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    Default [Nexus] Paintball Warzone I: Troy and Abed would be Proud

    Inside one of the innermost communities in the Red Zone a warzone has formed. This warzone is not a conventional one by any means; the entire neighborhood has collapsed into a semi-extradimensional state of anarchy and chaos. It's every man for himself in this area, where the only rule of warfare is that only paintball-based weaponry can be used.

    Exactly who started this massive struggle is unknown, but the purpose of it is clear; the last creature standing will win a Borg adaptive shield matrix, one that will be permanently implanted within it. Dozens of the multiverse's deadliest warriors are duking it out in the makeshift arena. Due to the fact that this area is slightly out of phase with the rest of the Nexus, a few specific rules do apply here that do not affect anywhere else;

    • Once one enters the battle arena, one cannot leave until he/she is hit by a paintball. Anyone can enter just by walking into the neighborhood (which is basically a twenty block by twenty block area with an ever-changing configuration of city structures).
    • Upon being hit with a paintball in the torso, shoulders, or stomach, the character who got hit is "shifted" back to the mainstream Nexus. Usually the shift is instantaneous, but there is a delay for those who wish to say any overly dramatic "last words." Each participant will have five lives, but they can only "respawn" once a day. These lives return at a rate of one every two weeks. Shots in other areas of the body have no effect, besides possible bruises that go along with it.
    • If one decides to delay their shifting so that they may say their last words, they briefly exist in an "in between" state between the Paintball Warzone and the Red Zone. This allows them to say what they need to say while at the same way rendering them unable to influence the environment around them.
    • All forms of non-paintball weapons still work in the Nexus, but using them in any manner will result in an immediate banning and shift back to the mainstream Nexus (no time for last words given). Magic, Psionics, and overtly harmful forms of telekinesis count as weapons for the purpose of this rule.
    • Armor is, unfortunately, not capable of protecting anyone in the warzone. Magical and technological defenses, like forcefields, work, but are weakened extensively by a universal dampening field that projects itself across the neighborhood. For example, a shield that would normally make the wearer invulnerable would perhaps only protect the wearer from nine or ten paintball shots.
    • Incorporeal creatures like ghosts are not protected from the paintballs. When someone shoots a paintball at an incorporeal creature, the paintball shifts to that creature's exact phase variance so that it can affect that creature.
    • All forms of nonlethal attack (i.e. sticks, fists, tasers) are allowed to be used.

    NPC Factions within the Paintball Warzone

    The Blade Dancers: Hailing from a bleak alternate reality 22nd Century Earth, these Blade Dancers split off from the main organization and arrived in the Nexus through unknown means. Survivors of the harsh, post-nuclear apocalypse desert wastes, these humans are merciless and vicious in their attacks against other paintball contestants. The Blade Dancers are led by a telepathic mutant going by the name of Odin.

    Nesh'glar Elves: The origins of these Elves are unknown, but it is believed that they are the last of their race. For the most part, the Nesh'glar elves are extremely similar to other's of their species, though they always have chalky white skin and golden yellow eyes. These elves follow a rigorous magical belief dealing with mana, and believe that they must consume the corpses of defeated enemies in order to absorb their mana. While they are unable to eat any of the combatants that they defeat within the paintball warzone, the Nesh'glar may follow defeated opponents into the mainstream Nexus in order to finish the job and get the mana that they felt they were cheated.

    Orion Pirates: Roughly thirty Orion Brutes and Nausicaan raiders have been gathered by a trio of Orion vixens in order to try to secure the Borg technology for themselves. Assuming they could reverse engineer the Borg adaptive shielding matrix, the Orion syndicate could easily trade the technology for millions of bars of valuable gold-pressed latinum.

    Uruks of Isengard: Oddly enough, a detachment of Uruk-hai have found their way into the Nexus, and have sold themselves to the highest bidder as mercenaries. Exactly who they work for is unknown, but it is suspected that he/she is a member of the Blue Zone's elite. The Uruk-hai have proven themselves to be extremely capable supersoldiers, not needing sleep or nourishment to complete the tasks that they are assigned. They seem to relish in wiping out as many opponents as they can with their strangely designed paintball-launching crossbows.

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