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    Default Star Wars - Durasteel

    A long time ago in a galaxy far,
    far away....


    Risen Banner

    Darth Krayt lies dead, destroyed once and for all by Jedi Grand Master Cade Skywalker. Leaderless, the One Sith have fled through the galaxy in a path of destruction, and have been chased by an alliance of Imperials loyal to the Fel dynasty and the Galactic Alliance to the planet and system of Mandalore. There, the final battle of retribution rages on to bring an end to the One Sith.
    But noticeably absent from the Battle of Mandalore are the galaxy's oldest keepers of peace and upholders of justice; the Jedi.
    Chief of State and Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance Defense Force Carena Brahnx of Corellia has publicly ordered the Jedi Order to particiate in the persecution and execution of the last of the One Sith. Cade, having finally stepped into the responsibility of Grand Master and the Skywalker has defied the Galactic Alliance, stating the Jedi are not their personal war hounds and has withdrawn the Order from Coruscant in protest.
    Now, as this chapter in galactic history draws to a close, the battle around the planet of Mandalore only intensifies as it reaches it climax. The Joker Company, notorious for its high count of kills of the Sith, have been called for a series of top-secret missions to bring this war to an end!

    The planet of Mandalore...
    It is red and gray. Red, like the blood that generations of brave Mandalorians have spilled across the galaxy-their own, and those unfortunate souls with the bad luck to be on the opposite side of the battlefield from them. And grey, like the armor that the current Mandalorians wear to hold back the Sith invaders.
    Above the planet, an epic battle rages!
    Imperial Star Destroyers offer support to Galactic Alliance carriers built by Mon Calamari ship men, releasing fighters that fly along side bounty hunters and smugglers all hoping to get a piece of a One Sith battle cruiser.
    The One Sith hold their own using the power of the Dark Side to push their own stormtroopers and fighters in an ever escalating battle!
    The atmosphere of Mandalore is filled with the sounds of TIE fighters screeching after X-Wings, dodging between the reachign skyscrapers.
    And on the ground and in the streets, in the sewers and atop the buildings, the noise and glory of battle simply SHAKES one's skull!
    The snap-HISS of a lightsaber serves as an answer to a gatling laser. A thermal detonator is a loud reply to a bow caster bolt.
    Crimson armor of Imperial Knights rubs against the black uniform og Galactic Alliance Guards, and white, red and black, and quite a few dusty, brown boots alike stomp over the black and bloodied robes of the One Sith.

    South of a Sith encampment, a secreted program within the operaring system of an ancient B2 Series Super Battle Droid hums to life. Outfitted with new armor, chemical weapons, better targeting and boosters in its leg, the B2 returns to its traditional programming and abandons its orders, leaving its fellows behind.

    Aboard the Sith Cruiser, Daylight Doom, Darth Nefarious closes his eyes and kneels, accepting his fate as Rowland Tarkin, a Galactic Alliance Pilot fires a proton torpedo at a recently de-shield bridge.

    A Hutt gleefully laughs from the safety of its own ship, a 'junk' made of scraps of other discarded and stolen ships, watching the Daylight Doom and the remnants of Nefarious be pulled down from orbit by Mandalore's gravitational pull.
    Ordering its own fighters to move on to support Imperial interdictors, the Hutt, slimy and oozing cackles with even more joy when it finds it can make a transmission to Sal Hutta.
    Speaking to allies on the recently terraformed world, the Hutt licks its lips as it calls for reinforcements and more baradium warheads...

    Operation: Rogue Death Star is a failure.
    This is the last thought of Imperial Knight Farcos Makernal as Darth Renege's crimson lightsabers slice off his blade hand and the top of his skull.
    Licking her lips, the Sith Chiss stares down at her foe, relishing in her victory.
    As her carrier, Krayt's Revenge, emerges from hyperspace, the last of the 221st Imperial Stormtroopers scream their death cries as her own Sith troopers and Knighthunters cut them down.
    The 221st's attempt to stop the carrier from entering the battle had left the Revenge damaged, yet capable, and has left her aroused and sated with blood.
    Turning off her blades, Renege moves to a viewing window on the wrecked bridge, watching as more Sith fighters enter the fray.

    Cursing as the Mandalorian scores yet another headshot, Imperial sniper HK-4509, desperately searches for another target. It's already been decided that droids 'don't count', but he takes two Battle Droids with a quick burst of fire anyways.
    The Mandalorian shakes its helmet and waits.
    Grinning behind his own mask, HK watches a traitor lead his squad through a series of shields giving them access to a low hanging outreach of broken and shattered bridges.
    Sighting through the scope, HK watches the traitor run.
    His armor is exactly the same.
    White. Black underneath.
    The only difference are the black streams of cloth added to indicate who's side the traitor is on.
    HK has the same ones, except his are red.
    The Mandalorian looks.
    HK nods.
    He squeezes the trigger and the leader's helmet disappears in the oh so familiar cascade of plasma and plastic showering the squads mechanic.
    The Mandalorian brings down the rear guard and before she hits the ground, HK has bored two holes through the mechanic traitor's chest.
    Mando and 'trooper work their way through the line, and meet in the middle, blasting the trembling and frozen corporal into whatever Force-designed hell he'd chosen when he signed up with the Sith...
    The Mandalorian taps its helmet twice, and HK curses again, looking for another target.
    "I know, I know. You're up four..."

    Stumbling over gravel and shrapnel, Darth Pradeuus, a Twi'lek makes her way to the assigned point.
    She isn't followed.
    And she makes sure, doubling back and forth as she was trained.
    As was demanded of her.
    Pradeuus, a play on her human given name-Pradeaen, purses her lips as she sees the point ahead of her, past the destroyed entrance to a bar...
    She uses the Force to increase her senses, and can tell nobody is watching or following her.
    Crouching, she pulls out the materials to create an EMP, assembling the magnets and components for the one-shot device.
    She doesn't bother to shield herself from the blast, afterall, its a one way trip, and triggers the device.
    It works as intended, and Pradeuus move forward, confident no droids are watching her for the moment.
    From beneath a ledge that may have been part of the street or the roof of a house, Pradeuus draws out a tarp that had been left for her.
    As had been decided.
    Crawling beneath it, she hides.
    And waits.
    As she nestles beneath her tarp, Pradeuus checks her blaster, before going still.
    Her lightsaber has been left behind in a Sith torture chamber.

    Super Star Destroyer Initiative.
    At 19 km long, it is the massive Imperial flagship of this battle.
    Armed with long rows of turbolaser batteries, and massive towers sporting yet more, the Initiative has made its presence known, and with the help of other Star Battleships, has cleared its own niche in the space battle of Mandalore...

    TIE fighters stream in and out of its holds doing battle with the Sith in the vacuum of space, and the Initiative's gravitational projectors do their part to make sure none of the Sith try and leave the party.
    Special hatches and ports drop baradium bombs and launch torpedoes to the surface below.
    With its long, distinctive shape, it's damaging presence and tactical weight, the Initiative easily dominates the battle, and Admiral Jon Tiberus is proud.
    The Joker's can see it.
    And they can see why...
    Initiative's true worth lies not in its guns, and its interdicting abilities, but in the transformation of its rear-holds...
    Rather than emptying onto the side of the SSD, the shielding and barrier that allows ships to enter and exit the Initiative lies in the center of the floor of the ship...
    Of course, no fighters are flying inside of THIS hold...
    Instead, the 900 by 400 meter long hold is dominated by the Admiral, the Joker's standing in rank and at attention before him, and the twin rows of Imperial "machines" on either side of the shielding portal that gives entrance to the hold.
    The machines are massive, coming to the ceiling of the hold, easily standing at 50 meters in height...
    With a draconic appeal, the massive walkers are streamlined, standing up digitigrade, splayed feet, with arms or fins held aloft and to the rear, complementing a long sinuos tail...
    Missing a head, the body forms the compartment where Dark Troopers, in specially fitting, dark-gray armor, are being assisted into by technicians.
    Examining the shoulder of one of the Walkers, Jack can see weapon pods protrude from all over the Walkers, opening and closing in test operations, it is obvious they're meant to protect the weapons during...
    Admiral Tiberius stands before the Jokers, flanked by Imperial Knights.
    "That's what they do, Jokers. They Jump. And they can hide..."
    Hask can make out the lettering of the nearest machine, "Imperial Mk. I Stealth Walker Jumper Unit 1137"
    The Dark Trooper inside is sealed within the chamber inside, and as metal plates move forward to obscure the soldier, the Trandoshan can see the chamber is filling with liquid, water, most likely, and the Dark Trooper's mask has been attached to tubes for breathing.
    "Each of these units can withstand the forces and heat of with entry and the impact of landing on almost any planet's surface, and are shielded with lightsaber resistant alloys and have multiple shield generators as well as automatic weapons. Each one is MORE than a match for any Sith!"
    The Admiral paces back and forth, wearing battle fatigues and light armor rather than the usual grey Imperial uniform.
    "What will make these units far more effective is the use of nanomachines and the sensation of drowning to create an overwhelming emotion of fear and hatred in each Dark Trooper's mind... Behind all the circuitry and armor, the Sith will only sense the fear and hate through their Force abilities, and the immediate danger of these wonderful machines will be suffocated, allowing this machine to effectively wipe the floor with the treacherous Sith. A new day is coming gentlemen..."
    Experimenting, the Dark Trooper tests the controls, and the Walker stretches, rising up a little on its twin toes with a faint whistling noise...
    Very stealthy...
    "They can move at a top speed of 300 kilometers per hour, jump 300 meters in the air and can kick a Sith to Dagobah and back!"
    Most of the Dark Troopers are fidgeting in their Walker chambers...
    ...waiting to begin...
    "Operation: Laughing Strike! A two-part test of the Walkers..."
    The Admiral gestures to the Walkers...
    But one remains empty, its crew becoming more and more agitated...
    "...and of course, there are YOU gentlemen..."
    Tiberius smiles.
    "Of course, Marasiah would like to hope for a galaxy of peace, but the last 5000 years of galactic history show us it is a long time coming. The Walkers aren't effective for a mass-delivery of troops. And in future times of war, the ability to get an entire company, or even a division to the surface with great speed, without risking a capital ship will be a great one!"
    One of the Dark Troopers engages another function on her walker, and massive spikes appear at the joints and along the surfaces of her walker.
    "That's why a wing of Sienar Fleet Systems Lambda-class Shuttles have been outfitted, and modified to get you to the surface in record time! They've been reduced to be piloted by two, carry twelve passengers with a mass of weapons, and is heavily armored and armored itself... Speed and lethality, Jokers."
    The empty Walker has caught Kael's eye as well...
    One of the technicians, clearer a senior officer, waves his hands in the air, demanding and gesturing his rage.
    "Joker's... This is your time... Our Emperor is missing, but we have our blade at the enemy's throat..."
    A bay door opens silently, and a figure dashes through, helmet in hand. Skidding to a halt by Imperial Mk. I Stealth Walker Jumper Unit 1138, the Dark Trooper ignore the complaints and curses of his tech crew...
    As he slides his dark helmet over his head, Marina notices his blatantly non-regulation haircut: blonde hair, shaved to a fade, with diagonal cuts of varying width across the sides, and leaving a long sinuos braid hanging alongside.
    The 1138 deftly slides into the chamber, raising it to full height before it is even filled, and attaching breathing tubes while the technicians watch in dismay, disgust and a little confusion.
    "Your mission! Destroy the One Sith on the surface of Mandalore! Take no prisoners! All traitors must be killed and excuted as you, the keepers of Order in the galaxy see fit! This Marasiah has decreed!"
    The Admiral salutes.
    "Make us proud Jokers. Uphold your reputations. May the Force be with you!"
    The Imperial Knights alongside the Admiral repeat the time-honored phrase.
    "May the Force be with you!"

    The B2 battle droid finds the designated turret, an experimental plasma cannon built for flesh and bone humanoids built by the Mandalorians and captured by the Sith. It folds itself into the chair, and switches on the emplacement and maneuvers itself.

    TG-6754, an Imperial Stormtrooper catches an enemy-tossed thermal detonator, and hurls it back into the fortification from whence it came. When burning, black bodies and bricks fly through the air, the trooper allows himself a moment of satisfaction before ducking beneath a hail of blaster fire. He should too, it's the second time he's done it today!

    A Mandalorian Vanguard curses and offers a heartfelt apology as a Galactic Alliance Guard moves into his line of far... And is subsequently turned to mist...

    Grasping the arm of the attacking Trandoshan, FG-4562, a Sith Trooper, hurls her opponent down the stairs that led up to her sniping position. Grasping her vibroblade, she follows the hapless bounty hunter down the stairs, screaming death and murder.

    Strapped next to Jonas, Tambor can see that they have really overhauled the Lambda shuttle...
    It's infinitely tinier, with little room separating the pilots from the Jokers within.
    Also, old LAAT gun emplacements have been added to increase the lethality. A great deal of space is taken up by the shield generator, which has replaced a hyperdrive.
    Lateral and horizontal bars, as well as straps and bonds keep each Joker fitted into their seat. Furthermore, special harnesses have been added around their armor's breastplate for further protection.
    The pilots, Sorath and Daxar squeeze their way between the Jokers, six on each side.
    "Safeties on Jokers!"
    Jauhzmyn, Fireteam 4 communications officer, holds up a gauntletted hand, "So how do you guys expect to get us to the surface so fast? And keep up with those Walkers?"
    Strapping himself into the co-pilot's seat, Daxar shakes his head, "Can't give you specifics... But the Walkers are being launched from the hold with catapults on board the ship... You can watch on that screen..."
    More modifications! At the back of the shuttles hold, at the entrance hatch, a screen shows an alternating view of the Admiral and the Stealth Walker hold.
    "We can't possibly keep up with them... They'll reach the surface desperately-we'll be using a combination of angles, speed and specific accelertion to get us there in record time..."
    "Tarja? Kiran? You in place?"
    A set of headphones over her hears, Sorath nods in answer to replies from the gunners, and begins to engage systems from the pilots seat.
    By looking through the front window of the shuttle, Ryer can make out other shuttles inside the hold.
    Other Jokers, ready to bring the battle to the surface of Mandalore.

    "I am the Force."
    Steff Darengal, Imperial Knight, fends off a dozen blaster bolts with ease, casually sending them back to the owners of the weapons who fired them. Leaping through the air he lands next to YU-5602, a flame-thrower carrying Stormtrooper.
    "Does that thing act-"
    A rush of flames coats the street in hot-fire, reflecting off of Steff's armor, and crispening the Sith employed bounty hunters with screams and shouts.
    "Most impressive."

    Crouching behind a crate, Darth Revan II watches the AT-ST and its patrol make its way to the front lines.
    As far as Revan II can see, things aren't looking good for his order...
    ...and like the treacherous rat he is, what Revan II lacks in courage and midichlorians, he makes up in betrayal and ambitious names.
    Some of the Stormtroopers are actually returning to the front, carrying captured lightsabers as badges of honor.
    "I've GOT to get out of here..."

    Darth Pradeuus tosses back the tarp, and moves to her position with impudence. Centered in the Force, she is confident and brazen, sure in her soon-to-be accomplished mission.

    Tiberius' face fills the screen.
    "In the name of the Empire..."
    As one, the Stealth Walkers crouch upon their catapults, tensing with fins spread back...
    "...let Operation Laughing Strike commence!"
    The Jokers watch as the Stealth Walkers gracefully spin in a tight arc straight through the shields that keep the cold vacuum of space out of the hold.
    Grinning, the Admiral turns, hands clasped behind his back.
    "I have a good feeling about this."
    Brushing long brown hair out of her green eyes, Sorath grins a wide smile.
    She's a hot-shot pilot, so not many officers will bother her about non-regulation haircut, or the "open" manner in which she wears her flight-suit.
    "We wait 30 seconds Jokers! I hope everyone left their safeties on, or this'll be the shortest rides of your lives!"

    Spinning chambers over tails through space, the Stealth Walkers hurtles toward Mandalore with impressive speed...

    "What is it, Lieutenant Forsythe?"
    Admiral James Tiberius has always made an effort to know the names of every officer, and always remembers the name and face of a memorable Stormtrooper.
    The Lieutenant, shaking, removes his hat.
    "What is it?"

    As the shuttles exit the
    Initiative, S-wings arrive on cue to provide the Jokers cover, fiercely destroying a squadron of Sith Interceptors. The Jokers wait for the jerk that will signify the start of their descent, and watch the Initiative grow smaller and smaller behind them on the screens.
    Across the Imperial channel, there is a whistling sound as the communications of each Joker, the Dark Troopers, each shuttle and the Initiative are synced. But nobody breaks silence.
    They are Stormtroopers of the Empire afterall.

    On the bridge of the
    Initiative, Tiberius takes a seat, running his hand over the black metal of his custom made chair.
    Made on his home planet, Corellia, it was supposed to be a replica of Emperor Palpatine's throne. A joke.
    "A hyperspace bomb, you say Lieutentant?"
    "Yes, Admiral."
    "How long?"
    "Sixty seconds, Admiral."
    Tiberius waits.
    "When the hyperdrive of the bomb engages, it will carve its way through the
    Initiative. Gutting us, and reducing the ship to scrap."
    "Thank you, Lieutenant."
    "It is my duty, Admiral."
    Tiberius waits.
    'Forty-nine seconds."
    "Transfer command, mission and sensor data to the next flagship, according to the Skirata-Antares Contingencies."
    "Already done, Admiral."
    "You're a good man, Lieutenant."
    "Thank you, Admiral."
    Sitting back in his chair, Tiberius surveys his crew, his bridge.
    As he stretches out his fingers along his throne, he imagines himself touching everylast extremity of the Initiative.
    "Fifteen seconds."
    "Thank you, Forsythe."
    The Lieutenant nods, taking a step to stand behind the Admiral as Tiberius thumbs a switch, communicating on all allied channels; Imperial, Galactic Alliance and galactic criminals alike, "It has been an honour serving with you all. And I can truly say-"

    The first explosions are barely noticeable in the middle of the space battle.
    Candles in a fireworks display.

    Imperial Mk. I Stealth Walker Jumper Unit 1136 explodes first, and Dark Trooper 1136 is destroyed without even knowing that something had gone horribly, horribly wrong.
    Transports 2 and 5 explode as well, though they're loss is far less noticeable by the destruction of the
    Without a sound, the bomb accelerates throught the various decks and holds of the Initiative, moving from the back through to the front, rending the ship and exposing its contents to vacuum and fire with explosive tragedy.
    Debris and shrapnel fly amongst the Joker shuttles and despite their armors and shields, transports 1 and 17 are destroyed by damage.
    Shuttle Four, holding Fireteam Four, is hit by a piece of a turbolaser tower, and for a moment, it seems as if they have lost power, but Daxar helps Sorath maintain control and they cruise on.

    The channel is deafening, and the Jokers can hear nothing but screams of terror and pain as the shuttles and Imperial Mk. I Stealth Walker Jumper Units fall and burn toward Mandalore.

    "-not like this! Not like this! Not li"
    "Why?! Why!? Whhhhhhh-"
    "Pull up!"
    The Jokers of Fireteam 4 are spared the sounds of hearing the rest of their company being consumed in fire as their comm system goes silence.
    There own yells and screams go silent as well.
    "What's that," says Darxa confusedly.
    "Nothing! Keep going! Stay true to your mission!", snaps Sorath.
    Jauhzmynn's head lolls about in a manner that makes Meg suspect the trooper has fallen unconcious, but there is nothing she can do now!

    Hurtling through the upper reaches of Mandalore's atmosphere, Imperial Mk. I Stealth Walker Jumper Unit 1132 slams through a TIE Fighter without stopping, and Dark Trooper 1132 smiles grimly.
    He dies with the grin on his face when the water that surrounded him in his chamber flash froze when the unit ejects him.
    Units 40, 39 and 31 eject their Dark Troopers as well, leaving icy remains orbiting above Mandalore, contrasting the explosive tombs that Shuttles 15, 16 and 12 have become.

    Inside Shuttle Four, Daxar cries out in horror, "We just loss our gunners! Sheared of by de-"
    "Beeyow! Beeyow!"
    Hot blood smacks Derecs helmet, sizzling and obscuring vision from his right eye.
    The smell of ozone and burning flesh fills the shuttle, and someone yells out, "I though we turned on our safeties!"
    Derec and Marina, closest to the pilots seat are in the best position to see the truth. Through the lenses in their helmets, they can see Mandalore filling the viewing window of the shuttle.
    More importantly, they can see the smoking crater that has become Daxar's head.
    The smoking blaster, is clutched by Sorath, who smiles cheekily at Marina.
    "I. Am. Sull."
    Sorath fires another blaster bolt at the screen in the back of the shuttle, and then place the blaster in her mouth.
    Winking at Derec, she pulls the trigger, and sends Shuttle Four and its Fireteam into a spinning spiral toward Mandalore...

    Spinning over and over, Shuttle Four and its fellow Joker begin the long deadly descent to Mandalore's war ravaged surface...
    Their screams fill the tiny surface, and Derec and Marina have trouble keeping track of their height through the spinning view of the shuttle.

    Like a meteor shower, fire fills the sky above Darth Pradeuus's head.
    Pulled by Mandalore's gravity, the shuttles manage to survive entry into the atmosphere, but they won't survive the impact.
    Reaching out with one hand, Pradeuus extends her will and the power of the Force into the Mandalore sky...

    There is a jolt in Shuttle Four, and the harnesses, fastenings and bolts all break, sending the Jokers flying free.
    The interupption in their descent is just enough...
    Just enough to allow them to survive.

    Releasing her hold, Pradeuus allows her arm to fall, as well as the shuttles...
    Kneeling, her task done, she closes her eyes.

    The slowed shuttle allows Marina to see a lot better, and she can make out soldiers fighting on the ground.
    But she's still a little dizzy, and so it is Hask who sees the building first.

    The B2 takes aim...

    Hitting the office building is the worst impact the Jokers have ever felt, bouncing them throughout the shuttle in a horrifying manner. There spin continues right through, and brings part of the office down as the pass through.
    The shuttle bounces along, end over end, and Jonas is ejected first, slamming into a bounty hunter fleeing the combat.
    The shuttle hits a buttressed wall, and comes to a definite stop, crunching to the ground about 10 feet from the ejected stormtrooper.
    Having hit the wall nose first, none of the troopers are crushed.
    Alive, and somewhat well, the sound of battle surrounds them.

    The B2 continues with its programming, firing the turret at the programmed target where Darth Pradeuus kneels. The plasma utterly consumes the Sith Lord, leaving a charred and glassed skeleton frozen in position, forever kneeling upon the stone.


    Joker Company Roster


    Fireteam Four
    JK-7241 Allulian 'Meg' Megallan
    JK-7243 Jonas Duine
    JK-7311 Soonto
    JK-7296 Derec Nikeldace
    JK-7242 Ryer'voss'nudo
    JK-7213 Tambor Krain
    JK-7233 Jack Sergeant Fireteam 4
    JK-7264 Hask
    JK-72-- Kael Terrek
    JK-7227 Marina Tyshalle
    JK-7601 Jauhzmynn Gal Female Human Corporal Comm. Officer
    JK-7225 Keda Starroy Female Storm Trooper K.I.A.

    Support for Fireteam 4

    Female Shuttle Pilot Sorath Ebonvar Scuicide
    Male Co-Pilot Daxar Rethana Murdered by Sorath Ebonya
    Female Shuttle Rear GunnerTarja Kienaan Died above Mandalore
    Female Shuttle Gunner Kiran Kamalas Died above Mandalore


    1st Section
    JK-7280 Yveret Kepporra Major
    JK-7281 Rale Versio Lieutenant
    JK-7282 Surl Soylon Commander
    JK-7283 Adi deCrion Sergeant Fireteam 1
    JK-7284 Akela Saris Corporal
    JK-7285 Morla Telcontar
    JK-7286 Ulaire Markyle
    JK-7287 Delcep Jahsop
    JK-7288 Ousan Luss
    JK-7289 Milbin Ravenlocke Corporal
    JK-7290Seyda Win-Dell
    JK-7291 Kaida Mishkoll
    JK-7292 Elitha Almiston
    JK-7293 Gella Tharandon
    JK-7294 Udo Opuurin
    JK-7295 Exeden Sprax Sergeant Fireteam 2
    JK-7296 Cort Adramíssia Corporal
    JK-7297 Dak Endel
    JK-7298 Eline Elysar
    JK-7299 Rami Juna
    JK-7300 Sarria Syrus Corporal
    JK-7301 Gestur Ker
    JK-7300 Adoniram Roeder
    JK-7302 Raihane Pell
    JK-7303 Aurelius Kortu
    JK-7304 Teke Tull
    JK-7305 Tyla Bela-Trepada Commander
    JK-7306 Hurley Minervan Sergeant Fireteam 3
    JK-7307 Garala Miskiewicz Corporal
    JK-7308 Keshani Marisel
    JK-7309 Harli Ti Rhea
    JK-7310 Thes Lopez
    JK-7711 Aalto Pic
    JK-7312 Esseg Tershin Corporal
    JK-7313 Aliura Nittet
    JK-7314 Rance Fenn
    JK-7315 Fias Garoon
    JK-7316 Gavyn Llic
    JK-7317 Angus Kymeri
    JK-7318 Gaina Saris Sergeant Fireteam 5
    JK-7319 Torin Lassiter Corporal
    JK-7330 Minariike Quanera
    JK-7331 Viado Bernard
    JK-7332 Han Cruz
    JK-7333 Jakuu Seyley
    JK-7334 Naz Lasek Corporal
    JK-7335 Ora Kilvaari
    JK-7336 Sierra Mishkoll
    JK-7337 Ixui Onone
    JK-7338 Jon Duiner

    2nd Section
    JK-7339 Teemu Neros Lieutenant
    JK-7340 Nesota Hunt Commander
    JK-7341 Aurora Obdris Sergeant Fireteam 6
    JK-7342 Sach Zatoq Corporal
    JK-7343 Zansatsu Kappa
    JK-7344 Tolth Riburn
    JK-7345 Jessa Triball
    JK-7346 Milka Aban
    JK-7347 Alluria Yurashima
    JK-7348 Cul-utaan Norith Corporal
    JK-7349 Brion Teraah
    JK-7350Schwanzkranz Jormum
    JK-7351 Serasana Bishto
    JK-7352 Grandola Eberle

    JK-7353 Niyo Huurlek Sergeant Fireteam 7
    JK-7354 Shandra Mesoth Corporal
    JK-7355 Delmon Joruic
    JK-7356 Attila Donos
    JK-7357 Shamasi Cari
    JK-7358 Drako Ryra
    JK-7359 Jisela Ferran Corporal
    JK-7360 Vislor Monoceros
    JK-7361 Fianna Phrog
    JK-7362 Jakar Rolands
    JK-7363 Zuk Kenor
    JK-7364 Pzandor Floto Commander
    JK-7365 Obran Calfan Sergeant Fireteam 8
    JK-7366 Myles Kalranoos Corporal
    JK-7367 Broca Tallon
    JK-7368 Shamus Mills
    JK-7369 Arlunia Geilvta
    JK-7370 Rune Marclonus
    JK-7371 Carga Doneeta Corporal
    JK-7372 Yen Wystalin
    JK-7373 Kendall Veila
    JK-7374 Kirana Ka
    JK-7375 Annubin Goran
    JK-7376 Aaron Olreb
    JK-7377 Olothorin Kaal Sergeant Fireteam 9
    JK-7378 Marcos Niktono Corporal
    JK-7379 Zoya Quest
    JK-7380 Rail Ray
    JK-7381 Siiwook Nestina
    JK-7382 Riema Eberle
    JK-7383 Squessibionaro Vosh Corporal
    JK-7384 Rand Bathens
    JK-7386 Roy Kirra
    JK-7387 Eesla Wagner
    JK-7388 Val Vand
    JK-7389 Raim Graf
    JK-7390 Sadon Tuain

    3rd Section
    JK-7391 Giriz Kre'fey Lieutenant
    JK-7392 Stanza Tyuth Commander
    JK-7393 Alysha Pantrakahs Sergeant Fireteam 10
    JK-7394 Pom Duval Corporal
    JK-7395 Paydon Korpil
    JK-7396 Moyric Granta
    JK-7397 Yasmyn Muschifurche
    JK-7398 Rath Zarmer
    JK-7399 Vansic Starfire Corporal
    JK-7400 Kraton Mentzer
    JK-7401 Thew Vekarr
    JK-7402 Verls Belanger
    JK-7403 Eeth Lartag
    JK-7404 Aima Eldin
    JK-7405 Kida Kallos Sergeant Fireteam 11
    JK-7406 Trins Chume Corporal
    JK-7407 Gaen Solomon
    JK-7408 Evana Oamuys
    JK-7409 Raphah Landwr
    JK-7410 Nevar McGhee Corporal
    JK-7411 Zane Selkayim
    JK-7412 Denth Dimodan
    JK-7413 Talanis Carn
    JK-7414 Aloova Nightshade
    JK-7415 Yet Dymos
    JK-7416 Ravened Handel Commander
    JK-7417 Kangrang Soto Sergeant Fireteam 12
    JK-7418 Varel Sonter Corporal
    JK-7419 Jana Greyhelm
    JK-7420 Kasa Sarden
    JK-7420 Garrallach Pentag
    JK-7420 Vict Getchell
    JK-7421 Europa Rivas Corporal
    JK-7422 Cryus Rohtul
    JK-7423 Angus Minervan
    JK-7424 Nejj Miran
    JK-7425 Runali Tamplin
    JK-7426 Kath Beshenal
    JK-7427 Errol Sallian Sergeant Fireteam 13
    JK-7428 Dostoga Kiner Corporal
    JK-7429 Roy Cormin
    JK-7430 Silvia Kronn
    JK-7431 Wodi Feraan
    JK-7432 Milka Zaine
    JK-7433 Ze Dyson Corporal
    JK-7434 Dartura Sihin
    JK-7435 Slee Lipost
    JK-7436 Dane Prower
    JK-7437 Kalar Pavish
    JK-7438 Droma Jonos
    JK-7439 Gromm Quee

    4th Section
    JK-7440 Eida Bona Lieutenant
    JK-7441 Mott Reu Commander

    JK-7442 Duke Bombassa Sergeant Fireteam 14
    JK-7443 Serasana Draav Corporal
    JK-7444 Viridian Lohgun
    JK-7445 Athaka Sokotoski
    JK-7446 Merton Sunfell
    JK-7447 Groex Jade
    JK-7449 Sovi Endel Corporal
    JK-7450 Teniel Durothil
    JK-7451 Aima Lindemann
    JK-7452 Verniv Flivven
    JK-7453 Jaspar Benten
    JK-7454 Jalaila Veir

    JK-7455 Sarli Dravvad Sergeant Fireteam 15
    JK-7456 Maneh de'Jannarc Corporal
    JK-7457 Teilo Kennison
    JK-7458 Katalana Zylvarstar
    JK-7459 Tanizandar Frey
    JK-7460 Kato Miu Corporal
    JK-7461 Luna Kothari
    JK-7462 Kangrang Khaar
    JK-7463 Vaexqua Reed
    JK-7464 Keer Jago
    JK-7465 Escara Moonwood Commander
    JK-7466 Aklee Valorous Sergeant Fireteam 16
    JK-7467 Cail Goodner Corporal
    JK-7468 Groznik Hodrren
    JK-7469 Kiergan Jetberg
    JK-7470 Lupai Mendes
    JK-7471 Shadra Janaesson
    JK-7472 Sia Demora Corporal
    JK-7473 Cregan Hasagaiwa
    JK-7474 Rahvin Twilight
    JK-7475 Jegelt Tuspin
    JK-7476 Julan Jalba
    JK-7477 Drago Masaque
    JK-7478 Mythus Pencron Sergeant Fireteam 17
    JK-7479 Skye Gorsceu Corporal
    JK-7480 Garm Rimora
    JK-7481 Indiglo Almiston
    JK-7482 J.P. Zane
    JK-7483 Akysa Knight
    JK-7484 Riyan Stoma
    JK-7485 Lel Goldenbur Corporal
    JK-7486 Jaxon-Dax Triem
    JK-7487 Tettsel Horn
    JK-7488 Sherveen Sloan
    JK-7489 Lon Kepporra
    JK-7490 Pau-Cas Magre
    JK-7491 Ziiom Kalranoos

    5th Section
    JK-7492 Fanus Wyndaru Lieutenant
    JK-7493 Moyric Un-Haku Commander
    JK-7494 Anen Thatch Sergeant Fireteam 18
    JK-7495 Rab Daemon Corporal
    JK-7496 Chiko Truden
    JK-7497 Cregan Horain
    JK-7498 Dack Lohgun
    JK-7499 Zechs Mott
    JK-7500 Shalla Lee Corporal
    JK-7501 Kitrep Lartag
    JK-7502 Ariel Nasscal
    JK-7503 Rogen Kiner
    JK-7504 Abia Tardun
    JK-7505 Quom Halo
    JK-7506 Iris Raeth Sergeant Fireteam 19
    JK-7507 Kin-Wan Fremlin Corporal
    JK-7508 Kareban Thegas
    JK-7509 Quia Kilvaari
    JK-7510 Pacer Vale
    JK-7511 Elgun Matare
    JK-7512 Chaffery Droma Corporal
    JK-7513 Zenon Sair
    JK-7514 Aresu Sutherland
    JK-7515 Keer Vest
    JK-7516 J.P. Darkrose
    JK-7517 Lucia Janin Commander

    JK-7518 Dahar Ka`Taramas Sergeant Fireteam 20
    JK-7519 Padm Kiyanu Corporal
    JK-7520 Phoenix Berus
    JK-7521 Kordath Silthen
    JK-7522 Lyman Kelrune
    JK-7523Goll Mendenhall
    JK-7524 Zun Rohtul Corporal
    JK-7525 Valin Sinan
    JK-7526 Tarrex Zess
    JK-7601 Jauhzmynn Gal
    JK-7225 Keda Starroy

    Welcome to game everyone!
    • I expect 'once-a-day' posts. If your turn stretches on, another player and the DM will work out the most likely/beneficial action your character will take. If a week goes buy without a post... Rock may fall.
      • No Plot Armor. If your character dies, whether it be a final stand, bleeding to death, eating a lightsaber or gettig dysentery, not even the Force will bring him back.
      • That said, that leaves a Player with Two Options:
        1. They can rustle up a new character, another soldier on Mandalore who will be recruited into the Jokers.
        2. They can opt out, leave the game and a new player will be admitted to keep a grand total of 9 PCs at all time. I'm sweating just thinking about it.
        3. "Deadbeats" or non-responders will get a terrible, painful and horrible death and Option 2 will be seen through.

    Allulian 'Meg' Megallan by Rowler Female Umbaran Medic
    Jonas Duine by Elfstone Male Human Joker (Jetpack)
    Jack by AyeGill Male Human Joker (Sergeant)
    Soonto by Wrathoflife Male Cathar Joker
    Marina Tyshalle by TheSnark Female Human Unarmed Specialist
    Kael Terrek by HarryTheHeretic ???? ????? Sniper
    Hask by Tyrael Male Trandoshan Demolitionist
    Ryer'voss'nudo by Shyftir Male Chiss Demolitionist
    Derec Nikeldace by RandomLunatic Male Human Joker
    Tambor Krain by crowe Male Human Joker

    Tomorrow, a master OOC thread for all my current campaigns will be made. Since my signature has no room, I will be posting up to date stats for this campaign in there. Its not really an OOC thread for your guys, just a place you can see your characters status in a glimpse.

    The roster...
    More than half the Jokers dead.

    Welcome to the game. Explore your surroundings, Jokers!

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Soonto JK-7311 - Lion

    Rolling out of the fiery wreckage Soonto, call-sign Lion could not believe his luck. To have survived all that through nothing more than sheer dumb luck did not make Soonto doubt his own personal skill set at all. There was a reason Soonto earned his name Lion. He was proud. He was fast. He was deadly.

    Pushing himself to his feet, Soonto ran to cover and quickly check his immediate surroundings.

    Clearing the area Soonto very quietly checked his comms.

    "Fire-team 4, this is Lion I'm securing the perimeter and awaiting orders."



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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Jonas JK-17243 Viper
    Jonas groaned loudly. Why does it fell like I just crash landed in the middle of a jungle and had everyone land on me? Oh wait.. Thats what happened.

    Getting to his feet he quickly gives himself a once over and then his equipment. Checking his safety, he hears Lions comm and looks over to see him standing about 20 feet away. He calls out "Hey Lion, Viper here. All good, nothing but a bruised ego." as he scans for any hostiles.

    What the hell. Ill post.


    Once clear, he heads over to where Soonto is standing, and kneels beside him as he continues to look around for others still alive.
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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Much like its people, it is defined by extremes.
    The Mandalorians built their cities with war and battle in mind. Factories stand next to military bases which are in turn bordered by homes. The streets are designed to help an attacker from one direction, and aids the defender from another.
    Only a Mandalorian, or one versed in war, can make head of it all.
    Soonto's booted feet crunch over smashed stone and permacrete.
    Here and there, bodies and discarded weapons poke from the rubble beneath them.
    Though he can't hear anything but his immediate comrades over the commlink, the trooper can hear the sounds of battle not far off, and in all directions.

    Map Forth Coming.

    Far above Soonto's head, a ball-shaped scout droid records and transmits real-time images to a receiver somewhere on the battlefield.
    Soonto realizes they will have company soon.

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Jonas can see no 'hostiles' yet, but already he can make out that the Jokers have landed in a rather bad spot for defense...
    They need to move as soon as possible.


    I will create Photoshop/Illustrator icons to indicate individual unit positions once I have everyone's 'callsign'. At this point, relative positions aren't so important...
    The recon droid is about 20 m above Jonas and Soonto.

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    I am assuming its not ours

    Jonas taps Lion and points one finger up. He sees the signal was recognized and raises his rifle. Whispering into his com he says "On three"

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    I am assuming its not ours
    Good assumption.
    • Maps will definitely become better...

    A closer look at the droid reveals that it is of Imperial make. But it has the dark markings of the traitors.

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Derec tried to wipe the blood off his helmet, and mostly succeeded in smearing it around. He thougght the shuttle had reached the end of its semi-controlled journey, but could not be sure because of all the spinning in his head. He looked into the cockpit, and though most of the displays were dark or obscured, the altimeter was frozen on 1173. He took that as evidence the ride had indeed come to a complete stop.

    He had very little idea of what had just happened, but until other orders came in, the mission would continue. He undid his rewtraint and was pitched forward across the angled deck of the shuttle, catching himself against the far wall. Righting hismelf, he turned and head for the loading ramp, his carbines shifting from their holsters at his sides to his hands as he went.

    He stepped out of the dark, ravaged interior of the shuttle to the brighter but equally shattered surface of Mandalore, carbon-blackened muzzles of the carbines panning across the landscape in search of targets. Noticing Jonas and Soonto looking up, he did likewise, then left then to handle the drone as he swept around to expand the perimeter.
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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    This is the proper way I think.
    Spoiler all OOC.

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Tambor "TK" Krain JK-7213 Callsign Thunder

    TK takes a moment to see if anyone is trapped or needs help exiting the shuttle, but only a moment, he's not interested in becoming one with the burning shuttle. Hearing Lion's comm, he joins the perimeter, taking a side not covered by Lion or Viper, preferably taking cover in the furrow of the shuttle a comfortable distance from it in case it explodes. Hearing Vipers command, he will look to see what Viper is looking at...
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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel


    Perception Roll

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Tambor sees that Jauzhhmynn appears to be find, leaping from the shuttle and crouching behind Jonas, Derec and Soonto...
    She is followed by Kida, who crouches next to the comm officer, examining the damage done to the shuttle.
    No immediate targets leap out at Derec as he surveys the crash site.
    Though he can recognize the sloped concavity of the position does leave them vulnerable to an attack...
    In his surveyal, Tambor notices that the shuttle has apparently pierced a little through the building beyond...
    And along the western side, facing south, it appears as if someone has blocked a hole left by a rocket launcher from the inside with stones and metal...

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    TK takes cover and hides in the rubble, covering the hole to the south and tries to raise the Initiative on the longrange.

    FT4 Sniper Hole southwest, check. Initiative this is FT4.


    Perception to discern more from the hole

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Place speech in "Quotatios".
    Indicate Comm. speech {In these things{As well as the target, such as Fireteam 4}}
    Remember, short range comm links only reach up to low orbit, while long range can hit high orbit.
    Jauzhmynn's equipment includes several long-range comlinks built into her helmet, armor, wrist and backpack for redundancy and ease of use. She also adds an extra layer of encryption. She poses video and holocapability and possesses a pocket scrambler, vox-box and a code cylinder.

    {{From Initiative}NO RESPONSE{To JK-7213 "Thunder"}}
    Activating her own comlinks, Jauzhmynn begins to establish a more secure communications network between Fireteam 4.
    {{JK-7601}NO RESPONSE from Initiative. Should I try and contact other Fireteams?{To Fireteam 4}}

    There doesn't seem to be anything else worth noting. But it is clearly not a sniper hole... The hole has been left by a rocket launcher, and stuffed with rocks and debris from the inside.
    Above, TIE figthers scream and screech with impunity.

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Meg JK-7241 - Raven

    Raven extricates herself from the wreckage of the shuttle and takes a few moments to pull her medical kit out from it as well. She quickly scans the surroundings for her team and anything aggressive. Not finding anything in her immediate range of sight, she crouches a bit and reopens the comm channel.

    "Raven here. Still got all my feathers" her velvety voice reports as she heads over to Lion and the others, taking a position behind them so she can check her supplies.

    After a moment of quick double-checking, she quickly chimed into the comm

    "All medical supplies accounted for. What's the situation?" she asks while hefting her pack onto her back and drawing her bluebolt blaster pistol.

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Soonto JK-7311 - Lion

    Lion nods to Viper just in case the comms are being monitored by the droid and raises his heavy blaster.

    On vipers mark Lion unleashes hell.


    Droid is Prime target, +2 to hit, +1 die.
    Init verse Droid Init (1d20+21)[33]
    If greater than droids, droid is flatfooted
    Rapidshot being used. -2 to hit, +1 die

    damage - (5d12)[23]
    If damage greater than driods threshold +1 die damage
    extra - (1d12)[9]

    {"Expect incoming!"}

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    It is all indeed there.
    Motioning for Meg to crouch with them, Kida uses her microphone to speak aloud.
    "Perhaps we should stay off the comm channel while '601' configures it-and you should try and reach a superior. If we're all chattering at once, someone can pick it up and crack it early while we're all confused..."
    She pulls a battery pack from a discarded weapon in the rubble.
    Kida points to a large burst of flame in the sky, "That's the
    Initiative! And we're here, at the bottom of this bowl, and no idea who to talk to? Have you checked if the pilots are really dead?"
    The droid doesn't even get a chance to dodge, exploding in a flurry of sparks and shrapnel to fine to do any damage to the Fireteam.
    Jauzhmynn continues working, though she does mutter through her own microphone.
    "Well, now we know they know we know they're watching us..."

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Quote Originally Posted by TheOasysMaster View Post
    {{From Initiative}NO RESPONSE{To JK-7213 "Thunder"}}
    Activating her own comlinks, Jauzhmynn begins to establish a more secure communications network between Fireteam 4.
    {{JK-7601}NO RESPONSE from Initiative. Should I try and contact other Fireteams?{To Fireteam 4}}

    There doesn't seem to be anything else worth noting. But it is clearly not a sniper hole... The hole has been left by a rocket launcher, and stuffed with rocks and debris from the inside.
    Above, TIE figthers scream and screech with impunity.
    {{JK-7213}Roger, establish comms with other FTs 7601{toJK-7601}}

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    {{JK-7601} Just picked up a survivor from Fireteam 14, "442"... Shall I patch him in?{Fireteam 4}}
    She sounds disturbed.

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Marina JK-7227 - Spitfire

    "Sorath, you bitch," mumbles a woozy Marina as she wobbles out of the twisted shuttle, "next time you kill yourself, do it on your own time." She'd never gotten along with the hotshot pilot; they were too similar in too many ways to ever really be comfortable with one another. (Like rival cats, she'd overheard from a squadmate who thought she was out of earshot.) At least, that's what Marina had always figured. Apparently she'd been wrong, because something had been seriously wrong with their pilot.

    Yeah, and there's nothing wrong with you at all.

    She shakes her head. Focus, woman. You're on a battlefield here.

    "They're dead all right," she reports, having legged it over to the others in time to catch the tail end of Kida's sputtering rant. "Sorath shot Daxar and then offed herself midflight, crazy little droyk. Anybody seen the sergeant?"
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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Hask groans slightly as he slowly regains consciousness. The burly Trandoshan is thankful for the magnetic clamps on his gear that kept his heavy weapons secured to his armor as he clambers out of the twisted wreckage of the shuttle. Hask is an imposing sight as his bulky armor and multitude of weapons lets him tower over 7 feet tall. Several enormous weapons are slung onto his back, magnetically clamped onto a big, bulky cargo backpack. His belt is absolutely crammed with odd devices and pouches, and two bandoliers criss-cross his chest, covered with grenades of every sort.

    Reaching over his shoulder, he runs his hand over the stocks of several huge weapons before pulling out a Grenade Launcher and slotting four frag grenades into it with practiced ease. Re-settling his gear with a shrug of his massive shoulders, Hask nudges the microphone in his helmet with his chin. {TKID JK-7264,} he growls into the squad channel. {Boomer's ready to blow some drahkers up already. Fair's fair, they blew me up first. You all still alive?}
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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Jack JK - 7233 - Chief
    Jack crawled out of the wreckage, looking around for casualties. Upon finding that 'casualty' was currently that natural state of being, he stood up, looked around at the surviving squad members, and started barking orders into his microphone.
    {TKID 7233}{Lion, sitrep! Viper, fire up that jetpack of yours and do some recon. Everyone else, form a perimeter. We need to establish connection to Initiative as fast as possible}
    He grabbed his blaster rifle, and ran to the others.
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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Jonas JK-17243 Viper
    On comm "Roger that sir" as he flips the ignition on his jetpack. Flying up to the height the droid was at before it was destroyed, Jonas surveys the land, trying to determine where a good place to head toward would be. Once his mission is accomplished he heads back down(2 rounds later) and reports to Chief.

    Know(Tactics) to see where is the most tactically sound position.

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Soonto JK-7311 - Lion

    {"Chief, This is Lion, Sitrep to follow. One recon droid down, area appears otherwise secured. Suspect imminent out break of hostilities."} Lion checks the area again. {"Otherwise holding area sir."}

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Jack JK - 7233 - Chief
    {Roger that Lion, hold this position. Raven, check the wreckage for survivors}
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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    With the recon droid down, Thunder low crawls towards the wall with the hole in it that piqued his interest. On his way there, he will monitor his com scanner for any chatter.

    {JK-7213}{I am checking out something strange in this wall, cover me}{FT-4} {JK-7213}7601, patch in 442, 442 what's your status?{FT-4}

    OOC: All of Thunders Team Comms are tight beam, I have a long range comm, but it is no where the level of 7601's.

    Stealth to the Wall
    Perception to inspect the hole and look for booby traps
    Use Computer to Monitor Comm Traffic
    Probably there is a multitude of traffic, but TK is interested in anything concerning the shuttle crash at this point

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    Kida bows her helmet, then using her gloves, she traces a bowl shape beneath her right eye lense, and then a vertical line from the bowl down her right cheek.
    A gesture of sadness.
    "Something has seriously gone wrong..."
    Jauzhymnn nods, "No responses from Derec, Ryer, and Kael... Are they okay?"
    Jonas finds that the height the droid was at doesn't give him a very good view outside the immediate area... He'll have to fly a little higher.
    Tambor finds an impressive looking bomb set up among the rubble blocking the hole...
    He can't actually SEE the wires and the bomb... But the visible, and altered nature of certain pieces of metal and stone show that certain objects, if moved, could definitely set off a bomb of unknown make and size...
    It's clearly a trap.
    Kida moves to cover Tambor, her own blaster pointed directly at the hole itself.
    {{7422 via '601}Fireteam 4! Did you land!?!?! I'm the sole survivor of my own shuttle craft-we were attacked by Sith after a bomb of some sort tore away the front of our ship, I am now moving to join Fireteam 8 with an Imperial Knight! What is your status? Did you successfully land as well?{Fireteam 4}}

    I've got call signs for everyone except those still in the shuttle, who haven't posted yet.
    If anyone is 'live' at the moment, an actual conversation would be appropriate. And as I've said, Jonas will have to increase his height..

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    {{7233} 7422, This is 7233 of FT-4 speaking, we have crash-landed but are alive and well, however our support is dead, we are moving to secure a perimeter, over!{7422}}
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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    {{'422 via '601} Jack? It's the Duke! The Knight and I have hidden for the moment, tell me... Have you experienced suicides? Fireteams 17 and 18 have had them in all their female unit members...{Fireteam 4}}

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    Default Re: Star Wars - Durasteel

    {'233}Affirmative, our pilot offed herself. Undoubtedly some sort of Force trick, i should say{'422}
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