Normally I'm really good at naming characters, but I'm stuck on a minor project I'm working on. I'm bibling out a webcomic idea I had, hopefully find an artist to work with on it down the road, but, as I said, stuck on names. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The world is a demiplane of dance and music. Think, forgotten realms, the musical. Very much focused on 70's and early 80's music, particularly disco and psychedelia.

Female Paladin, lawful good, of a lawful good goddes who's specialization is singing and harmony. She's based a little on john travolta's character from Saturday night fever. Has a singing sword.

Male druid true neutral who follows a female nature spirit, not mother nature, but one of her kids, heavy emphasis on the rhythm of the natural world. will be pretty buff, with total 70's guy chest hair going on.

Female chaotic evil cleric, follows the god of the forbidden dance. Think of the eagles song witchy woman.

Looking for names for the characters and deitys.