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    Lightbulb Name of the comic below the actual comic?

    I don't know if it has been suggested before, but what about putting the name of the comic at the bottom of every comic, kinda like in the books? When you read the old ones, and you click through them, I sometimes wish I could see the comic name without having to click on the list of all the comics and scroll down to see it.

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    Default Re: Name of the comic below the actual comic?

    It has been suggested, and
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    Actually, the answer is, "I prefer the title NOT to be shown".

    The titles are, if anything, "bonus" jokes. If you are following the comic as it comes out, you will see it displayed in the sidebar for an extra laugh. If you're reading the archive, you can open a separate page for the archive list and follow along with them. And if you're not willing to do either of those things, well, then you don't get the bonus joke. Oh well. It's not the end of the world.
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    Default Re: Name of the comic below the actual comic?

    Sheriff: Indeed. Thanks for finding that quote.
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