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    Default Sojoboverse Freeform Thread

    *reserved for some fluff about the school*

    Post away.
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    Default Re: The Charles Xavier Institute of Higher Learning [X-League]

    (Here we go with some characterization.)

    Tim McAllister –

    After the craziness of the fight with Black Adam, Tim got some much-needed rest. But after sleeping, he had something else he had to do. In the morning, he slips out of the Ritz after putting on a new gray t-shirt (sensing a pattern, here?) and a pair of jeans that aren’t scorched with electricity. He definitely has a plan for his day.

    Step 1: Get flowers
    This one turns out to be the easy part. Tim strolls along the sidewalk until he finds a little flower stand. He happily purchases some pretty flowers (he didn’t know what they were called, really, except they were nice looking) and pays the lady. He grins to himself and continues walking, heading towards the tallest building he can see.

    Step 2: Get to the building
    Tim walks along the sidewalk for a few more blocks. He’s looking at the flowers, and lost in his head—proud of himself, right now. He’s not really paying attention as he walks, and so as he gets to the next street corner, a man, running as fast as he can, runs into Tim and falls, as if the man had run into a brick wall. Tim’s fine. The flowers are crushed. Tim looks over to the guy—carrying a purse with a broken shoulder-strap. Tim looks up. He sees a lady shouting a block away. Putting two and two together, Tim gladly punches the guy once and takes the purse back to its owner.

    Step 1: Get more flowers
    Tim tosses the ruined flowers in the trash and goes back to the flower-stand. He buys more flowers… and now is out of cash. He has to make these count.

    Step 2: Get to the building
    Flowers in hand, he starts heading that way once more. This time, his walk is very peaceful—up until he gets just a few blocks away from the building. He hears sirens and gunshots.
    ”Ya gotta be kiddin’ me!” He puts his headband on real quick, but hangs on tight to those flowers.

    Aegis: The Invincible, Step 2.5
    Aegis sprints as fast as he can to intercept those sirens—and he can run pretty fast. He avoids people by leaping onto the nearby rooftops and running from building to building. He ends up some distance away, perched on the edge of a rooftop. He can see a big truck with a nasty grill-guard hurling down the street, bashing cars out of its way. A guy is leaning out of the passenger window, taking shots at the two cop cars behind them.

    Tim narrows his eyes. ”Now that ain’t cool.” He then leaps down into the middle of the street, positioning himself directly in the path of the incoming truck.

    The driver of the truck laughs and says “Look at that dumb-ass! We’re gonna turn him into road-kill.”

    Tim grins wildly and braces for the truck. BOOM! As the truck hits him, Aegis manages to stop it, digging his feet into the asphalt. However, in his excitement to stop the truck, Aegis loosened his grip on the flowers—and the bouquet exploded back, flowers flying up into the air. Aegis’s eyes widened, he tilts his head back and manages to snatch a single falling flower in his teeth. Everything else? Ruined.

    Aegis narrows his eyes and smashes the hood of the car, making sure that engine wouldn’t run anymore. The guys inside are already unconscious from the wreck. Aegis leaps up onto some more rooftops before the cops start asking questions.

    He finally makes his way to the top of that building… one single flower remaining. He sits down on an AC unit and waits. He made a bunch of noise on the way over here. Maybe that’d increase the odds of her showing up before he had to get out of here.

    …Hopefully it wouldn’t be Pete showing up. That would require an explanation he’s not ready for.

    Step 3: Wait

    As Tim sits there, he thinks about the last time he ran into Kara. They'd teamed up before on several occasions-- he'd given their team-up the name "Beauty and the Beast"-- not to mention the fact that she was Pete's cousin. o Tim had known her for awhile. But it wasn't until their last team-up that Tim got all gooey-eyed for her.

    They'd been fighting the Rhinoceros along with the Shocker. Normally these were Pete's bad guys, but he was tied up. Aegis took the Rhino and Supergirl took the Shocker. It was a hell of a fight. Now, you may be wondering how this is romantic in any way. Well, at one point in the fight, they switched enemies. As Tim was thrashing the Shocker, he saw Kara uppercut Rhino at least four stories up. He felt some butterflies seeing that.

    When all was said and done, and those clowns were on their way to Arkham Asylum, Kara said this to Tim, "You know, I like teaming up with you. You always make it fun. We should do it again sometime." And she kissed him on the cheek.

    For a man who'd been hit with tank rounds, bazookas, and fifty ninjas at once (don't ask), his chest had never been hit as hard in his entire life. It was over. Tim 0 - Kara Infinity.

    And that led him to now... waiting on the AC unit with a single flower.

    "I overheard someone talk about a guy charging a truck and I instantly knew it was you."

    Tim looks up and back, and sees the one and only Supergirl. He grins a huge grin, "Yeah. I definitely got a style goin' on."

    Step 4: Make a Move

    She chuckles and floats down to join him. "So, what are you doing up here? Are you here for more "Beauty and the Beast" team-up action?" She said, mimicking his voice.

    He laughs and shakes his head, "Well naw... I mean-- sorta. I was hopin' that instead of costumes and criminals we do somethin' like dinner and drinks." He runs a hand through his hair. "What I'm sayin is--" She's giggling at this point, "Come on out with me cause I think you're the best damn thing ever." He now presents the surviving flower.

    She takes it, sniffs it, and looks up at him with a smile. "Okay. Make some plans and call me. I'll show up without the spandex if you show up without the headband." Both a pair of workaholics, it seems. She gives him another kiss on the cheek-- which he'll internally brag about for the next week)-- and whispers: "You're a sweet guy, Tim." She stands up and starts to float up into the air. "I have to go now, though. I hear some sirens." And she would... super-senses. "Talk to you soon."

    "You can count on it, darlin'," he says, a big dumb smile on his face.

    They then part ways, Tim leaping from building to building and Kara flying off like a fighter jet. Not everyone gets to fly.

    And end of scene. Sojobo, feel free to use any and all of this as future ammunition against me in the main plot.
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    Default Re: Sojoboverse Freeform Thread

    Someone; Somewhere, Sometime Ago

    He opened his eyes.

    Bad idea. He shut them again. Oooh, what a doozy; like he'd drank half of the tequila in Tequila, after running around the world a few laps. While listening to the wife yell at him the entire time.

    A grin split his lips. Maybe not that bad.

    He tried opening his eyes again, with great success.

    Standing there, with a boot on his chest and a rifle pointed between his eyes, was... oh, crap, now he remembered.

    "You know, kiddo, I really didn't expect a bazooka," he said, grimacing. "What is the Bat teaching you nowadays..."

    The boot pressed down harder; his cracked ribs made the pressure excruciating. The barrel of the rifle was pressed right against his skull. Despite the pain, the man kept grinning.

    Then, "The question is... what did he decide not to teach me? And I don't work for him anymore. I work for someone else, now... and so will you."

    The man snorted, and giggled. "You've gotta be joking..."

    "Yeah. And here's the punchline."

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    Default Re: Sojoboverse Freeform Thread


    "Are you ready?"

    "Yeah, once I'm done putting on my new suit... there, how's it look?"

    "Darlin', ya look like puke."

    "Do I see the green eyed jealousy monster rearing its head? And ooh, what beautiful green eyes it has, I could just lose myself in them..."

    "That's right, get closer, freak, see what good it'll do ya..."

    "Both of you, shut up!"

    "Or what, hmmm? You gonna blow us up again with your fancy toys? Listen, boy, don't think you can... ahhhhhHHHh-!"

    "Don't think the gifts you received don't have weaknesses... and I know what they are. So. I'll ask again. Are you ready?"



    "Good. Then lets be bad guys."
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    Default Re: Sojoboverse Freeform Thread

    Adrien Chenkov - A Shameful Secret

    His roommate was currently at classes; he had arranged his schedule so that he had an extra hour to sleep in. Or rather, to do whatever he liked.

    His plans were carefully laid out, precisely planned down to the last second. Creeping out of his bed, Adrien reaches under his mattress, and pulls out the most shameful thing he owns. A CD case, its contents burned off the internet. He checks his room once more, making sure that its empty. He listens carefully to the air around him; from what he can tell, so is the hallway.

    He moves to his computer, one that the school let him use. And with shaky hands, inserts the CD. His one weakness. His hidden shame. And he'd be damned if anybody found out about it.

    In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway american dream...

    He indulges himself, pumps up the volume; even tries(and fails) to play air guitar. His head bobs to the beat, lips curled over his teeth and his eyes closed-all the better to enjoy the music...

    Then he hears the door click, and opening his eyes in a flash, rapidly x's out of the program, switching to a piece by Chopin.

    "Hey," he says, trying to sound casual. "you're back early."

    "We had a test. It was really easy."

    He pauses, listening to Adrien's music. And shakes his head in shame.

    "Really, Adrien. You need to get some better music."
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