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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    So, I'm the guy that wrote Gratuitous Anime Gimmick.

    It's a fairly rules light tabletop RPG with a heavy focus on genre emulation. I wanted GAG to imitate the feel of as much anime as possible, not just at character creation but in the actual gameplay. The shonen-based class can train to get a brief boost toward future tasks, the psychic type class can "lose control" and gain added effects on their powers, the gun toting class gets bonuses and added effects when they make crazy trick shots, etc.

    The Kickstarter I'm trying to desperately and/or shamelessly plug is for the first expansion to GAG. Gratuitous Anime Gimmick: Of Raised Dead & Evening Rituals (or GAG: ORDER) is going to narrow the focus a bit, and put more emphasis on horror and gothic style anime. While the first book pulled from everything--from Akira to DBZ to Sailor Moon--GAG: ORDER will be drawing from shows like Vampire Hunter D, Gosick, Hellsing, and Devil Hunter Yohko. It'll feature two new classes (the Mad Scientist and the Priestess), and over 80 new abilities that either weren't fully hashed out in time for the first book, or felt way too dark for the fairly optimistic, modern setting of GAG.

    GAG: ORDER has less than a week left and is 72% funded, as of my writing this. I am currently on my flailing panic desperation tour. If you pledge any amount, there's a code in the Updates section for getting the original GAG book in PDF form. In short, you can get the original book for a dollar, today, if you pitch in to the Kickstarter for GAG: ORDER.

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    Default New Dungeons Kit for play in DND launched via Kickstarter

    Hey All,

    Scott here from the RPG Factory team. I'd like to ping out our Kickstarter campaign link to our RPG Factory Dungeons Kit:

    We've had awesome feed back so far.

    Interested? Then head over to the campaign, have a watch of our video and hopefully you will like it sooo much you back the campaign ! :)

    Discussions and comments welcome!

    Take Care - Scott - RPG Factory
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