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    Default Illusionist with debuffs?

    I want to make a focus specialist illusionist/nightmare spinner/incantrix. The schools I will be banning are necromancy, evocation, conjuration and enchantment. That leaves me with illusion, abjuration, divination, and transmutation.

    I know this seems kind of limited, but the character idea is something I really want to play. He focuses on changing the world around him (illusion and transmutation) and protecting allies. I also want to be able to debuff enemies. Illusions is the only school with real debuffs out of my 4. I know about things like color spray, hypnotic pattern, and phantasmal killer, but that's about it.

    What spells can I use as an illusionist debuffer? Spells that are not mind affecting are especially good.

    By the way, I don't want to just go with extra real shadow conjuration/evocation. I will use those some, but I want real illusions (heh, get it?).
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    Default Re: Illusionist with debuffs?

    PHBII has:
    Blinding Color Surge, which blinds an enemy for a round and makes you invisible.
    Phantom Battle, which flanks all enemies.
    Vertigo Field (non-mind affecting pattern) that gives 20% miss to all inside and nauseated enemies, but not allies.

    Those are the ones I recall right now, I'll check for more when I get to my books.

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    Default Re: Illusionist with debuffs?

    So... Is that it? Are there only 3 of these in all of 3.5? Thanks for those, anyway.

    Checking the treantmonk guide I get:
    Net of Shadows
    Delusions of Grandeur
    Phantasmal Strangler
    Friend to Foe

    I know that doesn't cover all of the books, can anyone help me with finding the rest?
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