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    Default Re: Please help make a tier-0 class. You'll see what I mean.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemon-freak89 View Post
    I would like a new base class a NPC of which is capable of being a tough fight for a group of 4 moderate-to-high optimization, equal leveled (to it and each other) Gestalt characters.
    I just realized something about this project. Namely, we don't have nearly enough information to go on. Seriously.

    To get a polished work, the answers to the following questions will probably be very helpful:

    1. What level should this super-class (who will likely have a CR equal to its level + 4) be at? You say epic but that really isn't specific enough. If we make a class that doesn't grant enough of what you want this guy to have or that doesn't get it fast enough, it won't be of much use to you.

    2. Are you intending for a single fight against the PCs or for multiple fights between which this enemy levels up? If it's the former, there really is no reason not to just make this a unique humanoid creature who doesn't get its power from actual class levels as suggested above (kind of like a demon lord or lord of hell).

    3. How high should the spell resistance be? You know far better than any of us what your players roll on their spell penetration rolls so unless you want spell resistance to be too high (negating spellcasters) or too low (making it worthless), please tell us the EXACT amount of spell resistance this guys needs (not level + X, the precise amount).

    4. Again, please give us the exact number of secrets/high arcana that you want this guy to have. Telling us to blindly make an overpowered class so that you can optimize it seems silly when you can tell us exactly what you want this guy to have. You'll eventually have to choose what abilities this guy gets at some point either way so why not do so first so that you can make sure that this guy gets all of them that you want him to have and that the advancement rate isn't too slow? Are you perhaps hoping that we'll give you a class more powerful that what you would have made? Seeing as you're the one who knows the characters and their resources, this would be a bad thing.

    5. Can you tell us precisely who this BBEG is in your campaign? As you want other class features (perhaps in addition to the immunities/action economy breaking that this guy needs), knowing who he is might help.

    6. Can you tell us more about your players other than "epic level" and "high mental ability scores"? Again, more detail is good and helps us tell what type of an encounter would be challenging. What artifacts/epic level spells the players use, for example, might change our approach altogether.
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    Default Re: Please help make a tier-0 class. You'll see what I mean.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morph Bark View Post
    The Tarrasque?
    Yes and the sprinting thing will let them chatch up to a runaway party, but this will likely kill an entire party.
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