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    Default [Pathfinder] Building an arcane duelist

    Hey all,

    I'm currently working on some of the NPCs for an upcoming section of a pathfinder campaign I run, but I'm having some difficulty working out one of the chars. Specifically, a mage/gish that specialises in combatting magic-users. I've got 21 levels to play around with, since he's one of the most powerful NPCs in the setting, but I'm unsure what to do with them all.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: [Pathfinder] Building an arcane duelist

    The bard can do a decent job with this, using the Arcane Duelist or Magician Variants. Arcane Duelist is exactly what it says on the tin, and gets Disruptive and Spellbreaker as bonus feats. Magician has a dispel magic song at 8th level, which is handy.

    Toss in some Snowflake Wardance and Dragonfire Inspiration to make this guy really scary, if you decide to use 3.5 material.
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