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    Default Pathfinder Barbarian Tank Build

    Since I joined my current group, and I've suffered all 3 of the 3 character deaths so far. This is my 4th character, starting at lvl 6, and I'm trying to build him to NOT be character death #4. Someone else is going down first, even if I have to to kill them myself.

    Not asking for help or feedback, though suggestions would be welcome. Just thought I'd share. Source material allowed is core, APG, and the ultimates, but no 3.5 ports. Skip to the last two paragraphs for a summary.

    Level 6 Dwarven Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)

    20 pt buy (adjusted for level and race): str 16 dex 14 con 16 int 9 wis 14 cha 10. Future ability boosts will go into Con.

    Skills: Intimidate, Perception, and Survival maxed.

    Favored class bonus: Mostly into HP, though I dipped 1 point into skills for the party's language, which isn't Common. (Stupid Faerun.)

    Endure elements (invulnerable rager) chosen for Cold. We're in a cold environment. This also gives Cold Resistance 2, which scales with level, not that this was really a selling point for the archetype.

    Feats: Power Attack, Furious Focus, Heavy Armor Proficiency. Future feat progression: 7 Vital Strike, 9 Intimidating Prowess, 11: Improved Vital Strike, 13 Dreadful Carnage, 15 Greater Vital Strike, 17 Devastating Strike, 19 Iron Will.

    Rage Powers: Guarded Stance, Superstition, Renewed Vigor. Future power progression: 8 Intimidating Glare, 10 Rolling Dodge, 12 Terrifying Howl, 14 Reflexive Dodge, 16 Improved DR, 18 Improved DR, 20 Improved DR.

    Equipment: Adamantine Greataxe +1. Amulet of natural armor, cloak of resistance, Ring of Protection (all +1), Breastplate (nonmagic), Belt of Giant Strength +2, a few healing pots. Future: Next buy is mithral full plate, which I should be able to afford sometime during 7th level by WBL. After that, I'll incrementally upgrade all my gear, usually by whatever upgrade is the cheapest. (The DM is allowing us to "purchase" upgrades for the cost difference if we have the original gear modified, eg, from ring of prot +1 to +2). The Belt is probably getting upgraded to a two-stat (Con and Str) bonus, the Axe is getting Defending for its next enchant, and I'll probably be hitting both axe and armor with ghost touch at some point for character flavor. I'll also pick up ioun stones (AC, saves, attack, and dex), a Ring of Regeneration, Winged Boots, and a Gem of True Seeing (perhaps affixed in a nice hands-free monocle).

    The basic idea is to max out defensive stats while remaining credible on offense. By level 20, while raging, I'll have AC 50 (including Defending from axe and guarded stance), DR 13/-, a con-heavy barbarian's hit points, and very high saves. Combat will rely heavily on vital strike, giving me a move action with which to refresh guarded stance or rolling dodge, or use intimidating glare. Or, you know, move. Around level 13 Dreadful Carnage followed by Terrifying Howl becomes a nice way to clear out throngs of enemies. Also, we've no party rogue, and dwarven stoneworking combined with maxed perception and the adamantine axe's ability to bypass doors via the adjacent wall should deal with a good share of traps.

    Probably not the best build possible, and I can't help feeling it's a bit lacking at level 6, but there you go.

    EDIT: Yes, I realize that this is nothing new and fancy, but I'm still new to Pathfinder.
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