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    Default Re: Generica (Team Potato Tree, Thread III)

    Danny raises his hand. "Um, mister salamander? I have a question." There's a pause here. "...Why don't those finger puppets burn up in your hands? What are they made of?"
    There's no wrong way to play. - S. John Ross

    Quote Originally Posted by archaeo View Post
    Man, this is just one of those things you see and realize, "I live in a weird and banal future."

    Baiyan, God of Joy, by GryffonDurime, while the C.U.T.E Scardycat and Dreamer are by Tomb Raven.

    I'm very slowly working on a Legend of Zelda-themed homebrew for D&D 5e. God help me.

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    Default Re: Generica (Team Potato Tree, Thread III)

    " Unusually flexible rocks, common to the plains surrounding the City of Brass. Now, if anyone has any important questions...."
    Quote Originally Posted by Helanna View Post
    This. This is the best thing that has ever happened in all 34 threads, ever. This has made every single second spent on Dominic Deegan not wasted time. Every time I stayed up to see the sneaky gate, every rage-filled post I've ever made, every time Mookie's writing has caused me physical pain - so, so worth it.

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    Default Re: Generica (Team Potato Tree, Thread III)

    '... I reluctantly accept, using the rest of the group as collateral should anything happen to me.'
    Mongoose avatar by Sneak. The mongoose is also now not invisible.

    TamerBill: You draw the Eternal Ruin card.
    LazyJoe: ...good?
    TamerBill: You lose all your items.
    LazyJoe: Bollocks.
    TamerBill: No, you can keep those.
    I can now not claim to be smarterer than Gengy anymore because he said so.

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