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    Default Re: Welknair's Playlist of Awesome

    Wow. I guess that's what I get for not checking the thread for a week or so. When I have the time (hopefully soon) I'll listen through all the suggested songs and add the ones that I think could be useful. And if the current pattern holds, that's about all of them. I'm also planning on doing some basic organization (combat, travel, epic, other).

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    I see what you did there...

    Even worse, I knew that's what you were doing, and I clicked it anyway...
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    Welknair, you are like... some living avatar of win. Who's made of win. And wields win as if it were but a toy. Win.
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    Welknair you are a god among men. Thank you for creating a playground for the completely insane.
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    There have also been times where I was jealous of your ingenuity and skills.

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    Default Re: Welknair's Playlist of Awesome

    While we're on the Best Song Ever, how about the Best Arrangement of the Best Song Ever? ;)

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