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    [555 East Washington Avenue]

    A thrumming - almost too quiet to hear - fills the air for blocks around. Above, a small Voidship hovers in place, cloaked from normal sight. Still, glitches in the light-bending technology tend to cause the occasional ripple in the air.

    Teq Vraal is aboard, scoping out the area from a position of strength. He's been given no other intelligence, so he'll have to find some himself. Fade is aboard the ship too, presumably.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyOfWar View Post
    [Jessica's House on Limit Street]

    Winguardia turns to Rhyan as she re-enters the building.

    "Mayhala, Rhyan, I think it is time for us to go." Winguardia says softly. She then starts walking slowly toward the front door.

    Meanwhile, outside, the response team from Remnant is likely just turning the corner and headed down the street. They likely recognize the tidy little house with the crime scene tape where earlier that day members of Remnant had to remove a young woman's body from the scene of her murder. All the evidence pointed to a winged vampire with feathers.

    The crime scene has clearly been disturbed. Somebody kicked in the front door. The neighbor that called this in wasn't lying.
    "The door might be a bad idea, considering we've been here for a while...", Mayhala points out, hopping lightly to the floor, and changing the platform into a pair of tendrils which try to take the hands of her companions. "Someone's probably informed the authorities by now, or if nothing else whoever is assigned to keep an eye on this place will be coming by soon. I can get us out of here much more quickly, and safely, by taking us through the shadow-world."
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