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    Default HELP NEEDED FOR NEW d6 Mechanics

    Hey everyone,

    okay i know this isn't technically home-brew for any rpg's but it is game design and so i need people with home-brewing minds to help me.

    Ive been working on this set of game mechanics that i'm calling archello they are designed to be simple, with quick character creation as players are likey to create and take controll to whole groups of characters. it is effectively a tabletop RPG turn based strategy highbred with d6 being the only dice used... (hope your following me... )

    i am starting this thread as i would like the home-brewing community to look over these rules and tell me what you think there currently in a very basic state and i am open to any manner of questions and suggestions.

    i will post a reply with what i have written in...

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    Default Re: HELP NEEDED FOR NEW d6 Mechanics

    Major rules…

    • Negative numbers count as 0 in everything apart form attributes
    • When determining a characters basic attributes STR and INT are the same yet one is negative and one is positive and the same is for CON and DEX.


    Height: 1.7m+5CONcm

    HP: 10+CON

    Movement speed: 0.5DEX+1 m/s x2 per turn (negative counts as 0)

    Weight: 52 kg +/- 2 kg per 5cm over/under 1.7m

    Special Movement:

    Jump Height: movement speed in metres vertically

    Climb speed: movement speed in metres vertically (if strength check is successful)

    Fighting system…

    Hit: d6+INT vs. Dodge

    Dodge: d6+DEX vs. Hit

    Damage: [W]+STR/DEX vs. Block + armour

    Block: [S]+CON vs. Damage

    Grab: d6+STR vs. Dodge

    Throw: d6-2+INT


    Grabbed: -2 penalty to hit and dodge. Occupy the same space as the character that is grabbing you

    Prone: -2 penalty to hit and dodge. You occupy a space equal half of your height


    Rules: If an object is less than (STR x 10)kg you can throw it 2m if it is less than (STR x 5)kg then you can throw it 3m unless object rules specify otherwise.


    Rules: depending on the style of game you are playing, you start off with a certain number of tier 1 and tier 2 characters and usually 1 leader character. Any of these characters may gain hero 1 by completing one heroic action and Hero 2 by completing a second. Each time you kill an enemy you get a certain amount of currency style points, which can be spent on many things in the interludes between battles. You can spend these points on upgrading you characters to Tier 2 and raising a character to the rank of leader

    Tier 1: 3 basic feats
    Tier 2: +1 basic feat
    Hero 1: +1 heroic feat
    Hero 2: +1 heroic feat
    Leader: +1 Leader feat

    Char. Sheet (ex.)…

    Name: solder 1
    Unit: red squad
    HP: 29 (+2 feat bonus =31)
    Speed: 2 squares per turn
    Hight: 1.8m
    Weight: 56kg
    Base Feat. Total
    INT 4 4
    STR -4 +2 -2
    CON 2 2
    DEX -2 +2 0

    Item use…

    Rules: certain items require a certain strength level to carry. Certain Item requires a certain intelligence level to use and some very special items require a certain feat to use.

    Basic feats…

    • +2 INT
    • +2 STR
    • +2 CON
    • +2 DEX
    • +4 HP
    • +3 movement speed
    • Able to make counter attack with a -3 penalty to hit after a successful close range dodge (requires 4 DEX)
    • +3 grab bonus (requires STR 3)
    • +3 Jump Height (requires DEX 3)
    • +4 Climb Checks (requires STR 2 DEX 2)

    Skill checks…

    Rules: All obscure actions require a d6 dice check (DC) in a related attribute to see if a character has completed it. These check are either Easy=DC2 Medium=DC3 or Hard=DC.



    • Dagger (dam 1) OH
    • Sword Axe (dam 3) OH require -2 strength
    • Spear (dam 2) reach 1
    • Curved blade (dam 2) no counter penalty
    • Great sword axe (dam 5) requires 2 STR

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    Default Re: HELP NEEDED FOR NEW d6 Mechanics

    sorry in the example character sheet is confusing the attributes where in a table before

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