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    Default Photoshop Wizard Request/help

    I am considering making a commentary video on youtube. For this I'd like some photoshop help.

    Basically what I need are various versions of my Chef Yoda Avatar to use while editing the video. Unfortuntally, I don't have access to any good photoediting software to make these on my own. For example, an angry Chef Voda, annoyed, sad, etc. If you want to forward them to me send them to

    Thanks in advance.

    Now I can capture any of the needed normal Yodas if you need me to I just don't have any way to modify them.
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    Default Re: Photoshop Wizard Request/help


    I noticed that you have an .aol e-mail account.

    Is that like a hipster thing at this point? Like drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer?

    Bah I'm just giving ya a hard time...I wish you luck in finding someone to do your photoshop work.
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