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    [Harnel's Birthday Party]

    Cessie applauds, "Very good Sakura." It reminded her of when she had sung with Aegnor. Good times, if somewhat embarrassing.

    She suspected it would be even better if there was some music accompanying her but there wouldn't get that out of here unless those things the dryad had in her ears could make the others hear it as well.

    Now it would be Sakura's turn, unless she wanted to wait for her dear husbands reaction first of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulaghar View Post
    [Harnel's Birthday Party]

    "Um..." Her favorite song... Favorite song... "Oh, one sec." Sakura goes over to the stroller where she's stashed her bag. After a moment of rooting through it, the pulls out the aforementioned iPod. She sticks the ear buds in and starts searching for a song.

    The dryad closes her eyes and tries to remember the lyrics as she starts to sing.
    "Quite some time, I been sittin' it out
    Didn't take no chances, I was a prisoner of doubt
    I knocked down the wailin' wall, ain't no sin
    Got the feel of fortune, deal me in~

    Her eyes flit open and she continues to sing the rest of the song. Sakura actually has a quite nice voice, though she's very lacking in practice. She stumbles of a couple words, but otherwise does decent.
    "Straight on straight on, I'm straight on for you
    Straight on for you~
    She finishes and smiles a tad nervously at the others. She hasn't even sung in front of Adir before.
    Adir's surprised by this eventuality. It's probably just because he always expects the most amusing outcome.

    He raises his hands to do a silly little clap, grinning and laughing. "Woo! Bravo!"
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    Default Re: [Nexus] Random Places and Plots 4

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