No, it's not coming out, leastways not that I've heard of.

On the other hand I'm getting tired of waiting for it. Therefore, I have a plot to homebrew it!!! I remember all the creative and playable homebrews of the Monk, Druid, and Psion that people came up with when 4e first came out because they didn't want to wait for the other PHBs.

So, I figured why not homebrew a sourcebook?

Here's what I figure needs done based on precedent:

All of the Martial classes have 5 builds, the exception being the warlord. So, I figured DP2 would have to meet that bar. This means:
2 Avenger Builds
2 Cleric Builds
2 Invoker Builds
1 Paladin Build

Tall order, eh? Then there's the issue of the little "bonus feature" each sourcebook seems to have. MP2 gave us Practices and the different Combat Styles. DP had Domains, and Primal Power had the Tribal Feats. What's something else that divine characters used a lot? Maybe something we could resurrect from 3.5!

So, who has a sweet idea for a Divine Character they've always wanted to make a reality?