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    Default Re: Hillariously Stupid Non-Monster Things from D&D

    Quote Originally Posted by The LOBster View Post
    Wow. Was the 3e BoVD really that over the top? I mean, I knew it listed sadomasochism as an evil trait, but... Wow.
    A trait more common in Evil creatures, though not Evil in and of itself. People seem to love glossing over that detail...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor Tippy View Post
    By level 20 though, you aren't capturing a wizard. A character lives to level 20 by being the most ruthless, lucky, capable, and paranoid bastard around. A wizard is throwing around a 30+ Int score and has, entirely in character, planned contingencies for his contingencies. He may well be running around with flat out total immunity to harm, he does not walk outside without an entire bevy of defensive magics around him and enough magic items to buy himself a nation.

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    Default Re: Hillariously Stupid Non-Monster Things from D&D

    Also, I must mention that Bogleech has a really hilarious article on The Book of Vile Darkness, making fun of all the stupid in it (except for, unfortunately, THE NIPPLE CLAMP OF EXQUISITE PAIN!), and I highly recommend you check it out.

    Also, there's a 9th level spell in "Exemplars of Evil" named "Ring of Fire". Not sure if it counts, but I find the idea of a spell named after a Johnny Cash song hilarious and am eagerly awaiting a 9th level Necromancy spell known as "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

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