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    Default Runestaff (and runestaff of power specifically)

    So, i just had to make a new account to ask about this, because i've looked everywhere and i can't find it, and it seems like people around here know what they are talking about.

    So i wanted to get my hands on a runestaff of power, because they are bitchin cool.. Anyway, so i was looking around and most of the Runestaves are okay, but nothing super special. But then i noticed that the Runestaff of Power has things on it that the others don't, and it occured to me.. there is no reason i can't do that with other things..

    So i thought i would make my own Runestaff, but i was looking at the runestaff of power and it has a few things i don't need, and i thought, maybe i could just take them off.

    So, i was wondering if anyone could clue me into the cost on a few of these things?

    The Runestaff of power has a bunch of spells, i'd be happy to keep them as they are so its not a big deal. it is also a +2 quaterstaff. I don't intent to hit anything with it, so i'd remove that (which is about 8,000 i believe). So thats 8k off the price of the Staff.

    Now the Smite ability, again i don't intend to ever hit anything if i can afford it, so i don't really wan this, but i'm not sure how much this costs so i'm not sure how much i'm saving off the price.

    I like the bonus to saves, and i like the bonus to AC, both of these are useful and sort of wizardry, so i'd keep those. I simply wanted to get rid of the melee-esque attributes of the staff. Keep the spells, keep the SR, keep the AC and saves bonuses and lose the rest (Smite and +2 enhancement bonus).

    Also, since i'm running a Pathfinder wizard, i took the Arcane Bond for my staff, which means i can add other enhancements to it as if i had the right craft, and i was wondering what enhancements would be good. I was considering making it a staff of Wizardry (as the rings) which are expensive because they cost 20k for the level 2, which is pricy, but i'm just wondering if thats even possible.

    While on the topic, what would be some good enhancements (not necessarily spells) to add to a wizards staff to make it more.. wizardly. I want less of a bazooka (not that it isn't kinda already) and more of.. Gandalf? i guess, i want a staff that enhances my wizardness in more ways than just giving me more spells. It was suggest to me also to add in some sort of storing ,or spell absorption or metamagic to it as well. But as item creation always sort of tripped me up, i'm coming to everyone here for help!

    I hope i haven't rambled too much as to make it confusing.

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    Default Re: Runestaff (and runestaff of power specifically)

    Gandalf is a paladin. All he does is cast Searing Light and run around on a white horse charging people.

    More seriously, there are no rules on custom magic items - only guidelines. If you want any item that is not written on a book, or even if you want to modify an existent one, you should check with your DM about it. Also, some magic items' prices are based on the fact that you get the "whole package", good and bad. Else, the price of the single magic effects would probably cost more. Example: the beads of prayer from the DMG. There is only one good, the one that gives you +4 CL, and it only costs 20k if you subtract the cost of all the others. It's clearly not supposed to be that cheap.
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    Default Re: Runestaff (and runestaff of power specifically)

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    Default Re: Runestaff (and runestaff of power specifically)

    Thanks for all the help, the post did sort of give me some ideas

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