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    Default Fist Full of Punches: The Repost!

    I told all of you several months before that I started working with Cracklord on a massive crossover roleplaying setting meant mostly for a modified BECMI, well for the BEC part any way. It combines the Dresden Files, Hellboy, Hellsing, the Buffyverse, the Evil Dead franchicse and Big Trouble in Little China. This is of course a collaborative effort and I'd apreciate any help I get. So here it is, at least the introduction, again.

    Fist Full of Punches*
    *Until I can think up a better name.

    The begining:

    When the Creator formed the multiverse six orders of immortal beings were forged into into existance. They were the Angelic Host, the Spirits of the Summer, the Winter and the Wild, and the Keepers of the Night Sky and the Lords from Beyond the Stars.

    Unfortunately one of these creatures, most likely from among the Hosts, turned against his brethren in malice and jealousy. He perverted their disagreements into distrust, distrust into paranoia and paranoia into hatred. They begin to fight amongst each other along sectarian lines. Hosts, Summer fae, Winter fae, Wild fae, Keepers and the Star Lords begin an all out war.

    What should have been brotherly and sisterly love has now turned to ash. The Winter fae become petty, vicious and cruel. The House of Summer paradoxically became more withdrawn and more extreme in their measures and the Wild Court bestial and more like an amoral force of nature. The sheer horror of the First War in Heaven started the slow and inexorable slide towards madness among the Star Lords. Only the Hosts remained largely the same. Even so, some of them became more ruthless in their methodology.

    The offending middling Host was brought before his fellows and his Maker and put to death. Yet before he died he fixed his will to the hatred and malice sown in his brethren, then in humanity when evolved to this state. He is the First Evil.

    The Hosts are now simply known as the Angels and their Fallen and the Summer, Winter and Wild Spirits make up the fae Courts and their respective leaders, Tatiana, Mab and Der Erlking. The Keepers of the Night Sky serve as the Powers that Be. As for the Old Ones, while not all malicious or cruel towards humanity they are generally apathetic towards us instead or so consumed by their madness they are a threat to all things living near them.
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    Default Re: Fist Full of Punches: The Repost!

    When demons once ruled over the Earth and made it their Hell.

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    Default Re: Fist Full of Punches: The Repost!

    The "Good" Organizations

    This presents the most central and significant opposing forces of evil, as well as information on how they operate, what advantages and obstacles they can offer your players and details the significant NPC's tact as mentors, obstacles or the like.
    It explains their history, members, goals, where they have influence and current condition. This has two parts, organizations and races, and three principle parts for each organization. First, the background, detailing what the organization is and where it came from, what it wants and why. This includes other useful information, such as their policies regarding each other, and how much power they actually have (the game is only as dark as you choose, remember). Then, we will detail characters affiliated with these
    organizations, their goals and motivations, histories and personalities.
    Finally, we will detail stats and adventure hooks, as well as new items, technology and magic unique to that group.

    Not everyone in these organizations can been seen as good, many simply have enlightened self interest, are psychopaths on a short chain or stand against the dark, rather then for the light. Some believe they have an allowance to do despicable acts in the name of their cause that truly blurs the line between the two sides, while others may be so staunch in the dogma they cannot be compromised with and are just as dangerous to the players as their enemies.
    Within the organizations individuals in the actual membership vary greatly. They have different motivations, philosophies and personalities. Their priorities undoubtedly differ, as well as their actual devotion to the cause they claim to follow.

    The Slayer Organization formerly The Watchers Council

    History:As the Shadow Men - In the begining demons walked the earth and made it their own Hell. A group called the Shadow Men rose up to confront them and finally banish them. To this end this end they captured a young woman, infused her with demonic essence and unleashed her upon the demons of the world. She was the first Slayer, and the Shadow Men later bcame the Watchers.

    As the Watchers Council -

    As the Slayer Organization - After the Battle at the Hellmouth, the Scoobie Gang, led by Buffy, began to gather together as many of the newly wakened Slayers as possible and as willing. So they began to spread across the world, reaching as many of the 1,800 new Slayers asking them to join the fight against supernatural evil. Those who decline are allowed to go their seperate ways and the Slayers who enlisted are amung the world's finest vampire slayers.

    Motive and goals:


    Current leaders: Rupert Giles

    Buffy Anne Summers

    Faith Lehane

    Xander Harris

    Hellsing Institute

    History: In the year of our Lord 1897 a vampire lord named Count Dracula, who in life was the brutal tyrant Vlad Dracul IV, sailed to England. This was for conquest and revenge against God for, as Dracula himself put it, "Abandoning Romania and it's most God-fearing ruler, me, at the hour of our greatest need". At the same time Watcher Doctor Abraham van Helsing was also visting England searching for the next Slayer, Lucy Westenra. Dracula then landed at the shores of Whitby, after feeding off the crew of ship Demeter, and began attacking England with plague as part of his campaign of terror. He eventually converted Lucy Westenra to vampirism and killed her mother out of fright while in wolf form.

    This forced Dracula's former prisoner Jonathan Harker, his new wife Mina Harker, Dr. John Seward; Quincey Morris; and the Hon. Arthur Holmwood to join forces with Doctor Abraham van Helsing to slay Lucy and then Dracula himself. Yet before he is caught, Count Dracula feeds off of and infects Mina Harker with vampirism which she is only freed from by the efforts of Doctor van Helsing and Dracula's defeat, which costs the lives of Quincey Morris and one of Dr. Seward's patient's Renfield, who's head was crushed in after turning against his new master Dracula for misses Harker's sake. Having been battled and defeted by Doctor van Helsing, Dracula admits defeat but will not die and instead serves the Helsing (later Hellsing) family for years to come.

    In the decades that followed the van Helsing family began to conduct experiments on their hard earned prize. The procedures mutated Dracula from merely a powerful vampire into a nearly unstoppable and almost godlike creature, the eptiome of vampire kind, or at least the eptiome of one class of nosforatu. He thus became what he is know, a vampiric supersoldier for the Hellsing family and the English Crown. The Royal Order of Protestant Knights, or as it is better known, the Hellsing Institute, was born.

    During World War II Dracula, now known as Alucard, was unleashed upon Nazi Germany along with Walter C. Domez for the purpose of destroying the Third Riech's artifical vampire program Millienium. While Alucard and Walter managed to kill a large number of Millenium's solder they ultimately failed to destroy the organization its self. After the end of World War II Arthur Hellsing, then head of the Institute, determined that Alucard proved too dangerous a weapon to frequently use and had the ancient vampire lord sealed in the cellar of the Hellsing Manor. Alucard was unsealed years later by the spilt blood of then 12-year old Integra Hellsing in an attempt on her life by her uncle Richard. The No Life King rose from decades long prison and grappled Richard, allowing his new master, young mistress Intregra to shoot her treacherous uncle to death, thus becoming the leader of the Royal Order of Protestant Knights or simply the Hellsing Institute.

    Motive and goals:


    Current leader: Integra Wingates Hellsing

    White Council


    Motive and goals:


    Current leader: The Merlin, Arthur Langtry

    Gray Council


    Motive and goals:


    Current leader:

    Current leader: Ebenezer McCoy

    Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense

    History: In the closing months of 1944 Adolf Hitler and his inner circle became more desperate to hold on to what little chance of victory they had. So they turned toward Hitler's own obsession with the Occult, the Thule Society and a mysterious mystic, now known to have
    been Grigori Efimovich Rasputin. He worked along with Major Montana Max and Konrad von Wulfenback, in hopes of turning the tides of war to the Axis powers by use of the occult (in this case, one of many, demon summoning). This plan foiled by a team of US soldiers and Professor Trevor Bruttenholm on December 23rd of that same year. Professor Bruttenholm (pronounced Broom) adopted the demon youngling and named him Hellboy. Thus the BPRD was born. It has since grown to encompass many agents.

    Initially, the BPRD had the sole mission of fighting the Nazi's (and later, Russians) in the Occult war. They were eternally at a disadvantage, as the
    Nazi's were willing to go to lengths the BPRD refused to consider. With the exception of the Hellsing institute, that co-ordinate the same efforts, they found themselves for the most part loosing.

    Hitler was finally killed in 1964 by Sir Arthur Hellsing, ending the occult war. It was this time that the BPRD changed it's focus, becoming more interested in studying the occult and it's applications. Initially a small organization, it has since stretched to being one of America's larger secret service branches.

    The BPRD is really alose confederation of several groups, within the military, the secret service and the scientific community. As such, it has several
    conflicting goals, both research and standardization, defense, preemptive strikes, storage, and simple observation. What they focus on depends who
    sits in the director's chair more then any single, unifying policy.

    The BPRD are renowned in the occult world for their habit of restraining and containing 'specimens' for 'study'. These range from a few halfbreed demons and late generation vampires, to an Elder Thing discovered in Antarctica.

    Motive and goals: The goals of the BPRD are simple, one to defend the US and by extension the whole world from supernatural danger. Second, to study both the occult and superscience as a means of benefiting mankind. To this end the BPRD not only confronts and neutralizes occult threats but studies and deconstructs the occult and weird sciences alike.


    Headquarters: Conneticut. However, a significant portion is based in Washington and the Aircraft carrier Neptune's spear.
    Membership: The BPRD is willing to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone who can be of use to the organization. Mad scientists, demons, ancient necromancers and ordinary people all call the organization home. Due to it's range of goals, it employs beings with a range of talents, from paperwork to affinity with plants.
    Hierarchy: Fragmented and disjointed, as beyond the organization members answer to a variety of people, from a variety of organizations with a variety of people they answer to.
    Secrecy: Mixed. Like the CIA or FBI their existence is public knowledge, but the actual current missions and assets of the BPRD are
    strictly confidental. Doesn't mean that people don't find out about them any way, just that the BPRD tries to keep quiet.
    Current leader: Director Scott Manning


    History: The Catholic Church has always kept certain aspects of itself far from scrutiny, for a range of reasons, some less noble then others. The Thirteen sections were founded over the Church's existence each with a different governing purpose. The thirteenth section, named after the apostle Judas Iscariot, was created in response to Supernatural threat by Pope Leo in 568 AD. The sainted man knew they could never totally eradicate evil on evil's terms, so opted to change the rules. Taking priests who'd fallen further then most in the ravages of the Huns, whether in cruelty and madness or sorrow and despair, he found thirty volunteers he felt he could trust and shaped them into force of dedicated monster hunters, who wandered the Christian lands, fighting the supernatural wherever they found it, by any means necessary. The organization of today has little in common with it's predecessor, in both size, scale and influence.

    Motive and goals: The Iscariot's official mission is to battle the 7,405,926 demons of Hell. However this has come to mean total obliteration of all non-humans, and probably magic users as well. The definition of non-human is somewhat vague, or intentionally that way, as during the Crusades Middle-Easterns were exempt from human status as a matter of Church policy to justify the Crusades, and several argue that the total obliteration of heathens is the lengths the church should go to, a sentiment that a surprising number have sympathy to. As to the Church's official stance, Iscariot exists to deal with supernatural threats, nothing more, and has a formal treaty with other organizations, most of whom are glad not to have to deal with them unless strictly necessary.

    Organization: Fundamentally, the priests of the Iscariot are priests in name and sacerdotal function only. While they do keep many of their vows (such as celibacy), they have largely become violent fanatics and act like maniacs quite often out of their maddened fevor. By agreeing to join the organization, many of them have forfeited all right to Heaven whether they know it or not. The way they choose to serve God is to do as he has largely forbidden, simply for the fact that few men or women who have taken up arms in his name have not in some way become monsters. Sadly, to this date none of these still noble warriors for God have been found in Iscariot. Paladin Alexander Anderson being the closest thing to an exception. Obviously something is wrong with Iscariot. That said their reasons for doing this vary, but most feel that God made them killers for a reason, or that they have sinned to greatly to be easily be forgiven, if at all, and now the only way they can serve God is as a killer.

    Amongst the Occult, there is nothing so feared as the agents of the Iscariot. Each is a fanatic who sheds his own blood as easily as their foes and will never rest or stop until their mission is complete, and who will not flinch at anything. Killing one does no good, as the Vatican will only send another. And then another, and another, until the target is gone.

    Despite the noble sentiments the Iscariot was founded on, many enterprising clergy have had other uses for them, such as the Crusades, and eradicating the Templar, and it is believed, though no documentation or hard evidence supports this, that they had a hand in the Spanish Inquisition.

    Unlike the Watcher's, Iscariot has little influence, but plenty of power. Each agent is at peak physical condition, going through regimes based on the SAS and Swiss Guard in an effort to be a match for their quarry, and armed with the finest armament the Vatican's considerable resources can supply. Also, they have worked towards creating humans better able to match their opponents, such as the regenerator, Paladin Alexander Anderson, their trump card in regards to the supernatural.

    The Iscariot Organization does not act openly. It dispatches no more then a few agents with the intent of disrupting the target via assassination or any means necessary, then moves on.

    They have something of a rivalry with the Watcher's Council, and nothing but naked scorn for the Hellsing and BPRD. They are suspicious of the White Council, as they have a tendency to be closed-minded around magic, but are presently ignoring them as their is no shortage of far more overtly hostile agencies.

    Headquarters: An underground complex in Vatican city. But they can call any church home, and their are many Vatican churches.
    Members: Number of operatives fluctuates, but rarely exceeds a few hundred, or falls to less then fifty.
    Hierarchy: Maxwell is in charge, unless a higher ranking clergy gainsays him, and the Pope is always right. Paladin Alexander Anderson has seniority and raised them all himself, so they generally defer to him.
    Secrecy: Heavy.

    Current leader:
    Enrico Maxwell
    Maxwell is a man of little faith and great ego, who has become powerful more due to his bloodline and political ability then his fitness to lead. His devotion to the cause is unquestioned, but many older, wiser priests question whether it is God that Enrico worships, or himself.

    Bastard offspring of a mob boss, Vito Maxwell, Enrico was placed in foster care and forgotten about at the first opportunity. Hardened by his abandonment, he refused to open up or relate to the other orphans, becoming solitary and isolated. Rather then resenting or amending this, he
    reveled in it, proudly declaring he needs no friends, and one day he would become so powerful everyone will have to take notice of him.

    That day may have arrived. Maxwell is a bishop, but given his influence cardinal would be closer to the mark. Despite being hard to like, he does have a certain horrifying charisma and raw certainty that makes people listen to him, and ability to twist and manipulate people. Most of the clergy prefer to keep him at arms length, use him when necessary and ignore him the rest of the time, a fact that makes Maxwell resentful.

    He has a tenancy towards a calm and collected demeanor and holier-than-thou attitude, but this is all an act, and he is easily riled or launched into
    passionate tirades. He has a facial tic, and is meticulous about his appearance.

    Maxwell seldom engages in combat, he is a diplomat, not a warrior, and to anyone desperate to prove the point he generally has an Iscariot agent
    close at hand, as well as Father Renaldo, a master swordsman/marksman. Alone, his first resort is his charm and influence, his last resort combat.

    He is, however, not to be underestimated, he keeps himself fit enough to be able to at least competently spar with the Swiss guard. Beneath it all, however, he is a coward, and is afraid to fail, to lose.

    The Knights of the Cross


    Motive and goals:


    Current leader: Sanya, he is also the sole remaining functional member.

    Ching Sings

    The Chang Sings are informal warrior monks, or 'fighting tongs' operating all over the world. When dressed for tong ceremonies, a Chang Sing wears black trousers and jacket with a bright yellow turban or head band. The rest of the time, a simple black outfit, sometimes with a yellow trim. In general, the Chang Sings are skilled martial artists, and are trained in a wide number of traditional Chinese weapons as well as modern firearms.

    History: The Chang Sings are a secretive order of fighting monks, who, during the Han dynasty, wandered the countryside alone or in small groups righting wrongs and dealing justice. An Emperor, feeling threatened by them, had the organization banned and any members found put to death. It didn't stop them from fighting against what they perceived as injustice, although it did cull their numbers somewhat.
    The Triads have always been their most bitter enemy, and indeed, the two organizations have put far more effort into fighting each other than they ever have pursuing their respective causes. Both organizations have a great deal in common (although it's not a good idea to mention this too either
    side), the main difference being one of principle.

    Motivations and goals: The fundamental goal of the Chang Sings is the triumph of order over chaos. All else pales into insignificance compared to that. Other than that, the pursuit of virtue and spiritual enlightenment.

    While the Wing Kong see laws as intrinsically corrupt, the Chang Sings aspire to a higher, universal morality of honor and respect. Naturally, as a consequence the two oppose each other in every action, and any city with a cell of both will soon find the streets running red with gang warfare as they try to depose each other.
    At it's fundamental level, The Chang Sings are a bunch of vigilante's, who in some cases have become more dangerous the criminals they fight against. They are trained in a range of martial arts, mostly of Chinese origin, and in theory fight against supernatural threats, although the majority of the followers don't even believe in them.
    Headquarters: A whole host of different 'temples,' each acting autonomously, with policies suited to the area they are in. A sort of central
    headquarters is a temple in China where the organization began, but it is more of a shrine than a real central authority.
    Members: In the tens of thousands, although many members have not yet earned the right to call themselves Chang-Sing. To do so, you must master your chosen form of martial art, a process that takes decades. Indeed, most leave the organization long before they complete the ceremony
    and join the temple.
    Hierarchy: Informal, with their leader almost totally ceremonial.
    Leader: Pei Mei, the White Lotus.
    Secrecy: Light. They are common knowledge.

    Pei Mei the White Lotus

    The Chang Sings, of fighting Tongs, are a mostly informal organization, with the role of leader has become a ceremonial, spiritual position. This is just as well, as the organization has been all but brought to ruin several times in the past. The leader is the most advanced Martial Artist, no further tests of measuring fitness exist.
    Pei Mei is by many considered to be the most accomplished martial artist, and indeed, his techniques border on the supernatural. Nobody knows how old he is, or many facts about his life.
    He is a crusty, inescapable old man, with few redeemable qualities, and rubs almost everyone the wrong way. He hates just about everyone, including, but not limited to, skinny people, blondes, whites, women, Japanese people, Americans, people who talk back, religions, and people who don't show any spine. If not for his mastery of combat, it is likely he would have been killed a long time ago.
    He is somewhat vain, and always keeps himself perfectly groomed, in particular his beard and topknot. He dresses in the white robes he wore as a
    holy man, and has a habit of stroking his beard.
    The one thing he hates more then any of those things, however, is wasted potential. He was a high priest for a long time, but those who know him privately suspect he's so egotistical he worships himself.

    There is a saying amongst the Chang Sings; that there is only one way to get into a fight with Pei Mei: Be born and don't apologize for it respectfully enough. He takes offense at real or imagined slights at every opportunity, and will take the slightest disrespect as a killing insult. When fighting, he likes to enjoy himself belittling his opponents, and does so as much as possible, humbling and humiliating before striking the final blow. When fighting multiple enemies, he leaves those that seem like the greatest threat until last, taking his time with the 'less deserving opponents.' If he finds himself particularly challenged, he may even let an opponent go for a later fight.
    Pei Mei only strikes to kill if he feels threatened or particularly insulted. The rest of the time, he strikes to cripple and maim. Even if particularly threatened he is far too stubborn to change tactics.

    Egg Shen

    Egg Shen is a Chinatown tour bus driver, running Egg Fu Young Tours out of what looks to be a converted firehouse. He also happens to be an accomplished sorcerer and the 'local authority on the supernatural.'
    Egg, is an old and wise sorcerer, but for all his power, to all intents and purposes he does seem to be just a 'normal' human. Beyond that is anyone's guess, as an alchemist, he might be far older than he looks.
    He is fairly short, and a touch rotund. He has scraggly hair, is in bad need of a shave, and has an odd walleyed squint that is more then a touch disturbing. Normally, he dresses in Western fashions, although he dons more traditional dress for ceremonies or battle.
    He owns several blocks of flats in San Fransisco, and has an entire one to himself. Despite looking like a dump, any archeologist would bite through
    his tongue after examining the relics within, and most sorcerer's would sell whatever is left of their soul to posses the potions and scrolls.
    He considers himself independent of any organization, and only helps after due consideration. Such help ranges from lending a book, to utilizing the full resources of his soul.
    He is of naturally generous, friendly disposition, but has no tolerance for fools and gets tetchy at people who ask too many questions.He is also one of perhaps six people that Pei Mei seems to have any respect for.

    Egg Shen has no patience for people who rush in blindly, and is loath to fight without planning and preparation. If caught unprepared, he does his best to alter the battlefield until he has the advantage, and if outnumbered does his best to force a one-on-once confrontation. When fighting, his first resort is his magic, in particular items that he has prepared before hand. He is also a pragmatist, and carries an enormous Magnum for those immune or resistant to his spells.
    He always carefully observes his enemies, and alters his tactics accordingly. He is not too proud to run away, but he will certainly return with help in the form of the many people who owe him favors.
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    Default Re: Fist Full of Punches: The Repost!

    Largely by Cracklord, reposted and edited by me

    The Evil Organizations
    This presents the most important and most intriguing agencies of evil in existence, as well as information on how to use them in your game. It explains their history, members, goals, and ways of operating. Perplex your players as they come against the manipulations of Wolfram and Hart, and have to try to find their way through the web.
    No roleplaying game would be complete without enemies, and in this world, all you have to do to find one is throw a brick.
    This has two parts, organizations and races, and three principle parts for each organization. First, the background, detailing what the organization is and where it came from, what it wants and why. We will sometimes provide contradictory information, giving you the option of deciding which, if any, is true (the game is only as dark as you choose, remember). Second, we will detail characters affiliated with these organizations, their goals and motivations, histories and way of operating.
    Finally, we will detail stats and adventure hooks, as well as new items, technology and magic unique to that group.
    Races will be detailed the same way.

    Most of the organizations and characters are pure and unashamedly evil, totally and completely insane, or so deluded they can't be reasoned with. This, however, doesn't always have to be the case. Sometimes good people do bad things for good reasons. Some are simply indifferent, opportunistic or punch-clock villains who are quite normal outside their workplace (particularly in the case of Wolfram and Hart).
    Something made members of these groups commit evil deeds. They've undoubtedly done despicable things, though they may have done them in
    the name of justice, love, or ignorance. Maybe they lashed out like injured animals and couldn't escape the consequences.
    Within the organizations, individuals in the actual membership vary greatly. They have different motivations, philosophies and personalities. Their priorities undoubtedly differ.

    The German Nationals Socialist Workers Party
    Special order #666


    Operation Ragnorak

    Wolfram and Hart

    Law firm Wolfram & Hart doesn't exactly cater to the stars of Los Angeles. It's more the law firm for the underworld -- specializing in representing evil at all levels. Wolfram and Hart as an organization as a piece of everything. Politicians. Musicians. Actors, law-enforcement, they have the influence to get you what you want. There is almost nothing they don't have a hand in, organized crime, to drug-dealing, to rituals to bring about the next apocalypse all have a neat, square lawyer with a briefcase and a ready smile. If you have the money, or anything else the firm wants, these lawyers have the time to help you murder, steal, sacrifice babies in black masses -- any activity your evil little heart desires.

    This isn't your typical "practicing evil-to-get rich" law firm. Wolfram & Hart is not without direction or goals. At the core of the firm is a plan. Accepting only complete secrecy and devotion in its employees, the firm resorts to random mind readings to assure complete loyalty and deals quickly and swiftly with those who go wayward. With the promise of power and money, young executives are recruited to continue the firmís mission, and, if nescesary, other 'stimulation' is resorted to. They need everything they can get to complete the goal at the core of all their plans, scheme's and machinations. The end of Established order, and the beginning of a new one. The firm will utilize any resource, practice any magic, strike any bargain towards this goal.

    When The First arose, Order and harmony all but collapse as it's bloody rebellion filled the universe with blood. As the Host and the Fallen clashed, the other spirits began to know doubt. Of the courts of the Summer, Winter and Wild, insanity began to flourish, as they became perverted away from their purpose.
    It was in this time, that the Wolf, Ram and Hart came to the world, at this time minor nobles from their respective courts, dreaming a dream of power. It was the time of the ancient ones, and they had not the strength to move against them, so they didn't, simply adding forks to the road, and twisting, slightly at first, as they cultivate favors and influence, spreading power through compromise.
    Eventually, they left, choosing hell rather then returning home to powerless, ruling through puppets and dupes rather then directly.
    And Wolfram and Hart has continued to grow in size and power. In many ways, nothing has changed about the fir since it's beginning. While the firm is far more powerful then it ever has been, it is set in it's ways, and prefers to move through other organizations and groups rather then independently. However, the time may come soon when the Firm is ready to act on it's own, and call in the many favors and bargains it is owed...

    The Organization
    Headquarters: Wolfram and Hart has an office in every major city. There is one in the Troll Market and most dimensions, although their influence
    is hardly constant and sometimes that office is little more then a single room. The central headquarters is a citadel on the first layer of hell, of black ice where the senior partners themselves exist. All offices have some way of contacting the central building.
    Members: Number of actual employee's fluctuates, but is in the millions. However, actual members, not simple employee's, cleaners, and the people who run the machines is well under twenty thousand. The firm also has a ruly frightening number of mercenaries, Independent contractors, freelance workers and assassins on call.
    Hierarchy: It is difficult to tell who truly has power, and the firm always has a huge amount of competition, backstabbing and infighting. It can be seen as strict on the upper levels and loose on the lower ones.
    Leader: The Wolf, The Ram, The Hart. The Circle of Black Thorn enacts their will.
    Secrecy: Heavy. Most members don't even know much about what's happening. The firm is cellular in structure, with different cells keeping their goals secret from each other and even working against each other. By nature, they're about as co-operative as sharks.

    Motivations and goals
    The Firm is all about order, but it's own sort of order. Fundamentally, exoneration through ignorance. They see the moral struggles that all creatures face, and preach to them the most simple of solutions: shift the blame, and ignore evidence to the contrary.
    Across the Cosmos, mortals and immortals alike constantly seek to achieve the greatest value for the least amount of effort. In many cases, this attitude is common sense and productive; however, there are those that seek not only to make the most with least amount of work, but those that
    seek to ensure that any and all work is done through the efforts of others. Some go as far as to pursue the most underhanded, offensive means to
    acquire their wants. This is how the Firm operates, and has become so powerful.

    The Awakened Ones

    The Vampire Elders





    The Black Council

    The Church of Satan

    The Druids

    The Wing Kong (Triads)

    The Wing Kong is a fanatical organization preaching a dogma of murder and treachery. Most long term members are willing to give their life for the cause, and often do. The Wing Kong believe all forms of government to be intrinsically corrupt, and stifle the human spirit. To them, Freedom is all that is important, and they see their acts of terrorism, murder and violence as fighting for everyone's right to do what they want.
    Their dogma does not differentiate, if someone wants to do evil, its his right, and if someone else wants to stop him, it's his right to do that too. Whoever is stronger, cleverer, more far sighted, makes the final decision. There is no morality, only conditioning to accept the social contract.

    Ultimately, they plan to overthrow all law and reestablish the era of warlords on a world wide scale, with the strong ruling the weak.
    Despite their very "Law of the Jungle" dogma, the Wing Kong are very honorable in their way, governed by strict codes of conduct and an inflexible hierarchical system, based on a variety of factors. They have 36 Oaths which basically amount to, "don't screw over your sworn brothers, or you will get chopped up with lots of blades."
    The oaths are sealed with the drinking of blood mixed with wine, and the oath-takers enter into a sworn brotherhood with the rest of the members
    of their organization. They are free to pursue any affiliation or lifestyle outside the gang, but membership to the Wing Kong always comes first.

    The Triads were created after the burning of the southern Shaolin temple, by the five survivors of the battle. After the fall of the Qing dyansty in the last century, the Triads now found themselves without a purpose and there was a split between the Mainland and overseas branches. The Mainland group is what we now commonly refer to as the Triads, but in truth, is a diverse group of gangs and warlords in a loose organization. After the Communist takeover, many of them moved to other parts of the world.
    The traditional punishment for breaking their few laws is death by a hundred cuts, or getting ambushed and hacked up which is easier and quicker.
    Many members are known to have a certain penchant for cleavers, given the difficulty of obtaining guns, but many possess automatic weapons or firearms as a secondary weapon and even explosives, though more traditional embers find them dishonorable. A machete is fine too. Martial arts, especially some of the Southern Shaolin styles tend to have a reputation as being used by the Wing Kong in gang fights, especially due to their common origin myth in the Southern Shaolin temple.
    They are famous for drug-running and use, arms trading, protection rackets and slave trading in the forms of prostitution. They are also known for demon possession, and brutal fighting with rival gangs on the streets.
    The Wing Kong are ruled by demons and Spirits they have dealt with who share their insane dream. Their overall ruler is Lo-Pan, a mad sorcerer-king who opposed the first Emperor of China to his dying breath, becoming a fleshless ghost as a consequence for his defiance, bound in the form of an elderly cripple.

    The organization
    Headquarters: Remains in Beijing, but gang members can be found all over the world.
    Members: Number of actual employee's fluctuates, but is in the hundred thousands. Most are angry young men given weapons and an opportunity to escape the perceived inadequacy of their lives. Some of the older members are figures of great influence or power, accomplished martial artists driven insane through lives of drug abuse, instant gratification and demonic possession. Some are intellectuals who believe the dogma and close their eyes to the brutality of the Wing-Kong's actions.
    Many other street gangs are eventually absorbed, finding themselves as little more then errand boys.
    Hierarchy: Strict. Everyone has their place, their status, and had best remember it, because otherwise you might be found a badly butchered slab of meat.
    Leader: Lo-Pan. His lieutenants, the Three Storms.
    Secrecy: Light. They are common knowledge. Even the supernatural elements are well known myths and legends, although whether or not you believe them is another manner.

    Motivations and goals
    Fundamentally the firm is about destabilizing governments and authorities, but in most cases it has turned into a gang that exists to make money. Lo-Pa himself simply tries to complete the highly specific rituals to allow him to once more become flesh.
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    Default Re: Fist Full of Punches: The Repost!

    By Cracklord, edited and reposted by me.

    Evil NPC's of Importance
    Wing Kong
    Here's a demonstration
    Wing Kong Leaders

    Lo-Pan (Alias David Lo-Pan)
    Centuries ago, Lo Pan, a great warrior, Mad Sorcerer king who ruled an empire of shadows and demons, was defeated in battle by the First Sovereign Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The Emperor could not destroy the immortal king, and so placed a terrible curse upon Lo Pan, the curse of No
    Flesh. Lo Pan's spirit is trapped in the decrepit body of an aging cripple, incapable of so much as walking. In order to permanently break the curse and regain his human form, he must marry a specific women with green eyes, who he truly loves, to appease the spirits then sacrifice her to appease the Emperor. Marrying her is enough to regain his body, but he must also kill her to regain his immortality and the lions share of his powers.
    Lo-Pan is in may ways responsible for the anti government beliefs of the Wing-Kong, he himself opposing the re-unification of China until his dying breath. He believes only the strong have the right to power, and so does not resent the Emperor, now his leader. If anything, he resents only the spirits he worships for there curse. He is content to be number two at this time, but once he regains his body, who knows?
    He is actually a highly skilled politician and businessman, and is believed to run the vast majority of the Wing-Kong's legitimate holdings personally, leaving the Emperor to capitalize their influence and co-ordinate their efforts. It is this reason, that many have suggested, Lo-Pan has no further ambition because he already rules.

    Lo-Pan rarely finds it necessary to allow matters to degenerate into fisticuffs, preferring to trick other beings into doing his bidding or to smother their wills. He does not personally engage in combat unless it becomes absolutely necessary, first allowing his personal army of fanatical followers
    to enter battle in his name. If combat occurs in his direct presence, he may aid favored minions (such as the Three Storms) by countering particularly dangerous spells, disarming foes via telekinesis, or dominating the weaker-minded opponents and ordering them to attack their comrades. If someone appears who he has a personal vendetta with or in a challenge from one he see's as an actual threat (such as another magician) He will simply match their spells until they are forced to give up, then pay them no further mind.
    He rarely gets angry, but when he does he tends to tear his opponents apart in fury, and even without magic few can match his mastery of conventional martial arts.

    Emperor Qin Shi Huang
    It is an incredible irony that the founder of the dynasty the Wing-Kong rose up to depose became their leader, but life is full of such ironies. More then two thousand yearss ago, China was torn by civil war. A ruthless warlord and king named rose to make himself emperor of the provinces and unite China. He conquers his enemies and becomes the first emperor of China, The Dragon Emperor, winning wars in such a way they donít have to be fought twice, or ever again. As his first act as Emperor, he ordered the construction of the Great Wall Of China, burying his former enemies beneath it and cursing their souls to hold it up for all eternity. Using secrets looted from his deposed enemies, he gained a supernatural mastery over the Five Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and life). Years passed, and Emperor Han begins to grow fearful that all he has accomplished will be lost upon his death.
    He became immortal, but with it came a terrible curse, gruesomely burned alive and imprisoned within a shell of terracotta, as is every last one of his men, transforming them into the Terracotta Army.
    General Yang and his second-in-command, Choi, successfully managed to awake him during the Maoist takeover, seeing the Emperor as the only one who can bring order and greatness back to China, and he awoke in a different world. Lo-pan sensed his awaking, and brought an army of his loyal followers, seemingly with the intention of continuing their feud. Instead, he knelt, and gave the Emperor mastery over the Wing-Kong. If his intention was for Qin Shi Huang to remove the curse, at this show of fealty, he was disappointed, for the Emperor made Lo-Pan his major-domo and took command himself, redirecting the Wing-Kongís efforts towards amassing power. He is arguably amongst the most powerful men in China, and in time, may even regain his kingdom.

    Combat, warfare, fighting are meat and drink to Emperor Han, despite his illusion of sophistication he's little more then a savage. He is incredible at Martial arts, but does not hesitate to use his other powers, such as his ability to transform to more dangerous shapes (such as dragon or ogre).
    As his knowledge of magic is so specialized, he fears other magic users and attempts to deal with them first using excessive force, then take out other
    opponents at his leisure. If he suspects he is overmatched, he does not hesitate to retreat and call reinforcements, but he never forgets a grudge.

    Three Storms

    Nobody is sure what the storms are, highly specialized mortal sorcerers, primal spirits of some description, demons, avatars, or puppets that Lo-pan
    manipulates. Whatever the truth, they are the most feared members of the Wing Kong, and even the members are known to cower in fear at the mere mention of them.
    None of them offer much, speaking rarely, and keeping their own council. They dress in archaic clothes, a heavy cloak and a broad straw hat, and show a whole range of abilities.

    The storms are all but invulnerable to conventional weaponry, and have a host of powers that make them extremely dangerous.
    The three fight best supported by each other.
    Thunder: Thunder is big, broad shouldered and well muscled. He keeps his hair cut short. He is very strong, and has considerable endurance. Like the other Storms, he is all but invulnerable.
    Rain: Rain is fairly tall and thin, with long, straight black hair that falls past his shoulders. He usually wears his hair in a top knot. He is incredibly graceful, flexible, smooth and fast, using his blades with incredible precision, and has control over the wind, that he occasionally uses as a weapon. He is also followed by small, localized rain whenever he fights. He is also the most skilled of the three from an objective perspective. Of them, he is the most calm and level headed, targeting the figure he judges to be the greatest threat and cutting them to pieces in a flurry of blows.
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