So, I'm going to be creating a game on the boards, but it's going to be a no full casters game. Some of you will likely recognize where this comes from.

Anyways, Runes of Power:

There are those that may dedicate their lives to a single person, giving up one of their own attributes to empower another. These people are known as Dedicates. Dedicates may only ever give one attribute, and forever lose that attribute.

In return, those granted these attributes gain the power of their Dedicates and become truly mighty warriors.

The link between Dedicate and warrior cannot be severed save for the death of one or the other.

Attributes are passed through the use of foricbles, a device made of bloodmetal that resembles nothing so much as a branding iron. Each forcible may only be used once, and only for the rune that the forcible bears.

Bloodmetal is found under the ground of battlefields, where blood has spilled for years and soaked the ground. Eventually, the collected iron in the blood becomes enough to mine.

Major Dedications:
After a major dedication is given, the Dedicate is reduced to such a state that he must be taken care of by others, else he dies from his own infirmities.
Brawn: Grants + to str based off of the dedicates Str bonus. IE: +1 for 11-12 Str of the Dedicate. Dedicate becomes Str 0.
Grace: Grants + to dex based off of the dedicates Dex bonus. IE: +1 for 11-12 Dex of the dedicate. Dedicate becomes Dex 0.
Wit: Grants +1 to all knowledge skills and int checks to recall. Adds to bardic lore checks. Dedicate must have at least a 14 Int. Dedicate becomes Int 0.
Metabolism: Speeds up the body. Dedicate must have at least a 16 Con. Halves resting requirements. 4 hr/2hr/1hr. Dedicate is put into a coma, and will never age but never awaken.
Stamina: + to con based off of the Dedicates Con. IE: +1 for every point over 10 Con of the Dedicate. Dedicate becomes Con 1, with 1 hit point. All fortitude saves take a -20 Penalty, 20 does not autosave.

Minor Dedications:
Minor Dedicates may still live their lives, though they have lost something of themselves.
Glamor: Increases looks. +2 bonus per Dedicate to dealing with anyone attracted to your sex. Dedicate must have 14 Cha or higher. -2 to Disguise per Dedicate. Dedicate becomes ugly to the point of repulsion.
Voice: Increases speech. +2 Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate. Dedicate must have a 14 or higher Cha. Dedicate becomes mute.
Sight: Takes the spot and search skill ranks of the Dedicate and gives them to you, minus 4. IE: Dedicate has 8 ranks in spot, 7 in search. You get +4 to spot, +3 to search. Dedicate becomes blind
Hearing: Takes the listen and move silently skill of your Dedicate and gives them to you, minus 4. Dedicate becomes deaf.
Smell: Gives you the sense of smell of your dedicate. 10 Dedicates gives you the Scent(ex) ability, or 1 Dedicate with the Scent ability gives it to you. Dedicate loses the ability to smell.

High Dedicate numbers.
Warrior of Unfortunate Proportion: A warrior with too much brawn might find his body torn apart, as his bodies health is not strong enough to support his own muscles. For every five points that Brawn is higher than Grace and Stamina, the warrior takes one point of damage when using his enhanced Brawn. IE: Brawn +8, Grace +3, Stamina +2. Brawn is 5 higher than Grace and 6 higher than Stamina. Anytime he uses his increased strength, he takes 2 points of damage.

Brawn: The body becomes so strong it shrugs off minor attacks. For every ten points of Brawn dedicated to the warrior, he gains DR 1/-.

Grace: The body has an effortless movement to it. For every ten points of Grace dedicated to the warrior, he rerolls all dex checks of Grace/10, rounded down.

Metabolism: To the warrior, everyone around him begins to stand still, as his body lives faster than normal. Every two Metabolism Dedicates doubles your aging. The warrior gains the following abilities.
4: Spring Attack and all prereq feats
8: You may Full Attack during a Spring Attack action
12: Permanently under the effects of a Haste spell. Metabolism effects of haste are considered untyped and stack.
16: 2x Haste
20: 3x Haste

Stamina: The body holds itself together and heals at amazing rates. For every ten points of Dedicated Stamina, you gain Fast Healing of 1.

So, thoughts?