3 RP-Outsider (Native)
0 RP-Small
0 RP-Normal Speed
1 RP-Specialized (+2 Charisma, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength)
0 RP-Standard Languages
1 RP-Sociable
1 RP-Envoy (1/day—comprehend languages, detect magic, detect poison, read magic.)
1 RP-Lightbringer (At Will—light)
3 RP-Gliding Wings
10 RP total

The Kind are a group of people who live halfway between the upper planes and the material plane. They are small people, with very cool colored skin, and almost transparent. They are loathe to fight, preferring instead to make friends and allies. While they know that some races, such as demons, are incapable of becoming friends, they still prefer not to fight directly. They will, however, stand with their allies against threats that cannot be averted by peaceful means.

The Kind live in nearly any place other people are found-preferring the comfort and company of civilization, though whether that's a big city or a small village, one of the Kind will be happy.

They are not sure where they come from-they believe that they are descended from halflings or gnomes, owing to their small statures, but aren't sure how they became their own race rather than merely a subset of the others. Nor do they care, overmuch-their past matter little compared to their present!

With other races, the Kind get along very well. While some people view them with suspicion for being "too damn nice", most people find their happy and charitable ways a blessing in a world that isn't always so kind as the race is.

The Kind tend to be classes that can heal others. Their favored class is Cleric.