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    Default "The Shortening" Card List?

    Good evening,

    I received the game today and I have found some differences from what is written on the box and the number of the cards inside: there are 52 new battle cards and not 49 as written outside (I don't complain for this, but I would like to know if 52 is the correct number or not! :) ).
    Moreover, in the rules is written, in the section "New Battle Cards", that there are 16 new "Screw This!" cards and 28 new Monsters cards, while I have found respectively 22 and 30 new ones!

    Is it possible to have a complete card list as there was for the original game box?

    This said, the cards are hilarious as always and the game seems to be effectively faster than before! It's an add-on you can't miss! ;)

    Have a nice evening,


    PS: Poor Vaarsuvius didn't get to say "I hurt Xykon!" like the others...
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    Default Re: "The Shortening" Card List?

    This is by no means an official list (because I'm not someone official )

    Here is what I received:

    12 new Loot cards

    • Bomb Balm
    • Book of True Power
    • Dungeon Map
    • Elixir of Zippiness
    • Healing Salve
    • Helpful Advice
    • Jealousy
    • Oil of Ouchiness
    • Pink Bunny Slippers
    • Potion of Studliness
    • Tired Cliches
    • Turtle Wax

    36 new Shtick cards
    • Don't Let the Short Legs Fool You
    • Mr. Scruffy
    • Petty Threats
    • Sexy Shoeless God of War
    • Let's You and Me Dance
    • Picking on the Weak

    • Protection from Ickiness
    • The Best Offense
    • The Hope of Returning Home
    • Thor's Might
    • Exiled to the Surface
    • Take Yer Medicine

    • Dashing Swordsman
    • In the Nick of Time
    • Magical Advice
    • Marginally-Improved Illusion
    • Rapier
    • Unwarranted Optimism

    • Bag of Holding
    • Grand Theft: Your Stuff
    • Grappling Hook
    • Shot in the Dark
    • Personification of Self-Loathing
    • Sniper? I Hardly Know Her!

    • Carry Along
    • Distraction
    • Green Energy Thingie
    • Lead from the Front
    • Kickin' Back
    • Main Character

    • Banishing Spell
    • Friendly Fire(ball)
    • Stinking Cloud
    • Tedious Explanations
    • Elven Meditation Trance
    • The Right Spell for the Job

    52 new Battle cards
    30 new Monster cards
    • Bandit Executioner
    • Billy, Thieves' Guild Intern
    • Bunnywolf
    • Creature in the Darkness
    • Disgruntled Goblin
    • Doc of the Dead
    • Ducksnake
    • Earth Worm
    • Goblin Dan, Restaurateur
    • Goblin Zombie
    • Hak-Tonog the Incontinent
    • Hank
    • Helium Elemental
    • Hydra
    • Jenny, Bard/Rogue/Sorceress
    • Kuurkk the Anemic
    • Lead Elemental
    • Lokor the Chronically Insecure
    • Magnesium Elemental
    • Mercury Elemental
    • Minotaur
    • Noble Gases
    • Nurse Wretched
    • Oracle of the Sunken Valley
    • Owlbear
    • Penguilion
    • Skybird
    • Swarm of Puffins
    • The Mad Bomber
    • Ulraviolet Dragon
    22 new Screw This! cards
    • An Even Share
    • Butt in Line
    • Dramatic Shot
    • Goblin Strike
    • Heroic Entrance
    • Hysterical Aphasia
    • Left Behind
    • Mano a Mano
    • Math Is Hard
    • Minion-ectomy
    • Monster Team-Up
    • No More Room
    • Not Really into It
    • Off-Panel
    • Oracular Prophecy
    • Roach Motel
    • Saved for a Rainy Day
    • Screw Me? Screw YOU!
    • Turned Into a Newt
    • Use It or Lose It
    • Wait, Who Are You?
    • What's My Motivation?

    48 Backstories cards
    • Appreciates Fine Workmanship
    • Bling-Blings
    • Calculates Every Probability
    • Can't Be Predicted
    • Counterspells
    • Curls Up with a Good Book
    • Defends the Weak and Adorable
    • Doesn't Get as Much Screen Time
    • Doesn't Get Sidetracted
    • Drinks Milk
    • Ducks
    • Enjoys Long Walks
    • Exploits Weaknesses
    • Explores
    • Figures Out the Gimmick
    • Frightens Easily
    • Gets Lucky
    • Has a Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Sense
    • Has Mastered the Periodic Table
    • Hasn't Sold Soul (Yet)
    • Hates All That Magical Faeris Pixie Crap
    • Hates You
    • Is Cooler Than You on Your Best Day
    • Is Use-Impaired
    • Keeps Everything
    • Kicks You While You're Down
    • Knows Unknown Knowledge
    • Knows When to Hold 'Em, Knows When to Fold 'Em
    • Leaves a Trail of Bloody Corpses
    • Likes Pets
    • Listens Well
    • Looks Swanky
    • Makes Spot Checks
    • Nevers Gives Up
    • Nitpicks
    • Overcompensates for Something
    • Oversleeps
    • Rules the Bandits Clan
    • Serves Revenge Cold
    • Shares
    • Smites the Unliving
    • Soothes the Savage Beast
    • Spits in Destiny's Eye
    • Stands in the Back, Thank You Very Much
    • Steals Without a License
    • Values Friendship
    • Wasn't Always This Strong
    • Wasn't Really Trying, Anyway

    5 "Wandering Xykon" cards
    • I got my ass kicked by Xykon
    • I Hurt Xykon!
    • I Hurt Xykon!
    • I Hurt Xykon!
    • I Killed Xykon

    It's a total of 153 cards with two less "Wandering Xykon" cards and three more Battle cards than what is printed on the box. The box image was probably sent to the printers before the card list was finalized. I'm totally happy with having one more card than what the box says.

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    Post Re: "The Shortening" Card List?

    I was confused with the numbers too, but since I got more than promised, it wasn't too bad.

    Unsurprisingly, I got the same cards as in Hamiltonz list. I suspect that the two "missing" wandering Xykon cards are the Xykon move token and his characters card (where you're keeping track of his wounds).
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    Default Re: "The Shortening" Card List?

    The Xykon character card and move token are counted among the Xykon cards, yes. They're cards that you use when playing with Wandering Xykon, aren't they?

    The wandering version of the Creature in the Darkness and the Goblin Zombie were last minute monster additions made after the box was designed. Math is Hard had been cut from the game when it had different text, but was added back in at the last minute with new rules. Thus, there are three more Battle Cards than what's listed on the box.

    I have no idea why the rules have the completely wrong numbers, though. I guess nobody checked it.
    Rich Burlew

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    Default Re: "The Shortening" Card List?

    Thanks for the list and the clarifications!


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