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    Default Re: [DnD4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)

    Current Map:

    • Mertes misses DS1 (16 miss AC 18). (EoT: Daze on Irontooth expires)
    • Alessa uses potion, Zimelda returns to consciousness.
    • Slime hits DS1
    • Arjhan hits DS2, triggering immediate reaction:
      • MBA at attacker (Arjhan), 25 hit AC 21, 11 damage, Arjhan is at -1 HP, unconscious, prone, and dying
    • Zimelda misses.
    • Rat ventures through the waterfall, with his sword and shield, his eyes go wide looking at the carnage and the heavily wounded heroes. Do they need his (and/or the boys') assistance?

    (Zimelda has no way to heal Arjhan, other than rolling a DC 15 heal check to stabilize him, but I should have mentioned this so...)

    Next round
    • DS2
      • Move: Shift to (l,4) -- on top of Arjhan
      • Minor: Necrotic Rush on Zimelda, push 1 (to (j,4)) and Prone
      • Standard: Heal check to stabilize Arjhan (succeeds by DM fiat)
      • Free: "He have too much good blood to let all out now."
      • end-of-turn: Immobilized on Zimelda expires
    • DS1
      • Move, Minor: Back away
      • Standard: Charge Alessa, 15 miss Alessa AC 16
    • Minion: Charge Slime, 19 hit slime AC 16, 4 damage to slime
    • Wyrmpriest
      • Free: Argue with Irontooth
      • Move: to (m,11)
      • Standard: Energy Orb on Alessa, 16 hit ref 16 for 9 damage - 5 = 4 damage
    • Irontooth
      • start-of-turn: Total Defense expires
      • Free: (to Wyrmpriest) "Fire not burn water! You fail, go back to mines and dig!"
      • Move: northward
      • Free: (to Mertes) "I show you how use axe!"
      • Standard: Charge to (k,6) attack Mertes, 20 hit AC 16 for 12 damage

    Current Stats:
    • Alessa: 11/35 HP, Bloodied
    • Alessa's Slime: 1/17 HP, Bloodied, Instinctive Action: Attack enemy in range
    • Arjhan: -1/38 HP, Bloodied (+1 to attack rolls), Unconscious, Stable, Marked by DS2 UENT
    • Mertes: 7/39 HP, Bloodied, Rage of the Tyrant (can use minor action to push all adjacent enemies 1 square)
    • Zimelda: 17/29 HP, Prone
    • Minion: 0 damage, 0 THP, used Narrow Escape.
    • Wyrmpriest: 17 damage
    • Dragonshield 1: 26 damage, Bloodied
    • Dragonshield 2: 22 damage, Bloodied
    • Goblin: 6 Damage
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    Default Re: [DnD4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)

    Rat, though I am reluctant to endanger noncombatants, if you could put a bolt in the little kobold, it would be appreciated. she deadpans. The elemental then collapses back into her true form, and then unleashes a wave of water at the dragonshield and Irontooth in front of her.

    Minor Action: Shift to Elemental Form
    Standard Action: 1A - Splash @ i8 - k6
    Instinctive Action: Slime @ DS1, DS2 if 1 is dead from Splash

    Alessa was actually in human form last turn, so the wyrm priest did 4 more damage, but then she also has the Resist 2. So I guess she should be at 11 HP.

    vs. Dragonshield 1: (1d20+6)[9] vs. Reflex
    vs. Irontooth: (1d20+6)[10] vs. Reflex

    Hit: (1d6+5)[9] damage.
    Effect: Any enemy in the blast grants CA. Blast lasts UEMNT.

    Slime Instinct: (1d20+6)[15] vs. Reflex, +2 if vs. DS1
    Hit: (1d8+5)[8] damage + pull.
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    Default Re: [DnD4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)

    Zimelda staggers back to her feet, gritting her teeth in frustration and pain. "One moment..." she hisses.

    Zimelda then swings her mace at the little kobold, trying to remove that thorn from their collective sides.


    Move: Stand Up
    Standard: Attack on minion.

    Priests Shield: (1d20+6)[24] vs AC
    Damage: (1d8+4)[8]

    +1 AC to Zimelda and Mertes if hit.

    As the kobold goes down in a splatter of bone and brain matter, the Drow casts a glare over to Rat. "I may need your assistance carrying the Paladin in a moment. Stay back for the time being."
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    Default Re: [DnD4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)

    The goliath take the goblin charge like a barbarian, without flinching. Then he consider helping the paladin, but in his state of mind, offensive is more worth it. He rise life-ender high and swipe it at the kobold, severing the monster neck and kick the monster corpse a good 5 feets away.
    The goliath look at the goblin and smile drawing a potion.
    "Dont worry weakling, your turn will come soon. I drink to your imminent death!"
    Meres rise his potion and drink up.

    Took 12 Damages from Irontooth.

    Standard : Pressing strike on DS1, no move (dont want to trigger his shifting stuff).
    Attack on DS1 (+2 (CA)) : (1D20+8)[26] (Lol I forgot CA... so 28 does hit :) )
    Hit : (1D12+4)[5] + (1D6)[5] damages (I assume that 10 is enough to kill it) and push 1 (more for dramatics than anything else lol)
    Free : Mertes gain 4 THP from killing an enemy.
    Minor : Draw potion
    Move : Drink potion, gain 10 HP
    End of turn : Sustain endurance ends

    Rest of my turn depends on if I kill it or not.... will edit it.

    NOTE : I assume that I have a potion like you mentionned sooner.

    Mertes Status
    HP :...17/39...TEMP HP :...4
    Surge Value :...9
    Surge left/surge per day :...4/12
    AC:...17 (18)...FORT:...17 ... REF:...14 ...WILL:...14 ...
    Main Hand : Life-ender (Battleaxe)
    Off Hand : Life-ender (Battleaxe)
    Encounter count : 2
    Powers :
    Howling Strike
    Pressing Strike

    Action point (0/2)Second Wind
    Resurgent Strike
    Oath of enmity
    Stone Endurance
    Swift Charge
    Iron Wolf Charge
    Nomad's Rush

    Tyrant's Rage
    Items powers:

    Consumables :

    Effects from Mertes :
    +1 AC UENT (Zimelda)

    Effects on Mertes :
    [S]Wrenched Arms: -2 to any attack or skill check involving use of his arms, unless he sustained endurance via a minor action earlier in the turn, or uses an AP during the turn. If he stops sustaining, DC 10 is necessary to resume. [s]
    Rage of the Tyrant : Can push every adjacent enemies 1 square / once per round as minor action.

    Items Carried/Owned :

    Hide armor
    Flint and steel
    Sunrod (1)
    Rations (10 days)
    50' hempen rope
    Greataxe (named Life-Ender)
    Javelin (4/4)
    Waterskin With Deputy commissioning papers inside.
    Rager Belt (Magical)
    Gnome Daggers (2/2)

    Wealth :
    1 GP
    5 SP

    Group Wealth :
    Agrid Daggers
    Mertes Owe 65 GP to the group (disease treatment).
    9 GP
    53 SP
    50 GP (From Padraig)
    Paper giving 500GP credit in Winterhaven (From Padraig)

    XP : 1156
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