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    Default Tons o' gold, gotta buy gear!

    I'm gearing up a 19th level cleric and I have 150% WBL (so 850,000). That's a lot of gold.

    I have no idea how to spend it.

    I was asked to create this character by the DM, and I don't even think I'll be using him, but I still need to gear him up.

    I've built him with a sligh focus on fighting devils.
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    Default Re: Tons o' gold, gotta buy gear!

    With 850k gold, you can afford the high end stuff on this list, unless you can obtain them from some other source. Against Devils, the especially important ones are Mind blank (to hedge out dominate), Death Ward (to block Energy Drain), and Freedom of Movement (counter paralysis from blasphemy). While you can obtain many of these from buffs, most of them are short duration buffs, and you really want these effects 24/7, since the Devil might win initiative/surprise you and hammer you with these effects before you can buff up.

    Flight is also important (since many of them fly, and a melee Cleric is SoL if he can't), but Clerics do *have* the option of using their spells to gain flight, and you really only need it in melee (rather than 24/7 like the defensive buffs above). That said, 850 k goes a looonnng way, and you might just want to grab an item of flight anyway.
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    Default Re: Tons o' gold, gotta buy gear!

    Does the cleric need any specific regional feats? If no, take mercantile background if can ( specific races ) for half off 'everything' cheese.

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    Default Re: Tons o' gold, gotta buy gear!

    This is the starting point for most of my characters gearing-up stage.
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    Default Re: Tons o' gold, gotta buy gear!

    Buy at least one dose of Dust of Sneezing and Choking. It's like a get out of jail free card.
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    Default Re: Tons o' gold, gotta buy gear!

    Strand of Parayer Beads - Karma Baed gives you +4CL for 10 minutes, 1/day
    Ankh of Ascension +4CL (for duration, range etc. but not for dispelling)
    Orange Ioun Stone +1CL
    Somethng to have Create Magic Tatoo(with CL 13 to get tatoo that will give you +1CL) casted on you everyday.

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