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    Default Need Help designing a Martial Duskblade

    I need the Playground's help. For a game I'm currently working on, I need a version of the Duskblade that uses both martial maneuvers & arcane spells. I would like to keep most of the Duskblade iconic abilities (Arcane Channeling & Armored Mage to be specific), I would like someone original ideas for class ablities & how to evenly spread them out. I'm sticking with Good BAB. As far as power level, I need Tier 3 at least, but if it hits 2, I'm fine with that. So please, wrack your brains & help a poor homebrewer out.

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    Default Re: Need Help designing a Martial Duskblade

    Sounds like a prestige class that combines the two, honestly. But if you are set on doing it as a base class, and aiming for tier 3, I'd make both progressions more limited, capping out at 4th level a la the Paladin/Ranger, and a slower maneuver progression than Warblade. (full initiator level, but fewer maneuvers known/readied)

    Possibly make the maneuver refresh mechanic go based off spells (ie spend a spell slot to refresh your maneuvers. 0th level as a full action, 1st level as a standard, 2nd as a move, 3rd as a swift, 4th as a free), and make the ability to imbue spells into your strikes as a maneuver-esque ability.
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