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    Default JAGS Wonderland: Just Wonderland

    I love the setting and the ideas in JAGS wonderland.
    But I don't like the system very much at all.
    What other game systems work well for running a game of JAGS(-JAGS) Wonderland?
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    Default Re: JAGS Wonderland: Just Wonderland

    The Storyteller system has, in my experience, worked pretty well.

    And GURPS always works with everything if you want to make the work.

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    Default Re: JAGS Wonderland: Just Wonderland

    I'll second GURPS, as you can easily apply whatever fluff you want to it. However, it is fairly rules heavy, which may detract from the immersion required to have a good game of JAGS Wonderland. I'd suggest simply ignoring a lot of the more complicated rules, which really wont hurt anything and will probably make things run a lot smoother.
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