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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Cool Stuff I've Done (Contact me for more info):
    -Proficiency in all skills and have expertise in 16 @ 13th
    -Have 5 companions to yourself @ 20th: Vhuman (MI:FF), Shadow Sorcerer, Beastmaster, etc.
    -Run at Mach 3.175+ @ 20th
    -Highest damage @ 3

    Spoiler: Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by RumoCrytuf View Post
    Yes...keep thinking that... your doing absolutely fine...
    Quote Originally Posted by Meirnon View Post
    Bah, it's just cookiethulhu brand. Insanely delicious.
    Quote Originally Posted by One Step Two View Post
    Wait, are you telling us that he killed himself with his own Nat 20?
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    Extended Signature

    Co-Creator of the Fastest Character in 5e at Mach 3.175 (SR-71)!
    (Maybe 6.5 (X-15), or even 12.7 (1.33 saturn V's)! It's still debatable)

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    My constantly changing list of active characters:

    RIP the rest
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: Op Awards

    Iron Chef:
    XL: The Cockroach -- Silver
    XLVII: Judge Bitterbeard of the Non-Seelie Court -- Gold
    LI: Sonny Blaze -- Bronze (Tied)
    LX: Maenigo Antoya -- Gold
    LXIII: Vedo D'Nigh -- Gold
    LXXVIII: Voci Causam -- Silver (Tied)
    LXXIX: Wee Sal the Weasel -- Silver
    LXXX: Who'dat Agin -- Silver
    LXXXV: The Quiet One -- Gold

    Honorable Mention:
    XLII: Mortumdal (5th)
    LVIII: Anh the Houseless (4th)

    Junkyard Wars:
    IV: Briar Rose...or...Weeping Beauty (GOLD)
    VI: Bael-Ver (The Guardian of Peace) (SILVER)
    VII: The Bump in the Night (GOLD)
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Currently playing:

    D&D 3.5

    Memories of Evil: OOC/IC

    The Return of Magic: OOC/IC

    Through the Gates: OOC/IC


    Don't Look Back: OOC/IC

    Riddle me this: How am I a frickin' paladin of all things when at least four or five of my answers were ones obviously related to arcane magic?

    Spoiler: Funny quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by Zombulian View Post
    The Far Realms care not for your petty sense of normalcy
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    A great meta example is right here! My comment had +1 to understanding, hamishspence's comment gave a +5 to understanding, and then Douglas chipped in +4 to understanding. So even though all three posts answered the question, and even though Douglas' reply came after hamishspence's, they don't stack, because they are all the same "type" (in this case, they give the same information, just varying levels of detail). Your understanding is now +5, not +10.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kish View Post
    I'll tell you right now, if anyone asked me whether I thought they should wear a ballista on their head, I'm pretty sure I'd say "no."
    Quote Originally Posted by Jormengand View Post
    How about a beguiler with levels in beguiler and five levels in scarlet corsair to get the scourge of the seas class feature, with the scourge of the seas feat, the vampire, savage vampire, savage vampire, savage and vampire lord creature templates?

    So it's a beguiler beguiler savage savage vampire savage vampire vampire lord scourge of the seas scourge of the seas?

    You can also have a dragon dragon dragon disciple dragon shaman purple dragon knight dragon descendant dragon ascendant dragon totem lorekeeper or a knight annointed knight mystic fire knight knight of the raven eldritch knight ruby knight vindicator knight of the lily knight of the sacred seal ruby rose knight knight of the chalice bone knight triadic knight knight of the iron glacier knight of the rose knight of the thorn vengeance knight darksong knight knight of the chalice knight of the skull thayan knight knight platinum knight knight protector knight of the crown knight of the flying hunt knight of tyr's holy judgment vengeance knight knight of the blue moon purple dragon knight knight of the pearl ascetic knight knight of the sword knight-errant of silverymoon... look, there are a lot of knights and I'm not going to list them all, plus you probably fall horribly in half of them by this point.

    You can also be a shadow sun ninja ninja ninja spy ninja of the crescent moon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nifft View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by The Blade Wolf View Post
    *Waves from library where I had been studying to understand your reasoning*
    *Particles from my ivory tower*
    Quote Originally Posted by Random Sanity View Post
    Ah yes, Ropers. The offspring of Indiana Jones and a petrified tree.
    Quote Originally Posted by woweedd View Post
    Bit late, my friend. That ship has sailed, circled the globe, and come back into port laden with spices from far-off lands.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grod_The_Giant View Post
    This just in, [option being discussed] isn't as powerful as [the most powerful options in the game]! [Build] loses out to Tier-1 persistomancy! News at 11!
    Quote Originally Posted by jere7my View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Kish View Post
    That's inaccurate. If someone predicts that you'll be eaten by giant snails, what are the odds that it's right?

    Hint: Not 50%.
    It's closer to 85%, I'm afraid. But that news might not have gotten widespread media coverage yet.

    Spoiler: Praise I got

    Quote Originally Posted by Quibbilcious View Post
    Wow, you worked in every pun you could there.

    Take a bow, you've earned it.


    Quote Originally Posted by 8BitNinja View Post
    This should have been on the cover of the Belkar short story.

    Spoiler: Gaming quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by Waker View Post
    Just because you alter the narrative a bit doesn't mean that Gygax is going to leap from his grave and inflict an XP penalty on you.

    Spoiler: About OotS
    Quote Originally Posted by factotum View Post
    Well, it's not that if you use the correct definition, but don't forget that the *Internet* definition of a deus ex machina is "Any unexpected plot development I don't like".
    Quote Originally Posted by Mandor View Post
    But I bet there's a number of people who are quite content to just see where the story goes, instead of wanting it shaped to their view.
    Quote Originally Posted by MaverickMopete View Post
    And now, the Order of the Stick has to face the one type of foe they're not ready for: A competent one.

    Spoiler: Awesome quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by GreatWyrmGold View Post
    Sometimes, I really hate humanity. They keep proving that they just aren't worth the effort to keep an eye on, that for every virtuous mortal eager to risk it all to lay one more brick so the tower of human progress can be that much taller there is a horde equally eager to knock those bricks off the tower to hear the noise it makes when it hits the ground, or willing to do so out of sheer apathy.
    But in the end, it's still worth it. Someone's going to catch that brick and put it back in its place. The tower will climb ever higher. Humanity is beautiful, if a bit stained. That's why I'm still Good.
    Quote Originally Posted by NihhusHuotAliro View Post
    Durkon isn't a spectator in his life just because he's not always the center of attention. One can have many roles at many points in life. People and dwarves are social animals.

    Without the men who worked the off-stage microphones, Rocky would have been a silent movie. Without the citizenry, a nation is nothing. Without someone to make the tools and dig the marble from the Earth, there is no Michelangelo's David.

    Humility doesn't make you think less of yourself, it helps you thinks less about yourself. There are other, valid things on which one can focus, things that are not "me".

    So shut up, you parasitic soul-snatcher, because you aren't alive and never will be. You don't understand life at all. You're a mirror to it, but mirrors get everything backwards.
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    Most of my old signature has been moved to the new extended signature.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Take a step back, and look at what kind of nonsense 3.5 charop can produce.

    Quote Originally Posted by "Difference between Batman and God" thread
    Can someone explain the philosophical and practical differences between these two wizards?
    Quote Originally Posted by Lagren
    Stuffing a swarm of enrapturing insects inside yourself is a neat trick. (+0.5)
    VC XV, The horsemen are drawing nearer: The Alien and the Omen (part 1 and part 2).
    VC XVI, Burn baby burn:Nero
    VC XVIII, This is Heresy! Torquemada
    VC XX, Elder Evil: Henry Bowyer

    And a repository of deliciously absurd sentences produced by maddened optimisers in my extended signature

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    What Class/Race/Alignment are you Quiz Im a Lawful Evil Human Wizard
    Fight my brute!
    Spoiler: Praise I have received

    Quote Originally Posted by BananaNomNom View Post

    Spoiler: Best quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by Flickerdart View Post
    57. I needed the experience points.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarVecna
    Welcome to epic optimization. Everything's made up and the stats don't matter. *Said through skype*
    Quote Originally Posted by LastCenturion View Post
    hgeadsmashg in 3... 2..b 1...n
    6e gtfrr54t b3wws bj67y hjnu.;n b

    back to nose. capital letters arew/ capds loccjk.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xanyo
    My character got smitten by Raw, god of rules. *Said through skype*
    Quote Originally Posted by Aurosman View Post
    Spectral hand is my favorite right now. Just imagine a hand slowly moving toward an enemy and then bitch slapping it in the face causing who knows what touch spell you are using with it.

    Spoiler: Rise of Ants PC

    Health 10 0 damage taken
    Attack 8 (Modifiers: +1 Steel Spiked Armor)
    Armor 6 (Modifiers: +4 Steel Spiked Armor, +3 Flame Cloak and +1 Byakugan)
    Skill 1
    Power 1
    Fear 3
    Surprise 3
    Ruthless Efficiency 4
    Almost Fanatical Devotion to the Pope 3
    Nice Red Uniforms 4
    *Modifiers are not included in stats as the stats given are base stats

    Gear: Steel Spiked armor (+4 Armor, +1 Offense, critical failures)
    Spoiler: Unique Abilities
    Echolocation: Can detect things around via sound

    Byakugan: The Hero gains +1 Armor per Skill by using their 360 Degree Tremorsense. This does not replace their vision, and so their heat sense is still active. This ability does not detect silent images, though illusions incorporating sound may manage to fool it. Sound waves may echo around corners and so too does this sense. Xankz can see as far as 60 ant lengths distance.
    Assuming Black Garden Ants average size of 0.6 cm, this would mean he can see 36cm distance with this.

    78% of DM's started their first campaign in a tavern. If you're one of the 22% that didn't, copy and paste this into your signature.
    I started on a solo campaign with my player being knocked into a river, getting amnesia and having his gear looted (He wanted me to go hard on him)

    No, my username is not about flapper, mine is making fun of flappybird and minecraft
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    I'm here to honor a series I grew up on, and still love dearly to this day.

    Even though GT and Super suck.
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    We're all adults here, so let's stop acting like schoolyard bullies.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    "Let's Get This Straight, YOU'RE The Sidekick!" a Mutants and Masterminds Campaign Journal.
    "Murder, Lies and Civic Duty." a Pathfinder Campaign Journal.
    "Another Day, Another Dollar." a Shadowrun Campaign Journal
    "Ascension" a Shadowrun Campaign Journal
    "Desperate Men, Desperate Measures." a Star Wars SE Campaign Journal

    I also sculpt.
    Quote Originally Posted by Winter_Wolf View Post
    At least we can say Kid Jake has style. And possibly is insane.
    My Campaign Journals

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Current avatar (Vitruvian Stickman) by linklele.
    Jedi Exile avatar by Bradakhan.

    Dream of the Endless avatar by linklele.

    Currently playing:
    A Changing Of The Guard (Masks: A New Generation) as Gatekeeper [IC] [OOC]
    Leviathan (The Sprawl) as "Peregrine" [IC] [OOC]
    Lots of video games! I'm Dirigibalistic on Steam and Xbox Live.

    RPGs Owned:
    D&D 5e (PHB, DMG, MM, Curse of Strahd, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, The Rise of Tiamat)
    Masks: A New Generation (everything)
    Headspace (ditto)
    Star Wars D20 Revised (core rulebook)

    My Personal Forum Rules:
    1. Read, read again, think, then post.
    2. Don't be a jerk... unless they really deserve it.
    3. Above all else, to thine own self be true never take yourself too seriously.
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    I have an extended signature now. God knows why.
    Quote Originally Posted by Psyren View Post
    What this guy said.

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    And now, a word from our sponsor.

    A crafty young bard named McMahon,
    whose poetry never would scan,
    once said, with a pause,
    “It's probably because
    I'm always trying to cram as many extra syllables into the last line as I possibly can.”

    This message was brought to you by Coca-Cola.
    And now, a word from our sponsor.

    A crafty young bard named McMahon,
    whose poetry never would scan,
    once said, with a pause,
    “It's probably because
    I'm always trying to cram as many extra syllables into the last line as I possibly can.”

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    Extended sig.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    we can show to admin forum
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    Well, here is a list of my stuff:
    Infinity Loops, and Other Tricks
    Nexus Characters
    Spoiler: Games Playing

    Playing as Yalia Astley in Holidays in Astroya. OOC || IC

    DM Registry
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    The Sunless Citadel
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    Civilization Building Campaign: Recruitment Thread || OOC Thread || IC Thread

    Spoiler: Want to Play Sometime

    Nexus Characters

    Spoiler: Useful Resources

    X stat to Y bonus
    The 3.5 Archives (Wizards) Note: If you find an old post with a link to wizards remember to replace the www. with archive.

    Prestige Class Contest Stuff

    Current Chat Thread
    Old Submission Threads:

    Old Voting Threads:

    Spoiler: Random Song lyric

    "It is not heresy, and I will not recant."

    "Empty spaces, what are we living for?
    Abandoned places, I guess we know there's more"

    "Don't want to let you down,
    But I am, hell bound..."

    Spoiler: Easydamus

    Chaotic Good Human Wizard (4th Level)

    Ability Scores:
    Strength- 13
    Dexterity- 17
    Constitution- 13
    Intelligence- 16
    Wisdom- 12
    Charisma- 15

    Chaotic Good- A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society. Chaotic good is the best alignment you can be because it combines a good heart with a free spirit. However, chaotic good can be a dangerous alignment when it disrupts the order of society and punishes those who do well for themselves.

    Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

    Wizards- Wizards are arcane spellcasters who depend on intensive study to create their magic. To wizards, magic is not a talent but a difficult, rewarding art. When they are prepared for battle, wizards can use their spells to devastating effect. When caught by surprise, they are vulnerable. The wizard's strength is her spells, everything else is secondary. She learns new spells as she experiments and grows in experience, and she can also learn them from other wizards. In addition, over time a wizard learns to manipulate her spells so they go farther, work better, or are improved in some other way. A wizard can call a familiar- a small, magical, animal companion that serves her. With a high Intelligence, wizards are capable of casting very high levels of spells.

    Warning: Never wish for Peach trees

    Quote Originally Posted by The Joker
    “You know what I noticed? Nobody panics when things go ‘according to plan.’ Even if the plan is horrifying. If tomorrow I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot or a truckload of soldiers will be blowing up, nobody panics because it's all part of the plan. But when I say that one little old mayor will die...well, then everyone loses their minds.”
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Wow. I am surprised that I am already needing one of these. Lets just cut the chat and get to the good stuff

    Spoiler: AVATARS
    This great Avatar is by Linklele

    Spoiler: QUOTES
    Quote Originally Posted by javcs View Post
    Option 1: A wizard did it.

    Option 2: You're an extremely disturbed Epic Illithid Savant
    Quote Originally Posted by Luccan View Post
    anything can be accomplished with enough murder in 3.X
    Quote Originally Posted by Calthropstu View Post
    I am now envisioning 5 dead wolves with their heads cut off placed around some guy limbs and head.
    Quote Originally Posted by Malapterus View Post
    Enlarge Person is only good for getting stuff off the top shelf
    Quote Originally Posted by GreatWyrmGold View Post
    "Dammit, this random guy keeps sending me souls and asking for efreet. Well...he's trying, and I gotta say, he's going all-out with these ceremonies. What the heck, I can spare a guy."
    Quote Originally Posted by ExLibrisMortis View Post
    Confirming that levitating baboons can definitely quad-wield scimitars is a worthy use of a master's degree .

    None yet

    Thats it for now. Tune in next Saturday at 10 for Episode 12: Gary-a-tron-rex
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    Muad'drin tia dar allende caba'drin rhiadem! Los Valdar Cuebiyari! Los! Carai an Caldazar! Al Caldazar!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Cats View Post
    Oh wadda you know Gary, you're just a baby.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jormengand View Post
    Yes, but immunity to wizard and resistance to fighter kinda makes up for it.
    Quote Originally Posted by daremetoidareyo View Post
    It's all fun and games until you encounter the roc weremegalodon

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: Prior Games (Player)

    Game DM Character Build First Post Last Post Duration Players
    Jafnan Vándr (OOC) BelGareth Auðr VII Folkunge Druid 7 01 Apr 2017 19 Dec 2017 8 Months 18 Days Lightning Fast (26), TankLaser007 (25), whoiam (20), DrK (19), Autopsibiofeeder (18), Archer the Cat (13), CrystalMists (3)
    USS Von Klitzing (OOC) Sir Shameful Lt. Commander T'Loran III Experienced Vulan Science Officer 30 Sep 2017 11 Nov 2017 1 Months 12 Days EarthenRite (18), spinningdice (14), Squadfather42 (14), Ascension (13), Anyr (9), whoiam (8)
    USS Bernard: Mission to Corachaidd (OOC) More of That Commander T'Loran II Experienced Science Track Vulcan 08 Sep 2017 13 Sep 2017 5 Days Squadfather42 (6), EarthenRite (5), whoiam (3), Lexiconjurer (3)
    Broken Mould (OOC) Miraqariftsky Eos Eta Adeptus Mechanicus / Forge World Sage 25 Jun 2017 23 Jul 2017 28 Days whoiam (5), Ionbound (2), Checkmate-Pony (2), DukeGod (2), Morovir (1)
    At the Edge of Humanity and In Search of Humanity
    ~Corvus~ Alala Centaur (4+2LA) Half-Celestial (+4LA) // Warblade 10 14 Sep 2015 24 Jun 2017 1 Year 9 Months 10 Days whoiam (179), Stegyre (144), Swami Monsoon (120), Nyarai (101), Silver Night (95), blackwind1kaze (77), darklink_shadow (37), Incendius (15), Realms of Chaos (15)
    Playground Rebels (OOC) Mando Knight Eponah Aven II Twi'Lekk Noble 2/Scout 2/Scoundrel 1 05 Jan 2017 26 Mar 2017 2 Months 21 Days Thundercracker (26), whoiam (22), robnar (18), Philistine (15), Volthawk (2)
    Beyond Bubonic (OOC) Tsunamiatunzen1 Aislinn Elan Erudite 5 02 May 2015 10 Mar 2017 1 Year 10 Months 8 Days TaiLiu (246), whoiam (224), General Patton (138), caesar193 (133), Novabomb (56), Necroticplague (53), Ridai (25), JrimReaper (22), razorback (21), PersonMan (3), tonberryking (3)
    Dragondoom (OOC) LittleCarp04 Sebi Nin II Ratfolk Wizard? (Sheet wiped by Mythweavers crash) 18 Dec 2016 24 Jan 2017 1 Months 6 Days MesiDoomstalker (18), Ceralune (17), oono (14), HappyMerecat (13), whoiam (9), Fearan (8)
    Seven Voyages of the Fearless: First Voyage, In Fire and Ashes (OOC) Pol Detson Nev Raven Artificer/Wizard? (Sheet wiped by Mythweavers crash) 22 Nov 2016 27 Dec 2016 1 Months 5 Days dascarletm (22), whoiam (15), Silver Night (15), Mousedigits (12)
    The Dragon Master: Magic 101 (OOC) Durzan Hesi Arcanisstok Ixen Anhew di'wer Dian III Arbiter/Unknown Dragon 28 Aug 2016 19 Nov 2016 2 Months 22 Days whoiam (20), Mabn (15), Icilia (15), Ilena (12), Henry the 57th (11)
    The Dragonslayer's Legacy (OOC) Ridai Balein II Druid 10/Psion (Egoist) 10 13 Jun 2016 13 Nov 2016 5 Months MikelaC1 (93), Talore (76), gremlin-pult (64), whoiam (60), El'the Ellie (39), Debbie_D (17)
    A Light in the Black (OOC) Jewdebega Sofia Patel Greenhorn / Registered Companion 28 Sep 2016 16 Oct 2016 18 Days DoctorFaust (14), Space Lawyer (14), Q'telun (8), whoiam (5), coffeegoblin (5), AliceLost (5), AvatarVecna (2)
    You All WORK In An Inn (OOC) Dudeons Succour-of-Travellers Pure Sexy Succubus Maid 21 Aug 2016 30 Aug 2016 9 Days igordragonian (5), whoiam (5), Phobia (2), Pertenetator (2), Neil Crow (1)
    Galactic Mercenaries, Chapter 1: A New Beginning (OOC) Darth_Maximus Eve II Human Replica Droid Noble 1/Scoundrel 3 05 Feb 2016 15 Jun 2016 4 Months 10 Days Odentin (92), Thundercracker (82), whoiam (72), DataDancer (54), Lentrax (53), MichaelGoldclaw (39), treebeard25 (8)
    Through the Faerie Ring: Beneath Foreign Stars (OOC) DoctorGlock Alauniira'a IV Drow Domain Wizard (Transmutation) 4 19 Oct 2015 04 May 2016 6 Months 15 Days Jeff the Green (34), Nightraiderx (34), whoiam (32), senrath (24), EnglishLanguage (6), esorscher (2)
    The Crax (OOC) Jack_Simth Desssria III Catfolk Wizard (Diviner Scroll Scholar) // Bard / Tactician // Psion/Elocator 15 Mar 2016 17 Apr 2016 1 Months 2 Days Necroticplague (18), whoiam (15), Triskavanski (13), Nightraiderx (10), Maugan Ra (9), Matamane (6)
    Warriors of Mandalore Redux (OOC) Amazo Eponah Catharr Jedi 1 / Scoundrel 1 / Jedi 6 / Jedi Knight 4 10 Jan 2016 03 Mar 2016 1 Months 22 Days whoiam (18), Sir Grave (17), BananaPhone (14), LazyNinja (11), Tvrod (10), Greymoon (9), DoctorFaust (9), protheuz (8), AvatarVecna (7), jamaul13 (3)
    MAID: Attack on Loli (OOC) Anubis Dread Yelizaveta Durnovo Sexy Heroine Maid 01 Feb 2016 27 Feb 2016 26 Days whoiam (11), Quiver (10), Necroticplague (8), DoctorFaust (4)
    War Stories (OOC) Cardea Liselle d'Phiarlan II Psion (Telepath)/Bard 30 Nov 2015 15 Jan 2016 1 Months 16 Days bcool999 (7), whoiam (7), RPZip (5), Chambers (5), Aldurin (5), Ryuuk (4), rypt (3)
    Time of the Dragon (OOC) Virdish Hesi Arcanisstok Ixen Anhew di wer Dian II Riddled Gold Dragon Domain Wizard (Transmutation) 3 06 Oct 2015 21 Nov 2015 1 Months 15 Days GuesssWho (17), JonU (13), whoiam (11), Sønderjye (9), Nyarai (7), Draconium (6)
    Star Wars Dark Times (OOC) Samshiir Eve Human Replica Droid Scoundrel 3 23 Nov 2015 28 Nov 2015 5 Days Prehysterical (3), whoiam (3), mr1135 (3), DarthAngmarred (2)
    The Gates of Hell (OOC) Mousedigits Nustrilaa Xiloscient d'Phiarlan IV Bard 16/Cloistered Cleric 16/Wizard (Arcane Crafter) 5/Incantatrix 10/Archmage 1 12 Apr 2015 11 Sep 2015 4 Months 30 Days Rendel Nep (27), whoiam (24), Man on Fire (23), Breitheamh (18), Tempestfury (17)
    Monstercops (OOC) Illven Psalacantha III Nymph/Druid // Bard 12 24 Mar 2015 03 Aug 2015 4 Months 10 Days whoiam (63), MikelaC1 (44), supernerd (37), Jthw (33), Tempestfury (20), Ridai (13), Myllinnia (10)
    Living in a Fairy Tale (OOC) Nettlekid Liselle Catfolk Psion(Telepath) 9 06 May 2015 16 Jul 2015 2 Months 10 Days whoiam (27), Logain Ablar (25), 5a Violista (22), Book the Hero (22), Illven (16)
    Through the Faerie Ring (OOC) DoctorGlock Desssria II Catfolk Artificer 4 / Martial Rogue 4 28 Apr 2015 02 Jul 2015 2 Months 4 Days EdroGrimshell (17), JKTrickster (13), Nightraiderx (12), Drako_Beoulve (9), whoiam (9), Dread_Head (8), Illven (7), Defiant Element (6)
    Ancient Rome (with magic) (OOC) jodokast Auðr VI Druid 2 20 May 2015 10 Jun 2015 21 Days driftwood (17), Hypername (14), whoiam (11), Keledrath (4)
    Heavy Roleplaying (OOC) The Bandicoot Alauniira'a III Drow Cloistered Cleric 1 07 Apr 2015 20 May 2015 1 Months 13 Days wkwkwkwk1 (14), Vreejack (13), whoiam (12), DarkSetzer (9), evyldead (6)
    The Cyst: Monasteries and the Militant (OOC) byzantineblue Mamellek III Crusader / Cloistered Cleric 31 Mar 2015 16 Apr 2015 16 Days PurpleSocks (12), whoiam (12), Seharvepernfan (7), Sønderjye (6), Still_I_Rise (5), bcool999 (5)
    All the Time in the World v.2 (OOC) Nettlekid Desssria Catfolk Druid 21 16 Jan 2015 02 Mar 2015 1 Months 14 Days Deophaun (37), whoiam (32), DoctorGlock (30), Breitheamh (19), lonewolf1210 (17)
    The Tarot Murders (OOC) Xsesiv Woman Detective Inspector Anna Terry 02 Feb 2015 16 Feb 2015 14 Days whoiam (7), russdm (6), TerrickTerran (6), AvatarVecna (1)
    Dragons of the Chamber (OOC) lonewolf1210 Balein Silver Dragon / Bard 10 30 Dec 2014 11 Jan 2015 12 Days whoiam (2), RandomWombat (2)
    3.P Ultimate Dungeon Crawl: "Attale's Offer" Part 1 (OOC) AvatarVecna Nustrilaa Xiloscient d'Phiarlan III Paladin 3 / Inquisitor 3 / Monk 2 / Cleric 9 / Epic Hero 3 / Venerated Sage 5 // Wizard 5 / Incantatrix 10 / Archmage 5 / Veneficus Optima 5 04 Sep 2014 09 Dec 2014 3 Months 5 Days The Grue (26), Thokk_Smash (22), Gunhaven (16), Mousedigits (14), JBarca (14), Necroticplague (13), whoiam (13), MikelaC1 (12), Bluydee (10), Tempestfury (9)
    Fall of Zarus (OOC) THEChanger Ascent-of-Man Succubus/Bardic Sage 3 // Domain Wizard 7 / Abjurant Champion 4 22 Jul 2014 04 Dec 2014 4 Months 12 Days Silver Night (45), Vertharrad (40), Rendel Nep (37), whoiam (34), Prehysterical (26), Lord Bayushi (13)
    Star Trek: Shattered Stars (OOC) Grimtina Comander T'Loran Vulcan Ops Officer 03 Sep 2014 09 Sep 2014 6 Days firebrandtoluc (3), whoiam (2)
    A Little Bit Silly (OOC) Rendel Nep Miss Fluffles Awakened Dog Druid 22 Aug 2014 02 Sep 2014 11 Days darklink_shadow (6), TiaC (5), whoiam (3), NekoIncardine (3), Ellowryn (2), Keledrath (2), Neely (1)
    Island of the Sirens, The Pentallion (OOC) The Mad Hatter Audr V Druid 03 Aug 2014 14 Aug 2014 11 Days dextercorvia (5), whoiam (4), ImperatorV (2), Arutha (2), Dragonslayer495 (1)
    The Balance Shifts (OOC) rweird Psalacantha II Half-Celestial Phrenic Nymph/Epic Hero 3/Unmage 1 // Wizard 5/Ruathar 3/Incantatrix 4/Abjurant Champion 4/Archmage 4/Veneficus Optima 1 30 Jun 2013 24 Dec 2013 5 Months 24 Days Dunkoro (70), darklink_shadow (35), whoiam (33), greenpotato (27), GuyFawkes (24), smasher0404 (17), NekoIncardine (15), Gem_Knight (14), Ravanan (7), Derjuin (4), ginger ninja (3), AmberVael (3), Cogidubnus (1)
    A Plague on Dragonkind (OOC) rweird Hesi Arcanisstok Ixen Anhew di'wer Dian Riddled Gold Dragon 15 / Transmuter Domain Wizard (7)/Loremaster (5)/Archmage (3) 08 May 2013 05 Sep 2013 3 Months 28 Days Erik Vale (90), Silver Night (50), Plerumque (47), whoiam (46), cd4 (33), Thrice Dead Cat (28), al'Lan Mandrag (22), MichaelGoldclaw (18), ShadowFireLance (11)
    Credulitatis est Potentia (OOC) Mikhailangelo Sebi Nin Ratfolk Diviner (Foresight) 3 05 May 2013 20 May 2013 15 Days AaronGrimstone (28), Kamakiri (15), whoiam (12), NikolaTesla (11), Magatsu Izanagi (7), Rullett (2)
    100 Miles to the Empire (OOC) Eldan Audr IV Druid 4 // Cloistered Cleric 4 26 Mar 2013 07 Apr 2013 12 Days Quakes (3), whoiam (3), Raunchel (3), Shinovar (2), yugi24862 (2)
    Caligo in Chains Eldan Psalacantha Succubus 1 / Nymph 1 09 Nov 2012 25 Nov 2012 16 Days Zweanslord (15), whoiam (11), Matar (10), Volthawk (9), Togo (9), Niezck (8), huyneo (6)
    The Silver Hellstar THEChanger Alauniira'a II Drow Wizard (Domain Transmuter) 3 21 Oct 2012 21 Dec 2012 2 Months only1doug (26), Cymru am byth (23), ♠Spade♠ (21), BelGareth (16), whoiam (15), Sparrow (6), Lady Moreta (1)
    Knights of the Old Kingdom Simba Mamellek II Crusader/Cleric? 17 Jul 2012 15 Sep 2012 1 Months 29 Days Medic (22), razorback (22), Sliver (18), whoiam (15), Azoth (13), mrcarter11 (7), greenpotato (6)
    Call of the Wild THEChanger Ainariel Druid/Bard 06 Jun 2012 02 Aug 2012 1 Months 27 Days Fredaintdead (17), whoiam (14), Lix Lorn (12), Amakule (10), Wyntonian (9), The Crash Man (7)
    Dragondoom LittleCarp04 Nustrilaa d'Phiarlan II Wizard 05 Feb 2012 16 Jun 2012 4 Months 11 Days Mr. X (75), Daftendirekt (52), Calenestel (48), userpay (35), whoiam (31), Medic! (12)
    European Game Prendre Au∂r/Aislinn III Cloistered Cleric / Druid 27 Aug 2011 18 May 2012 8 Months 21 Days Burnheart (86), whoiam (50), SleepyBadger (44), Spyder_Cel (24), JollyChris (18), Seharvepernfan (16), Vladislav (8)
    Voyage of the Morningstar Eldan Renia Alo'Nevin III Half-Celestial Paladin/Favoured Soul/Psion? 15 Aug 2011 14 Mar 2012 6 Months 28 Days Togo (54), Matar (49), whoiam (48), Zweanslord (41), Volthawk (36), Niezck (20), drakir_nosslin (19), huyneo (13), Rauthiss (6)
    Something's Rotten Here FearlessGnome Alauniira'a Bard/Psion? 26 Dec 2011 20 Apr 2012 3 Months 25 Days Madara (99), McStabbington (59), Hashmir (49), Grishnakh (45), Really? (41), whoiam (32), GFawkes (32), cardrian (26), 3.1415926535897 (11)
    The Court of Lord Ho llamamushroom Lady Shu Fan Kezami II Freeform Noble 23 Oct 2011 01 Nov 2011 9 Days Tebryn (8), whoiam (6), WrathOfLife (4), nolispe (3), ThatLovin'Elan (2)
    Exploring Eberron Devmaar Edana 04 Mar 2011 04 Jun 2011 3 Months Grendus (50), Lady Moreta (50), Belthasar (50), whoiam (17), DoctorHobo (11)
    Illuminance Devmaar Alexis Druid? 25 Mar 2011 04 Jun 2011 2 Months 10 Days Lady Moreta (133), Belthasar (109), Grendus (99), DoctorHobo (69), zenanarchist (25), theblackorc (14), whoiam (8), JelloCat (3)
    Oceans of Legacy Realms of Chaos Audr II 21 Apr 2010 14 Dec 2010 7 Months 23 Days Lizard Lord (210), Ridai (146), Iun (121), whoiam (116), Forever Curious (103), Crixon (93), The Great Skenardo (84), Ernir (71), Tacitus (67), Eurus (62), Lyndworm (62), Jarian (31), M@XWeru (17), Tichrondrius (10)
    Dwaer Depths King Tius Nustrilaa Xiloscient d'Phiarlan Elf Wizard 06 Aug 2010 12 Nov 2010 3 Months 6 Days Wiz (58), EdroGrimshell (55), Yuki Akuma (35), CockroachTeaParty (32), whoiam (31), Cardea (30), Vizzerdrix (19), Dax Thura (4), Hat-Trick (2)
    To Gain the Spark industrious 'trix Psionic Custom Tyranid 07 Mar 2010 18 Jul 2010 4 Months 11 Days Barbarian MD (131), Ryuuk (121), AmberVael (92), shadowedsoul (68), whoiam (51)
    The Court of Lord Ho Scrapjack Lady Shu Fan Kezami Freeform Aristocrat 14 Oct 2010 23 Oct 2010 9 Days whoiam (34), blueboy (30), HalfTangible (27), Innis Cabal (26), Johel (21), WrathOfLife (20), Grim ranger (19), Thelonius (18), Aux-Ash (15), deathpigeon (11), ArcaneStomper (9), LongVin (7), Dorizzit (3)
    Kerluddein Revisited rrkkskrrk Renia II Cleric/Wizard? 17 Aug 2010 13 Oct 2010 1 Months 26 Days whoiam (10), Mando Knight (9), Sliver (9), Kris Strife (6), Jack_Simth (4)
    The Adventures of the Limping Lady Graybacca Epona 22 Aug 2010 19 Sep 2010 28 Days whoiam (15), Mo_the_Hawked (15), SuperCracker (15), Gamgee (10), Daisuke1133 (9), Reverent-One (6), bacon (6)
    Old Republic - After the War Frog Dragon Lierolla 02 Nov 2009 18 Sep 2010 10 Months 16 Days Squark (87), whoiam (51), Elves-as-People (40), pirateking89 (36), Gamgee (32), Lothmar (25), Jallorn (22), Vorastrix (5), Hollow One (5), calhexas (4)
    The Plague of the Marked Splodgey, Oslecamo Mamellek 17 Nov 2009 02 Aug 2010 8 Months 16 Days Eldariel (58), whoiam (57), Doctor Witch (56), Flying Dutchman (40), good_lookin_gus (29), Godskook (16), Archangelat (13)
    Kerluddein rrkkskrrk Renia Cleric/Psion? 27 Sep 2009 07 Jul 2010 9 Months 10 Days Jack_Simth (152), Kris Strife (116), Mando Knight (100), Sliver (82), whoiam (69), MikelaC (45), King Tius (29), CullinaneLives (27), gigz (16), monty (11), Marillion (10), MeklorIlavator (2), Kobold-Bard (2), sidhe_blooded (1)
    Island Exploration - The Undiscovered Country Arcanous Audr/Aislinn Cleric? 12 Feb 2010 03 Mar 2010 19 Days Krennel (29), Jokes (22), Freshmeat (14), whoiam (14), jojolagger (14), BobElliot (3), dara (1)

    Spoiler: Prior Games (DM)

    Game OOC Players First Post Last Post Duration
    Closing the Gates of Hell kenmotar (8), TriumphantHero (5), Theoboldi (4), Lexin (4), BelGareth (4), Medic! (3) 1 Dec 2012 9 Jan 2013 1 Month
    Deadly Shadows ArcanistSupreme (17), bigstipidfighte (14), Steward (8), Theoboldi (7) 10 Aug 2011 26 Aug 2011 <1 Month
    The Galactic Opera Binks (3), daelrog (2), LongVin (1), Carden (1) 24 July 2010 11 Aug 2010 <1 Month
    Follow the Gold Barbarian MD (77), Jack_Simth (57), appending_doom (56), industrious (52), Hashmir (49), The DM (20), tonberryking (20), 4is111 (16) 6 Nov 2009 28 April 2010 5 Months
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