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    Quote Originally Posted by Streetguru View Post
    ya i dont have 6$ a month to spend sorry >< trying to save for a new computer so i can focus on making videos for youtube n junk, got 140$ so far and i got about 500-600 to go, so maybe 2 years and ill have my new PC
    I believe you can pay the $6 to get everything, and then immediately cancel. Assuming that hasn't changed since DDI went online...and assuming Silverlight doesn't fritz your cancelation.

    Alternatively, there's an excellent and free 4e clone floating around the forums.

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    Default Re: How does 4E Work?

    You don't need to spent $6 a month, you just need to spent $6. If after a month you don't like it, that's $6 gone instead of $20 or more. The online gives you access to everything. There is no better way to get all the info for cheaper. If you do like what you find, start buying actual books, but I'd wager the online will be the cheapest, even over time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dimers View Post
    The second piece of advice is "don't build a hybrid", but hey, this is Tegu8788's game and he's kinda the High Priest of Hybridization, so you're cool there.
    Guide for starting 4E.
    All my games.


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    Default Re: How does 4E Work?

    The 'Quickstart rules' also has several sample character builds at the end (they're not ideal, but they're not awful either).

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