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    Default Need ideas for a Body alteration class. [3.5/PF]

    working on a classs wear the idea is they can change their body in small, or large, ways to fit situations and be helpfull in most situations.

    In a way it would be like a large spell list of different things you can alter on your body, and i need help with ideas!!!

    the changes fall into 3 catagories with some "spells" being in 2 or more different catagories:

    Physical: longer arms, more fingers, larger body. Anything wear you alter your body.

    Mental: take a mental picture, think faster, learn fast. purely changes to how you think and percieve the world.

    Creation: make a tool, sword, machine. by makeing them with your body and pulling them off. similar to physical in a way.

    any ideas you all have for good changes? assume pathfinder or 3.5 setting.

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    Default Re: Need ideas for a Body alteration class. [3.5/PF]

    Creation seems like a wonky category for body alteration. If you're making something like a sword, consider having it transform your hand or your entire arm into a blade, Alex Mercer style.

    Consider basing the mechanics off the incarnum rules - you have a decent-sized list of mutations you can learn and based on how many "transformation points" you invest in each one, they get correspondingly more powerful. Like Incarnum, you can only morph your body in so many different ways at a time, but I feel like someone able to transform their body to this degree would be able to switch out their mutations (as well as their power levels) on the fly, making them extraordinarily versatile.
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    Default Re: Need ideas for a Body alteration class. [3.5/PF]

    Doesn't quite seem to be what you're looking for, but you might be able to get some ideas for what you want to do from this class.

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    Default Re: Need ideas for a Body alteration class. [3.5/PF]

    You might also like to consider Kellus' Xenoalchemist for inspiration
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