cessie does have a wild side (yet another part of her nymph heritage), but very rarely let's it out unless alone with a very close friend in the privacy of her own home.
    She believes that such behavior is best left behind closed doors, trying to maintain a strict respectable image in any place that could be called 'public'.

    Standard Equipment:
    • An engagement ring marking her marriage with Aegnor. She no longer wears this, as Aegnor is dead, and she’s replaced it with the ring Harnel gave her as a symbol of her new marriage.
    • A small dagger given to her by Aegnor, kept as a memory of him along with her first wedding ring.
    • Another dagger given to her by Harnel, her second husband.
    • Black orb containing the essence of the dead elven god Reoron.
    • Ring of shielding taken from an slaver. This ring creates a magical shield around it's wearer if attacked by physical means.
    • A powerful artifact which allows one person to enter another's mind.
    • A bag of holding she took from WATCHTOWER's armory which now holds all her equipment.
    • A number of extra dresses and other clothes.
    • Some books she reads when she has nothing else to do.
    • A force staff she found in the Serpent's Gaze hotel which empowers her magic.

    Backstory: Way too long to summarize here, as it took place over a two year long campaign, including the backstory she had before that and the one between the campaign and the time she came to the Nexus.
    Find out more by talking to her or try to read the wiki.

    Miscellaneous: Her brother Arik is in the nexus as well They both belonging to the same ruling family of the empire they were born in.

    Marrying Harnel back in Hestopia and eventually gave birth to two children, Cora and Bastion.
    This is their wedding:

    (By Gulaghar)

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    The Hand

    Real name: I was once Steven and myself, but we two are now one.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human would be the most accurate.
    Alignment: I am not sure anymore. At one point I was merely chaos, perhaps Steven has had an influence on me since our permanent joining. Neutral Good with chaotic tendencies would be a fantastic description.
    Class/Profession: Living personification of chaos and an Office Clerk.
    Power Rating: Usually a B- due to laziness. Full capabilities rival that of the gods (A+). Often keeps his power in check to make his "fun" a bit more fair.
    Description: Looks human, except for the red skin. Wears a dark blue suit with a fedora hat. Completely bald.
    Personality: Clinically insane. The Hand is a fun-loving, carefree prankster with a bit of an eye for the ladies. Despite this, The Hand is fully capable of being genuinely sincere and even deathly serious at times.
    Equipment: Nothing but the clothes on his back. He can create whatever he needs.
    Abilities: Nigh-perfect control of matter, space and time. Can create anything and everything at will, usually in some sort of comedic fashion (e.g. turning a gun into a water pistol, or creating a custard-pie cannon). Can disappear and reappear at will by turning into a red whirlwind.
    Backstory: Steven Ipkyte went on a vacation one day, and found a specific artifact known as "The Glove". After donning the artifact, Steven's body became the host of the personification of Chaos known as The Hand. It has been seven years since their initial union, and they are now finally one whole rather than two halves.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Anthony Howell Rowan The Sixth

    "I cannot be your friend. It might make me feel remorseful later when I murder you."

    Gender: Male

    Alias: The Rival; The Exorcist

    Species: Human

    Age: 18

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Profession: Demon Slayer; Rival; Researcher

    Power Rating: C+

    Physical Description: At a height of 5' 11" it seems as though Rowan is neither tall nor short considering his race. Rowan weighs 177 lbs. Raven black hair and deep, coffee brown eyes. He is of a mesomorphic build and is as healthy as a boy his age should be. His short hair generally stands on end and faintly resembles Lieutenant Surge's hairstyle. He possesses a strength just above average for a male of his age, as is suggested by the state of his core muscles and biceps. He wears a pair of black (canvas) jeans and a long-sleeve black cotton shirt with polished black leather boots. A belt is worn around his waist. The buckle is a skull crafted from gold. He hauls an oversized black rucksack with him everywhere he goes packed with ample supplies and wears training weights on his shoulders, arms, and legs, though these weights are rather light only amounting to about twenty pounds total.

    Personality: Extremely bold in his fighting style and consistently a haughty jerk. He seems to have quite a cynical worldview that sees death as a necessity and power as a must. Though quite witty and blunt in his nature, he comes across as abrasive due to his personality on multiple occasions. Though he is intelligent, he is rather ineffectual when it comes to explaining a concept to another, seeing as his rather in-depth explanations are overly-complicated in most situations. Rowan possesses quite the superiority complex and will not hesitate to fight someone who he believes has insulted his honor. He does possess a soft side, but it is seldom observed. He seems to push away other sapient beings for his protection. He totes some literature with him to take the place of human companions. On rare occasions, he betrays the secrecy of his true feelings towards the world through his kindness, generosity, and compassion. He is very sensitive about the death of his mother and other such elements of his past. He is pious and pompous. He is effective against demons. Some argue this is because he has the potential to be more cruel than the demons themselves.

    Concerning Equipment:
    -An assortment of vials, syringes, pipettes, chemicals, beakers, and other like chemical equipment.
    -Basic Camping Equipment (Survival Kit, Antivenom, Rations (3 days worth), Purified Water, A Canteen, A Medical Kit, Pots, Pans, A Tent, A Sleeping Bag, A Blanket, A Lighter, A Water Filtration System, And Etcetera)
    -3 Changes Of Clothes
    -Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss, Shampoo, Conditioner
    -Camo Paint
    -A 9mm Pistol (Black, Iron Sights)
    -Three Ammo Clips

    In Regards To Abilities:
    -Escape Artist
    -Superior Logic
    -Computer Skills (Programming and Engineering)
    -Above Average Strength
    -Knowledge Of Chemistry (Including Chemistry Related To Biology)
    -Currently Studying Physics
    -Skilled Pistoleer, Rifleman, and Fencer
    -Knowledge Of Lore
    -Unarmed Fighting Skill
    -Psychic Ability (Energy Manipulation Exclusively -- Cannot Directly Affect Another Organism's Energy Levels)
    -Can Detect The Prescence Of Supernatural Beings

    Background: The boy is rather secretive about his background and will let it be known that he has had a mother and father (only the father remains). He was raised in a rather treacherous area of town because his stately ancestral home was located in that area; he eventually was coerced into joining a gang at 13. Long after, his father moved to a new region allowing him to break away from the gang. He took to drinking reading heavily as soon as he could in an attempt to escape his reality. This has only intensified his disillusion with it.


    Theme Song: Kinslayer -- By Nightwish

    He has a major psychological problem with being touched. He is both skitsophrenic and neurotic.

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    Darth Stabber
    As the skill and creativity of the wielder increase, the number of problems that can't be solved by a lightsaber approaches 0.

    Alias: Stabby, Stabber, Grand Master Slash, Walter Smith
    Gender: Male, unless Lix says otherwise.
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 37.
    Alignment: Utilitarian
    Class/Profession: Sith Apprentice/Force Adept
    Power Rating: C+, While mediocre at force powers, his saber skills are impecable
    Description: 6' tall, 165lb lithe build. Long (obviously dyed) black hair. His face is usually obscured by gas mask. He wears a tight fitting body suit with cortosis plates placed in such a way to minimize loss of mobility. A long black cape with with red details completes the look.
    Personality: Despite keeping the title and mode of dress of his former career as a sith, Darth stabber is a good guy (though a bit trigger happy). He is energetic, and friendly. He is currently working on getting over a gambling problem. He is an extrovert, and a bit of a perfectionist.
    Equipment: Lightsaber, Armor, Thermal Detonator, road flare, and an empty pokeball.
    Abilities: Unreliable force powers, Excellent swordsmanship, and Grenade/lightsaber homerun king.
    Backstory: When his home planet was taken by the sith, Walter Smith was taken in as one of the planets force sensitives for sith training. His mastery of force powers never happened, but his swordsmanship was top of his class. After a few years of pillaging and plunder, he lost his taste for it and struck out on his own. After developing a few more uses for force lightning (like Defibrilate and recharge power pack), he attempted to become a proffessional Sabaac player. He's now on the run from Gordito the Hutt, for his massive gambling debt.
    Miscellaneous: If gender swapped, Darth Stabber talks like this
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Jared Kowalski

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 20

    Alignment: Neutral Something

    Profession: Ex-Pokemon Trainer

    Power Rating: D-

    Description: Jared has the stereotypical gamer look going for him. Fairly long, brown hair, skin that has rarely seen the sun, a bit of stubble on his face that will never amount to a beard, and he looks to be about nineteen. He wears a grey hoodie, green shirt, blue jeans, sneakers, and a black toque.*

    Personality: Jared's personality operates on a scale from lazy to enthusiastic.

    - Pokeball for Mr. Fish

    Abilities: Jared has the amazing power to swing Mr. Fish at regular fish swinging speed.

    Part 1 - There's wild pokemon in the tall grass!
    Part 2 - I see you're starting a pokemon journey.
    Part 3 - So Mr. Fish and I took off to try our hand at the fighting games. (first half)

    Miscellaneous: N/A

    Mr. FishMagikarp
    Water type
    Magikarp is a reddish-orange, medium-sized fish. Its notable characteristics include large, heavy scales. Its fins are primarily white, but it has two stiff, three-peaked fins on its back and stomach which are both yellow. It also has long yellow barbels.
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    The Masks


    The Masks first appeared in the Red Zone, in front of a freshly rebuilt chapel, where their leader, The Lady(Jezebel), gave a speech calling for the people of Red Zone to unite and make their homes a better place to live. Over the months, they have gathered more followers, and have rebuilt many buildings around them. It isn't clear where they get the supplies or funding to do this, but those who help them, are given free food and shelter.

    It has been let out that they are not from the Nexus initially, and seem to be rather well armed.

    Unknown to most people, they are actually a cult of Slaanesh, a Chaos God of Excess, Pain, and Pleasure. Why they're rebuilding this place, has yet to be investigated, but so far, it seems they wish to bring it towards perfection.

    Half-White Mask: The Lady(Jezebel)
    Full-White Masks: These are the sub-leaders or important individuals. Many have special abilities. Juan the Daemonhost, The White Woman, and psykers are examples.
    Half-Blue Masks: These are people who have joined and been allowed some special access to the facilities and have been told a light version of the cult history.
    Half-Red Masks: These are fresh initiates who haven't been told that the Whites are members of a cult. It also seems that the Red Masks might be able to help control rapid mutation.

    Notable Members:
    Jezebel- Jezebel is the leader of the cult.
    Aluskal- Aluskal is Jezebel's Daemonette, a gift from Slaanesh to both protect and test the cult, as well as report findings to their Lord.
    The White Lady - She is a Full White Mask that seems to preside over the Chapel and important operations when Jezebel is away. She also seems to be a psyker.
    Juan- Juan, also Donn Yuan The Triumphant, is a Daemonhost. A Daemonhost is a person who has had their soul sacrificed so a Daemon can live inside their body and grant them powers.
    The Woman At The Front Desk - It is unclear what role she plays in the cult, but she used to control the front desk at Serpent's Gaze, a hotel they controlled as a front for their operations.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory


    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 36

    Description: Scrabble's hair is just starting to go gray, but he wears a hat to hide it, so people won't immediately label him a geezer. He also wears a rumpled, faded T-shirt which he will usually not change for days, not until he deems it officially filthy or he spots someone holding their nose as he walks by.

    Equipment: A suitcase containing all of his worldly possessions that aren't stored in a bank vault somewhere.

    Abilities: Though not necessarily from the Avatar world, Scrabble has the abilities of an Airbender.

    Backstory: Teased a child and shunned as an adult for his strange powers, he quickly left to find his place in the world, somewhere people didn't know about him yet.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Harold Peteron

    Alias: Harry
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 16
    Alignment: NG
    Class/Profession:Harry Potter Wizard
    Power Rating: C+
    Description: Light brown hair, blue eyes, slightly tan skin, a bit skinny.
    Personality: A bit impulsive, rather intelligent, doesn't like to kill, but will if necessary.
    Equipment: Hogwarts robes (Ravenclaw), Oak Wand with a unicorn hair core
    Abilities: Can cast all spells from the Harry Potter world.
    Backstory: Was working on an experiment at Hogwarts, went wrong and was transported to the Nexus.
    Miscellaneous: Pretty smart. Likes pie.
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    Alias: Regret
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Homonculus
    Age: ...technically 5 (appears, and is mentally, about 28)
    Alignment: True Neutral, wishes to be Neutral Good, considers herself Evil.
    Class/Profession: ...not... sure what to put here.
    Description: Emilia is a woman appearing to be in her late 20s, with short brown hair, light skin, and icy blue eyes. She could be considered quite physically beautiful. She wears simple clothing, favoring dark colors.

    Personality: To come
    Equipment: Not much, to be honest. Some spending money, her clothing... Emilia seems to live simply.
    Abilities: Apart from the standard Homonculus regeneration, any other powers of Emilia's aren't very obvious.
    Backstory: To come later.
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Name: Sophie Mouchabiere
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 27
    Profession: Social worker and a hunter of monsters.
    Power Rating: C- to C
    Description: Sophie is a fairly short, dark-skinned woman of African descent with short, black hair and blue eyes. She is reasonably well-built, but not overly so. She has some minor scars.

    Personality: Sophie is a friendly, open-minded person... as much as one can be friendly and open-minded after what she's been through. She tends to assume the best about people barring strong evidence to the contrary. She's also very patient and willing to listen to people. However, there's a darker side to it - she's a bit of a control freak, feeling like she has to take care of and fix all problems, real or otherwise, around her. She also tends to impose her help on people whether they need it or not. It's partially a result of her traumatic experiences as one of the Imbued.
    Equipment: Not much. A pair of jeans, a denim jacket, a white shirt, a handgun with two magazines, a first-aid kit and some money. She was transported to the Nexus in the middle of a mission.
    Abilities: Sophie has good social skills, knowing well both how to talk to people and listen to them. She also knows a lot about gardening and is a decent shot with a gun. On top of that, she's got the powers bestowed upon her by the Heralds. They are as follows:
    • A second-sight type state of mind that she can enter to pierce supernatural disguises and protect her mind from intrusion and manipulation.
    • An ability to stop an attack by yelling "Stop!" "No!" or something similar. This attack may be directed at her or someone else. It's an unnatural mental infuence that can be resisted.
    • A power to appear reasonable and non-threatening to the person she's talking to. Its effectiveness varies hugely on the affected person's attitude - if they're not feeling strong emotions to begin with, it's unlikely to do anything.
    • The power to look into an inhuman creature in the eyes and force it to confront what remains of its humanity by a simple question. The results vary between monsters. As above, can be resisted.
    • The ability to heal others by breathing into their mouths - which looks like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Very physically draining for Sophie. This power has an offensive application - Sophie can supernatural monsters of of their power. Mouth contact isn't necessary for it, but she needs to get close.
    • A brief glimpse to the future, potentially revealing the best short-term course of action.
    • An ability to pinpoint the weaknesses of a supernatural monster.

    All these abilities are mentally draining for her, so she tends not to use them too freely.
    Backstory: Sophie was born in France and for the first twenty five years, her life was normal - she finished high school, then college and became a social worker and an amateur gardener. However, one night when she visited one of the people in her custody, everything changed.
    She found the door unlocked and noone answered her greeting. Worried that something bad had happened, she investigated the small house... and found her charge being fed on by... something. She stood there for two seconds, frozen with shock and horror, when she saw a white light and heard a voice that sounded almost like her own. It said: You're here to help. You're the only one that can help. Without thinking, she rushed forwards, yelling: "No, stop!". And the monster stopped; dragged itself away from its victim. It looked at Sophie in shock and disbelief and ran. Sophie patched the wounded woman up and told the authorities that she had injured herself.
    In the weeks that followed, Sophie was convinced that she had gone crazy and started hearing voices and seeing monsters. She was wrong, though; she was one of the Imbued, mortals who recieved a call from the mysterious Messengers, saw the world for what it truly was - beset from all sides and ruled by monsters - and were given powers to fight the supernatural. She joined the hunt and found she was one of the hunters called Redeemers - those who want to help first and foremost, both the monsters and the monsters' victims and are granted powers to that end. She continued the hunt for two years, which is a long time for a hunter, when she and three other Imbued faced a powerful, immoral mage who was sadly beyond redemption. When they entered the mage's hideout, they were set upon by powerful magic and Sophie suddenly found herself in the Nexus, not far from Trog's Tavern.
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    Zee's TerrorHorror extended family!
    Below is a brief description of various horrible things that inhabit the Far Realms. And some of which slumber in the material planes waiting to awaken When The Stars Are Right. This list is by no means exhaustive.

    The Primordials
    These are the big ones. Beings of such vastness and incomprehensible power that even the things mortals call gods pale in contrast. It is these that spawned all else in the Far Realms.

    Azathoth, Chatturgath, The Daemon Sultan, Lord of Chaos, Father of Substance: Matter/Energy/Chaos. Azathoth is incomprehensibly powerful. Ever when Primordials are concerned. It is mindless, unaware of both itself and its surroundings. And yet capable of accomplishing anything that is possible. Due to its nature it simply takes random actions, usually as inconsequential as causing a pair of sub-atomic particles to begin or cease existing. It is impossible to request power from Chatturgath as it can not sense such requests, but it is possible to draw on the being's near limitless might. When its substance decays in the presence of Reality it converts into high-energy gamma radiation.

    Chatturgath's Aspects appear as horrible ten-limbed crustacean-like beings with at least one pair of claws. They have no sensory organs save for a pair of tripartite feathery antenna where one might expect to find eyes. They are highly durable and unnaturally strong, though quite dull. They aren't summoned so much as conjured. When they're created they are given a simple set of instructions which they will carry out until destroyed. The air around them is super-heated due to the radiation they give off and they can project streams of high-energy gamma radiation potent enough to ionize the air.

    Mantorok, Nyarlathotep, The Corpse God, The Faceless God, The Black Mist: Death/Entropy/Stagnation. Of all the Primordials Mantorok is perhaps the most malign. It is not uncommon for him to drive followers and the mortal population at large to vast acts of senseless slaughter. In many realities it is the dark power of Mantorok that whispers the cadavers of the dead into a shambling mockery of life. When his substance decays in the presence of Reality it flakes away as mummified flesh.

    Aspects of Mantorok are repulsive withered beings with strength that far surpasses what one might expect from their appearance. They always have five limbs, one of which may be a tentacle that replaces the head. Aspects of Mantorok never have a face, but instead sport a yawning endless abyss where one might expect to find one. Facial features are found anywhere on the body other than the head. Aspects of Mantorok can hurl bolts of necrotic energy that cause objects to decay at an astounding rate. If used on a living thing flesh will peel away like the papery outer layers of an onion.

    Ulathael, Ulyaoth, Sire of Dimension, Lord of Space and Time, Lurker in the Void: Space/Time/Motion. Ulathael is vast. Vast beyond comprehension. Near boundless in extent. It has little contact with mortals, save for those few who seek to learn the dreadful magic of spatial arrays. It finds itself above the concerns of such beings, though it will freely lend its power to any who devote the time needed to call upon it. One is more likely to find themselves facing a devotee of Ulathael following their own devices rather than the Primordial's mechiations. When its substance decays in the presence of Reality it collapses into singularity.

    Aspects of Ulathael look like a horrible amalgam of cephalopod, cnidarian, and echinoderm characteristics. They always display radial symmetry in multiples of various Fibonacci numbers (3,5,8,13,21, ect). They have no obvious sensory organs, but such things are irrelevant when one is omniscient. They are able to warp space and time around themselves in a dizzying fashion, making direct combat difficult if not impossible.

    Ragnnora, Shub-Negrath, The Mother of Monsters, The Black Goat with a Thousand Young, The All-Mother: Life/Fertility/Growth. Ragnnora is generally considered to be the most friendly of the Primordials toward mortals. Though that is a dreadful misunderstanding of her aims. Ragnnora seeks to twist all living things into her own aberrant offspring, often employing cultists to sow her seed in the material worlds. Ragnnora will often aid her worshipers by increasing the fertility of both they and their crops. Though what is born is not always natural. When her substance decays in the presence of Reality it melts into inert soupy bio-mass.

    Aspects of the Mother of Monsters are as horrible as they are diverse. Though some characteristics remain consistent. They always have nine limbs which range between arms and legs and tails and wings and tentacles. Their feet always sport cloven hooves and they always bare three mouths. Their hide is gnarled and swirls as the bark of an ancient tree. Ragnnora's spawn are able to spew a living energy that can either devour a target or cause it to mutate catastrophically.

    Xn-Kxrlth, Ght'lrbk, The Unspeakable One, The Lady of Secrets, The Magnum Innominandum: Mind/Quality/Information. Endless knowledge. Or bottomless insanity. Sometimes both. That is what awaits those who delve into the writings of the mad prophet Malzahar on the Unspeakable One. Xn-Kxrlth sows knowledge of herself among mortal followers, allowing them to make great leaps forward in progress. Though without any grounding in sanity to endure. Eventually they will destroy themselves and a new civilization will stumble upon the ruins. And so it begins anew, knowledge and secrets alike. When her substance decays in the presence of Reality it sublimes into a chorus of half-heard maddening whispers.

    The Unspeakable One's offspring cause rampant madness in any who gaze upon them, filling the air with insane tittering and filling minds to the bursting with forbidden knowledge. Her aspects always have six limbs, either wings or arms. Even if used as feet the limbs are arms none the less, supporting weight upon splayed fingers. All aspects are headless with double-pupiled eyes spread over the rest of their body, though most commonly in the palms or chest. Their repulsive skin appears almost human, though in the form of an angular patchwork of tones separated by stark white.

    Iog-Sotot, Yog-Sothoth, The Unbending Will, The Beyond One, The Treader of the Threshold: Will/Perception/Magic. He is the gate. He is the key. He is the all-in-one. Iog-Sotot has power surpassed only by Azathoth and wisdom by Xyn-Kxrlth, but unlike his fellow Primordials he has the will to apply both. The Beyond One seeks mortal vessels to pour his arcane power into for reasons all his own and to meet goals both unknown and unknowable. Often the recipients aren't even aware of their horrible benefactor. When his substance decays in the presence of Reality it ignites in a riot of arcane power.

    Aspects of Iog-Sotot are vile serpentine beings with rubbery, mucus slicked hide. This skin sports dazzling fractal patters of impossible colors that crawl and warp and shift as they're observed. Limbs are either tentacles in clusters of three or feet like those of a predatory dinosaur. The monster's mouth is always ringed by a trio of tentacles bristling with barbed hooks. Spheres of raw arcane energy constantly phase in and out of existence around the horror, ready to be employed at a moment's notice to devastating effect.

    The Old Ones
    These are the offspring of the Primordials, creatures of incredible power though dwarfed by the 'gods' of the Far Realms. Many Old Ones slumber, sealed away in tombs on the material plane until they awake when the stars are right. And at the same time they are awake and active in the Far.

    Servants of the Old Ones are quite varied. Most feared are the Star Spawn, fractal fragments of their progenitor that carry a small fraction of the power and knowledge of the whole. Polyps are motes of an Old One's power that attach themselves to a person or object to push it in the direction of the Old One's will whether knowingly or not. Cultists are mortals dedicated to the furtherance of an Old One's machinations. They are often times absolutely infested with Polyps. Zombies are people or objects that have been completely smothered by Polyps and are now consumed by an Old One's will. Though generally mindless they aren't always dead (or undead) but zombies are always dangerous. Scions are hybrids of an Old One and a mortal creature, whether created through some form of breeding or through the metamorphosis of a zombie into a higher state. A person that has been metamorphosed into a Scion, willingly or not, retains much of their original memory and personality, though they gain an overwhelming desire to do the work of their parental Old One.

    Abhoth, the Sire of Uncleanness
    Parents: Xn-Kxrlth and Ragnnora
    Aspects: Life and Quality
    Abhoth is the endless diversity of living forms. This being appears as little more than a vast pool of grey slime, constantly birthing innumerable alien creatures. Some skitter away to new life, others are seized and reabsorbed into the mass. Abhoth's touch can reduce any living thing to soupy bio-mass to be consumed into its heaving bulk.

    Basatan, the Lord of Crabs
    Parents: Mantorok and Chatturgath
    Aspects: Entropy and Matter
    Basatan is decay, rot, and dissolution. The horrible creature appears as a massive beast that looks like a cross between an ant, an lobster, and a crab. It sports four massive claws and a writhing nest of tentacles at its mouth. Basatan is able to cause foes to rot at an astounding rate, rot and decay that festers forth swarms of crabs.

    Cthulhu, the Dreaming Priest
    Parents: Iog-Sotot and Ulathael
    Aspects: Will and Motion
    Cthulhu is the application of motion. It is said that without the dreams of slumbering Cthulhu humanity would have never begun to create tools to move the world around them and impose their will upon it. Cthulhu is a half-dragon half-octopus half-humanoid monstrosity shod in a bony carapace like that of an echinoderm. The Dreaming Priest's abilities focus on warping motion and spatial relations as well as crushing and subverting the will of his foes.

    Dagon, the Dweller in the Depths
    Parents: Xn-Kxrlth and Chatturgath
    Aspects: Matter and Quality
    Dagon is the interaction of form and material, lightest touch and crushing pressure. This vile father of the Deep Ones appears as a vaguely amorphous congealing of deep sea fish, human, and crustacean. Its form flows and creeps with features squeezing through it as though under great pressure. Its power can cause things to become flowing and plastic or simply grind them into powder.

    Ghatanothoa, the Withered One
    Parents: Mantorok and Ulathael
    Aspects: Time and Stagnation
    Ghatanotha is the time between moments. This creature appears to be a vast writhing tangle of tendrils ending in mouths filled with jagged teeth. It smells strongly of embalming fluid and its flesh has a leathery texture. Its power freezes matter into a form of stasis, causing living things to take on a mummified appearance. The mind, however, remains conscious despite the frozen state.

    Gul'ther, the Father of Ghouls
    Parents: Mantorok and Ragnnora
    Aspects: Life and Death
    Gul'ther is the cycle of death and regrowth. From death comes new life. This being appears as a massive, near amorphous mound of living, unliving, and dead flesh that constantly cycles from one state to the next. The Father of Ghouls warps life into death, death into undeath, and undeath into life once again.

    Hastur, the King in Yellow
    Parents: Iog-Sotot and Chatturgath
    Aspects: Magic and Chaos
    Hastur is the embodiment of arcane words of unspeakable power. Often Hastur appears as a robed sorcerer draped in yellow robes and wearing a pallid mask to hide his face. In his true form he is a repulsive tentacled lizard-like creature of inconceivable size covered in innumerable sea anemone-like growths. Hastur's arcane power is chaotic and utterly unpredictable.

    Ii'lor, the Roots of Destiny
    Parents: Ragnnora and Ulathael
    Aspects: Growth and Time
    Ii'lor is the branching path of possibility. Ii'lor is an incomprehensible tangle of vines and fungal filaments and vast spore-filled fruiting bodies. Its twining tendrils grow through both matter and time. Its power is subtle in its touch, warping the passage of time and the shaping of destiny.

    Isperah, the Mind Killer
    Parents: Mantorok and Xn-Kxrlth
    Aspects: Death and Mind
    Isperah is the primal pangs of fear. It appears humanoid in from, though with four arms. Two cover the face with their hands with the arms pressed together. Black bile trickles between the fingers and the arms can split open to reveal a horrible bottomless maw. Isperah can hex creatures around it with maddening terror.

    Jer'thoranth, the Holder of Dead Knowledge
    Parents: Xn-Kxrlth and Mantorok
    Aspects: Information and Death
    Jer'thoranth is knowledge forgotten. Not just on an individual level, but on a much wider scale. Jer'thoranth appears as a massive fleshy jellyfish like creature with thick tentacles ending in cruel claws. Clouds of eyes form and unform around the monster's body. The Old One's power can completely annihilate knowledge from existence.

    K'rax-Naggath, the Turquoise Lady
    Parents: Ragnnora and Xn-Kxrlth
    Aspects: Fertility and Information
    K'rax-Naggath is evolution. The most fecund shape the future of the gene-pool. The Far Chimera appears as a half-carnivore, half-herbivore, half-bird, half-reptile beast shod in obsidian carapace shot through with turquoise fissures. The precise animals that compose her form change from moment to moment. Her power can consume or evolve all it touches, organic or not.

    M'nagala, the Crawling Tumor
    Parents: Ragnnora and Chatturgath
    Aspects: Growth and Chaos
    M'nagala is growth without end or purpose. This horrible Old One is little more than a bloated mass of mucus-slicked tumors and half-formed organs. A mass that is ever growing and expanding. Its deadly power causes the same mindless growth, slaying foes as their bodies are overcome by malignant cancer.

    Mor-Kuk'thoth, the All-Soul
    Parents: Xn-Krlth and Iog-Sotot
    Aspects: Mind and Will
    Mor-Kuk'thoth is consciousness. It is the mind that remembers. That recalls. It is the will that directs. And from the two self, consciousness, arises. Mor-Kuk'thoth is a creature of thought. Its appearance is like a cross between toad and a baboon, hunched and crawling, covered in minute cillia. In place of a head it has only a fleshy neck packed with a writhing cluster of pinkish feelers. The power of Mor-Kuk'thoth can rend or remove the very self from the body.

    Nugyeb / Yebnug, the Twin Blasphemy
    Parents: Iog-Sotot and Ragnnora
    Aspects: Fertility and Magic
    Nugyeb is procreation. A strange symbiotic fusion of two beings, Nug the female and Yeb male. Nub is a huge bulbous creature supported atop three knobby legs, forever swollen with its spawn. Long tendrils ending in ghostly lanterns branch from its body. Yeb clings to the top of Nug like a crown, fangs sunk deep into her flesh. Three squid-like tentacles lined with talons and cillia sway about him. Its power can fill a creature to the bursting with aberrant offspring.

    Oorn, the Implacable One
    Parents: Mantorok and Iog-Sotot
    Aspects: Magic and Entropy
    Oorn is darkness absolute. Darkness given form. Oorn appears as a massive clam-like creature with jagged fangs lining the shell. Tendrils of pure blackness writhe from its body, drinking in all light. The power of Oorn saps all light, leaving only barren cold and cloying darkness.

    Psyrrak, the Burning Eye
    Parents: Chatturgath and Ulathael
    Aspects: Energy and Space
    Psyrrak is the star. Not just a star. All the stars. A thing ranging from brilliant solar plasma to black voids of crushing gravity. Psyrrak appears as a black spherical mass with a single three-pupiled eye in the center and ringed by a corona of plasma tendrils. Psyrrak is able to project powerful magnetic fields, incinerate her foes, or simple crush them out of existence.

    Yig, the Plumed Serpent
    Parents: Xn-Kxrlth and Iog-Sotot
    Aspects: Information and Magic
    Yig is wisdom, insight, and intuition. From prophecies to divination, knowledge of what was, is, and is to come are all Yig's domain. Yig appears as a tremendous winged serpent covered in eyes, often depicting devouring his own tail endlessly. Yig's power can draw knowledge from any point in time, though often in a fashion that will blast the sanity of any mortal foolish enough to indulge in his 'gift'.

    Zhoathoggua, the The Black Blight
    Parents: Xn-Kxrlth and Ulathael
    Aspects: Quality and Motion
    Zhoathoggua is change in form. From roiling clouds to delicate metamorphosis, all motions of shape are its domain. Descriptions of Zhoathoggua vary widely as no two visions of the Old One are the same save for the presence of amorphous black tar dripping from its body. The power of Zhoathoggua can warp the shape of creatures and objects alike.
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    Is there something cute or simple we can us as reference?: Not really. Although, he does enjoy it when people call him Sir. Not as a regular thing, it's more like a "Oh, how nice. Etiquette."

    Insert sex here: "That's what she said," he replies with a light chuckle. He wipes a tear from his eye and sighs, "No, no. Bad joke." He's a male, if you haven't figured from the context of the previous entry.

    Is he a vampire? No. He's an Elan. An he doesn't sparkle like a rhinestone studded David Bowie in the sunlight, either. ...Well, actually he does a little. I wish that movie hadn't almost ruined Elan for me.

    How long has he been 17? Aziraphel throws up a bit in his mouth and runs to the bathroom. Apparently he didn't like the reference. He was seventeen for only year, like everyone else who lived to see eighteen. But if we want to get technical, he's lived for a number of years equal to several multiplications of 17.

    In all honesty, even he doesn't remember how old he is. Smart people stop counting after a while. Vain people never stop until the Alzheimer's hits.

    Are we talking good or evil here?: More like true neutral. He's an observer for the most part, but tends to intervene on behalf of the underdog in uneven fights. He doesn't much care for labels like Good and Evil as they're two sides of the same coin, contrasts that exist in an awkward type of harmony.

    What's his vocation?: Scientist, author, shark juggler, underwater basket fact, he's good at just about anything he chooses to be. Happens with an INT score that high. (INT score withheld for legal reasons)

    Should he really be fighting with anyone?: Probably not. Even gods give this guy a wide berth, if only because it's less costly to avoid conflict. Not to say he kills gods or anything, or even that he can, it's just that they prefer to leave him alone as opposed to get him riled up.

    What the devil does he look like?: Aziraphel towers over most folks, standing an ominous six feet eight inches in height. He is, however, not an imposing man. Though his appearance frequently puts people off at first, as he seems human ('seems' being the operative word), his friendly demeanor and his choice of clothing materials and colors help to offset that effect.

    To say he is bald is akin to saying that an iron kettle is a large black cooking instrument of considerable versatility. He has taken great pains in making it work and it is often well buffed and, in a sense. His facial features are delicate, yet rugged while maintaining a strong, statuesque look.

    He wears robes of exquisite design, colored a rich blue and immaculate white. The larger portions of cloth are blue, while the trimming is made of silver threading and the patterned designs throughout are of a pure white. Many steel and silver trinkets adorn the cloak as well.

    Over this, he often wears an ashen Cloak of Many Pockets, a personal cape and cowl design he fashioned when he decided carrying his valuables with him was more prudent than leaving them laying about for any random thief to peruse at their leisure...and fortifying a stronghold with traps is terribly expensive.

    He uses a simple, yet ornate staff as a walking stick. It is simple in its form and function, as it appears to be an ordinary walking stick. However, it is ornate because its natural growth patterns look almost as though they were carved. The natural designs have sparked many debates as to the origin of the staff which, even Aziraphel will bashfully admit he is bereft of that information, as well. ...What? He found it. A guy can't just find something in a RPG? Does everything HAVE to have a backstory?

    Character Image:

    So, about this guy's personality...: Oh, it's very friendly. He almost never uses his powers for anything other than to assist him in his own research. He does, however, help people who need it...indiscriminate of who needs it.

    This is often to the woe of nearby do-gooders who are promptly given a telekinetic B-slapped by Aziraphel, who then have to watch helplessly while the villain runs away laughing. Needless to say, Aziraphel is not a huge fan of conflict. So if, after saving someone, that particular someone decides to attack the people Aziraphel saved him from, he usually destroys that person outright. Don't try to understand'll just hurt yourself.

    Wait. What's with this guys gear?: The Cloak of Many Pockets is a personal cloak design of Aziraphel's that he had crafted by a master spell-caster. It is a normal ashen cloak with many pockets sewn into the interior. Each of the pockets, save one, is an extra-dimensional space measuring four cubic feet. The last remaining pocket is a normal pocket containing four compartments with button seals.

    This pocket is located on the upper part of the back, near the neck of the cloak. When the hood is removed from the head, it falls over that part of the cloak, hiding its presence entirely. Even when the cowl is up, the pocket is nearly impossible to notice (in game mechanics, we're talking epic level Spot checks) because of the cloak's thickness. This pocket is nearly impossible to reach when the hood is down without alerting Aziraphel to tempering, and is impossible to reach without alerting him when the cowl is up without physically cutting the cloak. This pocket is used to store his four portable holes, which he uses to store items to large to carry in his cloak's pockets.

    Each of the pockets of his cloak are enchanted with a modified version of the Shocking Grasp spell, which activates when some one other than Aziraphel attempts to access one of the pockets without speaking the password. This spell function like shocking grasp, except that it the recipient of the attack finds themselves unable to break free from the pocket without a great feat of strength (like DC 40) or disenchanting the pocket (caster level is 28). The cloak, oddly enough, functions inside an Anti-Magic Field.

    A recent addition to the cloak's enchantment is the ability to activate a type of glamer effect, whereby it assumed the form of his normal robes, though with a hood and the designs on the vestment are gold instead of white.

    So he has powers and stuff, right?: As the world's foremost expert on "the function of psionic abilities on all matter readily available for testing" and "proper application of psionic spacial manipulation techniques to yield a variety of delightfully frightening results" as quoted in his fourth volume Psionics: Mysteries of the Mind Revealed, it can logically be assumed that he should not, in fact, be fighting with anyone other than your typical A - A+ variety characters. Remember, this is the guy S rank characters don't even want to bother. Not that they couldn't kill him, but deities despise having to recover from grievous injuries just as much as mortals do.

    Who exactly is this guy?: Aziraphel is an exceedingly powerful Elan psion of considerable intelligence. Having existed for centuries, he has made it his life's work to explore the mysteries of the Multiverse. His travels have taken him to many of the existing Planes, including the near entirety of the Material Plane. As such, he is quite knowledgeable in a variety of subjects ranging anywhere from xeno-science to minor studies in Astrophysics. He rarely enjoys to discuss his work, however, as he uses time interacting with sapient life to form bonds of friendship and a wider net of contacts.

    He is also a highly accomplished author of some repute. He is not widely known due to the fact that many of his works have not been published. Most volumes he chooses to keep in his private collection of books, only releasing generally relevant information and books he feels will provide him with entertainment in the future. For example, his widely acclaimed book on Xeno-Science studies involving a particular denizen of the shadowy places of the universe The Grue and You: The Reason There is a High Probability You will Become a Target for Consumption was well received, and it served to help liberate people from their fears of being eaten by a Grue. Hilariously enough, though, this did little to stem the tide of people being eaten by Grue. However, no one is really afraid of the Grue ingesting them any longer.
    Character Image used is of Jace Beleren
    Original Artist: Aleksi Briclot
    TM & (c) 1993-2007 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
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    Dag Alkothor

    Is there something cute or simple we can us as reference?: Dag. He prefers Dag, in fact. Mostly because even he doesn't like saying his full name...which will NOT be typed here. Sad to say, the player has actually forgotten Dag's original full name, as he never used it. It was nearly 14 characters long and was originally meant as a joke name. However, the name Dag was used because one of the player's friends refused to use the whole name. Dag stuck, and his original name was never used again.

    Insert sex here: I'd rather not...pretty sure that's like, one of those things that gets you a demerit, or whatever. Erm...Male? Yeah. That's it. If I call him a girl again, he'll beat me.

    Is he a vampire? No, but considering he's basically immortal, I can see why someone might think that. The enjoyment of daylight and the complete lack of interest in drinking blood of any kind also tends to dissuade one from thinking such silly things.

    How long has he been 17? He claims to have skipped 17 and went straight to 20. Why he skipped 18 & 19 is beyond me. In any case, he's been around a while. Well, "a while" isn't very accurate. Long time. Very long time. He prefers not to remember exactly how long because it makes him feel old...then it's nearly impossible to get the wheelchair away from him.

    Are we talking good or evil here?: More like Chaotic Silly. He's a Good natured fellow, but sometimes his logic is so off the wall accurate, that it just seems silly for the first 20 minutes you spend trying to rationalize it. Other's just silly. ...But since we have to center on something, I guess he's Chaotic Good.

    What's his vocation?: Professional face breaker. You know...His own, yours, other people's...some belonging to random animals and statues. Depends on his mood at the time. Also, he has a job as a full-time lunatic.

    Should he really be fighting with anyone?: No, but he does. He does so with great effect, actually. Probably in the A range in power, the S range in skill, but in the E range in caring about it.

    What the devil does he look like?: Dag is a nearly bald individual who stands a little over six feet in height. His head is almost completely bald, save a long, unique ponytail that originates from a three inch circle of hair on the upper back portion of his skull. His ponytail extends in a single braid down to the small of his back. There it split off into three braided tails, each with a single inch spike ball woven into the ends which hang down below his buttocks. Not to worry, though. He's gotten quite adept at not sitting on or whacking himself with them.

    His face could be considered attractive as it is statuesque in nature with strong but delicately chiseled features, though heavily pierced. On his eyebrows, the has strings of silver studs and his lower lip has four studs placed in it along the parallel of his visible lip ridge. Both ears have strings of studs running along the cartilage and the lobe, and he has a small ring in his nose which clutches tightly to the medium that separates one nostril from the other.

    Dag never wears a shirt, revealing his heavily tanned skin. A bit scary to those who know he used to be quite pasty. He is of a medium build, but heavily muscled with broad-ish shoulders and a visibly strong core. He has a number of tribal tattoos on his torso and arms (just use your imagination until I actually summon the will to type out descriptions).

    He wears loose fitting cream colored pants that allow him a large range of leg motion and flexibility, but their surface is rather slick and difficult to grasp. Traditional black Tabi extend halfway up his calves, causing the pant legs to partially cascade over the top of them.

    So, about this guy's personality...: It's strange. Always people he likes, anyway. To people he doesn't like, well...that's where it gets weird. Sometimes he nice to them, and other times its like his mind has been dominated by a Lovecraftian Horror. He's very helpful, though. Well, he's helpful most of the time, anyway. He can also be a bit cowardly...or rather appear cowardly. It's more of a personality flaw as he can occasionally be frightened by things that he's not actually afraid of normally. When meeting new people he can seem overzealous, hyperactive, and even a bit crazy...which he actually is, in fact, so...erm. Moving on.

    Wait. What's with this guys gear?: Fellow has some wicked shackles binding his wrists. It's a four and a half foot length of thick chain, like one might typically find binding rather stout criminals.

    "Why is that cool," you ask.

    "Isn't that a bad thing," you may question. I'll tell you. It's is completely amazing and totally NOT a bad thing when your chains are not only indestructible, but the thing that grants you your immortality. These shackles glow with a faint white light and are nearly weightless. Well, they're nearly weightless to Dag, anyway. If he hits you with them, you'll know about it. Or, rather, you'll know about it after you wake up, if you wake up.

    So he has powers and stuff, right?: If by "powers" you mean unparalleled hand-to-foot-to-face combat skills and a completely unique form of immortality, then yes. The immortality that he is granted by his chains is unique in its function, and a highly undesirable power, by any standards. When he dies, he will come back to life in the spot where he died, or a nearby location where he will not be harmed upon revival. This isn't what makes it unique.

    What makes it unique is that his body heals in the reverse manner of which it was destroyed. To outside observers, this seems to happen in a matter of seconds, if not instantly. However, to Dag, it seems to take five times as long as it took him to die in that fashion. Oh, did I mention he feels everything he would have felt during death if he were conscious?

    Overpowered? Not really. He takes a variable amount of time to resurrect based off of the seriousness of the nature of his death. Here's a bit of a chart for reference:
    Class A Death - De-materialization. Yeah, the big crap. The guy's been red misted. That's going to take about a month to fix and is definitely not going to be enjoyable when he gets pieced back together.
    Class B Death - Immolation. Not complete burnage. He's not an ash pile, but he's definitely a crispy critter. About a fortnight. or longer. Also not going to be pleasant coming back from it.
    Class C Death - Boulder to the...body? Yeah, crushing damage is never good. We're thinking a week. Gonna be a might uncomfortable on the reverse.
    Class D Death - Dismemberment. Yeah, that only works in the movies. I don't care how deep you bury those parts, they're coming back angry...after a few days.
    Class E Death - Severe mortal injury. How about a shotgun to the face? Big bore rifle? Decapitation? Those seems like good examples. He'll be back and ready to kill by the end of the day.
    Class F Death - Minor mortal injury. Gunshot to the head or heart sounds good. Immediate Regen or after a few hours, depending on the size of the hole.

    Who exactly is this guy?: Many years ago, Dag(really long extension I've forgotten) was a monk in a far off mountain temple. Shut up, I don't want to hear the C-word from you. I don't care how overused it is. In any case, long story short because he's over there glaring at me and poking me with a stick to get this finished, he ended up committing horrible acts of unspeakable horror against gods and men during a type of bloodrage. Gods were not happy, but instead of destroying him, they taught him a lesson by slapping chains of "you get to die and get pieced back together painfully each time you do" on him, presumably while laughing hysterically. In any case, they set him loose on the world with the knowledge that the chains would only come off if he committed an act of true selflessness to save the life of another, during the act of which he was to die. Needless to say, he's still upset about that, because it's nearly an impossible request since he can't die anyway. Thus, that puts a bit of a damper on the whole "true selfless act" aspect of it. Oddly, this has not made him a disagreeable's mostly the dying repeatedly and coming back that gave him his occasional moods of grumptastic behavior.
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    Alias: The Tattooed Alchemist
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 20
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: State Alchemist

    The tattoos on her arms are like on the guy in this page, although adjusted for her thinner arms, obviously. {{Some spoilers for the manga, incidentally. I'd say not too much of one, though.}}
    Personality: To come.
    Equipment: Not much notable, to be honest. She carries a silver pocket watch, but apart from that, not much else standard.
    Abilities: Lira is an able Alchemist, especially in close combat. The tattoos on her arms are what she uses for combat alchemy- the right arm is used to deconstruct matter, and the left arm is used to reconstruct it. While each arm, used seperately, is capable of amazing feats, both together are far more powerful. In addition, she is also a capable martial artist, using a style of combat focusing on speed rather than strength.
    Backstory: To come later.
    Miscellaneous: Anything else that you wanna put down.[/QUOTE]

    Quote Originally Posted by Revlid View Post
    And so it was that Zaeed, Aang, Winry, Ezio, Sadoko and Snow White all set out on their epic journey to destroy The Empire.

    God I love Exalted.

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    Alias: None. Not yet. Though she doesn't mind being called Tina by friends.

    Gender: Female, I think.

    Race/Species: Cyborg human.

    Age: 24 years of age.

    Alignment: True Neutral, I think. Or Neutral someplace.

    Class/Profession: Piano player. Bard, I suppose you could say.

    Power Rating: Low. Probably not too far beyond human capabilities. I mean, bard. Seriously. E+, at best, and then only in a defensive manner. She won't hold up in even a small-scale Nexus fight without some serious help.


    In human form, by Gulaghar:

    Personality: You could call her personality 'efficient' at first glance. She strives for melody and harmonic motion in all things. Even activities she dislikes. Efficiency is key.

    Fettina is a peaceful creature. She likes nothing more than to make things. Make friends, make music, make food. Though she can't eat some human foods without unpleasant side-effects.

    That whole 'peaceful' bit goes for combat too. The girl is a pacificist, despising most physical exertion in general. She is somewhat quick to anger, particulary from insults, but not so quick to fight. Her loud mouth has gotten her in more trouble than she can handle on many occasions, and she's often forced to rely on more powerful friends.

    Anything else, I do believe I'll develop IC.

    Equipment: One Elexxion Class Expanding Hard-Light Grand Piano Mark IV. Many, many sets of neo-modern, fashionable clothes. All sorts of nice, otherworldly dresses. A small, oddly shaped pistol with the magazine extending from the barrel just beyond the trigger. A few rounds of 'flash' ammo. Mostly for blinding, though capable of piercing flesh and burning people's insides with ease. A pair of specially made 'sunglasses' to negate her own flashing effect. Given that she only has five or six shots, not all that useful anyway. Perhaps a notebook/diary as well.

    Fettina also possesses:

    - Three silver throwing knives, each inscribed with a different but similar rune and edged with obsidian. (As long as one is held onto the others will return to the bearer when thrown.)
    - An ugly, barbed dagger covered in red runes. (This dagger will cause wound inflicted by it to be much more severe and won't stop bleeding very easily.)
    - A set of high quality lock picks.
    - Wallet quite full of various currencies.
    -A pen with various magical abilities. First, it never runs out of ink. Second, any letter written with the pen will always reach the intended recipient eventually. Third, it helps creatively in some fashion when writing music. Third, it will put down what she wants to write without her actually needing to hold the pen. Helpful, that.
    Also, she's been given a metallic green communication beetle by one Madame de la Moy.

    Abilities: Maybe some weird hard-light morphing. Talented piano player, though she's still 'upgrading'. Can't shoot much farther than short-range without her accurary dropping to zero. The weapon's just for self-defense, and given that she doesn't like to fight, she rarely has to fall back on it. Maaaybe some minor reality shifting with music that's also partly due to hard-light tech. I dunno.

    Backstory: Tina was born the second daughter of one Dr. Otro and Mrs. Zaiya, a wealthy doctor and his augmented bride living in a city-state that was once part of western Alaska. She grew up spoiled, granted every luxury she could ask for. It was an easy, if somewhat hollow existence. Her father was a quiet, busy man, and her mother was an often-absent drunkard and drug-abuser. As a result, Tina and her sisters didn't always get all the attention they could ask for. So rather than depend on their parents, they looked out for one another.

    While often arguing and even fighting, the three girls were each-other's best friends, providing the attention that was so absent from their mother and father. The three were very immature, a fact Tina and her older sister Gelley often joke about fondly. They went artificial and got their first augmentations together when Tina was only 12 years old. Tina introduced the trio to a love of music, she herself being a rather talented pianist. For a while, the girls even had their hearts set on forming a band.

    As she got into her teens, Tina began to branch out a bit more. She'd been somewhat shy up until that point; her spoiled childhood and isolation from other children had some effect on her social abilities. As a result, she ended up trying some things she shouldn't have to make friends. One of these things was 'Jump' - a common, powerful street drug. She quickly became addicted, a 'habit' that stuck with her for years, and still holds her back to his day. This habit was more than a little expensive, and she ended up having to steal from her own father just to scrape enough cash together. When he found out, she was cut off from using the family fortune at all. He ushered her into rehab, but his hopes were dashed when Tina ran away at the age of 17. She was simply too weak. And unbeknownst to her, Fettina had become dependent on Jump. Where before she'd gotten off on the smallest doses, now she needed those regularly to feel anything at all.

    Not long after, she lied about her age and got a job as a waitress at one of Naitiri's favorite clubs. She'd need to pay for her addiction some way, and dad wasn't gonna help. Her eldest sister had been sneaking Tina and Gelley in, up until this incident with 'Jump', so it seemed like a logical choice. People liked her. She couldn't get too far on her looks, though - every person there was augmented, including herself. Personality mattered just as much, and she had plenty of that. Before long, she was serving drinks in the VIP section, providing musical and carnal entertainment for wealthy men with nothing better to do. She often got lonely, despite all the newfound 'friends'. Naitiri was long gone, off running security for some corporate land-grab, and Gelley had nothing but bad things to say about Tina's drug abuse. They exchanged more than a few choice words over the years, and the two sisters haven't really been friends since.

    Lucky for her, Tina's musical talents attracted the attention of one Kebey Harrel, a singer and band leader for the interworld band 'The Tap'. She fell in readily, drinking in the spotlight, the attention. Money for her habits and a fairly lavish lifestyle weren't a bad bonus, either. They'd hop from frontier world to frontier world, singing for worn-out corporate skeleton crews or disheveled colonists. A falling out with the band (mostly with Kebey) led Tina to strike out on her own. She'd saved enough for it by then. This rampant world hopping led her further and further from her planet of origin, eventually landing her in the Nexus. Ironically enough, this provided her with an express portal home. She regained contact with her sister Naitiri - though things have been a tad awkward, it feels good to be around her again. Tina still hasn't truly reconnected with her father. All their meetings so far have been stiff, awkward. She hopes, one day soon, to apoligize and reconnect with the old doctor. For now, however, she can often be found trolling the bars and casinos of the Nexus, living a hedonistic, self-indulgent existence.
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    Alias: Hat man, Man of a million hats

    Name: Robert "Roby" Hatter

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Hard to tell, but is probably human, who knows

    Age: 28, or at least looks it

    Alignment: Good, chaotic

    Class/Profession: Was a hat maker, still sometimes does it though not very often

    Power Rating: It varies on depending on his hat

    Description: Robert stands at about 6' 2" is fairly thin and has a kind and gentle face. He has soft thick brown hair and dark green eyes. Is usually wearing a button up shirt of some sort and a pair of nice pants.

    Personality: A nice gentleman. A bit eccentric though. He's kind and gentle, a true gentleman. Is a bit short tempered on some things though.

    Equipment: A magical hat that changes shape, size, and power ability

    Abilities: Has various abilities given to him through his hat

    Backstory: TBD
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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    SISTER MARIGLYTH (and family)

    Alias: Sister Mariglyth/Mariglyth/Sister.
    Gender: Female.
    Race/Species: Goblin.
    Age: Her age remains unclear - though it is certainly longer than that of the average goblin lifespan, like the rest of her 'Family'.
    Alignment: In the Neutral ranges. The Hands of the Father rarely take sides in disputes outside the family, preferring to keep their archives a neutral ground.
    Class/Profession: Follower of the "Hands of the Father", a "Family" of goblins who have sworn themselves to an entity called "The Father". This Family is dedicated to the archival and furtherment of technology, and the eventual immortality of their Family through their augmentations.
    Power Rating: C+ to -B - her augmentations make her a fierce opponent, above the capabilities of an average person.

    Description: Pictured above. Like the rest of her Family, Mariglyth is heavily augmented, and much of her is inorganic - though nowhere near all. She has a robotic arm, and a pack on her back that is capable of extending and retracting long, spider-like metal legs.
    Equipment: Goggles, capable of many kinds of vision and analysis of an opponent's capabilities. Capable of scanning the abilities of tech devices.
    A wrist-mounted computer, able to link to the others held by the family as well as the internet itself - also used to hook up to devices to "Speak" with them.
    Abilities: She appears to be able, like the rest of her family, to link up to a device and speak with "The Spirit of the Machine". This allows her to understand the device on a level most ordinary people do not.
    Upon death, all members of her family become part of a data stream, their consciousness loaded into the Father where he sits unmoving on his throne, to have their very soul 'Uploaded' into a new body. This process is not instantaneous, and may take a long time.
    Backstory: The history of Mariglyth is the history of The Father. They were all once his followers, until a disease took his body that he could not recover from. Desperate to save him, they removed his brain from his body, and preserved it within a machine that could keep him alive. However, he was unable to function further, and he vowed that one day he would gain the knowledge to learn how to do away with the need for a body at all, and ascend into a higher state of being. In this pursuit, he would need the help of his followers, whom he would also offer this amazing capability - but he required their help to find and understand it. Because of this, they record and archive technology, revering their "Father" above all else, for they had become his hands. Mariglyth saw this all, and acts like the others as his faithful servant.

    The Father, unmoving upon his throne:

    The Father is capable of speaking through his Hands, since he is seemingly unable to do many things himself.

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    Default Re: Nexus Character Directory

    Boris Krestyanov

    "Sir, you have something on your face." *bang* "Got it for you."

    Alias: "Hawkeye," "Sniper Operative #37"
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human.
    Age: 26
    Class/Profession: Spetsnaz Operative (Sniper)

    Description: Boris stands at 6'2'', and weighs 243 lb., which results in a quite muscular build. He has black hair, and storm gray eyes. With a rather angular and symmetrical face, some have called him handsome in the past. Not anymore, though, as there is a nasty scar across his left cheek, going straight from his lips, to just short of his ear. There are two other scars on his body: one on his right shoulder, and another on his left hip. Altough nobody has seen it, there is also a brand across his whole back - a hammer and sickle, evidence of his status as a Spetsnaz operative.

    Normally, Boris wears clothing that shows his rather casual style. He’ll wear a red, long-sleeved shirt, with a black overcoat worn over it. In addition, he usually wears black denim jeans and brown leather combat boots. When he can, Boris will have his machete slung on his right hip, and his rifle slung across his back. When he anticipates combat, he’ll either be in his Ghillie suit, which makes him look more like a walking bush than a Russian, or his Spetsnaz uniform, which makes him look a little more intimidating.


    Art by Mazeburn. Thanks!

    Personality: In a casual situation, Boris is often very friendly. He’ll crack more than a few jokes, and generally do his best to make others feel welcome. He isn’t angered very easily, but when he is, his Russian ancestry will shine through, with him grabbing his machete and threatening whoever caused his anger. But most of the time, he’ll be a calm, loyal, and good-natured man.

    In combat, though, you’ll find a completely different person. His mind is almost always completely dedicated to any combat he might be in. He’ll talk tactics, and make sure that whatever objective he has is successful. He is much more serious than his normal, happy, joking side. In fact, the person one will find is Sniper Operative #37, of Spetsnaz GRU.

    One thing that is common between both Boris and the Operative is his devotion to Communist methods. Luckily for him (and those he might meet,) his form of Communism is the idealist form. He always has his comrades in mind. Not a single decision he makes is solely because of his motivation. If needed, he'd starve himself so that someone else may eat well. If needed, he'd take a bullet for a friend.

    As a friendly and generally helpful man, Boris will speak in Dark Green.

    -A marble that becomes a dimensional portal when tossed on the ground.
    -A lever-action rifle made for him by Cornelia Walsh.
    -An old, scoped Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle.
    -A black-bladed machete.
    -Ghillie suit.
    -Rucksack with extra ammo, cleaning kit, facepaints, a few other miscellaneous materials, and a change of clothes (either his civilian disguise, or his ghillie suit.)

    Since his first visit to his homeworld, Boris now has many more weapons. This is a complete list (deep breath:)

    Ballistic Knife, w/ nine extra blades.
    Entrenchment shovel.
    VSS Vintorez.
    AS Val.
    Two Makarov Pistols.
    (He always carries his ballistic knife and all of his blades. Commonly, he has his Vintorez, his AK-107, his pistols, and his Skorpion.)

    Abilities: Boris has absolutely no magical abilities. However, to make up for this, he has some of the best training in his world. He can use just about any firearm at an expert level, able to hit within a tenth of an inch of his target at 500 yards. He is also much stronger than he appears (to the point where he can snap someone's neck without thinking about it,) and well-trained with melee weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

    As expected from Boris, if he came across any Spetsnaz weapons (the ballistic knife, the hand shovel, and so on,) he'd be able to use them with quite the proficiency. And because of his training, he's become highly resistant to pain, poison, and mental control.

    As another result of Spetsnaz training, Boris can fill many more combat roles than sniper (though that is by far his best.) He has some basic medical training - enough to stabilize a gunshot wound with the right equipment training. He also knows his way around both explosives and electronic equipment. And with his marksmanship, he can perform any direct combat role quite well.

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    Zeta Omicron Epsilon 5562/ Rato Robot Model 5562

    Alias: None yet
    Gender: Undetermined, more information is needed before making this decision
    Race/Species: Robot, Rato Model 5562
    Age: The unit known as Zeta Omicron Epsilon has been in working operation for one month
    Alignment: This unit has been programed to follow rules and laws set out by Dr.rato
    Class/Profession: Undetermined, more information is needed before making this decision
    Power Rating: C to B-
    Description: A metal skeleton similar to that of most humans. For the most part has simple plating on the outside hiding most of the metal and wirery bits that makes it up. However it has green trimming on the armor platting and is also more humanoid. This appearance may change though depending on upgrades that Zeta takes.
    Personality: Inquisitive, learning, logical, some have described this unit as dry and boring
    Equipment: Hidden 9mm pistol firearm attatched inside left arm and a short sword attachment also hidden in its right arm
    Abilities: Your character's skills and abilities. What can they do? What weaknesses do they have? It all goes here.
    Backstory: Was created by Dr.Rato and was activated just over a month ago.
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