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    Default The Ailirian Legend: TLoZ Campaign

    Vudalfa Historia Sefairia
    A paraphrased wood elf history book

    Long, long ago when evil was as yet unknown in this land of Fey’cthon and many of the creatures as they exist today had not yet been seen beneath the sun, the gods would visit their servants as they had done so many times before. This time they brought gifts.

    Releia brought to us her forest children divine focus and grace. The next generation of each of the two clans of Invidim would become what man now calls the Elves and Halflings.

    Obyn came down to the mountains and gave the children of stone the gift of endurance and tenacity. From this would be sired out of the Hebeorgim the Dwarves and Gnomes.

    Theriaden came to the young plains people and gave them adaptability and wisdom. What was once known as the Aicirim would eventually call itself Humanity.

    One Aicirim was said to have seen the gifts the other races were given and became jealous. The Elves were more agile than they once were and still held the long life of the Invidim. The Dwarves were tough and still had longer lives than the Aicirim. To this creature the great gifts Theriaden gave them paled in comparison to those other races received. This creature was the first to have evil in his heart. He was called Sefairek Nagdonir.

    He gathered many Aicirim to his cause and even some young Halflings and Gnomes. With the powers of anger, jealousy, fear, and ignorance Sefairik would lead the charge and begin the first war the land had ever seen.

    Many years would pass while the war raged. Aicirim from Kashayati loyal to the gods would leave their beloved city in the west and settle at the edge of the great forest allying with the Elves. The Dwarves would retreat deep into the mountains as the years passed becoming distrustful of the other races though still allied in the battle against the Molorgrim, those forsaken by the gods. The Gnomes and Halflings that remained would settle in no one certain place, many becoming wanderers.

    When the gods came to visit for the last time they saw that their gifts had only brought terrible things on their people. In their misguided attempt to find a scapegoat they would bring plagues down upon the Molorgrim. They would warp their bodies with diseases and magical afflictions make their speech warped and varied to divide them. From this would rise the Viranima, creatures of animal shapes and strange bestial tongues. The gods scorched the land of Aiciria and brought terrible fiery punishment and death down on Kashayati, the once beautiful city in the west.

    Sefairik would not stop his assault and as he became more powerful, he only lusted for more power. He learned of forbidden secrets that were as old as the land itself. Sefairik had heard of a great pyramid atop the mountain Dol Gurathos that was built by the first Invidim, Hebeorgim, and Aicirim thanking the gods for the gift of life. Atop this pyramid was a platform that leads to the heavens. The gods rewarded their people with a mirror that would allow entrance to the realm above from atop the ziggurat. This mirror was kept by the Aicirim of Fae’ri blood, ancestors to the Rikari, in the catacombs of a temple in Kashayati. So many years had passed that even the gods had forgotten about this mirror.

    Sefairik somehow found the mirror and discovered its purpose. They say he found himself standing on a dark and yet golden glowing alter atop a ziggurat that dwarfed the very mountain the ziggurat stood upon in the middle-land. The light there was blinding but he soon became adjusted and beheld what no mortal eyes were meant to view and live: The Golden Trinity. This was what was left behind by the first god or gods. The Fae’ri were said to believe it was one god called Tellurasiel or Omnisiel; in actuality it was three goddesses called Naderu, Dydin, and Florinaeth.

    Sefairik stepped forward, utterly entranced by the beauty of the sacred artifact. A voice spoke out to him saying: “Touch and make thine wish on this the holiest of alters.”

    And so he did. He wished to be a god and it was so. He used his terrible new power to grant his people gifts to rival those of the other races. From this wish many of the creatures of evil known today came into being. These creatures would collectively be known as the Sefairim: Sefairik’s children; and also the forsaken.

    The other gods knew of his most powerful wish immediately and sought to return to the heavens. Sefairik was now a god and knew they would be returning just as they knew of his new power and so he sealed the gateway into the heavens against the other gods. The gods on Fey’cthon made a plan to take back the Golden Trinity. They asked the greatest warriors of the age to come before them to put an end to the war.

    These are the names of the brave warriors who heeded the call of the gods: Criadaeth, an elven warrior of the wood who had no sons, Vadela, an Elven Queen of the Mountains and wizard, and Rikara, a Princess of ancient Kashayati. These were the first to arrive. To fight against a god they were given abilities comparable to the power of the Golden Trinity. To Criadeith was given the Green Trinity Stone granting him the strength of the spirit with benevolence and courage. To Vadela was given the Blue Trinity Stone of the Mind giving her enhanced wisdom and intelligence. To Rikara was given the Red Trinity Stone of the Body granting strength, agility, endurance and sorcery.

    Others would soon follow: Ceresaine, and elven youth in service to King Vaithyril I; Taniera, a Halfling maiden; Tauregrim, a dwarven hermit; Cuirmoran, a gnome who had mastered the powers of illusion; Gardion, a half-elf skilled in hand to hand combat; Kyanores, a devout human warrior, and Ariadera, a half-Molorgrim wizard maiden who was the product of rape.
    The gods informed them that only through death could the ziggurat in the heavens be reached since Sefairik holds the Golden Trinity. All agree to be sacrificed and battle to save their people and the world.

    They are sacrificed and after a lengthy battle manage to defeat Sefairik, though the three who would go first would die a final death at the hands of the evil god. Seeing this, the remaining warriors would each shed a single tear before charging. These tears would fall to the ground as crystals aglow with righteous sorrow. This power of the soul would tear a hole in the heavens filled with darkness.

    As Sefairik was struck down he falls into this rift and is sealed there. These crystals would become known as the Tears of the Divine. This rift would blanket all of heaven in darkness making the land of gold and light a place of shadows and twilight with the Golden Trinity and the souls of the dead awaiting reincarnation the only lights to behold.

    The power of the Golden Trinity lay before the seven warriors. Their new friends were no more, having had their very souls torn asunder. The seven all touch the Golden Trinity and wish that they may see their friends alive and well once more.

    The gods hear this wish and are troubled when it does not seem to be granted. The seven warriors are granted godhood for their deeds and dwell in the newly created heavens to this day.

    No one remembers how but our people learned of a prophecy concerning the wish of the seven warriors.

    “On the eve of the return of the Silver Trinity a cerulean terror will rise in the land of the first evil with the power of Dydin upon his breast. The tears of the gods will gather in the Ailirhovan and the hordes will make the green lands forsaken. A child of the forest with the soul of the first knight and the Bane of Evil with the benevolence of Florinaeth about his heart and the wisdom of Naderu at his side will be the lands only hope.”


    The Journal of Isalar Raulu

    The journals tell of his escape from service to an ancient Ogremage king, his time spent in hiding in the sunken and very haunted ruins of Kashayati. There are journal entries torn out in places. He writes that spirits spoke to him of a prophecy and showed him to a hidden crypt where he found books of magic and a magical staff. The spirits of what he calls his ancestors spend years teaching him magic and keep him nourished with conjured food and water.

    He writes about studying murals deep underground but the details are torn out. He writes about finally making his escape through a massive underground complex attached to Kashayati and emerging several days later out of an opening in the base of a massive tree surrounded by a giant lake. He traveled across a great and ancient bridge that went on for miles to the east across the great lake. He turned south once he reached land and came to a dense forest that seemed to be sentient and stopped him from traveling very far south.

    He would eventually run into an old half-elven farmer who had settled in the lush green hills at the borderlands near a stream. “The man was very friendly, and while he obviously knew Raulu was a man of the forsaken lands he took him in. Raulu was still very young then and the farmer had a daughter a few years younger than Raulu. She was very beautiful and kind, with long auburn hair and green eyes. Her name was Lyrena Malore. They seemed to fall in love almost instantly. They would soon be married and would have a child. They named their only daughter Nelyra. One day Lyrena would go to the stream to fetch water as she had done so many times before. She would not return. A few days later her body was found further up the river. She had claw and teeth marks on what was left of her corpse. We buried her beneath a peach tree. He writes that peaches were her favorite. Raulu raised Nelyra until she was 20 years of age and she married a young man who wanted to buy the land Mr. Malore owned. Raulu stayed for a short time but left to wander the Ailirhovan, instructing Nelyra as he had done so many times before to never go near the stream alone.”

    There are further entries describing the Ailirhovan. He writes of the peculiar way the forest and the stone seem to be more willing to have him now than when he first escaped the forsaken lands. He writes about finding more entrances to a vast underground complex but so much is torn out here very little is readable.

    He writes of returning to the farmland every 20 years to meet his grandchildren and to see how the farm slowly grows into the small community it is today. There are no journal entries for about 600 years and then they begin again. They speak of the prophecy and a Knight of the Line who had heard of him came looking for him. “I tried to escape but was found by this elf. He explained that he only wanted my help and that the Sefairim were going to invade the country having found a way to tame the Ailirhovan. He asked me about Kashayati and where it could be found. I told him the best I could. He would leave without telling me his name. I would never see him again and the Sefairim would invade and be quickly put down. I would build a hiding place beneath my great grandchild’s home.” The last entry says they are coming again...” The rest is torn out.


    Ailir Magic Item List

    Codex of Apystemei: this ancient Fae’ri script tells exactly how events will unfold up until the prophecy is fulfilled. It also tells where the Divine Tear Shrines are located. Located in the Ashen Temple.

    Seven Tears of the Divine (various): these jewels are said to be necessary to ensure that the child of the forest can succeed in defeating the cerulean terror. They are supposed to identify the incarnations of the gods who fought Sefairik that now walk Tellura as mortals. These mortals with the aid of the Tears are able to seal the evil away for good.
    They also allow their bearers to see in visions events leading up to the prophecy’s fulfillment.
    Located in the various underground complexes.
    The Tear of Kyanores -> The Eagle
    The Tear of Ceresain -> The Moon
    The Tear of Tauregrim -> The Manji
    The Tear of Ariadera -> The Snake
    The Tear of Taniera -> The Lizard
    The Tear of Cuirmoran -> The Dragon
    The Tear of Gardion -> The Lion

    Aicirim Ancestral Sword: This +1 Mithril Scimitar is given to the group by Istmos Pinsula. It has a green handle and the blade is etched with leaves and vines. Besides being a +1 sword with a critical range of 17-20x2, If its wielder is an elf, half-elf, quarter elf (Seelie-kin or Unseelie-kin , or Halfling the blade can be used to fire a beam of energy with a range of 30’ that deals 1d4+1 damage. The user attacks with the beam with their ranged attack roll.
    In the possession of Isalar Raulu.

    Pearl Sword of the High Waterfall: this +3 Mithril Longsword has a hilt and handle the color of a forest waterfall with a blade as white as pure snow. If its wielder is an elf, half-elf, quarter elf (Seelie-kin or Unseelie-kin , or Halfling the blade can be used to fire a beam of energy with a range of 30’+5’ per 3 levels to a limit of 60’ that deals damage as though the sword actually struck the target but only does the straight die damage (1d8 only). Any other race wielding the blade can only fire this blade if they have 90% or greater of their MAX HP. The wielder uses their ranged attack roll for the sword beam.
    Located in the possession of Stromkarlen the fossergrim.

    Sword of the Fae’ri First Born: it is said that the first Fae’ri to awaken in the west saw the coming of the first evil so vividly he believed he would arrive the next day. The High Lord of the Sidhe forged one of the most powerful blades to ever exist out of this fear, but the blade would never see battle. It was buried with him deep in a tomb in Kashayati that has remained sealed since he and his only son’s death.
    This +5 Mithril Keen Bastard Sword has a ruby-encrusted handle and the blade reflects red. This blade’s threat range is 16-20x3. If its wielder is an elf, half-elf, quarter elf (Seelie-kin or Unseelie-kin , or Halfling the blade can be used to fire a beam of energy with a range of 60’ that deals damage as though the sword actually struck the target. Ranged or Melee can be used for this attack. Any other race wielding the blade can only fire this blade if they have 90% or greater of their MAX HP.
    Located in the Tomb of the Lord of the Fae’ri in Kashayati.

    Cloak of the Fae’ri Firstborn (Magic Cape): Forged at the time of the Sword of same name, this cloak functions as a Cloak of etherealness except that you cannot travel through solid walls.
    Located in the Tomb of the Lord of the Fae’ri.

    Shield of the Fae’ri Firstborn: This is a +3 Mithril Heavy Steel Shield of Arrow Deflection, Fortification, Invulnerability and Fire Resistance.
    Located in the Tomb of the Fae’ri Firstborn.

    Criadaeth’s Shining Shield: This +5 Mithril Kite Shield (+3 to AC) of Spell Resistance 19 and Reflecting and Blinding. It has a highly reflective surface and can function like a mirror.
    Located in the possession of Leinden Karadeth.

    Criadaeth’s Bane of Evil: this is the greatest weapon against evil the world has ever known. This +10 Mithril Holy Keen Greatsword threats on a 16-20x3 and can fire a beam of energy with a range of 100’ that deals damage as though the sword actually struck the target and ranged or melee can be used for the attack roll. In the hands of Criadaeth’s Incarnation it can be wielded in one hand.
    Located in the Hindering Forest.

    Bracelet of Heroic Strength: this bracelet when worn grants to the wearer a +10 bonus to ONE strength check per day. In place of this ability, the wearer could raise his Strength to 30 for one round per day. It also negates the penalty to attack rolls received when a tower shield is equipped. This item can be worn together with only one other bracer or bracelet: the Carbuncle Bangle of Power.

    Carbuncle Bangle of Power: this bracelet grants its wearer a +6 enhancement bonus to Strength and the Monkey Grip feat. If a character already has monkey grip then they are no longer affected by the -2 to attack rolls.

    Cerulean Candle: brightens dimmed Shrine Stone and reveals hidden Fae’ri script.
    Located in the possession of William Bisomtin.

    Carbuncle Candle: dispels Darkness or casts Sunlight 3 times per day.
    Located in the Labyrinth of the Lion.

    The Caerulean Ring--A golden ring set with a sapphire. The wearer of the ring is immune to mind-influencing affects. It grants a +1 deflection bonus to AC, and Electricity Resistance 5. It allows a spell to be cast Once per day out of the following list: Heroism, and Prayer, as cast by a 6th level Sorcerer.
    Located in the Statue Ring Grotto.

    The Adamant Ring--An adamantine ring set with a diamond. Grants +2 Deflection Bonus to AC, Allows One casting per day of any Protection Spell to be cast. It grants the wearer the Diehard feat, and Cold Resistance 5.

    The Ring of Carbuncle (Sefairek’s Ring)--a platinum ring set with a ruby. Grants +3 Deflection Bonus to AC and DR 15/non-metal except from Criadaeth’s Bane of Evil and the Shining Arrow; and Fire Resistance 10.
    Located in the possession of Akai Anim.

    Blade of the Unseelie Prince: a +1 Keen Scimitar of Speed and Wounding.
    Located in the possession of Blitsug son of Vitsurg.

    Fae’ri Bow: Fae’ri Bow. This Longbow is etched with ancient Fae’ri script that reads “Bow of Piercing Arrows of the Mind.” The bow needs no arrows as long as its wielder has a 12 or higher Wisdom score. It allows the user to add their Wisdom modifier to their ranged attack roll for this item. It deals 1d8+Wisdom mod of its wielder. It can also be noched and held for rounds less than or equal to its wielder’s Wisdom mod to add bonus points to hit and damage equal to amount of rounds noched.
    Located in the Labyrinth of the Eagle.

    Shining Arrow: This is a single Holy mithril +5 returning arrow of distance and seeking. It is unbreakable and returns to its owners quiver after hitting or missing its target. A bolt of energy in the shape of the arrow remains in any evil creature it damages and cannot be removed. It can only be fired from a Mighty Composite Longbow +4 or greater.
    Located at Carreage Rock.

    Crescent Boomerang of Ceresain (Boomerang): 1d4 damage 19-20x2 B/S Weight is neglible. This +1 boomerang can be used to stun opponents at a distance, and any target struck by a ranged touch attack must make a Fortitude save DC14 or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. If you miss when throwing a boomerang, it returns to you and you may catch it with a Dexterity check (DC 13) as a free action. The magic boomerang has a range increment of 30 feet.
    Located in the Labyrinth of the Moon.

    Orb of Explosion (Bomb): This black iron orb has a rope sticking out of its top. When pulled, a ticking can be heard. After a round (6 seconds) it explodes. Once detonated, the bomb deals damage to everyone within 20 feet, starting at 4d6 within the first 5 feet, and decreasing by 1d6 damage every 5 feet thereafter, until only causing 1d6 damage at 20 feet. Everyone in the blast may make a Reflex save (DC 20) to take half damage.
    After the smoke clears the iron orb remains. Each explosion costs a charge and the item has 8 charges and these charges can be refilled by any true fey.
    It can also do damage to stone structures as though its hardness were 5 and outright destroy certain objects.

    Tablet of the Serpent: a tablet that opens the way to the Labyrinth of the Snake.

    Releia’s Gate Key: This key opens a great gate in Reliea’s wall.

    Caerulean Rod of Ice: It has 10 charges. Only Cerulean Flame can refill it. The rod can be used to shoot a lance-like blast of cold energy. The user must make a ranged attack at a +4 enhancement bonus. This counts as a ray. It does 6d6 cold and piercing damage. In addition, the target must make a Fortitude save DC 16 or be stunned or 1d4 rounds. If a creature is taken to zero hp with this weapon they freeze solid and shatter preventing them from being raised by Raise Dead.

    Carbuncle Rod of Fire: It has 10 charges. Only water from the Nixie’s lake can refill it. The rod can be used to shoot a mace-like blast of fire energy. The user must make a ranged attack at a +4 enhancement bonus. This counts as a ray. It does 6d6 fire and bludgeoning damage. In addition, the target must make a Fortitude save DC 16 or be set on fire or 1d4 rounds whereby each round they take an additional 1d6 damage. If a creature is taken to zero hp with this weapon they disintegrate preventing them from being raised by Raise Dead.

    Gardion’s Recorder: This recorder is highly magical. It takes no musical skill to use its primary function. It functions as a Ring of Djinni calling. The Djinni can use its whirlwind to transport characters without damage to the location of any of the Tears that have already been taken. The Djinni is also required to open the way to the final tear: the Tear of Gardion.
    In the hands of a Bard, elf, or fey-blooded it can also be used to weaken the Degudoga for 10 minutes.
    Located in the Labyrinth of the Lizard.

    Lightfoot Boots: these boots allow a person to walk on water or lava or any harmful terrain without hindrance or damage. Someone wearing these boots will never reduce speed for passing over difficult terrain so long as it is level. These boots do not let a person walk uphill or climb faster or jump farther or bypass hedge rows or anything that is not flat against the ground. They also let the wearer walk 15’ off the edge of a surface and remain floating for 1 round. After the one round, the wearer will fall unless they return to solid ground. This ability can be extended to any number of humanoid creatures so long as they all hold hands.
    Located in the Labyrinth of the Lizard.

    Stonecleaver Gauntlets: These gauntlets cause whatever weapon the wearer holds to be able to cleave, crush, or pierce stone. Attacks against stone objects ignore 3 points of hardness and lower the break DC by 5. Their weapons do double damage against stone objects including stone and clay golems.

    Gadufarak’s Hammer: This +6 Adamantine War Maul is a five foot warhammer that can be wielded only with the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (War Maul) and at least Strength 20; and then in two hands with a -2 Penalty unless the wielder is a dwarf. The dwarf still requires the Exotic weapon proficiency. The Carbuncle Bangle of Power also negates this -2 penalty AND the need for the Exotic Weapon Proficiency. One who wears both the Carbuncle Bangle of Power and the Bracelet of Heroic Strength needs neither the feat nor the ability score. It weighs 30lbs deals 2d8+6 bludgeoning damage crits at x3 and on a successful critical hit creatures are flung backwards 10 ft., suffering an extra 1d10 hit points of damage in addition to any critical damage suffered. Creatures flung backwards must roll a Reflex (DC 14) or fall prone.
    Gadufarak was a dwarven hero who perished thousands of years ago. It is said that the dwarves of Drakdengrund delved into a shaft in the earth filled with lava and red stone. A terrible dragon emerged and killed many dwarves before Gadufarak intervened.
    Gadufarak was the strongest and toughest dwarf to ever live. Some believe he had giant blood. He had massive hands that some say could tear through stone like a child’s through loose soil. He wielded the Magic Maul mentioned in one hand with ease.
    When he met the lava dragon he wrestled it to the ground with his empty hand and crushed its skull with the fearsome weapon.

    Mirror of the Firstborn: this is an ancient hand mirror made entirely of solid diamond. This mirror shows the Shadow of Tellura to anyone who gazes into it. The dead can be spoken to so long as they remain in the realm. Apart from this, if the mirror is taken to the ziggurat on Dol Gurathos and gazed into it will open a portal to the Shadow of Tellura where the Golden Trinity still stands.

    Fleetfoot Boots: These boots allow the wearer to charge forth at incredible speed and force. This burst of speed can be done 2 times per day. This ability allows the user to charge at three times their normal speed with no need for the 10 foot start and other enemies to not pose a hindrance. Any enemies in the path of this charge are attacked with a +4 bonus and an automatic critical threat and takes a -4 to AC and receives triple damage from spears set against the charge. Any enemies in the path of this charge successfully damaged must make Reflex saves or Strength checks DC=damage or be knocked prone. The charge speed/distance should be announced before the attack. It must be measured in increments of ten and must move at least their normal speed +10 in total distance. Should the wearer miscalculate and run into a solid object they take 1d6 damage for each five feet traveled.
    In addition to this, the wearer gets to move 10’ more than their speed would normally allow.
    In the possession of the Dwarven King.
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    Default Re: The Ailirian Legend: TLoZ Campaign

    I think you would probably be better of removing all the spoilers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by historiasdeosos View Post
    I think you would probably be better of removing all the spoilers.
    OK. I had trouble getting it to indent, so I put the spoilers in so it didn't look like a giant block of text.

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    Default Re: The Ailirian Legend: TLoZ Campaign

    Quote Originally Posted by historiasdeosos View Post
    I think you would probably be better of removing all the spoilers.

    @OP Perchance does TLoZ stand for what I think it does? The plot sounds awfully familiar...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elimu Marimech View Post

    @OP Perchance does TLoZ stand for what I think it does? The plot sounds awfully familiar...
    If you think it means The Legend of Zelda then, yeah.

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