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    Default [Pathfinder] Two-Handed Fighter

    Another day, another character concept.

    This time, it's a Pathfinder fighter (two-handed fighter variant from APG.)

    My issue here is, honestly, not having any idea what to really progress down feat-wise.

    Power Attack is a given, and I'll probably have more than enough spare feats to even go down the Weapon Specialization line. But that still leaves a LOT of feats.

    Allowed resources: All Pathfinder (though I don't currently have access to Kobold Quarterly.)

    Starting level is 5, 15 point buy, standard WBL. Here's what I've got so far:

    Human Two-Handed Fighter 5

    Str: 21
    Con: 14
    Dex: 12
    Int: 07
    Wis: 07
    Cha: 09

    1) Power Attack, Intimidating Prowess, Furious Focus
    2) Weapon Focus: Falchion
    3) Step Up
    4) Weapon Specialization: Falchion
    5) Toughness

    My big problem is I really don't know where to take it from here. Any suggestions are more than welcome, up to and including switching around the point buy. I know that buying an 18 is quite expensive, but I didn't see much need for those points elsewhere, and a sky-high strength really does benefit the double strength bonus on damage and the intimidate-as-a-free-action Dreadful Carnage feat at 11.

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    Default Re: [Pathfinder] Two-Handed Fighter

    Huh wow, you really gimped your character's mental stats.
    Furious Focus is really a trap. Just trade it for something else and focus on getting Greater Weapon Focus at 8th level.

    I just know that your character is really vulnerable to spells though. An -2 penalty to your Will saves? (Wis 7 give -2 penalty)
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    Default Re: [Pathfinder] Two-Handed Fighter

    Hence why I said I'd be more than willing to re-do my point buy if necessary.

    I'm really iffy on the necessity of Wisdom though - I don't really see that additional +2 letting me make any saves that I wouldn't have otherwise.

    Furious Focus sucks, I know that - but it's there as a prerequisite to Dreadful Carnage, which looked sort of interesting. Dreadful Carnage has a prerequisite 11 BAB though, so I could totally postpone Furious Focus if there's something that would go in that slot better.

    EDIT: Would something like this work? There are a few places I'm not sure what to put in towards the end, and a couple of the feats are filler, but the basic premise is there.

    Str: 18
    Con: 14
    Dex: 14
    Int: 09
    Wis: 10
    Cha: 07


    1) Combat Reflexes, Power Attack, Stand Still
    2) Weapon Focus
    3) Step Up
    4) Weapon Specialization
    5) Following Step
    6) Vital Strike
    7) Step Up And Strike
    8) Improved Critical
    9) Greater Weapon Focus
    10) Critical Focus
    11) Imp. Vital Strike
    12) Greater Weapon Specialization
    13) Staggering Critical
    14) Toughness
    15) Blinding Critical
    16) Greater Vital Strike
    17) Critical Mastery
    18) Stunning Critical
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