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    Default Picture of the Astral Plane

    Does anyone have a picture of the Astral Plane? I just need a picture to show someone what it looks like.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Picture of the Astral Plane

    It's really just equivalent to the night's sky? It's a big empty black space with starry spots visible. It's pretty much just space.
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    Default Re: Picture of the Astral Plane

    If only it were that simple. If I remember correctly from the Dungeon Master's Guide, it's actually silvery-white with those weird colour pools that function as portals.

    My apologies for not managing to find anything,
    I briefly considered getting out a silver pencil and just colouring in a piece of blank paper, but our scanner is broken.

    Edit: Oh, and there's also haze and clouds.
    However, still no pictures.

    Edit2: After being inspired by the weather earlier, I was struck by inspiration.
    These are the closest I could find:

    These are, of course, much cloudier than the Astral Plane is usually.
    And nowhere near silver enough.
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    Default Re: Picture of the Astral Plane

    I think the Giant's depiction is the most accurate I've ever seen.

    The DMG says its an endless silvery clear sky, with random tube-shaped clouds and spinning splotches of color. With this picture.

    That brings to mind pictures of space where they use radio-vision so you can see the gas clouds and the different colors of stars, except silver instead of black.

    Personally, I can't help but imagine the gaps inside of storm clouds.

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    Default Re: Picture of the Astral Plane

    ya, the picture is pretty much just space.
    but it's still mesmerizing.. thanks for posting ;)

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