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    Default Re: [FO:E] The Southern Wasteland of Equestria 1


    Unless the raider pulls out some crazy ninja moves, is lucky, or something else, it really isn't an issue of 'if he'll kill the raider'. It's more 'will the dead thing that remains still be vaguely pony-shaped'. Since he's already killing, might as well indulge the crazy urge in his head. Razoreye will probably come-to in a few seconds at least.
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    Default Re: [FO:E] The Southern Wasteland of Equestria 1

    [Basement Of SCIENCE!]

    Perfect! Night Jewel admired the work from her vantage point. I've got to learn to shape things like that.

    She waited until a convenient pause in his work, then adjusted her spell to be normal light. "Good day, sir," she said in a lively voice. "My name's Night Jewel. Who is that leg for? You've done quite a masterful job on it."
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    Default Re: [FO:E] The Southern Wasteland of Equestria 1

    [Wanderin' Through the Wasteland]

    "Repeeent!" caterwauls a disheveled looking pony wearing a sandwich board and a paper-bag like a hat. He rings a large bell tied to his tail to get as much attention as possible.

    "Repeeeeent!" he hollers. "Repent for the End of Thread is near!"




    What's this crazy guy yelling about?

    Probably a-

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