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    Default Balancing Races in 3.5 (Help Please!)

    I'm getting ready for a new campaign I want to run. To do this I want to balance the races that I'll be using against the Lesser Aasimar. I just see the Lesser Aasimar as being one of the most overpower LA +0 races out there. Now, I suppose it would be simpler to tone the Aasimar down, but some of the races are just simply under powered to begin with (namely Orcs & Half-Orcs).

    Here are the available races:

    Sundryl (Lesser Aasimar)
    Sindryl (Lesser Tiefling)
    Dragonborn (Pretty much done.)
    Orcs & Half Orcs

    & of course Elves and Half-Elves.

    For Elves, I'm allowing:
    High Elves
    Grey Elves
    Wild Elves
    & Shadow Elves (Lesser Drow)

    I've decided that the Dragonborn in this campaign will be more like the those outlined in 4th edition. I'll post what I currently have when I get home.

    For Orcs (and Half-Orcs to a lesser extent), I'm thinking about getting rid of their penalty to Intelligence; removing thier Dark Vision and Light Sensitivity, then giving them Low-Light Vision; and giving them bonuses to Survival and Handle Animal. I'm envisioning them to be groups of nomadic barbarian tribes.

    For the Sindryl (Lesser Tieflings), I'm thinking of just getting rid of their penalty to Charisma. I really don't like it, with Rogue as their Favored Class, you would think that their social skills would be important.

    The Shadow Elves (Lesser Drow), I want to get rid of their Light-Blindness and have them keep their Dark Vision. I'm just not sure what else I should do to balance them to keep at LA +0 and have them on par with the Lesser Aasimar.

    Finally, I'm not sure what to do with the other races if anything.

    As a side note to the races, I'm using the Color Wheel alignment system for this campaign. To give you a kind of gauge as to what I envision their demeanors to be like. Here is the breakdown by race.

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