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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    So, I'm the guy that wrote Gratuitous Anime Gimmick.

    It's a fairly rules light tabletop RPG with a heavy focus on genre emulation. I wanted GAG to imitate the feel of as much anime as possible, not just at character creation but in the actual gameplay. The shonen-based class can train to get a brief boost toward future tasks, the psychic type class can "lose control" and gain added effects on their powers, the gun toting class gets bonuses and added effects when they make crazy trick shots, etc.

    The Kickstarter I'm trying to desperately and/or shamelessly plug is for the first expansion to GAG. Gratuitous Anime Gimmick: Of Raised Dead & Evening Rituals (or GAG: ORDER) is going to narrow the focus a bit, and put more emphasis on horror and gothic style anime. While the first book pulled from everything--from Akira to DBZ to Sailor Moon--GAG: ORDER will be drawing from shows like Vampire Hunter D, Gosick, Hellsing, and Devil Hunter Yohko. It'll feature two new classes (the Mad Scientist and the Priestess), and over 80 new abilities that either weren't fully hashed out in time for the first book, or felt way too dark for the fairly optimistic, modern setting of GAG.

    GAG: ORDER has less than a week left and is 72% funded, as of my writing this. I am currently on my flailing panic desperation tour. If you pledge any amount, there's a code in the Updates section for getting the original GAG book in PDF form. In short, you can get the original book for a dollar, today, if you pitch in to the Kickstarter for GAG: ORDER.

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    Default New Dungeons Kit for play in DND launched via Kickstarter

    Hey All,

    Scott here from the RPG Factory team. I'd like to ping out our Kickstarter campaign link to our RPG Factory Dungeons Kit:

    We've had awesome feed back so far.

    Interested? Then head over to the campaign, have a watch of our video and hopefully you will like it sooo much you back the campaign ! :)

    Discussions and comments welcome!

    Take Care - Scott - RPG Factory
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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    I'm gearing up to kickstart a way to play tabletop RPGs online using just a browser, similar to Roll20. I think I've got some neat ideas, and I'd love to make this thing. I've got a draft of the text for a Kickstarter page, is anyone interested in taking a look at it and telling me whether it's exciting to you?

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    Thumbs up Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    Quote Originally Posted by johncs View Post
    I'm gearing up to kickstart a way to play tabletop RPGs online using just a browser, similar to Roll20. I think I've got some neat ideas, and I'd love to make this thing. I've got a draft of the text for a Kickstarter page, is anyone interested in taking a look at it and telling me whether it's exciting to you?

    Hey John... drop me an email, let's chat > scott @ rpgfactory . co . uk

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    Thumbs up Liminal tabetop RPG on Kickstarter - Set in a Modern UK with magic & shapeshifters

    Hi, I'm a fan who wants to share this game that I have backed. The world building is interesting and the art is compelling to me. It's from the same team that created the Age of Arthur books.

    It fully funded within a few days and is working on stretch goals now.

    Find it on kickstarter as "Liminal RPG"
    The Artist Jason Behnke has additional concept art on his blog.

    "Liminal is a new tabletop roleplaying game about those on the boundary between the modern day United Kingdom and the Hidden World- the world of secret societies of magicians, a police division investigating Fortean crimes, fae courts, werewolf gangs, and haunted places where the walls between worlds are thin.
    The players portray Liminals - those who stand between the mortal and magical realms, with ties to each. "
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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    Hey there!

    We wish to share with you a new Core System, particularly interesting for roleplayers who love intriguing and well-made stories. It may be played in any setting, the rules are flexible and meant to give creative players breathing room, and it comes with its own plot creation kit.

    There are many, many other features and we are working on multiple modules and campaigns, each of a different genre. Have a look!

    You may find it at:

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    See, this is what I benefit from by actually navigating the forums once in a while :).

    Kickstarter Link
    We are currently in our final 56 hours of our Pathfinder RPG Kickstarter to bring The Book of Many Things to print.

    What's the book, you ask? Well, it's actually 2 full volumes of player options and a partial volume of campaign exclusive content totaling 500 pages once we finish updates and campaign backer requests. The PDFs for each will be available once funding comes through and updated regularly through Drivethru RPG. We already have a proof for volume 1's hard cover printing, so once we adjust that it'll be out the door, and when we're done with regular updates to volume 2 and the campaign content (expected October), we can get those to print as well.

    Inside each volume are requests from around the internet, including:
    • Themes like Legend of Zelda, Skyrim, WoW, and Final Fantasy (voted on by backers!).
    • Reimagined content from other editions (magical locations, heroic paths, and character renown).
    • Races reminiscent of popular characters like snorlax from pokemon, the gerudo from zelda, and all of the playable races in WoW.
    • Classes like the accelerist, and dreamwalker, as well as more complex classes like the gamer who uses immersion to fuel his talents, and simpler classes like the astrologer. There are even some out of the box requests like the potentialist (whose power comes from standing still).
    • Archetypes for all existing classes, and at least 1 for each class introduced in the different volumes. Play as characters that feel like the witcher, a time manipulator, and Doctor Who.
    • Feats that help expand your character's options, like variant multiclassing, to feats that let you live by an assassin's creed, heed the call of duty, or become a god of war.
    • Spells like Fallout and Summon Fantasy provide a different way to assault your enemies as a spellcaster.
    • Stock up on Buster blades, groonswords, and fairy bottles, or dawn a pair of At-Ari's gauntlets.
    • Magical Locations finally make the transition to Pathfinder, and are now a more player-centric option that you can search for during your campaign and gain access to provided you learn how.
    • And more. No, really.

    And all of this for only $20 (pdf) or $40 (for all three hard cover). We have multiple previews and a summary of everything else we're doing before the campaign's end that you can check out on the page itself.

    Kickstarter Link

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    Hello, everyone! I just wanted to pop in this afternoon to share my crowdfunding campaign for Primordial Power.

    Primordial Power is a 30-ish page mini-supplement for 5E, featuring a pantheon of primordials, elemental immortals from the dawn of time, ready to drag and drop into almost any campaign setting.
    The supplement features the following:
    • 5(soon to be 6 thanks to the contributions of a super-generous backer) primordials with unusual or bizarre domains like gravity, fear, or magnetism.
    • 2 new subclasses - a new druid circle devoted to hunting and destroying the primordials' influences on the mortal plane and a bard college devoted to studying the history of devastation that these titans have caused
    • A playable race of genies, survivors from the primordials' previous rampages
    • A large number of new spells
    • New monsters including a modular primordial cultist(to suit whichever primordials you like), enigmatic mercury elementals, a faction of knights who are doing the wrong thing for all the right reasons, and one of the more martially inclined primordials, Zyagi, the Armored Tyrant.

    Compared to a lot of 5E crowdfunding projects, I don't have quite the same amount of experience publishing game supplements, though I have been writing publicly available 5E content for the past year - a lot of which are partial previews and glimpses into what Primordial Power will look like mechanically.

    Because of this limited history and limited funds to invest, I've been working on a much narrower scope to produce a supplement which won't break the bank for me to develop and won't be too steep of an investment for you guys - PDF copies of Primordial Power are going to sit at $5 and print at $15(plus shipping), though I'm confident that you'll feel it's a good deal when you read it!

    Also, because I've seen so many crowdfunding projects which take quite a while to deliver what they promise, we launched this campaign with a a nearly ready-to-ship first draft; the main steps left before we have a viable product are to do a few cleanup tasks on the book's art assets and to convert its layout for printing(barring any additional content that we unlock over this campaign).

    Here's a link to the Kickstarter campaign, thank you for reading!
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    Wait, but, how would they - what would they - you, sir, have just destroyed my mind.
    TBM Games, 5E content and reviews.
    Latest article: Street Brawler Archetype(Fighter Subclass)

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    The 3rd season of One Hit Die is now active:

    It is a comedy webseries in the style of The Office following a group of adventurers in an D&D-esque world.

    The first two seasons and a crushmas special is on youtube:

    Season 1: Prologue
    Crushmas Special
    Season 2: Legend of the Lich Lord

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    Default Voice Actors added to Magic Description Cards Kickstarter (Voice of Czath!)
    In many tabletop Roleplaying games (D&D, Pathfinder, Dungeonworld, etc.) magic doesn’t always have the mystique it deserves. The magic systems are designed to work but not designed to add to the amazing story you are telling. This is mostly because there are only a certain number of spells, and experienced players can recognize them instantly. One could say, once you have seen one magic missile, they have seen them all. Or when they know what one Enchanter could do, they know what all Enchanters could do. Wielders of the Mighty Arcane cease to be men of mystery and become instead merely different levels of pointy hat artillery. Of course, This issue is even worse at lower levels, where there are fewer options. Players will not respect such NPC unless GMs can recreate a sense of mystery and drama.

    This is one of the issues MAGIC DESCRIPTION CARDS solves.

    STRETCH GOAL ANNOUNCEMENTS BELOW: Plus you gotta listen to these great audio clips by the voice on Czath! so cool!
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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    Hello everyone!

    I would like to invite you to take a look at Vanguard d100, a new RPG fit for fantasy or historical campaigns! As the name indicates, it is based on the d100 dice but the game focuses on giving the players freedom to improve their characters any way they want to. No levels, no classes and no gigantic list of fixed spells! The game allows you to create your own spells! It also gives game masters the freedom to choose which rules they want to use. For example, it is possible to remove the entire magic chapter without breaking game balance. Or remove the luck mechanics. This 'modular' feature ensures it can be used in most fantasy or historical games, from high-fantasy to low-fantasy or even historical games. As for its core system, it is simple: roll 1d100, add modifiers and if the result if above 100 you succeed in your task.
    The combat system is also simple and fast.

    You can find more information about the game in its IndieGoGo campaign page: Vanguard d100 IndieGoGo
    And in its facebook page: Vanguard d100 Facebook

    Regarding myself, I'm already an experienced gamer (tabletop and computer RPGs as well as board games) and have been designing games for the past decade. My previous big project was the adaptation of the Mass Effect saga into a tabletop RPG, which I already shared here several years ago. Mass Effect d20 was born 7 years ago, shared with thousands around the world and is still being played by many. It has been kept alive and up to date, shared for free in its website: Mass Effect d20

    Feel free to visit either and ask me any questions you might have.
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    Default EVENT - minimalistic story-driven Role-Playing Game

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to announce that I've just published my latest tabletop Role-Playing Game project, which is called EVENT. It's a story-driven, minimalistic RPG released under Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) and thus freely available for download and play.

    You can find the download links, together with a 3 minutes presentation video and a review of the game, in this post.

    Here's the presentation video:

    Let me know what you think about it!

    In case you like the game, you can also support our crowfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which we launched few days ago to provide EVENT and their players with some additional content, a Paperback Edition, proper artwork, a community website and much more!

    If you want to know more about the project, the Kickstarter page is quite self-explanatory, however here's a brief introduction explaining the game concept and key features.

    Anyone with some RPG experience knows that the above aspects can play a decisive role for a successful session: complex ruleset, slow mechanics and slow system of resolution of actions and interactions are often cause of frustration, thus resulting in a disappointing gaming experience for gamemaster and players.

    To address these issues, we came out with the following:

    • A skinny manual (less than 30 pages);
    • A limited amount of core rules, easy to learn & remember;
    • A distinctive Character creation System, based upon a sharp Questions & Answers mechanics;
    • A strong narrative premise (the Event) that will motivate the players to act as a group, providing their characters a common goal.
    • A brand-new character creation system (The Three Questions) that will allow players and gamemasters to build PCs and NPCs in few minutes using a narrative-based approach.
    • An efficient Actions & Interaction outcome resolution ruleset, featuring a hybrid approach containing a mix of narrative choices, auctions and dice rolls;
    • Innovative contest-resolution mechanics that will force players to choose between winning a contest or narrating its outcome (or try to do both things), similar to those featured in most auction-based Board Games.

    The last two points are especially important, as they both empower the players with the chance to partially take control of the story, thus becoming the gamemaster for a short while to conceive and narrate what happens. This “collective management” of the game’s story is definitely the most interesting aspect of the game: such innovative approach is also well highlighted within the manual, starting from the first sentence:

    "EVENT is a game system designed to collectively manage the actions and interactions of a variable number of characters played by players and / or the gamemaster from a given event. The combination of these factors will lead to the natural definition of a story within the context of reference, which is called the setting."

    In order to play Event you’re going to need: a group of friends, a handful of 6-sided dice, some paper sheets and at least one pencil. As in most RPGs, one of the players, known as the gamemaster, will take care of the core elements of the story, while the others, to whom the manual simply refers as players, will play the role of a single character apiece.

    The Creative Common edition of the game manual, containing everything required to play, is available for free download in italian and english language: the PDF links are available in the Kickstarter project page.

    Have a good game!
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