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    D&D 3.5 General Homebrew
    Tenebrist > Shadowcasting redone right
    Witch v2 > A simpler witch, than my previous, for simpler play
    Necromancer > because you don't sneak into Pelor's backyard in full plate
    Lexitheurge > truenaming with less suck and more battlefield control
    Mage > for those of you who want to play a balanced wizard or sorcerer
    Mountebank > a spellcasting trickster who specializes at fascinating and feinting
    Witch > what the druid should have been
    Entropomancer > the master of nothing

    D&D E6 (3.5) Homebrew
    ToM Conversion > A conversion of the tome of magic into e6 mechanics

    D&D 3.5 Old Homebrew
    Disciple of the Fade > invocation using shadow gish
    Lunar Scythe > gish class with moon spells and scythe
    Thrillseeker > a thrillseeking skillmonkey that relies on the use of adrenaline
    Onmyoji > fight with shikigami and spirit tags anime style
    Necromancer > wade into battle with undead by your side
    Malefic Horror > be fear itself and scare your enemies to death
    The Dark Hero > PrC, bend the alignment rules and be an antihero
    Nightblade > strike from the shadows
    Aesthetic > combining spells and maneuvers with style
    Cimmerian Knight > if paladins used shadow magic and eschewed their code

    The Corner - for the rejects and the abused
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