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    Default 3.5 Goatman race

    Okay, i wanted to make a goatman character, then i discovered that there is no goatman race that doesn't have level adjustment. Not only that, but there is no Goat animal in the PHB.

    So I came up with an idea to homebrew one and get it approved by my DM.

    Why do i want to make a goatman character?

    Thats why. Specifically I want to make a monk or ninja. But the race can't just be built perfectly for ninja of course. Its gotta be built for that video and other videos of them climbing crazy stuff.

    is were the race currently resides.

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    Default Re: 3.5 Goatman race

    Jump mimics that -- you need a couple of rounds to go the full distance. Each time it lands, it is a new jump (so it only jumps about 15 feet each time). Since it is jumping down, the rules are:

    Jumping Down

    If you intentionally jump from a height, you take less damage than you would if you just fell. The DC to jump down from a height is 15. You do not have to get a running start to jump down, so the DC is not doubled if you do not get a running start.

    If you succeed on the check, you take falling damage as if you had dropped 10 fewer feet than you actually did.

    If you have the Acrobatic feat, you get a +2 bonus on Jump checks.

    Since you are jumping down 15 feet each time, you take no damage since falling damage is 1d6 for every 10 feat (no damage for 5 feet) and you ignore the the 10 feet for jumping down.

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    Default Re: 3.5 Goatman race

    Right, which is why the race has jump.

    Climb is for the second half of goatism.

    Course there is to be more modification, and help on that would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: 3.5 Goatman race

    some suggestions is the ability to take 10 on climb checks.

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