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    Default [PF] Dwarven Saurian Shaman

    Heya, all. Long time troll, first time poster. Be kind. ;P I think there are a few people around here that may recognize me from other boards.

    However, I have been considering this character for an upcoming campaign. Actually, it isn't so much a full build as it is a pretty straight forward character. Instead I'll just kinda tell you what I was considering. Basically the concept is a Dwarven Saurian Shaman who is rather barbaric in the sense that he reveres saurians (dinosaurs) as an advanced evolutionary design. He believes that these beasts were the most well suited for their rolls and that most "modern animals" pale in comparison to these great beasts. He even takes his belief so far as to believe that they are ideally suited for battle and is ready to prove it.

    Mechanically, I want to take all but one of his levels into Saruian Shaman. The other level I'm kinda torn on. I want the character to be a tank that wears heavy armor. There isn't a lot of heavy armor available that can be worn by druids but one that I find very suitable for this character is Stoneplate. So here were the options I was considering and why:

    1. Mounted Fury Barbarian archetype. He is going to have an Ankylosaurus animal companion. He is likely going to ride it early on. Since when wearing heavy armor he will not be able to benefit from his movement bonus it makes sense to allow his normal mode of transportation to benefit from it instead. Although, actually, I was considering eventually giving the Ankylosaurus heavy armor proficiency as well although technically this movement bonus for a mount isn't affected by armor. Also, rage is good as it stacks with the polymorph effects that this character will often be using.

    2. Armored Hulk Barbarian archetype. Well, there is his heavy armor proficiency without having to spend a feat. And since I can't benefit from barbarian movement bonus when wearing heavy armor anyway getting Indomitable Stance can only help. Also, rage is good as it stacks with the polymorph effects that this character will often be using.

    3. Fighter. I get heavy armor proficiency free and get an extra feat to boot.

    The feats that I was considering for this build include:
    Diehard (although it requires me to waste a feat on Endurance)
    Extra Rage
    Shield Focus and Mounted Shield
    The Vital Strike line of feats (especially usefull when wild shaped into particular dinosaurs)
    Planar Wildshape (cause a T-Rex with DR x/evil, SR, and smite is cool!)
    Superior Summoning plus it's prerequisites
    Natural Spell

    Now obviously I can't take them all but I do want to note that this character's focus is to be an effective tank. That being said no druid is a 1 trick pony (no pun intended) so other feats are not off the table. His animal companion is supposed to nearly an equal to his level of tankishness as well. The character will definately be using a shield so I didn't feel the power attack line of feats were particularly good. Although the vital strike line of feats did seem particularly nice especially when combined with Shillelagh or when wild shaping into something like a T-Rex that has a bite attack of 4d6 (thus bumping it up to a 8d6 or way more when using Animal Growth).

    Equipment wish list:
    Muleback cords (to allow him to ride his animal companion earlier)
    Boots of Striding and Springing (to make up for his poor movement speed)
    Druid Vestments
    Magic armor and shield
    Masterwork exotic riding saddle
    Kick ass barding for his animal companion/mount

    So at this point I guess I would just like ideas, opinions or thoughts on the build. Anyone got any ideas of what would work good for this type of character? Oh, one other thing... I am a bit undecided on a primary 1 handed weapon for him. There are many things to consider for this including the potential use of Shillelagh.

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    Default Re: [PF] Dwarven Saurian Shaman

    No suggestions? Dang. If Biff were still around I know he'd chime in.

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