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    Default Spell Magnet (3.5, New Spell, PEACH)

    So I had this idea of making a spell that creates a spell magnet. A point in space that spells are drawn too. After some thinking and mental revisions this is what I have.

    Spell Magnet
    Level: Cleric 4, Paladin 4
    Components: V, S, DF
    Casting Time: One standard action
    Target: 1 Creature
    Range: Touch
    Effect: Aura of Magical Magnestism
    Duration: 1 round/level
    Saving Throw: Will Negates
    SR: Yes

    As you complete the incantaion, a ripple of magical energy puleses from the target then reverberates backwards.

    The target becomes akin to a spell 'magnet.' They are surrounded by an aura of special magical energy out to 30 ft. Any spell with SR: Yes cast within, with line of effect through or targetted within this aura are subject to a special spell resistance check. The caster must beat a SR of 10+CL (SR 20 maximum) otherwise it is retargeted or redirected towards the target of this spell. The spell must have line of effect from the point it is redirected to the target of this spell. If target of this spell is out of range of a redirected spell, such as being out of touch range of a touch spell, the spell fails and the spell slot is spent. The target of this spell takes a -4 penalty to reflex saves from any spell with Ref Half. The target of this spell that has SR still applies its own SR normally to redirected spells.

    I wish I had a better name than "Spell Magnet" but I'm not very creative with names. The point of this spell is to make somebody with massive saves, such as someone with Paladin 2 dip with Cha SAD, like Socardins, become 'tanky' for spells. Or inversly, screwing with enemy casters by forcing them to be target of all spells from all casters, good or bad, plus giving blasters a bit of a boost. I think for some reason that it shouldn't be Abjuration.

    I also had an idea for a Greater version that has a higher max SR and the ability to conciously ignore spells, but not if used offensivly. Possibly a mass version but I don't want to think of what happens with overlapping areas.
    Well thats it, PEACH away.
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