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    Default Facebook: Heroes of Neverwinter

    Anybody played this on facebook yet? My wife and I have been playing a bit, and it seems like a pretty fun little lite dungeon crawler (4e-based, but oh well).
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    Default Re: Facebook: Heroes of Neverwinter

    My experience went something like this

    Day 1: Seems interesting I'll give this a go.

    Day 2: Randomised treasure is a bit weird, but doesn't seem like a big deal.

    Day 3: Ranged enemies are a bit nasty, but no biggie. Wish you could get a look at what character's abilities were before your hired them though.

    Day 4: *continues to play, slowly doing some quest chains*

    Day 5: Damn! Stupid RNG (loses mission due to missing 60+% of all attacks). Oh well, guess I'll try again- wait, why isn't it letting me try the mission again?
    *realises to try again you have start the entire quest chain again from mission 1 to re-unlock the mission*
    *deletes app*

    Yeah, I have no desire to go back to it again.

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    Default Re: Facebook: Heroes of Neverwinter

    I helped test this game out. It has its quirks, but if you know how, its not a bad game.


    Or it was, until they changed the way it plays. The new interface is dumb.
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