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    Default Re: [WFRP] The Hour After Midnight (II)

    Raffy the Sparrowhawk


    Clearly on edge, Raffy breathes a quiet sigh of relief as Pieter gets them trussed. He keeps his pistol on one of them while swapping his 'bluss to Pieter for the other pistol.

    One of the two handguns he puts into his vest, and with his newly freed hand he draws his sword.

    "You're both going to live as long as everyone co-operates," he tells the guards again. Then he steps up to one and puts his arm around the man, holding the sword to his throat. With his hostage held tightly, he waves his pistol at the other man. "We need to see the elf. Lead the way. Hope you lose at dice enough that your mates won't take a shot at us."

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    Default Re: [WFRP] The Hour After Midnight (II)

    Pieter and Raffy

    Pieter nodded wordlessly, trying not to look too apologetic or nervous: any sign of weakness could bring the whole plan down.

    Part of him wondered if Raffy would truly carry out his threat.

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    Oh wow. I will never again underestimate [our characters'] ability to turn friendly conversation into a possible life or death situation.
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