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    Default Dragoon (Prestige Class, 3.5)

    The Dragoon.

    This came out of a prestige class made by a friend of mine, that I thought was 5 levels too long and went in too many different directions. My goal was to make a prestige class that would:
    1. Do enough damage to be competitive with the higher tiers/balance points.
    2. Do it in a fun and interesting way, with something that isn't often seen in D&D.
    3. Avoid overloading the class with too many features outside the core competency.

    I think I succeeded, but I'd like to know what you all think. I initially stuck to point 3 perhaps too hard, and received the criticism that they should at least get *something* fun out of combat. I attempted to address that criticism with the level 4 ability Property Damage. Some said that they thought he wasn't good enough to be at Very High (aka Wizard) balance, but I don't think the scale has shifted *that* far yet.

    So, yeah. Let me know what you think. -- the Dungeons and Dragons Wiki.
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    Default Re: Dragoon (Prestige Class, 3.5)

    3 things:

    1: Killer Jump is unreadable. Ok, you deal falling damage to your opponent and can only use it every four rounds.
    2: Needs an ability to turn the jump into a method of travel, prefferably by targetting large fluffy evil wizards
    3: Does not mistake Parrots and Dragons.
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    Default Re: Dragoon (Prestige Class, 3.5)

    Posting the class HERE instead of on an outside site would make many more people read it, you know.
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