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    [The Tunnels (Near The Undercity)]

    "Oh come on!" Nephea called, waving her arms over her head. "If you aren't looking for anything in particular then you'll just STAY bored! I mean if you're just going around to look at things, a trip to the theater would be your best bet. If you don't want to be bored, then just go up to some random stranger in a bar and chat them up. It's crazy but it really works. And then, once you know them, you can go do stuff! And not just that! You're investing in a future of not being bored!" Well... It appears that Nephea knew a thing or two about this topic. Might explain her somewhat exasperated tone.

    "Sorry about the outburst but I'm just sick and tired of seeing people wallow around in bars or just walking here to there with no solid idea of what they want to do. You gotta have goals or at least an inkling of a plan. Otherwise, you stay bored no-matter where it is you're at."

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    The Tunnels (Near The Undercity)

    "I have a plan. I'm trying to make friends, get involved in their affairs, get some affairs of my own, and run with it from there. Exhibit 1: the conversation we are having." She shrugs. "Thanks for the tip, though. I'm new to this whole "socialization" thing. I'm beginning to see how important it is... even if it does seem silly."

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    Quote Originally Posted by C'nor View Post
    The Velvet laughs.

    "Indeed. Tell me, though, why did you come down to our home? Are we really that interesting, that you'll make a long, possibly dangerous, journey to meet us?"
    Inside Below - VC

    "Actually, I didn't come to see you, specifically. I heard that my friends (the tieflings) were going to the Inside Below, and I hadn't been here before so I came to see what it was like. If you hide away from the market, which I assume is not because of some bizzare magical effect but because of attempts made on your lives, how can you have business at the market at all? Wouldn't the same problems arise?"
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