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    Default [BiTP:R] Episode 14: Spin the Wheel of Reincarnation! The Appearance of the Samsara!

    The streets in Phoenix City were uncharacteristically empty as the woman strode through, her blue coat billowing slightly behind her. The red trail in front of her led on, through the city to where her prey was. The time for waiting was over.

    Quote Originally Posted by Valley of Screams
    Cassandra looked up as he addressed them, the man who had brought them together, who had given them a purpose when they had all but despaired.

    "Listen now, my children." His voice soared over them, somehow loud enough in the infinite empty space for them all to hear him. "You have all waited so long, and for what purpose? But just for that! For purpose! For a reason! For a truth behind the supposed emptiness of our existence! Well, my children, I now have a way of giving you that purpose! Once again, we can be whole! We can rejoin the great Wheel of Reincarnation, and put this life of solitude behind us! WE CAN ONCE AGAIN TRULY EXIST!"
    Even now, his voice echoed throughout her memory. His voice, and the voices of so many others resounded as she walked through the empty street. How many lives were contained in her soul? How many events, joys, sorrows, celebrations, and deaths did she remember? She'd never taken the time to count. It hardly mattered. Soon, all those lives would be put to rest. And she'd never have to wonder again who exactly she was.

    Indigo energy surged around her hand, but she forced the urges down. She'd get to kill soon enough. She quickened her pace, following the trail to her unwitting targets...

    [Fusichou High]

    Mayumi sat back in her office, running a hand through her hair. Everything had gone completely normally today, but it just felt like a bad day...
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    Default Re: [BiTP:R] Episode 14: Spin the Wheel of Reincarnation! The Appearance of the Sams

    Fushichou High School

    Chase finishes copying down notes from the teachers lecture and takes a quick look at his brother. The bum was, of course, asleep at his desk and would no doubt be asking him for answers to the homework. Chase lets out a sigh as he runs his hands through his hair in frustration. Though he had to admit the teacher's words were starting to become a kind of droning to his ears.

    Deciding to think of something to avoid falling asleep himself he starts thinking of the new friends that he made in the last few days. They were an odd bunch to be sure. If he was perfectly honest with himself they still seemed a bit distrusting of him but that could possibly be just his imagination. Sora was still giving his the evil eye a few times, but that was possibly because he had tried to flirt with Valeria-san. She turned him down, but Sora still seemed ticked. Oh well, Kina was still cute in a meek and shy sort of way. All the others he liked quite a bit. Thinking about them he could only wonder how their days were going for them so far.

    (OOC: Is this okay with you guys? I just want to make sure cause if it isn't I could always just make it to where Chase and Koga don't know them yet.)

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    Default Re: [BiTP:R] Episode 14: Spin the Wheel of Reincarnation! The Appearance of the Sams

    Fushichou Town
    High School

    Nakahiro has been abnormally quiet and reserved throughout the day, seeming to be constantly lost in his own thoughts. Even when addressed, he's seemed distant and out of it, and soon trailed off and out of the conversation, even if it was only him and another person. He also didn't seem to be focused at all during class time, but that wasn't so unusual. As school ended, he trailed slowly out of the classroom and away from the school, uncharacteristically failing to so much as waving goodbye to the others.

    After exiting the school grounds, he mechanically makes his way towards his home, spinning his umbrella absentmindedly as he goes. Lost in thought, he pays no attention to his surroundings...

    Fushichou Town

    Sumiko darts over the roofs of downtown Fushichou, taking only a bound or two to cross each one. Reaching the corner of an intersection, she comes to a halt by landing on the corner of the building. She overlooks the roads below, and stares imperiously down at the humans beneath her. Having had enough of watching, she turns to look back at her companion, who is significantly slower than her and is still three rooftops behind. She sighs, placing her gloved hand over her eyes.

    "Magnus, come on! We've got a job to do. I'm already going half speed and you still can't keep up."

    Despite her harsh words, Sumiko's voice contains no real ire. She generally likes Magnus; he's tough, straightforward, and doesn't joke around. Despite her contentment with her partner, she's starting to get concerned; they haven't been able to find their quarry yet, and at the rate things were going, they weren't going to be the first to accomplish their task. To the competitive Sumiko, this is unacceptable.
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