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    Default Eastern Warlock?! (PEACH)

    Once in a while, a mortal tampers with spirit energy...which usually results in the mortal's death. Once and a while, it results in the "birth" of a Hanyou.


    ...Yes, I changed the name to Hanyou. It fits the theme better, IMHO. Anyways, this is merely a new list of new/renamed invocations for the standard warlock.

    Eldritch Blast is renamed to Spirit Fire. Otherwise unchanged.

    Least Invocations:
    Baleful Utterance Renamed, Haretsu suru, doesn't use dark speech but still requires sound.
    Beguiling Influence Unchanged
    Breath of the Night Renamed, Breath of the Sea Clam
    Dark one's own luck Renamed, Luck of the Fox
    Darkness Unchanged
    Devil's Sight Removed -- see New Invocations below
    Earthen Grasp Unchanged
    Eldritch Spear Renamed Spirit Bow and resembles a bow and arrow, but otherwise unchanged.
    Entropic Warding Renamed to Kirameki Hogosha, otherwise unchanged
    Frightful Blast Renamed to Frightful Fire
    Hideous Blow Renamed to Channel Inner Fire
    Leaps and Bounds Unchanged
    Miasmic Cloud Removed -- see New Invocations below
    See the Unseen Unchanged
    Sickening Blast Removed -- see New Invocations below
    Spiderwalk Unchanged
    Summon Swarm Unchanged

    New Least Invocations:
    Venom Tongue Use Cobra's Breath, as the Wu Jen Spell, but only affects one set of targets at a time.
    Example: A Hanyou uses Venom Tongue against an Oni(Orc) warrior. She then uses it two rounds later against a Wolf, who wasn't in the original cone. The Oni's duration is immediately finished, and the wolf's duration begins.
    Another Example: The Same Hanyou moves so that the Oni and the wolf are in the same 10-ft cone. She uses Venom Tongue a third time and catches them both in the blast. The spell affects both, and their duration is simultaneous. However, if she had used it against another creature, that creature's duration would end.

    Fiery Gaze Use Fiery Eyes as the Wu Jen spell.
    Summon Spirit Ally/Allies You use Summon Monster II as the spell, this invocation takes a full round action to cast. The summoned monsters appear with the Summoned Spirit template instead of the Celestial or Fiendish template.
    Summoned Spirit template
    The Summoned Spirit template is an inherited template that can be applied to any non-humanoid, living, corporeal creature.
    Size and type: The creature gains the spirit subtype. If it is an animal, its type changes to Magical beast. Size is unchanged.
    Hit Dice: Hit dice are raised to one if they are fractional, otherwise unchanged.
    Speed: Any mode of movement speed is 30 ft if it was less than 30 ft. Otherwise, do nothing.
    Armor Class: Unchanged
    Attack: The Creature does not gain any new attacks.
    Full Attack: The creature usually uses whatever it can, generally natural weapons.
    Damage: Increase all natural weapon's damage dice by one die.
    Special Attacks: Unchanged
    Special Qualities: The creature gains the Ghost step powers of a ninja of it's hit dice.
    Abilities: Change as follows: DEX +2, CON +4, INT becomes 10 if it is less than 10, WIS +4
    Skills: Change ranks based on increased intelligence, Summoned Spirits gain a +4 bonus on Hide and Move silently checks.
    Environment: Spirit world, or wherever commonly summoned.
    Challenge Rating: Same as base creature +1(if less than 2 HD) or +2
    Alignment: Any
    Level Adjustment: +3?
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    Default Re: Eastern Warlock?! (PEACH)

    From a fluff perspective, this could be interesting. However, I don't see a terribly large need for entirely new mechanics, as it appears you will largely be changing invocation name X to invocation name Y.

    That said, seeing new stuff is always refreshing.
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    Default Re: Eastern Warlock?! (PEACH)

    I'm not the best at power balance but it seems about right.

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    Default Re: Eastern Warlock?! (PEACH)

    This is why I want Oriental Adventures.

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