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    Default Alternate Combat

    Does anyone know of a good combat system that meshes well with 3.5/ Pathfinder? Or maybe some ideas to improve it that will mesh well with the existing rules.
    My group was looking to address:
    1. Lack of simultaneity- stopping to have everyone take a turn when there are twenty or so guys on the map can get boring.
    2. Bland Weapons- Weapons just feel like hitting people with numbers, we were hoping for something that makes weapon types more unique.

    For the first issue, if there are some ways to speed up combat or make it more collaborative on a turn-by-turn level, that would really help. I thought Parrying and Dodge mechanics from Dark Heresy might be helpful.
    For the second one, we were thinking of something like how weapons are treated in TES: V Skyrim (Maces are anti-armor, axes do bleed damage, swords have a higher crit chance).

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    Default Re: Alternate Combat

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    Default Re: Alternate Combat

    Huh it looks good, but I can only read the review and basic description, is there anyway to see a preview? I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that turns out to not be what I need.

    Maybe there's another set of rules with a preview or is free or something? I'm perfectly willing to spend money if I know that what I'm paying for is what is best for our group.

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