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    Post [D&D 4e] Samurai [PEACH]

    I have been thinking a lot today, and I have decided to make a Martial power-sourced Controller. I think we REALLY need one, due to the idea that certain campaigns may and/or will use Martial classes. Controllers are the odd man out!

    I played around with a few concepts (like the Rajput Warrior), but ultimatly decided that the Samurai is the most likely to joining an adventuring party.

    Role: Controller. Versatile warriors, they'll have secondary roles in Striker, Defender, and Leader.
    Power Source: Martial
    Key Abilities: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom

    Armor Proficiancy: Cloth, Leather, Hide, Chainmail, Scale.
    Weapon Proficiancy: Basic Melee, Military Melee, Longbow, Shortbow
    Impliments: Ancestral Weapon (see below)
    Bonus to Defenses: + 1 Fortitude, +1 Reflex

    Hit Points at 1st level: 10 + Constitution Score
    Hit Points per level gained: 4
    Healing Surges per Day: 6 + Constitution Modifier

    Trained Skills: From the class skills list below, choose 3 more trained skills at 1st level.
    CLASS SKILLS: Acrobatics, Athletics, Diplomacy, Endurance, Heal, History, Insight, Intimidate, Perception, Religion, Streetwise.

    Build Options: (class is not completed)
    Class Features: Ancestral Weapon, Loyalty


    Samurai Class Features
    You have the following class features.

    You specialize in one weapon you are proficient in (most commonly a longsword or a shortsword). Based on the type of weapon, you gain extra bonuses. Note that the weapon types marked as FORBIDDEN are those that give no bonuses. Also note that you'll need to spend DOUBLE the gp for enchantment , and if you drop your ancestral weapon that you chose at 1st level, you grant combat advantage until you regain possession of your ancestral weapon. For this reason, you cannot sell your ancestral weapon or give it to someone.
    Axes: FORBIDDEN!!
    Bow: If you are wielding a bow, you gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls and you also double the effective range of the bow.
    Crossbow: FORBIDDEN
    Flail: FORBIDDEN
    Hammer: FORBIDDEN
    Heavy Blade: When wielding a heavy blade, you gain a +1 to Armor Class.
    Light Blade: When wielding a light blade, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls.
    Sling: FORBIDDEN
    Spear: When wielding a spear, you gain a +1 bonus to Defenses (except AC).
    Staff: FORBIDDEN
    Unarmed: FORBIDDEN

    Choose a Clan. Each Clan gives you bonuses you could'nt get as a samurai from another Clan.
    Fire: As a member of the Fire Clan, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls when you or an enemy grants combat advantage.
    Water: As a member of the Water Clan, you give a -1 penalty to speed to one enemy of your choice, but only when bloodied.
    Earth: As a member of the Earth Clan, you gain a +1 bonus to Fortitude defense.
    Air: As a member of the Air Clan, you can spend an action point to double your movement speed.

    More features probably to be added on a later date.
    You like my ideas?
    You can constructivly critisize me here.
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    Default Re: [D&D 4e] Samurai [PEACH]

    We have a Martial Controller. Check Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms.

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    Default Re: [D&D 4e] Samurai [PEACH]

    Great. My efforts are for nothing then. I'll probably need to buy the Essentials books and sets after all... oh well.
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    Default Re: [D&D 4e] Samurai [PEACH]

    This homebrew is utterly awful for four reasons.

    1.) Filling a role for the sake of filling a role. Every single martial controller homebrew was terrible because they wanted to fill an unnecessary "void." Subsequently, every single one of their core, driving concepts were garbage.

    2.) Light Blade+Fire Clan is the objective best combination. By far. Mainly because Heavy Blade and Spear are garbage, while Bow is merely decent (but I can't say much because I have absolutely no idea what the defender punishment is like). Water is beyond garbage, earth is crappy, and air is so far beyond garbage it's not even funny.

    3.) Why in heck does it cost double GP to enchant the ancestral weapon? It just makes this entire class a non-option, because at any level where you can grab a +2 weapon, you'll end up completely utterly useless.

    4.) Granting global CA for dropping the ancestral weapon is such a random and unnecessary restriction it shouldn't even be part of the feature.

    Also why the nonsensical banning of every other weapon group?

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